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Show #53 | The Abstract Recording Studios

Feb 27, 2017

Here are the job opportunities (or as we like to call them, Grind Opps) from this week's show.



Live Audio Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Katy, TX


Thriving church seeks live audio engineer in Houston area.




On Air Talent / Producer

Industry: Radio

Location: Baltimore, MD


Major market station looking for fresh, new talent with great ideas.




Media News Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Charlotte, NC


Duties include non-linear editing for all News shows/dayparts.




Production Coordinator

Industry: Film

Location: New York, NY


Coordinate with show producers and directors on scheduling of production resources.




Audio Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Boulder, CO


Recording Engineer needed for spoken-word recording sessions.




Studio Manager

Industry: Recording

Location: Venice, CA


ou’ll be collaborating with on-air talent, content editors, audio engineers, and show producers; NOC personnel, operations, and QA. You’ll work from our beautiful offices in Venice Beach!





Industry: Film

Location: Haddonfield, NJ


Up and coming company needs videographer/ editor that can help bring visions to life! Previous experience with Canon XA 30 a plus.




Part-Time On Air Talent

Industry: Radio

Location: Bala Cynwyd, PA (Philadelpia)


Major market Radio Station is looking for the BEST part time air talent to join Philly’s most exciting new brand!




Food Stylist

Industry: Culinary

Location: Bentonville, AR


Passion for food and art collide in the career minds of talented professional food stylists! The role of the food stylist is to make the food look attractive with appetite appeal in the finished photograph.




On Air DJ

Industry: Radio

Location: Fargo, ND


Perhaps the most fun job you will ever have! Entertainment company seeking professional DJ’s. Training provided!



Cloie: Well listen, I don’t even think Warren Beatty has the inside. I think what happened, the card was right. He was just looking at the wrong line.

DJ Iz: Oh.

Cloie: I think that’s what happened. He just had a moment. He had a senior moment, I think.

DJ Iz: Now that, that had to have been crazy because all those people came on stage.

Cloie: Thanking people. I wanna thank my wife…but see, but you can’t be mad at “La La Land,” because how many awards have they won before that happened? I’m not mad at you “La La Land,” you’re okay, you’re okay.

DJ Iz: Okay, so I found that interesting. I wanted to make sure like I dove into that really quick before we got going.

Cloie: Hit it, because you were at an event last night.

DJ Iz: I was at an event. We actually auctioned off a Recording Radio Film Connection scholarship for 10K at this, it was a charity event for kids. Their hashtag was #randomactsofkindness, so it was really cool. There were some really amazing people there. And it was really all about opportunities for kids and foster kids. So it was definitely great to be there. It was a lot of folks, you know. It was cool because they had like a little pop up art gallery, they had a cigar gallery. I know you saw my cigar, my fly cigar pic.

Cloie: It was real big.

DJ Iz: Yeah, yeah, so it was cool. I had a really good time. So I kind of just wanna dive into that briefly, but I really wanna focus on the fact that we’re at Show 53.

Cloie: Because it’s happening,

DJ Iz: And it’s been a year, you know what I’m saying?

Cloie: It is, I mean, it feels real good to be here.

DJ Iz: It does, it does, and you know, like I’ve always made it a point to say that, you know, although it’s me and you in front of this camera every Monday, we don’t do it alone. And it definitely takes a team, so I wanna shout out our Connected team who has been on this ride and journey with us for the year…job…okay.

Cloie: Coming out of…for those that don’t know what it…day rate is, great. You’ve come to the right place. A day rate is a basic number, money number, right, of what a day of your services will cost. So like SAG has their day rates, every union’s got their day rates. You, if as musicians and what have you, you’ve got your day rates as well. For engineers, everybody’s got their minimum that you’re willing to work for.

DJ Iz: Oh dope, okay. That’s really cool, so let me see. So that’s six jobs we’re going to introduce today, that being one, and a total of five more jobs on our website. So we’re already starting year two off not just 10 jobs, but 11, could be 20, could be 30, you never know. So is there anything else you wanna, you’re over here jabbing. Is there anything else you wanna chime in on, or add to that particular Grind Opp that we just kind of randomly had pop up?

Cloie: I think that’s pretty much it. Make sure that you want to email us at

DJ Iz: Yes.

Cloie: Or [email protected]. I get that wrong every time.

