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How To Start A Podcast

Podcasting is one of the few art forms that don’t require a lot of capital and when done well, it can have a tremendous impact. Whether you’re a comic book aficionado who wants to gaff about the books that came out that week, a filmmaker who wants to connect with other filmmakers, or an aspiring […]

Networking 101: Conversation Starters

Networking in creative communities is essential for any newbie or aspiring artist. If you’re trying to get into the movie industry it’s of utmost importance. It’s absolutely what you should be doing at any given opportunity. You should be attending screenings, networking mixers, and festivals. You should be talking to people. You should be making […]

KIIS FM’s Wango Tango 2016

Every year KIIS FM holds Wango Tango, a gathering of music celebrities and artists who perform, hold meet-and-greets, and take photos with fans. Each year it’s a virtual who’s who of the industry’s biggest and brightest. Last year Kanye West, Nick Jonas, Lunchmoney Lewis, Natalie La Rose, Tori Kelly, and Echosmith were just a few […]

Saving for Tuition

Although Recording Radio Film Connection is less than half the price of most similar programs, we know that saving up a significant amount of money for higher education can be difficult. Worry not! We’re here with 3 tips that’ll get you in the studio or on-set in no time! 1. Crowdfunding Asking for help is […]

Podcasting’s Golden Age is Now

It’s easy to think of a “golden age” with a sense of nostalgia, as something long since passed, a gloried time of yesteryear that we will never experience, unless that time is now. Look to the world of podcasting and you’ll see expression and creation happening at full tilt. So what’s the reason for this […]

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