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Show #42 | Los Angeles, CA

Dec 12, 2016

Here are the job opportunities (or as we like to call them, Grind Opps) from this week's show.



Custom Audio Producer

Industry: Recording

Location: Oakland, CA


Pandora is seeking a custom audio producer that will join their unique collection of engineers, musicians, designers, marketers, and world-class sellers with a common goal: to enrich lives by delivering effortless personalized music enjoyment and discovery.




Production Assistant

Industry: Film

Location: Boynton Beach, FL


Film production company is searching for an experienced Production Assistant, for immediate start to assist with several sporting events and more.




Audio Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Brooklyn, NY


Independent studio that offers services such as tracking, recording, mixing, and mastering is seeking a freelance audio engineer that will be an addition to the team.




Live Audio Sound Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Chicago, IL


Famous Lincoln Park blues nightclub with two rooms, two stages and two live bands 365 nights a year, is looking for an energetic and motivated audio engineer to run the sound booths.




Audio Test Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Redmond, VA


Maintenance Engineering Services company is seeking an audio test engineer with experience in audio hardware testing, head acoustics, MATLAB, and anechoic chamber measurements.




Production Technician

Industry: Film

Location: Providence, RI


Toray is seeking to employ a top notch Production Technician at their Rhode Island facility.




Television Audio Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Charlotte, NC


Charlotte NC based Television Production Company is searching for a full-time Audio Engineer.




Full Time Evening Chef

Industry: Culinary

Location: Warrengton, VA


Upscale restaurant is seeking a full time evening chef.




Italian Restaurant Lead Cook

Industry: Culinary

Location: Chicago, IL


Family owned restaurant is seeking a lead cook that will be responsible for all kitchen operations.




Video Producer/Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Atlanta, GA


Leading marketer and administrator of vehicle service contracts and complementary products sold by auto dealers throughout the United States and Canada is seeking a full-time video producer.



Hey, yo, hey. Good morning. This IZ Connected and this is your Monday movement. Thank you for joining us, we are here. Every Monday, 11:00 a.m. and we are acting like a boss, right? Now of course I say we though you don’t see IZ, because the question of the day is, where is IZ? That’s our hashtag today, its #whereisiz. IZ is out in the world and he is doing his thing and running so many ships.

So today, we’re flying solo with me, Cloie. But don’t worry, I’ll take very good care of you and I don’t bite. Well, not really. So for those of you that are just joining us, so this is your first time, welcome, welcome, welcome, we are IZ Connected. Across social media, you can find us @IZConnected, and we are giving you jobs and opportunity, and like a little bit of Monday movement and illustration as you go about your day and your life and your week.

The music that you heard is brought to us by Jacinta Willis, AKA Cool J love music. And we are taking your submissions and we’re going through them now. And we are getting some real good stuff, so please stay tuned as soon as IZ gets back and we get up and running. Again, we will have more information in terms of music that we pick. Also make sure you’re watching us live on our official powered by recording connection, and that’s where you’re gonna get all the latest and greatest about us. We’re also running a survey there. And today’s survey is, what type of work are you looking for? Are you looking for A, a full-time career, B, a part-time career, C, random gigs, D, to set-up your own business as an entrepreneur. Because, hey, here’s the thing, everybody’s got a different goal, #goals, right?

The other thing that we are promoting as in terms of a hacker…or in terms of hashtag this week, I can’t talk. Let me take another sip of my Like a Boss tea, is the #ThisIsMyClassroom. The whole idea behind that is, yeah, we all know what classroom is. We’ve all been there, we did it, however, we felt about it, it happened. But what we really want to know is where are you getting your life skills? Where are you really, really learning your life skills? Are they on set? Are they in the studio? What is it? And that’s what we wanna know.

Loving all of the interaction and feeds, shout us out. Where you guys watching us from? Where are you located physically, because we wanna know, right? Oh, Masson, says, “That’s why he needs me as an assistant.” I know because he’s on the go, I know. Masson, no you’re not nerdy at all, it’s really adorable. Buenos Dias, guys.

So anyway guys, you may be wondering what’s the week like, what have we been doing, where we running? Keeping up with us on social media is the best way to do it. For any of you that may be following me on social, you know, it’s a super epic week because the show that we’ve been working on, Little Drummer Bowie, just officially opened as of Friday, I think we have some photos. And it is getting rave reviews. We had a star star-studded opening. That is me with my two co-stars, the guy in the middle plays the lead, he plays the Ziggy Stardust. Yes, it is a David Bowie Musical, and this is from our red carpet sponsored by Mac. And we run until January 15th. It’s mashup of the story of little drummer Bowie using David Bowie music. And for our red carpet, we have Hector Elizondo, John McTania [SP] and so many other celebrities came out to show support. There is magic, there’s clownishness, there is tap dancing and general funnery.

