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How to Find Musicians You Can Collaborate With

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Being a musician can be lonely. You want to make music with other people but it can be hard to find the proper chemistry between you and other artists, let alone people who are really excited and driven to spend the time and energy it requires. Do not despair. In today’s technologically-linked world you can find fellow like-minded musicians to play and record with. You just have to get out there and connect.

Use MeetUp

MeetUp is a wonderful tool. You can literally search for groups and events full of like-minded or likely to be like-minded musicians. Looking for a bunch of hardcore kids to talk shop with? Well, you’ll probably be able to find them on MeetUp. Looking for a group of electronic producers? You’ll find ‘em. They’re there!

Put Out A Craig’s List Add

It’s not glamorous but it works. If you’re trying to find a specific type of person or a specific musician Craig’s list can really help you out. You’ll be able to find that vegan oboist in no time! Your band just got that much stronger, my friend.

Go To Shows and Meet People

This is the old school way of forging human connection, and arguably, still the best. You need to go out and get involved in a social scene. You need to develop social currency. You need to go out, see bands, and really invest yourself in the culture. You need to have a great time getting your groove on and mixing with other living, breathing people. Meet the scene’s fixtures and its young upstarts, schedule those jams and get to playing and recording. There’s really no substitute for it.

Message Other Musicians on SoundCloud

SoundCloud is where all the up-and-coming acts are showcasing their work. If there’s someone doing something you’re really interested in, send them a message. You never know what might happen; collaboration, a new friend, or a lifelong artistic partnership. Don’t forget some really terrific collaborations have happened between musicians living on different continents or across the country. Learn more about an RC student from Nashville’s collaboration with a fellow musician all the way in Adelaide, Australia!

Connnect with Friends of Friends

Making music with people you meet organically is still the best way to do it. The fact that your social circle includes not just your friends but the friends of your friends is something that most people forget about. It’s something that’s really important though when you really go out and start to look for people to collaborate with.

Music is an intrinsically a social endeavor. It’s arguably the oldest artform and it’s always been about communication, about telling stories and allowing emotion to pass from one person to another. Performers need support and collaborative cohorts in order to fully express their emotions, create music, and share it with the world. As technology has progressed, it’s become easier and easier to really dive into the abyss of human connection. It’s downright thrilling to see how technology has changed human interaction and connection both literally and artistically. Today, more than ever before you have access to numerous amounts of people who could potentially work join with you as artistic collaborators. Make it happen.

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