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Game of Thrones has got Everyone Guessing

Game of Thrones has become so pervasive it’s almost as much a part of the culture as Jeopardy or Wheel of Fortune. It’s a massive pillar in the world of television and visual storytelling. From the technical and visual advancements that the show has made, to the characters that are now a wider part of the cultural conversation, there’s something to be said for the sheer reach of the show. It’s a juggernaut. And the fact that the current season 7 is the penultimate one has got nearly everyone tuned in and speculating on what’s going to happen next. The cat’s out of the bag for season 8; word is it will be just six episodes long and is slated to air in July 2018.

Season 7 opens with the very thing we’ve all been waiting for—THE BIG TEAM UP which is when the team of House and Lannister and House Frey come head to head. This is what the show has been building to ever since the Red Wedding in season 3. And we, the viewers, were not disappointed.

This season also sees the continuation of the cliffhanger from last season involving Arya Stark. In case you don’t remember, season 6 left her standing over the dying Walder Frey. This time around it appears that the Faceless Men have also have the ability to transform their bodies using magic. Needless to say, the twists and turns ahead involving Walder Frey and this entire plotline are eagerly awaited by Game of Thrones Fans. The speculation on what’s going to happen next is rife on the internet.

Game of Thrones holds a specific place in the hearts and minds of the people who watch it. It’s a massive epic that is coming to an end and everyone wants to hold on to their favorite characters for just a little bit longer. The wildly popular show has injected much needed revenue into countless companies, has impacted the culture, and there will be ripples i.e. spin-offs, copycats, and “inspired by” works in film, tv, comics, and fantasy fiction. That said, the specific feel, tone, and look of the show is one that will be hard if not downright impossible for others to nail with precision. So, hang on for a slew of promising upstarts and a load of disappointments and cancellations during the post-Game of Thrones years. For the writers, producers, directors and filmies among us, let’s aspire to greatness, not copy it, hey?

Just two episodes in, it looks like season 7 is going to be an aggressively cinematic worldwind experience tinged with the bittersweetness that comes with knowing all good things must come to an end. Fan theories abound but most of them are oh so out in the stratosphere that it’s hard to give them creedence. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see.


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