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Break Into the Industry by Learning On-the-Job!

You think about it all the time. You dream about it at night. The chance to work alongside the pros—the chance to build an exciting career. The Recording, Radio, Film Connection and CASA Schools is the chance you’ve been looking for. Launch a career in broadcasting, recording, film or the culinary arts by learning the ropes from inside the industry itself! RRFC gives you unprecedented access to these industries, not by training you in a classroom, but by training you on-the-job as an apprentice (extern). We pair you with a successful professional in your chosen field, a mentor who does for a living what you’ve always dreamed of doing. You’ll get plenty of hands-on experience while learning you the insider secrets of the business, and by learning in the workplace, you’ll have the chance to form valuable connections with other pros—the people with the power to hire you and advance your career! You can’t get this kind of training from any textbook, and you can’t get this kind of insider access in any classroom. And the best part is, it’s so affordable that you can graduate with little or no debt! RRFC does more than just teach you a set of job skills: we are your entry point to breaking into the industry.

The Schools of RRFC

Who Do You Want to Be?

How would you describe your dream job? Do you want to be behind the board in a recording studio as a top-tier audio engineer or music producer? Do you want to write and direct your own films? Do you dream of being a master chef, owning your own restaurant, serving up your own original culinary masterpieces? Do you want to become a top radio personality like Howard Stern, Don Imus or Rush Limbaugh? Do you dream of making the dance floor come alive as a club DJ? Do you want to be a YouTube star? Looking for a career in sound design? Special effects? Cinematography? The schools of RRFC can prepare you for any of these careers, and a host of others within the industries of broadcasting, film, recording and culinary. And by learning on on-the-job, you'll already be in the door of your chosen industry once you graduate! Click the links below to learn more about the individual connection schools of RRFC.


One-On-One Learning

Private, Personalized Instruction With a Mentor

Private, Personalized Instruction With a Mentor

With RRFC, not only is your "classroom" in a real-world workplace—you're also the only one in the class. That's right: with our mentor-apprentice (extern) approach, you'll be paired with a mentor who specializes in your area of interest in film, radio, recording or culinary arts, who will teach you in one-on-one, private sessions, combining a structured curriculum with lots of hands-on learning. No other students competing with you for your instructor's attention. Ask any and all the questions you want. You're not being processed through your course schedule with hundreds of others like so many cattle. You're being personally trained in the industry by an actual industry pro with a genuine interest in your success, and you've got his/her undivided attention. Could there be any better way to learn a new career? We don't think so—and that's why one-on-one learning is the hallmark of RRFC's educational method.

Hundreds of Externship Locations

Learn Near Where You Live!

Learn Near Where You Live!

The very nature of our on-the-job training approach means we aren't limited to a few centralized campuses. In fact, we have no "campuses" because all our students are learning in the field! This means RRFC offers literally hundreds of externship locations in which to learn. We're located in most cities across the United States (and across three continents, with the Recording Connection), and with more than 30 years of proven experience in this space, we are constantly expanding our reach as we partner with more and more working professionals to teach our students. With the Recording, Radio, Film Connection and CASA Schools, there's no need to relocate to attend school. We can prepare you for a career right near where you live.

Be On the Cutting Edge

Keep Informed of RRFC Happenings!

Keep Informed of RRFC Happenings!

Think this is all too good to be true? No worries—we've got the proof. Every day, success stories are pouring into our offices from our students and mentors—almost more than we can keep up with. Students who are forging careers and pursuing their dreams. Students who are getting hired by their mentors. Students who are leveraging their new-found connections to land gigs. Apprentices who are being trained by award-winning professionals and who are already getting film and album credits. RRFC graduates who have gone on to work with folks like Billy Bob Thornton, Santana, Beyoncé, Miley Cyrus and many others. We share the best of these stories in our blog and weekly newsletter, along with helpful industry advice from our mentors (who also happen to work with some of the biggest names in the business), and job leads exclusively for RRFC students. You can stay on top of all that's happening by joining our newsletter email list and subscribing to the RRFC blog. It's just more evidence that the students and mentors of the Recording, Radio, Film Connection and CASA Schools are on the cutting edge of their respective industries. By training our students in the heart of the action, we give them a world-class education combined with unprecedented industry access. We've helped thousands break into rewarding careers, and we can help you, too.

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