DJ Iz: Because there’s a lot rrfs, there’s a lot of Connecteds, you know, it’s layers. There we go, the helpful

Cloie: And don’t forget, don’t forget, don’t forget to also put your ballpark day rate in there please.

DJ Iz: So can I get back to a little bit of just reflecting on our year? So I think we got something cool that the team put together. I haven’t seen it. This will be our first time so…

Cloie: Because I shouted at you when you tried to watch it.

DJ Iz: So here we go. This is our look back at year one on Connected. Check it out.

DJ Iz: We’re Connected. So we got myself, DJ Iz, and my lovely Cloie.

Cloie: I’m Cloie Wyatt Taylor. I love it.

DJ Iz: First Grind Opp is in the field of recording.

Cloie: Candidate must have an intermediate to expert level knowledge of Pro Tools.

DJ Iz: This is Iz Avela with Connected. I’m here hanging with one of the great master, Chris Lord-Alge, hanging with the wonderful Jimmy Douglas. What’s good, man?

Jimmy: What’s up, man? How you doing?

DJ Iz: With music’s finest, The Audibles. Y’all say what’s up, man?

The Audibles: What’s up world?

DJ Iz: You know, when we get to see our viewers interacting with each other and bouncing questions off, that’s really what it’s about.

Software production plug-ins. What would you die without?

The Audibles: The whole fab filter complete bundle, like, is out of here.


DJ Iz: Happy Halloween.

Cloie: I’m the ghost of Grind Opps past.

It’s a real celebration. Great, guys. This is how we get Connected. And may your cup of success, happiness, and opportunity runneth over.

DJ Iz: Yo, that was a great video. I need to get that on DVD somehow. Can someone put that on a DVD for me just to kind of like reference as far as just where we started versus where we’re at now?

Cloie: Oh my God.

DJ Iz: That was fun, man. We’ve had some great shows, just a lot of fun, and you know, when I think of the overall idea of what Connected was hoping to start out as, as far as jobs, I mean, when you look at our number, we’re damn near close to like 400 jobs, you know? So you know, I think that’s a great achievement milestone for us, and you know, just to see the connectivity we’ve been able to introduce to, you know, this platform of where creators tend to gather every Mondays. It’s amazing to me. I mean, look at you Cloie?

Cloie: I just feel all the emotions.

DJ Iz: The whole champagne moment, you know, the overflow. That was cool.

Cloie: All those bubbles when you suck them up that fast, that gets you inspired. That totally will get you inspired.

DJ Iz: So it’s just good to have documented to, you know, everything we’ve done, you know, since Show One. And you know, from traveling, to being in the studio at the house, to now being here at the B-Nap Rolling [SP], you know, it’s just been a great experience.

Cloie: I couldn’t agree with you more. And just getting to see the things that, which I knew, but even the things that happen before, that before we happened, you know what I mean?

DJ Iz: Right, right, absolutely.

Cloie: It’s just…memories.

DJ Iz: Special, special, so…

Cloie: It makes you want to break out into song.

DJ Iz: Yes, and then thank you, team. Thank you, Connected, for being on that path and that journey with us, and bringing everything, the ideas, to concepts, to life.

Cloie: Fighting that good fight.

DJ Iz: Yeah, it’s been a good one. So without any further ado, obviously you should know by now this is a show about jobs, connecting jobs, and making sure that you’re successful and you achieve. So before we get into this second job, because we’re gonna say Grind Opp Number Two, because we had a rogue job. So this is Grind Opp Number Two, so Cloie, let them know what they need to have in hand.

Cloie: So you’re gonna get your Like a Boss cup, right, if you have one. You’re gonna also get your texting device, or your iPad, whatever you like to take notes on. Perhaps it is a pencil and paper. Whatever you need to grab, grab it now. We’ll wait. My watch is here, we’ll wait. We’re not, because life isn’t waiting for you. And we’re get in and get Connected with Grind Opp Number…

DJ Iz: Here we go. This is Grind Opp Number Two, but we’re gonna say Grind Opp Number One because we went rogue. We went rogue, okay?

Cloie: That is true.

DJ Iz: So here we go. This is in the field of live audio engineer. Katy, Texas, Katy, Texas, guys. Thriving church seeks live audio engineer in Houston area. Goal is to bring life to our worship services. Responsible for coordinating our second campus media needs and preparing for weekend worship. Experience with digital audio consoles, proficient in the setup and teardown of all audio equipment. Experience with Adobe Creative Cloud is a plus.

