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If there’s one thing we hear constantly about the job market, it’s that everything is based on connections. At the Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools, we’ve taken this to heart, which is why we place all our students where those connections can be made: in the work place!

That’s right: not only does RRFC’s on-the-job training give you a highly practical education in the industry of your choice—it also gives you the kind of insider access that you don’t get in a classroom. As we all know, the job market can be very competitive. Every day you go to your lesson in the workplace, you have the opportunity to meet and connect with working professionals who have the power to help further your career. Every training day gives you the opportunity for you to impress these professionals with your work ethic and your growing skills. Connecting with as many working professionals as possible is made possible through our programs thanks to our in-industry approach.

Hiring is Done from the Inside

This idea of insider access is a simple one, really. Pretend for a moment that you are a working industry professional: a studio owner, a production company owner, a producer, a radio station program director, a master chef with your own restaurant. You need to hire someone for your expanding business. Where do you look for that help?

Most schools would have you believe that these professionals are particularly interested in hiring their graduates,—that their diploma or certificate carries enough clout to get you a job. But in almost all cases, that's simply not true. We've talked to enough of these pros to know they aren't interested in someone fresh out of school with no experience.

So what do they do? They ask around, or promote from within.

That's right: they go to their colleagues and ask, "Hey, I need a ________ for my (studio, restaurant, upcoming film, etc.). Can you recommend anyone?" OR, they will look at someone who already works with them, and promote that person if they have the necessary skills and have been a good person to work with.

See how it works? Almost all job positions or gigs are filled by someone knowing someone, or someone having worked with someone in the business! NOT by untrained graduates.

RRFC Puts You Into the Hiring Stream

The power of RRFC's on-the-job training approach has a lot to do with our different, unconventional way of doing things. By placing you as an extern in a real production facility, recording studio or professional kitchen, we're providing you insider access that most programs and schools just don't offer. You have the chance to meet lots of people, do lots of networking, do your work well, and become the guy or girl that gets recommended for the job, because the pros in your business know who you are and what you can do! This way when someone asks, "Do you know someone?", you can be the person that comes to mind.

For that matter, look at it from the mentor's point-of-view. If you own a company and you need to hire someone, who are you most likely to hire? A college graduate you don't know, or someone you've personally trained as an extern who knows how you want your business to be run? (This is exactly why so many of our students get hired by their mentors.)

See how it works? You're not on the outside pounding on the doors—you're already in the door. Hiring is done from within, and that's exactly where we put you: within.

Classrooms Don't Offer Connections

Don't misunderstand: you'll meet lots of people in a classroom-based school. They just won't be the people with the power to hire you, because the pros don't hang out in classrooms. So who are you really meeting in those classrooms? Your competition. That's right; you're not meeting the people who can hire you—you're basically meeting the people who will ultimately be vying for the same jobs you want.

By contrast, with an on-the-job externship, you are the only student in a room of professionals. You're right in the heart of the action, being trained by the pros. You don't have to wait till you graduate and then try to become an insider: you're an insider from day one!

In the industries we serve, connections are the key to getting hired. That's why connections are such an integral part of the Recording Radio Film Connection & CASA Schools and our teaching approach. After all—"Connection" is part of our name!

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