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Issue #226 – Apprentices in Action

Weekly Newsletter

by Liya Swift

Apprentices in Action

A Day in the Life of Our Students

   Recording Connection graduate Gabby Kilgore communicated her wants to her mentor Seva Ball. Then, she got busy learning and proving her value on the job. When the time came, Seva hired her on as his first assistant engineer and more!   ”I truly believe what led to my hire was the goal that I told Seva before I started the program. When asked what I hoped to accomplish after completing the course, I said that I wanted to start my own publishing company, and really get into branding and promotion of new talent. Now, Sequoyah Studios has signed some of our own artists which we help with promotion, social media, and branding along with the recording, mixing, and mastering…   Seva has been the best mentor I could ask for! While working with him, you really never stop learning. Everything is a lesson. I have been able to learn hands-on in sessions, tasks of my very own, and on projects. Seva really listened to what I wanted to do with this experience and made it part of my work at Sequoyah Studios!”         Film Connection graduate Giovanna Caruso Congrats to Film Connection grad Giovanna Caruso for winning an Accolade Global Film Competition Award for her short film “A Life Worth Living” which deals with the emotional struggles of a terrible loss, and the different ways people face grief. Speaking of the accomplishment, Giovanna says:   “I am honored to have received this award in such an early stage of my career. Making this short film was one of the best and most terrifying experiences of my life. When I first moved to this country, I wasn’t able to speak English and I used movies as a tool to learn this wonderful language. Seven years later , I have written a script and produced it alongside the amazing Rocco Michaluk [her former Film Connection mentor].”       
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