So if you are in the LA area, come. Let me know you’re coming. I wanna just reach out and touch, kidding. You could sing and dance with me and also on the crowd because it’s definitely a crowd pleaser. Oh, we got rated B, top five show or one of the top five shows see Time Out magazine, so yey! Thank you, Time Out. Again, thank you so much. Thank you I know, yes. It’s super fun. It reminded me someone flowing there. But anyway guys, enough about me. How about we jump into some Grind Opps, shall we? Great.

So, Grind Opp 1. It is coming to you out of Oakland, California. And it’s in the field of recording. It is a custom audio producer. Pandora is seeking a custom audio producer that will join their unique collection of engineers, musicians, designers and marketers. And again, this is coming to you out of Oakland, California. The custom audio will support audio production to create engaging listening experiences with original content, such as artist interviews, exclusive music and live performances. Their custom stations, the finished product will integrate into Pandora’s core user experience, and align with objectives of key clients. Additional responsibilities include collectively working with copy writers to conclude program messaging, provide branding, contribute creative solutions for user experience and attend the production schedules and deadlines.

Candidate must have experience in editing, mixing and optimizing audio within DAW, Logic and ProTools. And again, this is coming at Oakland, California, shout out Oakland. So guys, what a great Grind Opp, can I get a hello? Yes, Eddy, everybody is using Pandora. Pandora or SoundCloud or Spotify, all of these things. And to get a Grind Opp like this, you’re playing an integral part, right? The fact that you are essentially designing listening experiences, they classify like you have a hand in creating that for somebody, or for group of people or even for the stations, the genre, all of that between the hand in creating that. This is a great gig.

Lots of small print, I also shout out to the team, I’m liking this new font, I see it so clearly. I can see clearly now, the font has changed. But it also seems pretty straight up here. Experience in editing, mixing and optimizing audio. Great, great. I think we pretty much get what that is, yeah. And you are doing a jack of all trades, yes you are doing that type. But you’re also working with the copy writers and same time you’re working with branding, that’s other specific more of legal side of it, not that you need know legal. But in terms of working with branding, that’s definite customization of a specific demographic and working towards a specific goal, right? Who was our target audience? Who is this? Who is that? So to have that mind also is helpful. I’m a big fan of this one. And yeah, shout out Pandora.

I’m gonna back up for just one second, because what I didn’t say was before we get into our Grind Opps, guys, what do we do? We have to get our writing utensil, and we also have to get our papers or maybe it’s digital phone here, or maybe it’s your tablet, maybe you use a chisel and a tablet of stone, I don’t know. Whatever it is, grab it and then let’s continue, shall we?

By the way guys, I don’t know if you know, but starting real soon like in the beginning of the year, you can look for a brand new Connected. It’s a new way to connect with Connected. And think about it as a new format. So we’re coming to you in a more integrated sort of way, easier for you to view, easier for you to get at us and interact with us. We’re super excited so please, please, please stay tuned for the beginning of the year, like second week in January for an all new Connected. Okay, great. Going up to Grind Opps.

Now we’re into Grind Opp 2. Grind Opp 2 is in the field of film and it’s for production assistant and this is in Boynton Beach, Florida. Film Production Company is searching for an experienced Production Assistant for immediate start to assist with sporting events and more. He or she must have experience working in videography and photography. Understand the creative process and have excellent communication skills. Responsibilities include in-filed Camera Assistant, video and photography. Help with street interviewing, gripper and day-to-day office tasks. At least six months of on-set experience required, great. So this is an awesome entry way in, right? We’ve talked about lot of PAing [SP] and some people said, production assistant. Another jack of all trades sort of thing.

For this one, it’s sounds more like it’s a smaller sort of set-up. Sometimes when you’re PAing on a movie set, or TV set, it’s this big, big, big machine, so sometimes, PAs are more about go for this, go for that, etcetera, etcetera. This one seems like it’s more of the hands-on opportunity like a hands-on situation where you are directly working and involved in the creative process, right? The fact that you’d be an in-field camera assistant is not easy, because you never know what you’re gonna get based on location, right? You don’t know what your environment, what environment you’re walking into, so it means that you need to be able to adjust on the fly, with not only equipment but set-ups in terms of how you’re setting up, maybe it’s raining, maybe it’s Florida, who knows, right? But to be able to operate and change on a dime, it’s the same thing with interviews, right? To know like to be able to run along with them get them set up because people on the go type interviews, don’t got time, right? It’s just grab it and go, grab and go, and day-to-day office tasks. So great, you got to wear an admin hat too. So, they’re not asking for a ton of experience going into it, right? They’re asking for six months but six months of on-set experience that’s enough to get your feet wet, believe me. Believe me.

