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How to Be A Total Flake and Fail at Anything

If you really want to fail it’s simple. Just don’t finish anything. Then the next time you see something that knocks your socks off, you can say, “I could have done that!” but you didn’t. Why? Because you never finished anything. You never worked hard enough to see your ideas through to completion and now someone half as smart and half as talented is basking in the glory. And that’s great, right? Who likes putting in the work to actually finish a project? Completion is never fun. It’s always grueling and taxing.

You know what’s fun? Eating Cheetos! Getting fat! Sleeping! Those things are always super awesome. Do you ever hear someone sitting around saying, “Man, I’m so super relaxed. I wish I had more stress in my life. I wish I just could have a little more stress.” Of course not. You know why? Because stress sucks and failure isn’t stressful, in fact it’s a super awesome mega-relaxing ride and almost everyone loves it. Think about it: There are more people failing right now than are even trying to succeed. Who cares about fame, glory, money, and success? Failure is where it’s at.

Not doing what you love, not developing the what you have to give to the world only makes you like everyone else who hasn’t made it. Succeeding at something, anything, takes work, lots and lots of work, early mornings and late nights and chances are, only people as driven as you will have even the remotest idea why you’re doing it. For those meant to make it, life is directionless without their craft. For those few individuals, burning the midnight oil is just par for the course. At the end of it, there’s the work and ultimately, the reward which might arrive blazing in all its glory, loud as a firecracker, or as quietly and unobtrusive as a shy house guest.

Success comes after you’ve worked and worked with direction, dedication and integrity. Do it now or go back to eating those Cheetos. It’s up to you.

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