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Really Really Scary Movies

It’s that time of year! Halloween is right around the corner. So… light few candles, break out the popcorn, and find some really scary movies and settle in for a freakishly fun night! Check out some of our favorite delighfully scary and spooky films that’ll get you into the Halloween spirit!

Horror of Dracula

Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing made careers out of playing Van Helsing and Dracula on screen together. What better way to bring in the spooky season than to celebrate the past? Anyone who likes horror films knows the rich Technicolor goodness of the Hammer Horror films. From Dracula Has Risen From The Grave to A Frankenstein Created Woman to The Mummy, they all offer a rich, albeit garish perspective on the classic monsters that we all know and love.

Texas Chainsaw

Tobe Hooper’s Texas Chainsaw Massacre is arguably one of the most terrifying films ever made. It still holds this honor largely due to the fact that it doesn’t feel like a movie. It feels like you’re watching some of the most depraved real people who have ever existed attempt to murder someone and somehow there was a real life camera crew there to film it. The film holds up one hundred percent. It’s a classic for a reason.

The Exorcist

Speaking of films that hold up, The Exorcist is one of the films that despite being made over 40 years ago it feels like it could have come out last year. It’s striking, stunning, and utterly terrifying. The religious themes and the lived-in world that the film creates is as riveting as it is downright horrifying. Linda Blair’s performance alone is worth a viewing. The film has a texture and atmosphere all its own.

The Decent

Neil Marshall’s film The Decent sounds like a pulpy throwback on paper, but in execution is a psychological gauntlet that’s engineered to break the viewer. Between the tight spaces and the murky shadows and the horrifying creatures, The Decent has all the makings of a wonderful horror film and yet it transcends even that. After watching the film it stays with you for days.

It Follows

It Follows is the most recent film on this list. Having been released in 2014, it’s a wonderfully executed stalker flick with a simple premise. What if a ghost was transmitted from person to person through sexual intercourse? The high concept sounds kinda loopy, the finished film is haunting. It follows you around for the next few days after you see it. You catch yourself turning around to see if anyone is following you. The film is excellent and if you haven’t seen it, do yourself a favor and throw it on a streaming service or a blue ray tonight, maybe invite a buddy over too to keep the heebie jeebies at bay.

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