For those of you that are just joining us ya’ll, we do have another survey that is running right now. If you were watching in the official powered by Recording Connection version, it’s gonna be in the right hand side of your screen, but the survey is what type of work are you looking for, is it part-time? Is it full-time? Is it random gigs? Are you looking to set up your own businesses as an entrepreneur? Check it out because we’re gonna be announcing those results pretty soon. Also wanna shout out to apply for these jobs guys, and it’s not like we just have them everywhere, no. These jobs are just for us and for you, right? And it’s coming to you, you want apply form. Apply for them at and that’s we get all this posting, as well as archive on that website of all the other jobs that we have offered.

And if you want to get at us directly, you’re going to email us [email protected], that’s where we’re taking all of your submissions and going through them as we speak. Also for those of you joining us, just joining us maybe like, “Hey, hey 50% is gone. Where is IZ?” That’s the question of the day, #whereisiz.

Okay, let’s go back to Grind Opp I think we are…where are we? Are we in Grind Opp 3 guys? Is that what’s happening? Yeah, Mike, oh thank you Mike. 250 and counting. I’m sweating by all the jobs because that isn’t account for the other five jobs that we have on our website that we don’t talk about on the show, make sure you check it out.

Okay, blah, blah, blah, because it’s all blah, blah. It’s so excited. Okay, so Grind Opp 3 is in the field of recording. And this is coming to you out of Brooklyn, New York. Shout out Brooklyn. This is an audio engineer and in an Independence Studio that offer services such as tracking, recording, mixing and mastering, seeks freelance audio engineer to add to their team, okay? And the responsibilities of the engineer will include live band recording microphone set-ups, patch bay routing, tracking and general equipment maintenance.

Candidate must have experience using ProTools, Ableton, Melodyne three and four, is a huge plus and Logic. Candidate will be hired as an independent contractor at \$15 an hour. Listen, nobody is mad when you shout out the pay in a Grind Opp, right? That can answer so many questions right there. Here is the other thing, I’m also not mad at freelance and independent contractor. The workforce is changing in such a way because we as a people are changing, our needs basis changing, and how we operate as changing. Technology has a huge part of it, also just the whole shift like in how we approach life and work in another itself. It’s a big shift. And lot of companies now are doing this freelance audio situation, or not just audio but freelance for independent contractor because in a lot of ways, it can save them money too, right? And then in other ways in terms of you, the worker, the contractor, is great to have a certain sense of autonomy, right, to be your own boss because that’s kind of what you are in this situation.

Some people love that, some people hate it, some people feel indifferent about it. But for this gig, you are your own boss. It’s total freelance, right? So that means you’re really not operating under like a salary sort of a contract, and you can be whatever you’re working out. But for the most part, you are operating with a certain level of autonomy, we’re not taking out your taxes, we’re gonna get like super, super in do it because you’re your own responsibility, okay?

We go back over the responsibilities, live and you get the responsibilities of engineer will include live in recording microphone set-ups, patch bay routing, tracking and general equipment maintenance. So, basically another shift, right? Know your equipment then laying out super plain. If you want an extra bonus, Melodyne three and four but they’re expecting you to know ProTools, to know Ableton, to know Logic.

I don’t think there is much to question here, right? No. I think it was pretty straight up. I mean now that we’ve gone into the whole contract thing .am I right? Amazing. Oh, you guys also got to say love, love, love the activity in the feed. Love that you guys are chatting, love, love, love.

Again, please, please, please shout us out where you’re watching the show, where you located physically right now, and keep chatting with each other. Like they use to say, what was that song in the ’80s”, keep smiling, keep shining, the friend song, it’s not what the friend song? Anyway. I’m gonna go back to the Grind Opps.

Grind Opp 4 is coming to you from the fields of recording. And this is in Chicago, Illinois. Again shout out Chi Town. Famous Lincoln Park blues nightclub with two rooms, two stages and two live bands, 365 nights a year needs energetic audio engineer. Love it already. Candidate will be responsible for making sure bands are set-up, and sound check the smoothly for both stages. He or she will be responsible for making sure that any backline is reserved ahead of time. Organization is necessary. Work hours will include nights and weekend nights. Minimum of one year experience.

Those are big gigs. That’s a really big gig. One of the other things I’m naturally assuming as I look at this, is that schedule flexibility is gonna be a must, right? Because a club is open 365 nights in a year, right? And they’re asking for somebody energetic, and it’s two stages and two live bands, two totally different rooms. You are gonna get your workout but you’re gonna get your experience in, because two totally different situations, what if you got a rock band and I mean, yes, it’s a blues club. But if over here somebody super heavy on drums and over here you’ve got kick ass horn situation. Like to try to balance all that like, come on, you got to know your stuff. But energetic and motivated, which also says me that they’ll be a lot of learning to do. You’re not just gonna just walk into the situation and know what’s happening. There’s probably some sound learning curves that you’ll encounter, right? And you’re talking about mic check going smooth, so you’re also now talking about artist. So you got to be able to deal with the artists and whatever their specific needs are, right?

