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monkey mind

Dealing with Monkey Mind

Have you ever found yourself overwhelmed by an array of thoughts that seem to come rapid fire, taxing your ability to focus on something more productive like your art, your job, or the conversation you’re trying to have with someone? Ever looked forward to going “off the grid” somewhere, only to find that once you […]


What French Cinema Has Taught Us

The French invented cinema. They invented the language, the tone, the feeling, and the literal mechanics of making movies. They even  invented the common vernacular everyone uses to this day. The French are responsible for not only the terms in which we’re accustomed to using to discuss film but also many of the greatest moments […]

Screenplay 101

The Power of a Sh_tty First Draft

The thing that holds most writers back is fear of failure. Such a fear can imprison people, keeping them creatively paralyzed so that ultimately they don’t make anything at all—good or bad. On this front, being a person who aspires to do quality work can actually work against you: you don’t want to produce anything […]

low budget filmmaking

Low Budget Filmmaking Heroes

Right now more than ever before there is a groundswell of support for people who make their own movies. The massive blockbusters are racking up millions upon millions of dollars but behind the scenes independent filmmakers are amassing a very successful campaign to change the face of cinema. These filmmakers are hard at work in […]

Screenplay 101

What Science Says About Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is something a great many of writers out there have experienced at at least some point in their lives. In fact, it’s such a common ailment faced by writers that the quintessential “writer’s writer” is nearly always seen as a someone plagued by times of frustrated inactivity where the words just don’t seem […]

the flow

Achieving Flow: Entering the Vortex

Creatives have different names for it. Some call it “The Zone” some “The Sweet Spot,” and still others “The Grind.” For the sake of this conversation we’re going to call it The Flow. It’s something that you know when you feel it. It’s you when you’re working at your complete and total best, when your […]

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