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music industry rebounds big

The Music Industry Rebounds Big

The last fifteen years have been rough on the music industry which has seen a nearly 40% shrinkage. However, the numbers are in and 2016 bodes well for the future of music. According to Variety and Global Music Report the music industry gained just under 6% globally in 2016. One of the main issues that […]

writers strike

Why Another Writer’s Strike Would Have Been a Very Big Deal

The last time the Writers Guild of America went on strike the Hollywood machine suffered greatly. Shows like Heroes and Battlestar Galactica took massive dips in quality. Films such as Men in Black 3 and X-men Origins: Wolverine were put into production with almost no script, and the finished products were very telling to say […]

Jonathan Demme Silence of the Lambs

Why Silence of the Lambs Was So Good

As the director of over 60 projects, Jonathan Demme, who died of complications from esophageal cancer on April 26, 2017, was a creative force to be reckoned with. With films like Philadelphia, The Manchurian Candidate, and Married to the Mob, Demme cemented himself as a highly acclaimed director with a distinctive point of view. He […]

Why Fate Beat Star Wars

Why Did Fate of the Furious Beat Star Wars at the Box Office?

The Fast and Furious film franchise is one of the most bizarre moneymaking machines to occur in recent film history. Starting as a series of lowbrow, car exploitation films in the early 2000’s, it has morphed and evolved into one of the biggest juggernauts in today’s franchise-dominated cinematic landscape. Most recently, Fate of the Furious […]

What really peeves the pros

What Really Peeves the Pros

Listed below are five things that every creative professional hates to deal with. If you’re an up-and-coming creative, please don’t do any of the items listed below. Just don’t. Unreturned Emails, Texts, Phone Calls Communication is key. It really is. Knowing how to return emails, phone calls, and texts in a timely manner should be […]

Chuck Berry

5 Things You Should Know About Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry, one of the founding fathers of a little something we call Rock n’ Roll passed away on March 18th at the age of 90. With songs like “Johnny B Goode,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” and “Maybellene,” Ever the showman, Berry took the core tenants of rhythm and blues, played them with a distinctive, rhythmic […]

Filmmaking 101 Building Suspense

Filmmaking 101: Building Suspense

In order to build suspense in film you have to plan, exercise control, and use the language of cinema to meet your ends. While it’s true much of the suspense in a scene happens in the edit, you must have the correct building blocks i.e. the right story, the right scenes, and the right shots […]

Binge Nation 7 Binge-Worthy Shows to Stream Now

Binge Nation: 7 Binge-Worthy Shows to Stream Now

The way television is consumed has radically changed over the last ten years. Now, the idea of serialized week-to-week storytelling is something alien or at the very least, passé, to most viewers. People want to be able to sit down, watch the entirety of a show, and then move on to the next thing. Even […]

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