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Monthly Archives: April 2018

singers mic techniques

Singers, Work Thy Mic!

Having a good voice is one thing. Being able to sing in-studio requires a bit more than that. Professional vocalists and session singers know how to use their voices to convey various emotions and textures, and they know how to “work the mic” in order to achieve the desired effect. Here are our tips for working […]

Not the Norm: Non-Traditional Roles in Film and TV

When you start writing that next screenplay or pilot, it’s important to remember to step back a bit and take a look at where you’re headed as far as your characters are concerned. The characters you “cast” i.e. select to star in that story you’re imagining, say something about the kind of world you’re showing. […]

artistic inspiration

Finding Artistic Inspiration Through Other Artists

Delve deep into another artist’s catalog and the experience can seem like traveling through some magic portal that leads you on a journey through which you discover more of what really resonates with you. Through encountering the work of others we can learn more about what appeals to us and why. The inspiration we draw […]