Although I do love some blues artist. Ya’ll blues artist ya’ll some of the most chill people, just chill. No speak. Just put it in the music, I’m not mad. And a minimum of a one year experience. Great. Great. This is all pretty self-explanatory. Live audio sound engineer, Chicago Illinois.

I’m checking back into our, what’s it called? What is this called it guys? With team, what’s this called? A feed and our survey, you guys checking in the survey still because we’re about to announce our result right after this last little baby Grind Opp, and getting your question in. Where was I? You ever like heard lose your place in the feed and you’re like, “Wait. Wait, wait, wait, this is now I’m moving too fast.” Great. Okay. So, Grind Opp 5. That was Grind Opp 4, coming you at field recording was for a live sound engineer Chicago Illinois. Great. So now we’re gonna move on to Grind Opp 5.

Grind Opp 5 is also in the field of recording. This is an audio test engineer and this is in Redmond, Virginia. Maintenance Engineering Services company seeks audio test engineer with experience in audio hardware testing, head acoustics, MATLAB and more. Candidate must have an understanding, wait hang on, let me go back. Harvard, did I say this already? Yes. Candidate must have an understanding with acoustics, microphone, loud speakers and signal processing.

He or she will be working with common audio head hardware in signal process…take seven, signal processes such as ADCs, DACs, USB audio interfaces, amplifiers, mixers and compressors. Minimum of two year of studio experience is preferred. That’s very, very, very, very, very specific and very clear. It’s not just two years of experience. It’s two years of experience in a studio, which is great for our recording connection folk. Because where do you get your training? In a studio, and this is speaking directly to real-world situations in this Grind Opp, right?

Think of all the people that walking to this Grind Opp and just be like, “I’m sorry I don’t know what this is.” I mean they’ll know what it is, but the fact that you have been working with it for all of this time direct, and in that actual real-world scenario. So shout out to recording connection for those of you that don’t what happens if their recording phone connection, and now like our partnership with the Colin [SP] like cast is full, right? It is giving you real-life on the job training, before you get to the actual job. Then how we talk about the School of Hard Knocks, and learning it as you go and how to hashtag all over perform, this is all the things that you’re learning, so that you can get great gigs and Grind Opps just like this one.

The fact that you need to already come in having understanding with acoustics, microphones, loudspeakers and signal processing, yeah, most people will have at least like a theoretical understanding of it. But maybe they don’t have a practical application of it yet, whereas everybody that’s hear, you kind of already do. So, yay, you actually light up in the world already and you haven’t got in there yet sometimes. So that was for the audio test engineer in Redmond, VA.

It’s a really good specific Grind Opps today, shout out team, thank you very much. Guys, also remembering that we have five additional Grind Opps that are coming to you, that we just don’t talk about on the show because there’s not enough time. But they’re gonna be all on our website. You can check them out at And the jobs this week, what do we got? We’ve got a film job in North Carolina, we’ve got film job in Rhode Island, and a film job in Georgia, we’ve also got culinary jobs in Vermont and Illinois. Illinois is represented strong in this Grind Opps lately, so yeah, oh, and Vermont, Oh the foliage this time…oh, I guess the foliage is dead now.

If anybody is watching from Vermont, do you also have leaves on the trees or is that that done? Hey, guys, do we also have our survey results? Are we ready with our survey? Let us know. I’m going to switch over to our…oh, yeah, we’ve got a survey. Thanks team, we’ve got our survey results. Hang on guys because I need to just sip like a boss for a moment.

Okay. Survey results. The question was what type of job are you looking for? Are you looking for…what type of work are you looking for? Are you looking for full-time career, are you looking for a part-time career or random gigs, you wanna set-up in your own business? What, what, what? So we have answers to that question. And it looks like for our survey results, full-time career takes it with 65%, most people are looking for a full-time career that took our survey. Twenty-nine percent are looking to set-up their own business, shout out entrepreneurs. Random gigs, 4%. Part-time career, 0%, that’s interesting. Interesting. Random gigs 4%. For anybody that shouted out and shout out…thank you all for taking the survey. For anybody that did look for a random gig, I wanna know what makes you look for a random gig versus a part-time career? I’m just always fascinated by that as an actor and what happened.

And this is the part that is IZ would say, “Now I’m moving into my favorite part, the Q&A, where we get to speak with you. I miss you guys this week.” All right, let me scroll it down and see what we got here. Desiree says, “How do income taxes work when…” I have a cat, she’s sometimes makes a guest appearance. She likes to be seen, but okay.