Here’s what’s interesting about this particular Grind Opp because it seems like it’s a little church driven. However, there’s no real criteria for your faith. So being that it is a church setting, I would strongly suggest that when you get in there, that you be somewhat respectable. Yeah, to…

Cloie: Even if you’re not a believer.

DJ Iz: Yeah, even if you’re not a believer…

Cloie: Nobody needs to know.

DJ Iz: Yeah, so I know, you know, because I’ve experienced these type of opportunities firsthand. Most churches require that you either be a member or somewhat active in that faith. So definitely something to think about because you don’t wanna go in there, you know, let’s say you’re a person who might slip a couple curse words in your conversations, you just wanna be mindful of where you’re at what you’re in. So I definitely…

Cloie: I think it’s also important to probably know the order of that particular service too.

DJ Iz: Absolutely, absolutely. Yeah, I think you know, and you’ll be surprised for, you know, you sound engineers that might wanna apply for this job is, you know, some church settings are different. Actually, I just got to visit a church probably about three weeks ago. They were having sound issues because they had this huge room, stage, and everything. Beautiful, beautiful church. But they had no acoustics on the wall. So the problem was that they couldn’t dial in the sound because they’d get people in the room, and the sound would like change instantly. So they’d been trying to like figure out, you know, how to correct this. So I said, well you gotta treat these walls. You gotta get some fabric on there because they had sound bouncing all over the place.

So you know, some churches you will that are outfitted for that particular application and some aren’t, you know? So that can be a huge battle. But those are just some of the things to look for in an opportunity like this, only because I’ve experienced it, you know? And a lot of churches don’t really prepare themselves for that kind of thing, you know? They think you just plug in some speakers, get a sound console, whatever, and hey cool, let’s jam. And it…

Cloie: That’s a lot of sound pumping through.

DJ Iz: Yeah, yeah, and it tends to kind of get cluttered and stuff. So definitely something to think about. You definitely wanna be up to speed on some of the things they’re asking for. And like I said since day one in our show is that if you’re a sound engineer, it’s best that you know all platforms, equipment, the software, because you’ll get into these situations. You’ll find that sometimes it’s not what you’re used to working on.

Cloie: Well, isn’t that just life?

DJ Iz: Right? So…

Cloie: Talk about your Monday movement and your words of wisdom, bam.

DJ Iz: Bam, right at you. So again folks, that is in Katy, Texas, and that is Grind Opp Number One of the day.

Cloie: Official Grind Opp.

DJ Iz: Official Grind Opp. So before we kick into Grind Opp Two…

Cloie: We’re gonna go into our newsletter.

DJ Iz: Oh, let’s hit it.

Cloie: We got some newsletter business, guys, because we also wanna talk, we wanna highlight yes, we are a show about jobs and job opportunities. But we also wanna highlight the successes because that’s the whole point of getting Connected.

DJ Iz: That is key, absolutely. Absolutely.

Cloie: So we wanna shout out to our Recording Connection student, Nicholas, or Nick Shulke.

DJ Iz: There he goes, look at him. Hard at work.

Cloie: Look at him. He just assisted on a session with Weezer and ran a three day songwriting session with, right, with McGell at the Lair. Dig it. And it’s because he took advantage of his externship. We talk about his externships here. You talked about it at school of hard knocks, and just like the value of it. That’s also a very specific mindset to go from externship to getting after it, you know what I mean?

DJ Iz: Right, right, absolutely.

Cloie: Something, and he gained the trust of his mentor. And he, the thing that made him shine was that he was able to demonstrate a firm understanding of studio etiquette.

DJ Iz: And studio etiquette is something that a lot of folks don’t talk about. I mean, 9 times out of 10, you know, you’re learning studio etiquette by messing up because nobody talks about it. So I think I’ve actually covered that in one of the school of hard knock videos I did. So definitely something to keep in mind, definitely something to keep in mind. But shout out to Nick for doing your thing, man. Stay grinding. It’s always great to see a cat like that have that type of success running through these channels.

Cloie: And for film students, all of our Film Connection people, shout out to you because we got some good stuff coming up for us. Ron Peterson who is about structure. And he’s a veteran screenwriter.

