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What artists should know about social media

Stuff Every Artist Should Know About Social Media

In today’s media landscape, opportunities can come from being someone with a wide-reaching social media following, so, if you want to get known to fellow creatives and pros, you simply must get active and build a presence for yourself, period.  Mind you, for artists, special rules apply. Here are a few.

Authenticity Is Key

Want to cultivate a following for yourself? Do it authentically. People can feel authenticity. It carries a vibration all it’s own. Moreover, when you’re not pretending, you don’t have to “think” about where you’re coming from, you already know it. Speak from your place of truth (and think before you speak) and you’ll find you’re connecting with just the people you should be connecting with–those who are interested in what you’re doing.

Find Your Niche

Dovetailing out of the concept of authenticity is the question, “How do you fit into the bigger picture? What’s your niche? What audience are you servicing?” These ideas can help you chart your course. If you’re someone who makes films, what genres or subgenres are you into? What controversial opinions do you have? How can you use those opinions to find like-minded followers? Are you particularly skilled in a specific area? Can you parlay that into reaching a group of people with similar interests and tastes?

Don’t Be Self-Serving (Most of the Time)

When you’re online you don’t want to be that someone who’s always looking out for number one. Afterall how many self-aggandizing braggarts do you follow on social media? Be collaborative, interested in what’s going on as well as interesting as a person. You should see what you do as an exchange with others, not a oneway conversation in which everyone is expected to download you! Give a little. Heck, give a lot! It’ll be good for you and good for the world. Rule of thumb: Only 3 out of 10 social media posts should be about sharing your art, whether it’s your song, your film, or your podcast. Besides that, all your other tweets, Facebook posts, or instagrams should be about other things, useful bits of information, universal truths, or niche-specific stuff people in your tribe will understand. When people see you’re not about you, you, you, they like you more and naturally become more interested in what you have to offer.

You Live Your Brand, Whether You Want To or Not

One of the trickiest aspects of life in the social media age is the fact that nearly everything is on display. Thus, the burden is on you to act or nay, to be who you profess to be. Afterall who likes fakes, posseurs, wannabes? But here’s the secret: Nearly everyone who’s coming up in the arts feels like they’re pretending on some level. But are they? No, most of the times, they’re not. The reason behind that has less to do with your art and artistry than it has to do with getting that great big seal of approval from the world that says, “Hey we see you and think you’re A-OK.” Don’t sweat it. Nearly all of us have been conditioned to let the world decide when we’ve arrived. So, first and foremost, understand that pulses of uncertainty and insecurity around your persona as an artist are inevitable. Every person who aspires to being a working creative will feel pangs of doubt and will even feel judged at some point in time. Make peace with this fact. Then, move ahead with the knowledge that who you are goes deeper and farther than any “brand.” Although you’re aware of your brand, you’re not reduced to it. Know you are deserving of your art, your gift, your talent. Then, communicate with mind and heart. Do this again and again. The more you do it, the sooner you’ll hit your stride and find your balance.


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