“How do income taxes work when you’re freelance? Also what changes if you noticed as far as the interworking of the industry?” Great. Which industry do you mean, Desiree? You mean like acting industry? Because to that point, there was a huge shift in 2008 with the acting industry with the Bin Writer Strike, I don’t know if you all remember that. That is what changed our industry and sent it in a whole completely different direction. And also when Reality TV started to become really, really huge because you didn’t really need writers for that.

And so when the writers went on strike, and the shows stopped and cancelled, and we lost some great shows, there is what like a triple down theory a little bit, because the movie stars started doing TV, so the TV stars didn’t start taking smaller roles on TV. So that’s how that shift happened and infected how everybody worked, and everybody was kind of fighting for work for a while, and it’s starting change a lot. Also, in lately with the rise of internet TV and internet programming, there is tons more programming and there’s more jobs we have from the acting realm. But on musician side of it, or the audio recording side, more shows mean more production jobs, mean more sound or contracts for musicians or for audio technicians, it’s just means more work, more work but differently. Because now, new contracts are being needed to cover the grey areas which didn’t really exist before, right?

So the other part of your question was how do taxes working with freelance? So when you’re on an independent contractor, right, think of it, when you are an employee and you’re under a W2, you have a company that’s taking up your taxes and your medical and you’re all like that. When you are an independent contractor, and you’re like 1099, you’re responsible for all of that. This why I say like you are your own boss. Because you’re reporting to yourself and you’re responsible for paying for your health insurance, taking out your taxes. The great side of…the trade off is that, you get to have a lot of deductions as an independent contractor. Because you are your business as opposed to you are going to your place of work to work somebody else’s business. So hopefully that answered that question.

What Masson says, “You said it, Cloie, it’s about the artist. That’s why I hate it.” Wait, wait, what’s about the artist? Wait, Tristan just got here, “What survey?” Tristan, we did a survey about…oh, thanks Mike. So the results, what kind of career are you looking for? Is this your first show, Tristan? Shout out to all the first timers. If you are a first time watcher of this show, throw up a one, please throw up a one in this feed, I just wanna see.

Let’s see. Masson also never had to lift anything. I had a team of runners. Okay. Masson says, “Any advice on how to sell yourself to someone who is not hiring?” As you know pretty much most studios are owned by audio engineers, thanks great. What I have found to sell yourself to people that don’t know that they want you, is to show up and be of service, right? And what I mean by that is, great. So you won’t look at my…maybe you’re not…we’re not taking resumes, we’re not taking applications. We’re not, we’re not, we’re not, we’re not, we’re not, right? Great. What are you doing? You do need somebody when we talk about…I love the word gofer. You need to somebody to get your coffee, great, I got you, I got you. I’m running Starbucks, can I get you, great, don’t worry about it, it’s on me. Oh, I hear that you’re gonna be mixing, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, such, such, such, and such. Hey, can I come in and just sit and help out, or hey, can I answer phones? And I find it that just showing up and acts of service is an authentic way, right?

Not showing up wanting anything more than an opportunity to help. That I have found is this beautiful way of ingratiating yourself in a way that doesn’t feel false or phony. Because we can all play the game, you know, that the game exists. You just got to find your own way through it.

So people don’t know that they want you, until they realize how you can help, right? They don’t know how necessarily know the help that they need until they’re like, “Oh hey, thank you so much.” Or maybe they don’t say thank you. But I didn’t even know that I want a coffee in this moment until it’s sitting right in front of me, so thank you. And I mean take me a while to get there.

Last week, we hit on that really famous quote, I’m looking it up, I wanna say it perfectly. People will forget, okay. We’ve all probably heard this quote, I have to say it one more time because I do think that it is a great moment, right? Maya Angelou famously said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” And that’s really and truly a fantastic way to get on the inside when it feels like all roads are closed, all doors are closed because the worst that anybody could ever say to you is no. And maybe, yeah, you show up a little bit like a new nuisance. But that’s you’re BS, right? It just your own BS. Great, they could say no to you. Awesome. No just means not right now.

So hopefully, Masson, did that do something? Did that say anything? I got my soapbox for a minute. Well, hi, Lea, hi John, Heather Remington, Oh, John Hetherington, I love. Hello, Tristan. Hello, Krystal, you guys, yes please, please, please coming back. Hello, Martello, Eddy, Tuwan [SP], hello, hello, hello. Okay, Tuwan she says, “May I have some tips on management?” What kind of management are you looking for, Tuwan? How do you say that, Tuwan is what I’m thinking. Masson, you are welcome my love, okay?

