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Issue #240 – Apprentices in Action

Weekly Newsletter

by Liya Swift

Apprentices in Action

A Day in the Life of Our Students


Recording Connection graduate Desiree Holiday

Congrats to Recording Connection graduate Desirée Holiday on landing a new job at BMI!   “A while back I was looking for a new position that was more on the business side of music rather than the production side. I came across a listing…for a position at BMI in their Distribution & Administration Services Department, so I applied for it and got the job! I. LOVE. IT!!!   I’m still working in the studio with my mentor…[and] working with several artists on different projects to be released next year, many of which I’ve either written or composed, so I’m hoping to enter these works into songwriting competitions. I greatly appreciate everything Recording Connection has offered me, the skill set I’ve acquired thus far…The sky’s the limit from here!!” How Desirée got hired at iHeartRadio.    
Recording Connection student Kaizer Hazard

Recording Connection student Kaizer Hazard

Life is rarely, if ever perfect. Recording Connection Audio Engineering & Music Production student Kaizer Hossain keeps it in perspective and never forgets that learning and building experience and a clear view forward is at the heart of being a successful extern:   “I’ve been a little behind, just been dealing with real life you know. But all of this: music, RRFC, everything… means, well everything to me…When I’m passionate about something and truly care for it, I have no energy to focus on and feed the things that don’t serve me, like dwelling on failure. The only thing on my mind is success; success with music, with others, and with making a difference in the world.   Anyways, I feel focused, I feel like I’m gaining way beyond what I initially thought I would at RRFC and I’m grateful for that…I’m ready to gain more, grow more, and thrive.”    
Film Connection student Omotu Bissong on set of her comedic short film "The Proposal?"

Film Connection student Omotu Bissong on set of “The Proposal?”

  Shout out to Film Connection for Film Production & Editing student Omotu Bissong, who directed her own original comedic short “A Proposal?” Crewed by fellow Film Connection students Robert Galgan, Nick Karangis, Mark Kelly, along with mentor, director/producer Zef Cota of Alphabet Films (New York, NY) the short deals with troubles that arise when partners have differing expectations in romance.   Want to stay in the loop? Subscribe!  
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