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Issue #35

Weekly Newsletter

by L. Swift and Jeff McQ


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Special Feature
Ofu ObekpaAfter earning a Business Administration and Marketing degree at University of Maine Machias, Ofu Obekpa wanted to do something more related to his natural talents and interests in the entertainment industry. He’d been acting since he was five, had written, produced, directed and starred in several films and stage productions, and had even taken some acting lessons with actress Shannon Eubanks (The Patriot, Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil). To take his skills to the next level, he decided to move to Atlanta, where he enrolled in the Film Connection as an apprentice under Steve Carmichael of Radiant3 Productions.   As Ofu finished up his apprenticeship, the Film Connection arranged for him to go to Los Angeles to meet with several top industry professionals so he could get acquainted with the Hollywood film industry and pitch his latest film idea. Ofu checked in with us to let us know how things went…    RRF: What was the experience like with your Film Connection screenwriting mentor?   Ofu: The experience was great. I think Kevin Christopher is a genius. He takes you step by step and holds your hand all the way. He knows what he is doing. He is detail oriented and allows the flexibility of adapting ideas that fits your concepts. Working with Kevin Christopher was inspiring. He went far and beyond in helping me with my post-production skills. He made me fall in love with editing. I can now say, “I am a well-rounded filmmaker!”   Kevin was on set with me when we did the explosive scenes. I thought that was awesome for him to come out and supervise me. He guided me all the way through my shots!   Hollywood SignRRF: What was the film concept you pitched?   Ofu: The film concept I pitched was “From the Shadows.” A crime boss with a god-complex threatens the livelihood of one of his assassins. The Assassin must join forces with his partner to take him down.   RRF: You visited Los Angeles to pitch your movie to Alex Keledjian (Project Greenlight). What was the reaction?   Ofu: Alex is a cool individual who is straight up Hollywood. He loved my pitch/story. I think for the most part, we connected on an individual level. He understood where I was coming from so we connected well. He gave me some valuable advice as well – advice that I will cherish for the rest of my film career.   RRF: Before departing back to Atlanta, you met with financial expert/consultant Eric Sherman. What would you say was the most important thing you took from that meeting?   Ofu: I loved the energy and spirit in his personality. He gave me some helpful tips that will be valuable in the near future. The most important thing I took from him was his honesty. I like being around such people. He has lots of wisdom. If I have the opportunity, I would love to work with him someday. Great guy! He said never give up, which is one of the most valuable keys to success.   RRF: What are you currently working on? Where do you see yourself in 5 years?   Ofu: I’d better be getting an Oscar in five years. Anything is possible! I am having meetings with few potential investors and getting my business documents/portfolio together.    Learn more about The Film Connection Method that enables you to learn where you live, learn from famous filmmakers and pitch your movie to Hollywood in person!   Connect with Ofu via Facebook & Twitter. You can check out some of his work in the “Apprentice Media” section below!  



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Ever wonder how RRF gets so connected? Every day our consultant Brian Kraft is taking meetings and making connections with the best and brightest in the worlds of music, film and radio.   EQThis week, Brian met with legendary producer/engineer Adam Moseley of Headroom for Days. Adam has three decades of experience in the music industry, with credits that include Beck, Rush, The Cure and Maxi Priest. He’s also worked on movie scores and mixing for Spike Jonze and Robert DeNiro. Adam Moseley recently agreed to become a mentor for the Recording Connection (More on this next week!).   Brian’s also been in the lab with EDM producer, composer and musician Eric Hoegemeyer (Jessica Hernandez, Pete Tong, Moonshine Bandits, Luder). Together, they’ve been talking Logic, Ableton, Pro Tools and other DAWs and Electronic Music Program 2015!  

A great time was had by all at this year’s #GearExpoNashville!

  Vintage King Gear Expo 2014Just a few updates on the Pensado Vintage King Gear Expo 2014 
  • Brian and Recording Connection founder, Jimi Petulla, were invited up on stage to speak about our school and our unique approach to breaking people into the recording industry.
  • Dave Pensado and Pensado’s Place renewed their endorsement of our program! We are VERY proud and honored!
  • And…F Reid Shippen Multiple Grammy-Award winning mixer/producer and owner of Robot Lemon in Nashville signed on to mentor with Recording Connection! Credits include: Shania Twain, Backstreet Boys, Death Cab for Cutie, India Arie and CeCe Winans, just to name a few.

