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On location: Film Connection student Steven Deleonardis does paid travel gigs filming for his mentor’s studio!

Steven Deleonardis enrolled in the Film Connection because he liked the idea of learning on-the-job with a mentor. Little could he have known that within a few months he would be taking paid travel gigs with his mentor studio that would take him to locations across the United States, and even Hawaii! “It’s been great,” […]

Recording Connection grad Charles Huston makes his mark in Chicago hip-hop

Recording Connection student Charles Huston (Chicago, IL) is a lifelong, self-proclaimed “tech head” who says he knew from his early teens that he wanted to produce music. “I was big into shoegaze,” he says, “so I started getting into Radiohead. I was really big into Pink Floyd, My Bloody Valentine, just the craziest textures…And then […]

On-the-Job versus College: How Film Connection grad Rob Chiola found himself teaching film students!

When push came to shove, Rob Chiola of Orlando, Florida, enrolled in the Film Connection’s on-the-job apprenticeship program because he couldn’t afford the tuition at Full Sail. Imagine his amazement when a few months later, he actually found himself teaching Full Sail students how to use their gear! “[My mentor’s] studio is like 15 minutes […]

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