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low budget filmmaking

Low Budget Filmmaking Heroes

Right now more than ever before there is a groundswell of support for people who make their own movies. The massive blockbusters are racking up millions upon millions of dollars but behind the scenes independent filmmakers are amassing a very successful campaign to change the face of cinema. These filmmakers are hard at work in […]

Screenplay 101

What Science Says About Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is something a great many of writers out there have experienced at at least some point in their lives. In fact, it’s such a common ailment faced by writers that the quintessential “writer’s writer” is nearly always seen as a someone plagued by times of frustrated inactivity where the words just don’t seem […]

the flow

Achieving Flow: Entering the Vortex

Creatives have different names for it. Some call it “The Zone” some “The Sweet Spot,” and still others “The Grind.” For the sake of this conversation we’re going to call it The Flow. It’s something that you know when you feel it. It’s you when you’re working at your complete and total best, when your […]


The Scores of Game of Thrones, Twin Peaks, and Fargo

The term “peak tv” gets tossed around a lot to describe just how amazing television is at the moment. Over the past few years we’ve so many terrific shows that it’s hard to keep up. With more and more shows going into production and Netflix and Hulu jumping in and producing their own shows, many […]

How to Have a Successful Table Read

What’s a “table read”? It’s exactly what it sounds like. A table read is when you gather a bunch of actors and get them to sit down and read the script from beginning to end. This enables you as the writer to see what’s working, what isn’t when it comes to getting the words on […]

author Neil Gaiman

What You Should Know About Neil Gaiman

Photograph by Kyle Cassidy GFDL, CC-BY-SA-3.0 Neil Gaiman is one of the most celebrated writers currently working. He’s written films, comic books, novels, children’s books, and short stories. His work has been adapted into film and television. He’s won the Hugo, Newbery, Bram Stoker and the Nebula Awards. He’s written both deeply personal and highly […]

EDM jobs

EDM Jobs That Actually Exist!

Photo by Matty Adame on Unsplash Want to get started working in EDM right now but don’t know what kind of job to look for? Whether you’re a full on audiophile with ears the size of Dumbo, are a naturally gifted photographer, or know your way into hearts of EDM lovers via social media, for […]

how to get over creative funk

How to Get Out of a Creative Funk

A lot of creative people struggle with maintaining the ability to create. They get into ruts and find themselves lost or confused about what to do next. As creatives, most of us have to be our own guides. Since this is the case, losing one’s way from time to time happens to many of us. […]

Everything We Know About Ant-Man and The Wasp

Marvel Studios just keeps plugging along. They’re making films and TV shows of all your favorite Marvel comic book characters, and as some of your well…less favorites or shall we call them new favorites? Well, while you’re waiting for Avengers: Infinity War to be released you can feast your brain meat on some interesting tidbits […]

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