DJ Iz: Mm, veteran.

Cloie: Don’t you love that word?

DJ Iz: I love vets.

Cloie: I love a vet. So for both of those stories and all that information, make sure that you check out our weekly report, which should be coming out a little bit later today, the what’s it called?

DJ Iz: Bam, there’s a the link.

Cloie: It’s there so I don’t even have to say it.

DJ Iz: Right there, honey. It’s right there, honey.

Cloie: What’s it called?

DJ Iz: Tech savvy, tech savvy.

Cloie: It’s called tech…

DJ Iz: So here we go. We’re gonna keep this thing moving along. We are into Grind Opp Number Two. Grind Opp Number Two of the day is in the field of…

Cloie: Good morning, Baltimore.

DJ Iz: On air talent, producer, Baltimore. Major market station looking for fresh new talent with great ideas. Knowledge of PromoSuite and AudioVault is a plus. Must be available for promotional appearances as needed. Must perform music and commercial log checks. Doable, and something you can probably knock down if you have an application that is, you know, spot on. So definitely wanna check that out. I don’t feel like I need to really dive into that one. It sounded pretty basic.

Cloie: Yeah, well that one we can dive more into what’s, I mean, what we probably have all been waiting for, which are many things. I feel like we bring a lot of excitement. But that would be our, buh, buh nah, semifinalists.

DJ Iz: Hm, semifinalists.

Cloie: Because what happened?

DJ Iz: Well I mean, we had, you know, this incredible \$10,000 scholarship that we went out, and we started a campaign.

Cloie: We did.

DJ Iz: Weeks ago. And I believe our final day was February 20th. So we actually got some folks, we got some folks in that.

Cloie: Yeah, we did.

DJ Iz: So let’s cut to that. Let’s…what do we needed? Let’s let them know what we need to do here, Cloie.

Cloie: Hop up, guys. So thank you, thank you, thank you to everybody that submitted. Our finalists are Alex, Dederick, Edwin Green II, Tyler Barnes, Alexander Brooks…submitting. So now, guys, the voting is in your hands. Get your friends out there. There you see the vote and connect thing.

DJ Iz: Get your community together because you’re gonna need it on this one because I got a chance to review everybody’s links and what they did. And I’m gonna tell you, we had some stragglers. You know, we had some…the reason why I think I should get this scholarship is because…

Cloie: 13th, we’re going down to our four finalists. They’ll be announced on the 13th.

DJ Iz: We’re trimming it down to four folks. So make sure…

Cloie: …thought…

DJ Iz: make sure you’re prepared and some are like…you know, so for this one…cover letters and everything…hey, offer some…

Cloie: It’s a great opportunity.

DJ Iz: You definitely don’t wanna get in there and underperform…even overperform. Great opportunity.

Cloie: Our team is saying guys…Google Chrome…

DJ Iz: Technology, just refresh…

Cloie: Team is saying you would like us to reannounce…

DJ Iz: …back up.

Cloie: I’m fine with that. Okay, take two for all the marbles and the money. The semifinalists will be Alex, Alexander Brooks, Nathaniel, Cassandra, Doyi…applied…get your network to click…

DJ Iz: 13th, we are narrowing it down. Make sure you got your folks…like I said…attempting…I’m gonna be honest with you… run for the money so…

Now before we go into this…app on Facebook that’s…be utilizing this app. It’s a great way to connect. You know, artists with techs, and other…how much you charge…for looking for music…Connected…and that is a huge, huge…

Cloie: And you can check it out rrfedu…

DJ Iz: Tell them how Cloie.

Cloie: Good stuff, right? The 23rd Yeah, so you know…And think we can go into our Grind Opps now…Sorry…

DJ Iz: What can I say? We’re moving fast…We’re gonna keep it moving.

Cloie: Grind Opp…

DJ Iz: It’s in the field of…show producers and directors…another great Grind Opp for you. These Grind Opp details are for real…to one of the things…dealing with, show producing…and I think that’s definitely…so you know…because some folks…deal with people that are…some…

Cloie: Know when to hold them.

DJ Iz: So you know…have you done it? Groups…there’s some key elements…

Cloie: Your strengths and your weaknesses are as a person like…and yeah you wanna repurpose your weaknesses…what you’re saying if you know…aware of…

DJ Iz: They’re asking for, you know…because this Grind Opp could be…

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