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Binge Nation 7 Binge-Worthy Shows to Stream Now

Binge Nation: 7 Binge-Worthy Shows to Stream Now

The way television is consumed has radically changed over the last ten years. Now, the idea of serialized week-to-week storytelling is something alien or at the very least, passé, to most viewers. People want to be able to sit down, watch the entirety of a show, and then move on to the next thing. Even if that might mean not moving for 40 hours straight (not recommended). Listed below are a 7 of our favorite binge-worthy shows.

1. Frontier

Do you like Game of Thrones? Or historical dramas? Well, Jason Momoa aka Aquaman aka Rape-y Magee from Game of Thrones aka that one dude from the original Baywatch is currently staring in a Netflix and Discovery Channel Canada co-production about the North American fur trade in the 18th century. It’s violent, brooding, and harsh, just like the time period. There’s also loads of throat cutting. So if you’re feeling light on your requisite amount of throat cutting…this is the show for you.

2. Sneaky Pete

A few weeks ago I was standing next to Giovanni Ribisi on the street. I looked at him for a few seconds and then said, “Hey, dude. Sky Captain is the shit.” He chuckled and walked off. I don’t think he agreed with me. I should have said, “Sneaky Pete is great, dude.” Because…It is. It’s a noir show about the seedy world of bail bonding and also has Bryan Cranston involved as a recurring gangster character. Giovanni Ribisi is the lead and man, is he great. If you like crime, grafter, or heist stories, check this show out. It won’t disappoint.

3. Baskets

Comedic powerhouses Louis CK and Zach Galifianakis have teamed up on a show about a clown. Yes. A clown named Chip Baskets, who after failing at Clown School in Paris, has reluctantly made his way back to Bakersfield, California, stuck with a job at the local rodeo. Chip’s mother is played by none other than Louie Anderson. Are you excited yet? Well, you should be. The show is fantastic. It’s something truly unique and well worth a watch.

4. Star Trek

Do you have Netflix? Have you seen all of Star Trek? No, but have you seen ALL of Star Trek? There are 13 films, six television shows, and countless documentaries. Star Trek, my friend. Go watch some Star Trek. Please. For the love of god, watch Star Trek. It will change your life. It’s so good. You’ll love it. No, really. You will. It’s so good.

5. Crashing

Pete Holmes is a standup, podcast host, late-night host, and also starring in the new HBO show Crashing, loosely based on his life. The show is hilarious, has a very distinct point of view, and is executive produced by Judd Apatow, so… there’s that too. The show also has a really heartwarming center that most comedies don’t really even try for. There’s a lot of Holmes’ natural personality laced into the scripts for the show. It’s definitely worth the watch.

6. Taboo

Are you in the mood for some stories that have lavish amounts of top-hats? Well, Taboo on FX is the show for you. The show stars Tom Hardy, yes, that Tom Hardy, as he defends his inheritance from 1812-style douchebags. The actor’s extremely intense performance and his industry acclaim are only two of the myriad of reasons why you should be watching this show. It’s impressive on numerous levels. Find it today, you won’t regret it.

7. The Young Pope

It’s like Batman Begins…but for the papacy? Yes, and no. But yes. And it’s really good. It’s compelling, complex, and Jude Law’s face is very pretty. The beginning of the show is very strange but as it goes on it finds its legs. The show isn’t something that you ever thought you’d really be jonesing for, but after you hit about episode 9…you will be.

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