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Issue #263

Weekly Newsletter

by Liya Swift

Student Successes

Singer Jania Foxworth Seizes Opportunity,
Becomes Director/Screenwriter with Chops!


Film Connection graduate Jania Foxworth

Film Connection graduate Jania Foxworth (B.B. King, Michael Jackson, Quincy Jones) has a thriving career as a singer, songwriter, and voice over actress. Jania starred as Effie White in the Los Angeles Theatre’s production of “Dream Girls,” a role which garnered her critical acclaim. She’s also wowed audiences all over the world as the lead singer of B.B. King’s All Star Band. And just weeks prior to COVID-19 sending Los Angeles into lockdown, Jania was on stage at The Abbey performing the chart-climbing dance anthem “Impulse” by The Perry Twins, which features her vocals. Then COVID hit.   What did Jania do? She recognized the opportunity in front of her. A less hectic schedule meant she suddenly had time delve in, learn, and show what she’s capable of as an actor, director, and writer with a unique voice to share with the world.   What led up to you finding Film Connection?   “Last October, and I was doing a Halloween music video, …a remake of The Jackson’s “Heartbreak Hotel.” And I had this little story where I was a ghost…. After I was done with it, people were liking it. They thought it was really cute. And I said, ‘What if I actually knew what I was doing?’… Besides holding the camera, what if I actually knew the terms and how to make things better? And that day, I went to research schools. I was researching everything. I came across the Film Connection and I was like, ‘This might be better suited because I like to have the one-on-one. I like to be with people that are already doing it.’”   What are some of your goals in film?   “To tell the stories that actually come from women and [which] women can relate to…. Telling stories as an African American woman from the valley, not from the hood, the ghetto, nothing like that. And I’m not saying those are bad stories. I’m just saying, I don’t relate all the time because I didn’t come from that. And there’s a lot of us minorities…maybe middle class or upper middle class, and we have stories too…   Stories for women who haven’t been married, don’t have children. You know, that’s me. I’ve never been married. I don’t have any kids…. None of that’s out there. It’s always about the dude that did me wrong. And he cheated with my best friend. You know what I mean?… We get it. But what happens with everybody else? Right? So, I want to write those stories that are not out there.” Watch Straight Talk (below) to learn how screenwriting mentor Eric Abrams (Married with Children, Liv and Maddie) helped Jania hone and develop her screenplay.   We connected you with Film Connection mentors Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir of Dream Team Directors. When you were pitching your story ideas to Bayou, she encouraged you to consider the one you were most nervous about doing.   “She was like, ‘What would you do for your student film?’ And I came with three different projects. [She said] ‘Those are really nice. Do you have any other ideas?’ I was like, ‘I do have one. This was something I wrote in 2006 and it’s called Rhythm and Blues.’ And I started explaining that to her because, you know, there’s all these clothes and this hair, and she was like, ‘That’s the one!’…I was a little reluctant because I knew it was going to be a lot of work…. I am a singer for real, you know what I mean? So it’s like you have to have the sparkle. You have to do it right. I’m not like a folk singer. I’m a razzle-dazzle. So, I was like, everybody knows me as that. But they don’t know what happens behind the scenes. They know what they see. And so she said, ‘Consider doing that one.’ And I thought about it and I was like, ‘Okay.’ Because I know where all the studios are. I have dancer friends. That is my world. So I said, ‘Okay, let’s do it,’ and jumped off the cliff. So, it worked.”   Do you have any words of wisdom for individuals, especially women, who want to learn filmmaking but are lacking confidence or doubting their abilities?   “I would say get out of your own way and just try it. Just do it. The worst that could happen is that you fail…. You learn so much stuff along the way. So maybe apply that next time, or maybe it’s not for you… but at least give yourself a chance to try and try it when you feel it. Don’t wait 20,000 years later. Try it when you feel it because it’s placed upon you at that time for a reason. That’s what I did with the school. As soon as I felt like, ‘I think I want to go,’ I just started to research and then I started stacking my chips….   Women sometimes think about everybody else and everything else. Think about yourself without being selfish. But just think about yourself and why is this so important to you. And then just give it a shot. Just close your eyes and jump off the cliff.”   Learn more about Film Connection, and how you can start making those goals your reality.  
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Mentor News

