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How RRF’s Extern-Based Education Works

How is the extern-based education offered by RRF different from that of other schools? What does it look like to attend RRF? Whether you plan to study film, recording or radio broadcasting, let’s walk through the process to give you a better idea of what to expect.


It all starts with an enrollment application, which you can fill out online. We’ll get back to you within a couple of days to get more information about you, to talk about your career goals and how RRF can help you reach them. We’ll also get your financial aid package started, if you need it.


Based on your preferences, we will look for an externship opening in a studio or production company within driving distance of your home. You’ll meet with your prospective instructor/mentor, tour the facility, and determine together if you’re a good fit. Upon acceptance, the mentor and you will set up a schedule, and we’ll finalize your paperwork and financing.


While enrolled in our program, you’ll attend class at the studio or production facility a minimum of twice a week. You’ll work through RRF’S 20-unit curriculum with your mentor, at a pace of one unit per week. The program includes homework, in-studio lab time, one-on-one instruction with your mentor, and hands-on training with real projects.

If your schedule does not permit studying at this pace, don’t despair. This course is designed to be completed in 6 months as a full-time student, but RRF’s program is flexible. You can work at your own pace, part-time if need be, or nights and weekends.


Upon completion of your lessons and your final exam, RRF will issue you a Certificate of Completion, which combined with the hours of real work experience you will have accumulated, makes you more employable in the eyes of the media arts industries than most college degrees would.


Here’s where RRF really outshines the competition. Because you will be learning in the “real world” as an extern, you will form valuable working relationships with real industry pros within your field of study (i.e, film, radio or recording). It is through these connections that most of our students get hired (our students often get hired before they even graduate, and quite often by the same company where they did their externship). However, if you need additional help in finding work upon graduation, RRF offers an additional year of job placement training and assistance as part of your program, which includes job leads and additional lessons designed to help improve your employability, all at no additional charge.

Are you ready to make the leap into a new career? Click here to start the enrollment process. In as little as six months, your life could change completely.

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