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Sound Engineer – Dayton, OH | Connected Grind Opp
Oct 31, 2016

This job is already filled.

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Sound Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Dayton, OH


Hollywood Gaming is seeking a sound engineer for Dayton Raceway.

More Information

  • He/she will be engineering acts that perform on a stage in a casino, previous experience live mixing required.
  • Equipment that will be used includes: Allen & Heath GLD80, a pair of EAW QX full range boxes, four EAW SBK250 subwoofers in a tri-amplified configuration, and in-ear system monitoring (no wedges).
  • The stage is surrounded by a sunken bar with a small dance floor and the casino floor directly beyond. No walls to separate the venue from the casino, the system volume will be dictated by the casino floor manager.
  • He/she will be going through a trial period.

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