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The Recording, Radio, Film Connection and CASA Schools specialize in training its students as working apprentices (externs) on-the-job. As a student of Chef Apprentice School of the Arts, for example, you won’t be learning on-campus in some classroom kitchen—you’ll be paired with a working professional master chef, and all your classes will take place on-the-job in an actual professional kitchen.

Ever wonder why so many culinary schools include an “internship” or “externship” element as part of your course plan? Why do you think that is? It’s because classroom teaching isn’t enough to prepare you for the “real world” of professional foodservice—you have to have some on-the-job experience. To us, this approach doesn’t make sense: why have the classroom element when it’s obvious that the real learning happens in real kitchens? So we’ve combined the two into one experience—and voila! No more classroom. As a culinary apprentice or extern, you get the formal training AND on-the-job experience all at once, and you’re trained by someone who’s actually making a living doing what you want to do! Best of all—by learning in a professional kitchen, your foot is already in the door, giving you a much better shot at getting hired.

What Kind of Professional Kitchens?

That depends—what kind of culinary professional do you want to be?

That depends—what kind of culinary professional do you want to be?

Do you want to be a fine dining chef? A pastry chef? A restaurateur? A food stylist? Do you want your own catering business? Do you crave the unique challenges of hotel dining? We ask you these types of questions during your enrollment process, and we pair you with a working chef who specializes in your field of interest. This means, depending on your career goals, you could be learning in any of the following places:

  • A casual or fine dining kitchen
  • A bakery kitchen
  • A professional kitchen at an upscale hotel
  • A catering service kitchen
  • A vacation resort
  • …and other fine professional kitchens!

Where Are These Kitchens?

Well, that's the best part: training you on-the-job means RRFC can train you <em>almost anywhere!</em>

Well, that's the best part: training you on-the-job means RRFC can train you almost anywhere!

Chef Apprentice School of the Arts has formed working relationships with top culinary professionals in top dining establishments across the country, all of whom are eager to teach you their secrets! We've got locations most major cities and town across the United States, so with our program, there's no need to pack up and move to a new city just to go to culinary school. We'll place you in a professional kitchen within driving distance of where you live!

Your Career Awaits

You have a choice:

You have a choice:

You can learn in a culinary school classroom kitchen (for a lot of money), THEN try to get an externship or internship in some restaurant; or you can skip the classroom and learn on-the-job (for a lot less money) in a real professional kitchen, where you can learn more quickly and efficiently, and get started on your career. RRFC admissions counselors are ready to get you on the road to success. All you need to do is apply for free. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Chef Apprentice School of the Arts.

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