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What really peeves the pros

What Really Peeves the Pros

Listed below are five things that every creative professional hates to deal with. If you’re an up-and-coming creative, please don’t do any of the items listed below. Just don’t. Unreturned Emails, Texts, Phone Calls Communication is key. It really is. Knowing how to return emails, phone calls, and texts in a timely manner should be […]

Chuck Berry

5 Things You Should Know About Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry, one of the founding fathers of a little something we call Rock n’ Roll passed away on March 18th at the age of 90. With songs like “Johnny B Goode,” “Roll Over Beethoven,” and “Maybellene,” Ever the showman, Berry took the core tenants of rhythm and blues, played them with a distinctive, rhythmic […]

Film, Music, and TV trends for 2017

Film, Music, and TV Trends for 2017

2016 saw a lot of amazing film, music, and television being made. From the continued dominance of streaming services to Chinese-backed films shooting in America, to the indie film circuit producing numerous critically acclaimed films, 2016 has been a year full of upending entrenched systems and meeting consumer demands in new ways. By the looks […]

Directors to Know in 2017

2017 looks to be a big year for the film medium. Yes, big movies like Justice League, Transformers, and Star Wars: Episode VIII are coming out, but they don’t need any of our attention. Those films will make loads of money. There’s a whole machine behind them, propelling them forward. We’re going to focus on […]

Ten Tips For DIY Musicians

Just like nearly every other art form in the world, making music, or at least good music is hard. Being a solid DIY musician takes hours of time spent learning and refining your craft. After that, there’s the time you’ll spend getting the sound right, getting the instrumentation right, and finding the people (if any) […]

How to Create Your Own Education in Music

Music is an art form unlike any other. It’s a sprawling globe-spanning, all-encompassing art. It gets under your skin. It lives with you. It crawls into the nooks of your mind and vibrates there. Music is also an art form that lends itself to discovery. Building an education in music isn’t difficult to do when […]

Best Music Websites for Audiophiles

Being in the know in music can be exhausting when you consider there are thousands, nay, millions of websites out there devoted to our most primitive and enduring of artforms–music. Since the days were were sitting in caves and banging on drums, music has been the artform of humanity’s collective soul. For any working musician […]

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