What kind of tips are you looking for, what kind of management are we talking about? If you can give me couple of specifics on that. Eddy, “Isn’t that a beautiful quote?” It’s so true. Like I don’t remember her name, I don’t remember her face but she was amazing. It’s all true stuff. Tristan says, “I’m trying to get into either music production and/or film production, but I’m at a stands still financially. What do you recommend for guy like me who only has one job at\$9 an hour, and averages 30 hours a week?

Great. Well, I would say for one, let’s take a deep breath and know that where we are today is for right now, it is not forever and it’s not for always. I think that music production, film production, what specifically are you looking to get into. Because I would, I mean PA sort of situation might be…if you’re gonna make \$9 an hour, and shout out to the hustle because guys the hustle is real, am I right? To see if you couldn’t get into some PA stuff, sometimes PA work is not the best money, sometimes it is. But if you’re gonna hustle like that, get in again on the inside track, kind of, tapping on what we were saying before, can you get into a studio and, I don’t know, start cleaning the studio or something like that because at least you could be on the inside of where you wanna be, as opposed to being on the outside looking in, you know, and where you can be of service. Your averaging 30 hours a week, so that’s still technically part-time. So you could still do that while doing something else, perhaps getting into this inside track on, “More and more entry level sort of situation.” I totally understand the financial stands still.

Here’s what I will say to money, and that’s part of the journey that in everybody’s relationship is different. We have a tendency to make money a main character in the story. I know that sounds crazy because she like because it’s a main character in my story. I get that. Believe me, what I am saying, the greater challenge, I found sometimes is to acknowledge wherever we are and wherever money is in that story. But to limit the power and the hold that it has over you, because you were only a standstill if you believe that are at a standstill. If you’re financially tied up, great. If you’re broke, can’t get no more broker and I made that word up.

I can’t get no more broker so shoot, let me be broke working inside of the studio and answering their phones, and cleaning up their floors or something, and work my way up. You hear the stories all the time about people that want from the mail room to owning a company. It happens, it’s not crazy. I don’t think it’s crazy at all. Sorry, I got on…I don’t know, tangent a little bit, but I do. I just feel very strongly about how we as people, we can just give money too much power, and yes it is a very real thing, and to the certain extent, need it to survive because we got to pay for your life. And also, there’s so much more and the fact that you know that what you wanna do at least in part, let’s get specific on that. What exactly do you wanna do in music production, or what do you and why do you say and or phone production, right? That’s like also a question. Dez Wright [SP] says, “Work, work, work.” She also says, “Hassle hard.”

Tristan, “I’ve been using [inaudible 00:36:32] studio for years, also with a small interest in film due to my creative imagination.” Glad you also found something. I feel like we got a lot of people in here that are all constantly hustling and shooting their own stuff, right? Just go out there and also make your music. If you’ve been already doing…oh, what did I say? You also have a small interest in film due to my creative imagination. Love your creative imagination. The other thing is sometimes, and I suffer from this to as an Aquarius, I believe in the zodiac and what have you. But I have a tendency to look at things in a very global perspective like, “Oh, I wanna do that. Oh, I wanna do that. Oh, I wanna do that.” And sometimes, we just gonna say, “Yes, yes, yes. I acknowledge and I wanna do all these things. And this is what I’m focusing on right now.” And especially if you’re feeling like you’re coming from a stuck place. Tristan, it might be advantageous to hone in one specific thing at a time, and focus on how that one thing can get you into a place where your creative juices are flowing, and you can feel like you can unstick yourself, right?

All right, so what does Tuwan says. Music management. “I’m currently managing a DJ by the name of DJ Hakyu [SP].” Did I say that right? “And it’s my first time managing an artist, and I’m asking for key values to managing an artist.” Excuse me, first I would shout out to management because you all make it happen. I would say that one of the main things in dealing with the manager artist relationship, is not just communication, that kind of goes without saying. But I’m saying it because you all have to be able to speak the same language, right? Because it’s gonna be up to you to translate the needs, wants and desires of your artist to the world at large. Be it marketing and branding people, be it promoters, be it sound people and also the booking folks, because you’re making the money happen. So you have to be able to take that and filter it through, and into a way that is proactive, and also in line with what your artist needs, in order to deliver the products that everybody wants. That’s one I think.

The other part of it is you and your artist have to be in line with what your package is, right? From an actor’s perspective, a lot of people wanna be the [inaudible 00:39:24], does everyone know what I mean when I say that? Lot of people in LA specifically, in a world full of pretty people, city full of pretty people, everyone want to be pretty person, not everybody is a pretty person. Everybody wants to be the hot male lead, not everybody is the hot male lead. Though you may feel, and what I mean to say is, you and your artist got to be in line with who your artist is and what they’re bringing to the table. If your artist is the hot male lead, and that’s how you see the money flowing and the gigs coming in as marketing artist as hot male lead, great. We need to go hot male lead.