Recording Connection mentor Aaron R. Reppert on
Who He Trains & Finding Your Passion in Audio


Recording Connection mentor Aaron R. Reppert at TravSonic Studios

  Recording Connection mentor Aaron R. Reppert (Disney, MTV, Google) is the founder and creative director of TravSonic Studios, a multifaceted audio production company which does everything from recording artists for musical releases to sound design and all facets of audio-post, from mixing to ADR, Foley to voice-over, audio editing, and more. TravSonic is currently expanding their offerings to include mixing in Dolby Atmos, a highly anticipated technology which enables audiences to experience sound like never before—in 3D!   What’s the story behind the name TravSonic?  Transonic means at the speed of sound and so I got this idea of traveling sound, which is TravSonic. So that means, basically, audio production (remotely) at the speed of sound. But TravSonic evolved to more than that. Now, it’s an audio post-production house. So, over the past 20 years, it’s taken on many avenues in the audio production field. And we continue to grow, and we want to keep growing.”   Have any big projects you care to tell us about?   “We did ADR work for a big animation that was out last year. I’ll just say that…. It was a big animation that was out last year, did very well. So, we’re very ecstatic about that. And we’ve also done some recent commercials. One of them was GMC, and others were MTV work for music publishing for some artists that we have…. Now that we’re getting into major motion picture production, that’s something that we want to continue to do and we want to grow and provide those services.” Learn about Dolby Atmos in our Straight Talk video below.   How can students make the most of their externship experience at TravSonic?   The way that an extern can get the most out of TravSonic Studios is to be a fly on the wall. And what I mean by that is look at everything that is going on, because there’s so [many] things that happen in the studio, and you can learn so many tips just from the audio engineer [from] editing dialogue…to [how to] streamline your process. Don’t ask too many questions when the engineer is actually working…. Just… soak it in…. Jot down all your notes…. Then after the session, just ask all those questions. And then I would be happy to tell you like, ‘Oh, what I did on this dialogue,’ and ‘How I mixed this sound design.’ So that’s what I would recommend.”   What do you look for in the students you train?   “What I look for in my students is passion and a drive to learn more. I want my students to be a sponge of knowledge, knowing what they are looking for…. When everyone wants to learn and everyone’s having fun at it, then, you know, things just start moving…. And know what you want to learn. [Then], I can give you more knowledge and more hands-on experience. So that’s what I’m looking for, someone who’s passionate and really wants to learn.”   How do you approach training someone who knows they’re really interested in audio but isn’t sure about exactly what they want to do?   “If you’re not sure what you want to do in audio, we look at it as the studio is the candy store. You try every little thing, try every flavor, and you know, find exactly what you’re passionate about. Because it’s all about passion. If you’re not passionate about something, you’re not going to stick with it. I’ve been doing this for 20 years, and I feel like I just started yesterday. Because every day, I’m learning something new. So as long as we’re learning something new, we’re having fun at it, the sky is the limit.” See our video interview with Aaron below.   Why do you, as the busy founder and creative director at TravSonic, choose to mentor for Recording Connection?   “I love to mentor, but I just needed to find an organization and an institute that really caters to what I need. And that means filtering out students [who don’t fit] and also giving them an affordable way to learn…. I’m always about giving back, because I’ve been at this a long time, and I went through some hardships, you know, in trying to build up in the industry. But I want to help students learn the avenues and hopefully speed up their career a little bit and not go through all the twists and turns. So that’s why I joined Recording Connection.”   Want training in post-production, music production, audio engineering, beat making, and more? See how Recording Connection, does it differently.  
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