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Welcome to the Recording Connection Digital Information Kit.


The videos below were created to answer frequently asked questions from parents and students about how our unique audio externship programs work.  We realize our approach differs from other schools.  We strongly believe our approach — the mentored externship approach — works better, especially if your goal is to get a job in audio.


Learn 1-on-1 with an industry professional.Recording Connection is the school that provides its students with music industry professionals serving as their private instructors.  If you want to be an audio engineer, we pair you with a working, professional audio engineer.  If you want to be a music producer, we pair you with a professional music producer.  If you want to learn Electronic Music, Hip Hop or be a Live DJ, we pair you with professionals who are making their music in your choice of genre.  This hands-on, one-on-one, private instruction approach to learning from industry professionals who make their living doing what you want to do upon graduation is the Recording Connection standard.


The Recording Connection is a member of the BBB with an A rating.We feel that if you invest the 20 minutes it will take you to view these videos, you too will see why our approach not only makes sense, but works well to prepare you for a career in the music industry.



Welcome to Recording Connection‘s informative overview!

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Larry King endorses the Recording Connection“I recommend this program. Excellent way to break into the business.”


Larry King, award-winning television & talk show radio host.


See us on Larry King

Legendary broadcaster and TV host Larry King recently had some very powerful
things to say about us and the power of our program.

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Tim Palmer endorses the Recording Connection“One of the many reasons that I endorse Recording Connection is because they put you inside a real recording studio to extern under a real producer. I am generally not a supporter of many of the ‘traditional’ schools because in my experience they don’t teach the things you really need, and they don’t connect you into the business. The Recording Connection does.”


Tim Palmer, producer for U2, The Cure, Pearl Jam, MGT, Lang Lang


Watch us on Dr. Drew

Dr. Drew endorses The Recording Connection

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The Recording Connection is a member of the BBB with an A rating.Legendary teachers, psychologists, moguls, federal judges, CEOs and celebrities send their kids to The Recording Connection to get the very best education.


We are honored to serve our community. The global community.

Pensado’s Place

Legends of the audio world speak about us daily because our method works.
They know what you will soon know: that this is the smartest way to break into a very competitive field.

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The Recording Connection is a big fan of Dave Pensado and Herb Trawick and their show Pensado’s Place.


Apparently, they appreciate our commitment to being the best audio engineering and music production school around. We know they love our mentored externship based method of education because they believe if you want to be a pro, the best way is to learn from a pro, and that’s what the Recording Connection does.



Learn From Legends

See How Our Students Learn from Top Music Professionals

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Dave Pensado, Recording Connection mentor Matt Linesch, and Recording Connection student, Hannah Finegold discuss the Recording Connection’s mentor-extern music education approach at the world famous United Recording in Hollywood, CA. United Recording is one of the many famous recording studios where Recording Connection students serve their externships.
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The Recording Connection gives you access to world renowned music producers like the legendary John King of one of the most famous recording studios in the world: Chung King Studios.


John King is one of the early pioneers of Hip Hop with Rick Rubin and Russell Simmons and is considered a rock n roll producing legend as well….Watch how one of our Recording Connection externs learns directly under him, one-on-one in his studio… Make no mistake, THIS COULD BE YOU!
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In Closing

If you still have questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 800-755-7597.
We’d love to hear from you and answer all your questions.