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the flow

Achieving Flow: Entering the Vortex

Creatives have different names for it. Some call it “The Zone” some “The Sweet Spot,” and still others “The Grind.” For the sake of this conversation we’re going to call it The Flow. It’s something that you know when you feel it. It’s you when you’re working at your complete and total best, when your […]

EDM jobs

EDM Jobs That Actually Exist!

Photo by Matty Adame on Unsplash Want to get started working in EDM right now but don’t know what kind of job to look for? Whether you’re a full on audiophile with ears the size of Dumbo, are a naturally gifted photographer, or know your way into hearts of EDM lovers via social media, for […]

5 Tips for Better Singing

5 Tips for Better Singing

Singing is one of the most intrinsically human artistic endeavors. Song and music have been part of the human experience since the Stone Age or earlier. We communicate with rhythm and beat, we celebrate with song and dance. Whether you’re building a career as a professional singer or frontman, or are a band member who’s […]

5 Artists to Watch Now

Five Artists to Watch Now (And Why)

2017 is full of young artists who are churning out really interesting work. The music game has evolved so much in the last ten years that it can be hard to keep up or find new and exciting acts to listen to. Listed below are five formidable new bands and artists you’re going to want […]

music industry rebounds big

The Music Industry Rebounds Big

The last fifteen years have been rough on the music industry which has seen a nearly 40% shrinkage. However, the numbers are in and 2016 bodes well for the future of music. According to Variety and Global Music Report the music industry gained just under 6% globally in 2016. One of the main issues that […]

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