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What Sucks About The Big Bang Theory

Image attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) EDITORIAL BY DAVE BAKER. Big Bang Theory is one of the worst shows on television and let me tell you why. The show isn’t about celebrating geek culture or placing nerds in the spotlight, it’s about putting a bunch of nerdy characters on display and then constructing jokes […]

what actors want from directors

What (Most) Actors Want from (Most) Directors

Being a filmmaker means dealing with lots of people. Both on the business side creative sides of “the biz.” As a director you’ve got to be a very skilled communicator who’s capable of delivering information concisely and quickly, preferably with ruffling as few feathers as possible (whenever possible). As the leader whose job it is […]

Game of Thrones - HBO

Game of Thrones has got Everyone Guessing

Game of Thrones has become so pervasive it’s almost as much a part of the culture as Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune. It’s a massive pillar in the world of television and visual storytelling. From the technical and visual advancements that the show has made, to the characters that are now a wider part of […]

Steven Soderbergh shoots film on iPhone

Steven Soderbergh is Making a Film on an iPhone

The acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh, the once-underdog who splashed onto the scene at Cannes and won the the Palme d’Or Award for his groundbreakingly honest Sex, Lies, and Videotape, the director who’s brought us Erin Brokovich, Traffic, and yes, Magic Mike, is making a film on an iPhone. Soderbergh’s Logan Lucky, starring Daniel Craig, Channing […]

5 Tips for Better Singing

5 Tips for Better Singing

Singing is one of the most intrinsically human artistic endeavors. Song and music have been part of the human experience since the Stone Age or earlier. We communicate with rhythm and beat, we celebrate with song and dance. Whether you’re building a career as a professional singer or frontman, or are a band member who’s […]

The Benefits of Boredom

The Benefits of Boredom

In the age of smartphones and constant stimulation is it even possible to get bored? In a world that’s full of text messages, dating apps, social media profiles and as much infotainment and media as we could ever hope to consume, might there be something we’re, dare we say it—missing? A recent British study found […]

Brandon Russell | documentary film

Want to Make that Documentary? Know this!

Image: Film Connnection student Brandon Russell (Nashville, TN) on the set of his documentary film on organization Community Achieve. Making documentary films is hard stuff. Heck, making any type of film is difficult. There are loads of moving pieces, tons of things that can go wrong, and ultimately no one (aside from your trusty crew […]

How to setup a home recording studio

Setting Up a Home Recording Studio

Today, more than at any other point in history, technology is so accessible, affordable, and readily available that setting up a home recording studio really is an achievable goal, even for newbies to the craft! Just ask the pros who’ve been in it for awhile and they’re likely to tell you all about the thousands […]

film crew job titles

The Most Misunderstood Film Crew Job Titles

*image from the set of Film Connection grad, Taylor Giddens, owner of Kelly Productions!  The film industry has numerous bizarre sounding film crew job titles. Below is a virtual encyclopedia of all the titles that you see on a film’s credits and have likely wondered about. After reading this, you’ll also know the differences between […]

Cannes 2017

4 Winners and Losers from Cannes 2017

Every year people pay great attention to what happens at Cannes. It’s the crown jewel of the global film market. Directors, actors, producers, and studios all descend upon the festival in the hopes of finding distributors and generating real buzz that can help their film ascend to the next level. Below are the top four […]

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