If your artist is not the hot male lead is more of the comedic side kick, then you got to find a way to get them, to get up under that, right? Because you’re trying to market your person as a rock person, it’s like no, no, no but I’m blues, except you’re rock. But no, no, no I’m blues. You don’t know what you’re marketing, right? And if you don’t know what you’re marketing, the world doesn’t know what they’re listening to or what they’re buying.

So, communication and also I would say being in line with your product, not to think of people as products or commodities in that regard, but kind of, yeah. Hopefully that answered something. At least as yup, a lot of engineers [S[] in LA. Lot of engineers [SP], is true.

Yes, guys I’m loving this feed. Thank you so much, it’s just going, it’s going, it’s going. And Tristan, and he says, “Never give up.” Don’t give up. Don’t guys. There’s no point in giving up. You’ve one life to live at least this life you’ve been given, this version of it. You get to do at one time.

So, might as well do it right and get off your mama’s couch and live it. Have you seen that graphic? I’m a say it again. Get up off your mama’s couch and live your life, okay? Okay. So Desiree says, “I have a suggestion for people needing experience, link up with other, yup, RRC folks in your town and start a project. Love that. People like to see what you’ve done or what you can do in your own before they take you on. So true. Or find like minding people near you who want to be in the same field and make projects with them. Yes. Yes, yes. Thank you Desiree. The other thing that that’s gonna do is its gonna get you activated and get your mojo, mojo join and it will make you feel like you were taking steps towards what it is that you want to do in this world, and the mark that you want to leave in this world. What’s your legacy, right?

For those of you that are fans of Hamilton, the musical, one of the famous lyrics is who will tell your story, right? At the day when it’s all set and done, what is your mark? What is your legacy? Who is telling you story? And if we’re at a standstill or feeling like we’re at of standstill. Because we never truly are. Then what is the mark that we’re leaving on this world? So, yes. Thank you so much Desiree, that’s fantastic.

Demarcus, hey, hey, hey. Marcus says, “I managed temple based music studio in Hollywood. I produced for some of the artist that come to the studio, but I want a production deal or situation with labels that book. Do you have any advice to go about making that happen? Do I have any advice to go…” Let me read this again so my brain can feel one more time. Oh, wait, oh this feed is on fire. “I want a production deal or situation with the labels that book. Do you have any ends at clubs, like I wonder if there’s a way for you to…is it your music or is it your artist, so how does that work? But I’m wondering if you can get into a venue and just…I don’t know there’s event that you can throw like a whole music set-up. That I don’t know how big or how small. But where you can invite people to come and where you can showcase your stuff, right? Because sometimes getting demos into people’s hands can be tricky.

There’s also the whole circuits of mixes that folks in terms of getting demos out there and recorded, [inaudible 0:43:55]. Yeah. And then of course there’s the shit like SoundCloud, it’s not shit at all, it’s fantastic stuff, where you can do it independently. I know you want a production deal. The other idea that comes to mind is do you have what we’re just talking, a group of like-minded individuals where you could throw a bunch of your artist in the pot and make your own stuff. Almost like a mixed tape to get that word out electronically. and then maybe that is what can also help with putting together a set of your artist, and anything that could be visual showcase, maybe you film it, maybe you pop that up on the inter web [SP], something like that. That’s where my mind goes in terms of getting a production deal. Because they can be tricky especially right now. Everybody is just tight with their money and not necessarily wanting to jump out on what’s new, right?

Oh, this one on fire. Hold on, hold on. Great, great, great. Tristan says, “One last thing, there’s a tournament in Canada called Battle of the Beat Makers and I’m thinking I should enter. Would it be wasteful in any way to save up to enter?” I haven’t even read the end of your question. I’m just saying no. I’m just gonna say, “No, it’s not a waste.” I wanna ask you, so why do you think it will be wasteful? You said, “It’s mainly from my own satisfaction and the possibility of winning.” Baby, do it. There’s nothing stopping you, but you. Go to Canada, join the thing, report back, take pictures, please. I say yes to opportunity, right? Yes, you could win just like auditions, yes you can go and you can audition. What becomes more important, just getting that job, just winning this tournament or making the connections and the fans that you could make just by going and showing up in your joy and in your work, right? I say go.

When is it? I just say go, Masson, sent a photo of his couch. Then cool yes. Yep, thanks. Love this, love this audio set-up. Masson said, “Just give me ProTools and good monitors, and throw me in a dessert, I’ll make music.” Hello, hello, that’s how I feel about my shower concert, Masson. Tristan says, “Thanks I just wanted to hear your personal opinion.” Totally my personal opinion. I just think opportunity is one of the things that we can as people take for granted. It’s in August 2017, you got time, yes save up. Throw it every time you get some money, throw a little bit in there, throw a little bit in there, right? Because what have we got to lose?

