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Best Music Websites for Audiophiles

Being in the know in music can be exhausting when you consider there are thousands, nay, millions of websites out there devoted to our most primitive and enduring of artforms–music. Since the days were were sitting in caves and banging on drums, music has been the artform of humanity’s collective soul. For any working musician or recording professional, there will forever be new bands to listen to, new music to delve into and discover. So, we’ve decided to help steer our dear readers in the right direction with what we humbly consider the best music websites for audiophiles. It pays to have your finger on the pulse so, check these sites out and become fluent in the musical zeitgeist of today’s world.

Tiny Mix Tapes

Tiny Mix Tapes is the music site for super hardcore music fans. They pride themselves on constantly discovering new acts and presenting them to their veracious readership. They’re ‘Chocolate Grinder’ section is a gold mine for someone who is looking for the next best undiscovered band.


Are you on the look out for some interesting hip-hop? Do you want to find a free mix tape of some up and coming new artists? Well, then DatPiff is the site for you. All the free mix tapes you can dream of.

Hype Machine

Hype Machine is an aggregator that ranks music that’s currently on the way up. If you’re looking for cool remixes or rad indie bands this is the place to discover them. Their algorithms are never wrong. Whatever is on Hype Machine now is going to be all over your Facebook feed in about six months.

The Fader

If you’re into what’s happening on the Hip Hop front, look no further than The Fader. From last years probing Drake cover story to up-to-the minute articles and essays about this weeks hottest drops, The Fader is one of the best hip hop sites around. It encompasses everything both a hardcore hip-hop fan and a newbie could ask for.

Your EDM

It’s exactly what it soucornds like. It’s a one-stop shop for everything EDM. If you’re an electronic dance person and you’re looking for what new and exciting Your EDM is the place that you want to be. With in-depth interviews and comprehensive festival coverage, Your EDM gives you a back stage pass to the world of electronic dance music.

Largehearted Boy

Are you looking for a more literary approach to music? Well, that’s what Largehearted Boy specializes in. They’re a music site that specifically deals with the intersection of literature and music. They deal with both the written word and behind the scenes of the music industry. Think highbrow approach to lowbrow content or vice versa, which ever you prefer.

Music is a medium that’s in a constant state of permutation, always moving and evolving, reacting to what’s currently happening, what has just happened, and what’s on the horizon. I call music the undying DNA strand i.e. the soul of humanity’s artistic impulse. In today’s modern context, researching online and reading music blogs is, at least in part, how we connect and interface with this most changable and culturally-relevant artfrom. So in many ways, the blogs listed above are today’s ancient communal drum sessions.