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Non Disclosure Agreements

What Are They, and How Serious Should You Treat Them?

NDA stands for Non-disclosure Agreement. In simple terms it means you cannot discuss what you are about to learn, once you sign the NDA, to anyone else for a designated period of time.

NDAs usually mean that the job is part of something big–like a feature film or groundbreaking technology. As such, the people behind the NDA take things seriously. This means there can be serious consequences for signing an NDA then telling your friends, family or coworkers ANYTHING that was disclosed to you by the prospective employer.

That includes your social media too. Don’t share details about what you learned in the job application process on your Facebook page. Not only will this keep you from getting the job, it could see you facing serious legal consequences!

Be aware of what is in the NDA before you sign it. If you don’t understand something in it ask before signing. Sometimes an NDA includes language similar to a non-compete clause and can prohibit you from getting hired for something similar at another company. That’s right, sometimes just because you attended a meeting that was covered by an NDA, and even though the company whose meeting it was ended up not hiring you, you might be prohibited from taking work at another company in a similar field so be sure to read any and all hiring documents fully.

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