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Listening to music

Do You Listen to Music Like a Pro?

Is listening to music a passive experience for you? Or are you someone who really gets in there, who dissects and analyzes what’s happening? Do you find yourself listening to on repeat,  or googling the different producers on your favorite tracks to find out what other projects they’ve worked on, maybe see what else they’ve […]

Recording Connection graduate Darryl Thiessen gets hired!

Recording Connection student Darryl Thiessen gets hired at a top Winnipeg hip-hop collective!

From no studio experience to hip-hop engineer in a few months? How does something like that happen? Ask Recording Connection student Darryl Thiessen, who got hired at YSMG, one of the top up-and-coming hip-hop labels in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Darryl came to the Recording Connection with nothing more than a desire to work in the industry. […]

the flow

Achieving Flow: Entering the Vortex

Creatives have different names for it. Some call it “The Zone” some “The Sweet Spot,” and still others “The Grind.” For the sake of this conversation we’re going to call it The Flow. It’s something that you know when you feel it. It’s you when you’re working at your complete and total best, when your […]

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