Manolo says, “Tristan, don’t put yourself down. Get motivation, go for what you want and you’re gonna see by the time, you’re gonna get it.” True, right? The mind is powerful thing and the minute that we actually like feel defeated or allow ourselves feel defeated or to actually give up. We all feel defeated sometimes, let’s get real. The things that the mind can do in that place is truly remarkable, it can go one way, it go light or it could go dark real fast. So when I just stay light, it’s easier.

It looks that might be it for the questions, I think. I hope I got them all. Guys, what a fantastic…this just gets my heart warming. I mean just scrolling, I’m scrolling, I’m scrolling. Oh, wait there was a finger here. I don’t know, nope. There’s a finger, there’s a red finger sometimes that helps us see what’s happening.

Again, I’m loving this feed. For everybody that has joined us today. Hey. Hey, ya’ll, hey, thank you for tuning in for some Monday movement with IZ Connected. Thank you for the love, not just that you’re giving me but also the love that you’re giving each other. It is such a beautiful thing to be hold.

Krystal said something beautiful. “Never give up. Keep on pushing forward. I went from having nothing to have in my own label.” Damn, damn, eh sisters are doing that for themselves. And also that’s a story right there. So guys, in this week, we’re doing hashtag, this is my classroom. We wanna know where you are getting your life experience. Shout out at us with pictures #ThisIsMyClassroom, or you can just Tweet at #ThisIsMyClassroom with whatever. We really wanna know, we wanna know you. Spread the word about us. We are IZ Connected. You can find us @IZConnected, that’s where you can send all those #ThisIsMyClassroom tweets to @IZConnected. If you’re looking to get in touched with us, you can find us at [email protected]. To apply for these jobs, you’re gonna go to, that’s where you’re applying for this job, that is also where you’re gonna find the other five jobs that we don’t go over in the show, because it’s just not enough time. It’s just not enough time in a day. So really, we’re giving you 10 jobs a week, as well as whole new format coming to you real soon, so please stay tuned in the beginning of January.

Lea says, “Hey, Cloie, how do you comeback to joy inspiration when you get discouraged?” That is a very good question. I come back to joy because I believe in many things, A, deep breathing for one. And I also believe and identifying and separating fact from feeling, that you can overlap and they can mushy, but facts are not feelings, right?

So what are the facts? What did I do right? What can I do better? What was the actual situation? How do I feel about that, all these things? And then going deeper a level and saying, “Why do I feel about those things, the way I do?” I also as weird as it may sound, I’m a big believer in allowing myself to grieve when I get sad. Like I’m just not gonna buck up just for the sake of because why. No, if I’m sad, if I get discouraged, it’s like great, why am I feeling discouraged in this moment? Why am I feeling down or why am I feeling like I’m in a standstill, like I wanna give up, right? And my journey is just beginning and it is been one of high highs and low lows. So discouragement is real, real talk.

So when I’m feeling sad or whatever that darkness is, I allow myself to move through it so that I can get passed it, though it uncomfortable, it’s a very Buddhist way to go through to this comfort to come out to the joy in the other side, right? That’s my hippy dippy self. Hopefully that answers your question, Lea.

She said, “It’s okay to take that disappointment but know a path back to the place of doing joy, tapping into our creative doing.” Bam. That’s exactly what I’m saying. To Marcus, you are so sweet, you are so sweet. Yeah, sadness is real and here is the other thing about feelings ya’ll. And we as people, we don’t like to feel them but you’re gonna feel them in one way or another. So you can negate in this moment but just no feelings, well, they demand to be felt. And I would rather let it be what it needs to be in this moment, then try to hold it and contain it and hurt really nobody else but myself in the end, you know. Bam, yeah, guys.

So Desiree said, “She likes to listen to your favorite things from the sound of music.” Oh, yes, raindrops on rose, yey, oh my gosh, I think that’s like comes one at the holidays or some. Oh, now I want Schnitzel.

Anyway guys, if you are looking for me, I’m your co-host, Cloie Wyatt Taylor, where in the world is IZ? We will find him and bring him back to you. If you’re looking for me on social media, you can find me @alwayscloie. That is alwayscloie. You put an H in it, I’m putting H in your face. Just kidding, but really there’s no H, I’m @alwayscloie, we are @IZConnected. Have loved every moment of today, thank you for sticking around and participating. Don’t forget to check this out. We are here Mondays at 11:00, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell everybody because we’re here to help.

And I think that’s it, guys. Go out and live your life like a boss, peace.


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