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StudioTime’s running out to submit your photos for our latest contest! Tag us in your Instagram photos showing candid shots in the studio or working with artists, and you can WIN!   Here’s how it works:   All disciplines included: Recording, Radio, and Film!   Share unique and/or inspiring candid photos on Instagram of you, your mentor, the studio, or people you’re working with. Anything fun and exciting!   To submit a contest entry, include the appropriate hashtag on Instagram: #recordingconnection, #filmconnection OR #radioconnection. You can submit as often as you’d like!   Hashtag MUST be present in order for the photo to be considered.   Deadline for this month’s contest is Friday October 3rd.
Winner will be announced in the following weeks.
  Winner receives a $50 Amazon gift card!  

Deadline for this month’s contest is Friday October 3. Winner will be announced in the following weeks. Good luck!

  *Entering this contest will allow RRFC the right to share and distribute your photos.  

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Mentor News
Linny, Hannah Finegold, and PensadoRecently, our friend Grammy winner Dave Pensado and Recording Connection mentor Matt “Linny” Linesch met up at Ocean Way Recording in Hollywood, CA, where Dave gave some one-on-one instruction and filmed a very special Into the Lair segment for Pensado’s Place. Everyone was on hand to help, including Recording Connection student Hannah Finegold, who currently apprentices with Linny in his studio.   Over the past few years, Linny has become a veritable engineering powerhouse with credits that include the 2013 self-titled album Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros as well as their 2012 album “Here” and the Golden Globe-winning soundtrack to All Is Lost starring Robert Redford. Other clients include Insects vs. Robots, The Cerny Brothers, Dave Mason, Fool’s Gold, and the Australian band Wagons.   The famed Ocean Way Recording has yielded some of the most beloved, influential recordings of the 60s and 70s, including The Mamas & the Papas’ “California Dreamin,’” The Beach Boys’ “Good Vibrations,” and Ray Charles’ version of “I Can’t Stop Loving You” to name just a few. The Ocean Way studios have a great feel, and there’s still a sense of artistic community there, even in this day and age.   Ocean Way Recording is also where Matt Linesch has setup his own studio, giving his Trident 80b board pride of place. Now, a number of fortunate Recording Connection students get to forge their futures in this legendary studio under the direction of one of music’s rising stars. Here, the past, present and future collide, and the music just keeps on getting made. Be on the lookout for the Into the Lair segment with Matt “Linny” Linesch at Ocean Way Recording. Coming soon!  



Radio Connection apprentices at WMMR 93.3-FM get the full experience
with Sean “The Rabbi” Tyszler!

  On AirRadio Connection mentor Sean “The Rabbi” Tyszler has been keeping our student apprentices quite busy at his station, WMMR 93.3-FM in the Philadelphia area. In recent months, students have had the opportunity to use studio equipment, watch on-air live sessions featuring Sean and special guests, record their own demos, operate the radio board, and learn VOX pro! “It’s a very hands-on studio,” says The Rabbi!  

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1905 Film StudiosThe Film Connection is proud to be partnering with yet another new mentor: Nelson Ramirez, studio manager of 1905 Film Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada! Deriving its name from the year Vegas was born, 1905 Film Studios was founded by a group of passionate film directors and crew members who have worked together for years. From their state-of-the-art 4000 square-foot studio in the heart of town, 1905 offers a full array of quality production services to a wide range of clients, and they even rent their facility out for other shoots. This will give our film student apprentices a great range of experience and connection within the “Entertainment Capital of the World.”   We’re excited to have Nelson Ramirez and the team at 1905 Film Studios helping our students pursue their dreams of a career in film, and we look forward to what our students will accomplish under Nelson’s leadership and guidance!  

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Apprentice Media

Check out Assassins and Rescue 1, two short films by Film Connection graduate Ofu Obekpa (featured in “Student Successes” above):


Check out at Recording Connection graduate Cameron King’s official SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/seanpurple



Quotes from Students:

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