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How To Build Rapport With Clients

Working as a music producer or audio engineer presents many challenges. You have to be able to juggle multiple tasks at once including: discerning the artists’ creative vision, executing work flawlessly, and giving the client what they want while leaving them with the most positive impression possible. When approaching studio work with a client their […]

The Big Three Battle: Pro Tools vs Logic vs Ableton

In the modern age of music production, we, as creative professionals, have an arsenal of music production tools to choose from. Inevitably, with choice comes some very strong opinions. If you have been keeping tabs in the music production world, then you are probably heard or participated in the “which is the better DAW” debate […]

What Does a Music Producer Do, Really?

Everyone knows what a singer like Tom Jones or Aretha Franklin does. They sing. They perform. It’s easy to understand and process what they do. You witness it. You hear it. What many people aren’t aware of is just exactly what a music producer does. The term “music producer” can mean many things. It can […]

Recording Connection graduate Chris Litwin builds his own studio (with help from his Grammy-winning mentor)

Forty-five-year-old Recording Connection graduate Chris Litwin (Meridan, Connecticut) was a lifelong musician who decided to pursue a career in audio engineering. But little could he have imagined that his training would one day lead to building his own recording studio with help from a Grammy-winning producer! Chris says he first got the engineering “bug” back […]

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