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Issue #37

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by L. Swift and Jeff McQ


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Special Feature
AES 6th Annual Afterglow @ The StandardWell it’s been nearly 12 years since the AES Convention came to Los Angeles. After three full days of talking music and meeting even more of the audio pros who make the LA music scene so legendary, Brian and Jimi were proud to help wrap things up as co-hosts of the 6th Annual Afterglow which was held on the rooftop of The Standard hotel, amidst breathtaking views of downtown LA.   Sponsored by Vintage King, The Recording Connection, AVID, Gearslutz and the Focal Press, Afterglow was an evening filled with fun, cocktails and conversation—a most fitting way to celebrate AES’s return to LA. Brian and Jimi hope an enjoyable time was had by all who attended. Let’s do it again, shall we?!  

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Mentor News
Doug BoulwareDoug Boulware has a unique perspective on how RRF’s on-the-job training approach really works. After helping out our apprentices as a Student Services advisor for RRF, Doug is now on staff with Donny Baker at ES Audio in the Glendale/Burbank (in Los Angeles County), one of the Recording Connection’s most acclaimed mentor studios.   “It’s been cool to be on the other side of things and see the nuts and bolts of how effective this model of teaching can be,” says Doug. “There are some really talented kids in this program.”   One thing in particular Doug has noticed while working with RRF apprentices, both in the office and in the studio, is that the more time our students spend in the studio (even beyond their classes), the more quickly they advance in their careers. Doug shared with us recently about his experiences with two recent Recording Connection graduates who’ve worked at ES Audio—Jesse Rhodes and Andrew Flores—who are now excelling because of the time they spent getting involved at the studio. We’ve let Doug share about these two below in his own words.    

Jesse Rhodes

  Jesse RhodesJesse was a student with the Recording Connection about 3 years ago. After basically camping out at the studio during his time as a student, Donny offered him a permanent gig. Jesse is a talented songwriter/producer/engineer. He was able to take the things he knew about music going in, and after becoming one of the fastest Pro Tools operators I’ve ever seen, is now able to be completely fluid as both an engineer and a producer. Jesse has been my head engineer for the last several months on all my production gigs. I have since tried to work with other engineers and nobody clicks with me like Jesse. He is everything you want as an engineer, because we are at the point where he knows what I am going to say before I say it!   Since Jesse got the gig at ES Audio, he has worked with some major names as well! I know for sure he has worked with T-Boz from TLC and many others…About a year ago Jesse started working on his own songs, and then he partnered up with a vocalist who frequented the studio Rannveig Amundsen to create the indie/electronic rock duo Dire Docks… All of this is through connections made through Recording Connection.”    

Andrew Flores

  I first met Andrew about 6 months back… First thing that Flores did right was he was always there. What shocks me about the Recording Connection is that we tell every student that the requirement is two days a week, but if you have more time come in! We say that at every interview and very few students take advantage of that. Andrew took that literally and started coming in on my sessions. One time I told him (jokingly) that students had to bring doughnuts to the session. Sure enough, 9am sharp he was at the studio with a box of doughnuts.     Because he was always around, he got to see songs happen from start to finish… Andrew is one of those dedicated cats who goes home and spends hours doing his own stuff. When I found out about that, we trained him to use Melodyne, a plugin similar to Autotune that tunes vocals. We gave him one day of training, and I could tell that he got it pretty quickly. The next week I gave him vocals to comp and tune. He had them back to me within one day, and my workflow was helped! He now tunes and comps all my vocals. He has also done full productions for me too! He recently did two reggae songs, where he played guitar and other instruments. Super talented guy whom I have paid multiple times for his contributions to projects!     In Conclusion…   Both Jesse and Andrew have continued to excel since their experiences with the Recording Connection. Jesse is full-time at ES Audio, and even gets to mentor some of our new students, while Andrew stays busy with multiple production projects ranging from country to pop to reggae to hip-hop, and remains an active associate with the studio. As Doug Boulware points out, both graduates are great examples of what can happen when you make the most of an opportunity. The Recording Connection gets your foot in the door: what you do with that chance is up to YOU!  


Recording Connection mentor Patrick Heaney signs on at new studio Phaser Control in San Diego!
  Inside Phaser Control Recording StudioPatrick Heaney has been one of the Recording Connection’s most acclaimed mentors for several years. Specializing in EDM music engineering and production, Patrick has worked with the likes of Skrillex, Deadmau5 and Icona Pop, with clients from other genres that include Cage the Elephant, Manchester Orchestra and Tegan and Sara. Recently, Patrick signed on as Head Engineer at the coveted Phaser Control Recording Studio in San Diego, offering our apprentices a whole new experience in music production capabilities.   Hailed as the only studio of its kind on the West Coast, Phaser Control was specially designed by noted studio architect Rod Gervais. The facility also offers an array of quality rehearsal rooms that are available to rent monthly. Phaser Control’s recent clients include Metric, Little Monsters, Silversun Pickups and James Mercer of The Shins, among others.   We’re excited for this new location, and we look forward to what our EDM apprentices will accomplish under Patrick’s leadership in his new digs!  

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