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At RRFC, one of the major benefits of extern-based learning is that by getting your education in an actual recording studio, film company or broadcasting facility, you are put in direct and frequent contact with numerous industry professionals, giving you an insider’s advantage when it comes to job placement. In the film, recording and radio industries, most of the hiring happens out of relationships; these professionals generally recommend and/or hire the people they know, people with a good track record—not necessarily someone fresh out of college sporting a degree with no prior experience. By getting your training one-on-one as an extern in the real world, you are able to meet and form connections with the people doing the hiring, and you are gaining the real-world experience these people are looking for!

By contrast, in a typical college situation, students learn in an isolated classroom or studio simulation, and once they graduate, they still have to figure out how to make the inside connections that will get them the jobs. As a result, graduates from these schools often end up taking unpaid internships and/or working side jobs while they earn credibility in their chosen industry—even though they have a degree or diploma that they spent tens of thousands of dollars (and 2-4 years of class time) to earn!


RRFC’s extern-based learning approach effectively bridges this gap between education and real life. By studying directly in the studio or production facility, you are placed on the inside track from day one. Through your one-on-one instruction, not only are you are forming a working relationship with your mentor, but you are also forming relationships with others who are working with that facility. You are given the chance to build credibility and prove your mettle while you learn, so when it comes time to fill those job positions, your name is likely to be at the top of the list—that is, provided you have been diligent in your studies and have given your mentor a reason to recommend you.

This real-world, hands-on approach to education has proven so effective for our film, recording and radio students that many times they get hired by the same facility where they externd (externed) and some have even gotten hired before they complete their program!


Just take a moment and go HERE to read the stories of some of our many students who have landed rewarding jobs in the film, recording and radio industries as a direct result of our externd-based learning approach. Our results speak for themselves!

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