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Issue #247 – Apprentices in Action

Weekly Newsletter

by Liya Swift

Apprentices in Action

A Day in the Life of Our Students


Actors Jae Rasul, Bri-Timmons, and Rose Sanchez in “Monster in the Hood”

Just in time for Halloween, Film Connection grad Brandon Ladson has completed his PG-13 horror-comedy “Monster in the Hood.” Brandon explains the premise:   “It is about a teenage girl who’s searching for the monster responsible for kidnapping her parents. In the scene (pictured) the protagonist Lucy (played by Bri-Timmons Kepler) and her friends, Dennis (actor Jae Rasul) and Jessica (actor Rose Sanchez) are figuring out a plan to track down the monster, Norman.”   Proir to finalizing the script, Brandon got some great insight into the necessary constraints around dialogue thanks to his screenplay mentor, including word choices which were once seen as tame by the Motion Picture Society of America:   “It was going to be rated R at one point, before I dialed back to PG-13. [The screenwriting mentor] told me some surprising things about certain scenes that had certain dialogue that apparently today, in 2019, wouldn’t fly… If it had been done decades ago, I could have gotten away [with it]. So certain things I was surprised at, but it’s okay because at the end [of the day], I just wanted to be content with the story I had without watering it down completely.”      

Film Connection graduates Noah Cook and Jacob Sizemore at the PressPlay Festival, 2019.

A big congrats to Film Connection for Film Production & Editing graduates Noah Cook, Jacob Sizemore, and Caitlin Cooke (not pictured) and everyone at Skymore Productions on winning the PressPlay 2019 Audience Choice Short Film Award for “Worms”!   Keep on making movies audiences love. We’re rooting for you! And Caitlin, send us a pic!   Connect with Skymore Productions on Instagram.      

Recent Recording Connection grad Miguel Giron at Sonic Faction

Thanks to his multi-platinum, Grammy-award winning mentor Nathan Jenkins (Beyoncé, Mary J. Blidge, Mariah Carey) at Sonic Faction in Los Angeles, the just-graduated Miguel Giron had the opportunity to go into Henson Recording Studios and observe while Nathan and a full crew of seasoned audio professionals chopped, assembled, and mixed Live Rounds for national reality TV sensation, The Voice.   Nathan gave us the lowdown on what happens during these whirlwind production sessions:   “Every week we do 12 songs, start to finish in three days, 72 hours straight. And I mean literally…There are six of us, and it starts with the tracking. They track the songs. Then it goes to me where I cut everything and chop everything and make sure it sounds perfect. Then it goes to a room where they record the vocals, it goes to a tuning guy or [from] a comping guy to a tuning guy. Then it all gets put all back together and goes to the mix guy. But I’m in the funnel-hose of the whole thing where everything comes through me, all the music.”   Here’s where you get the 411 on what RRFC students are doing, so (subscribe)!    

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