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Show #40 | Rancho Cucamonga, CA

Nov 28, 2016

Here are the job opportunities (or as we like to call them, Grind Opps) from this week's show.



Live Sound Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Chicago, IL


Sound Investment AV is seeking a live audio engineer that will be working with an A/V event team.




Line Cook

Industry: Culinary

Location: Hendersonville, TN


Family owned Italian Restaurant seeking a line cook for immediate hire.




Music Video Director

Industry: Film

Location: Brooklyn, NY


Independent artist seeking music video director.




Post Production Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Seattle, WA


NBC affiliate Company is looking for a Post Production producer to assemble video clips for daily half hour news show.




Production Assistant

Industry: Film

Location: Miami, FL


Fitplan is seeking a grip position for fitness shoots.




Podcast Editor

Industry: Recording

Location: Chicago, IL


Podcast personality looking for an audio editor that edit, add clips, ensure quality of audio, and upload final episodes on a server.




Radio Assistant Producer

Industry: Radio

Location: New York, NY


Award-Winning Executive Producer seeking assistant producer that will support productions for broadcast, web and social media. Web experience preferred.




Audio Engineer and Instructor

Industry: Recording

Location: Midlothian, VA


Kids’ after school program seeking an Audio Engineer to work as part-time instructor.




Cinematographer and Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Kansas City, MO


Interior Design Company looking to create promo videos for online marketing and web series.




Kitchen Staff, Runners, Line Cooks

Industry: Culinary

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Urth Café seeking staff for immediate hire.



DJ IZ: Show 40.


DJ IZ: Hello? Hey, any…anybody there? What’s up? Is it dark?

Cloie: It’s a cloudy day. Isn’t it amazing?

DJ IZ: I’m your host, DJ IZ. Welcome to show “Connected.” This is Show 40. I’m here with my lovely girl.

Cloie: Hi, I’m Cloie White-Taylor.

DJ IZ: Now, if you notice, like, in our background, it looks unusual.

Cloie: A bit different.

DJ IZ: We’re actually coming to you live from the Caked Up bakery, which we both have been pulsing about. And so, we’re actually out in the field.

Cloie: We’re totally out in the field today.

DJ IZ: We’re out in the field, but we are hanging… It’s a little brisk out here. But…

Cloie: It is. It gets cold in California. It may not rain, but whoo, it sure gets chilly.

DJ IZ: And Cloie has said that, by the end of the show, she is going to devour this entire cupcake. So, if you see her snacking over here…

Cloie: That’s what it is.

DJ IZ: …it’s all good. It’s all good. Don’t worry about it.

Cloie: I also want to tell you that I’m sad that I don’t have my “Like A Boss” cup today. She doesn’t travel well. But I’ve been granted a Caked Up sticker. Caked Up, Caked Up, Caked Up.

DJ IZ: [inaudible 00:01:21]. So, it looks like we’ve got a couple folks hanging with us today. So, first of all, we want to say we hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.

Cloie: You made it through.

DJ IZ: You made it through. I’m sure I gained about 12 pounds, so today, I’m on my green tea, you know, holiday…you know, whole day…you know? So…

Cloie: Well, I’m on my cupcake.

DJ IZ: But you’re on your cupcake?

Cloie: My lavish velvet cupcake. [inaudible 00:01:45] cupcake, though. No, look at this. What is…? Tell us, what is Caked Up?

DJ IZ: Caked Up is a bakery that specializes in gluten-tree, all-natural desserts. Now, from what I’ve heard from the real…like, the super-healthy, little vegan world that a lot of their desserts in that world are kind of…they don’t taste quite as great. So, I think with the experience we’re offering here at Caked Up is that you’re not really sacrificing that…

Cloie: Flavor.

DJ IZ: …that flavor, as well as it being gluten-free and all-natural. So, I think…you know, like I said, Thanksgiving, we moved a lot of our jar pies, which are our pumpkin pie, sweet potato and peach cobbler. And you know, for our… By the way, our grand opening is December 3, which we’ll be showcasing our red velvet cupcakes, chocolate chip cookies, brownies. So, you know, I really like…

Cloie: That’s brilliant.

DJ IZ: …I wanted us to come here to hang for all our… You know, we might have some aspiring bakers, chefs, what have you, to…

Cloie: Culinary Institute.

DJ IZ: …yeah, with Culinary Institute.

Cloie: I love that.

DJ IZ: Shout out to Costco. So, you know, we’re actually here together, Cloie. So, we’re hanging. We’re hanging.

Cloie: We’re here together. It’s so nice to see. And also, like, for more information on Caked Up…or about Caked Up and the grand opening… And the fact that you said that it’s all-natural, organic, non-GMO, there is no white flour, no white sugar. You said vegan and when you were talking about the pies in a jar, guys, they’re giving a dollar off…

DJ IZ: Yeah.

Cloie: …for…because they recycle them. So, there’s that. More information on that, it’s We’ll throw that up on the website, but Cakedup…

DJ IZ: Cakedupdesserts.

Cloie: …

DJ IZ: There you go.

Cloie: Thank you.

DJ IZ: All there. So, we are here. We’re out here in the field. And I want to make sure we shout out, you know, our folks that we got joining us today, which is Joel, Shogun. What up, Shogun? Katz…

Cloie: He wants to know if we can see him… No, we can’t see you naked.

DJ IZ: By the way…

Cloie: Nobody wants to see you naked [inaudible 00:03:46].

DJ IZ: By the way, Katz said, “I meant to stop by there last weekend.” You meant to? Shoulda, woulda, coulda? Christine Washington, what’s up, girl? I’m sure we’ll have more coming in. But yeah, you know, for all the…of those tuning in, I just want to say we hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. And we are back here Monday for the new week and it’s time to grind. So, before we jump into these grind opps, Cloie, go on and break it down for them.

Cloie: I just… I’m all already… I’m just ready. Grab your pencils and your paper.

DJ IZ: Old school, but…

Cloie: I’m old school.

DJ IZ: …the right school. The right school.

Cloie: [inaudible 00:04:25]. I just made up a word, too. If you write it down, there’s something about committing it to your memory, right?

DJ IZ: Absolutely. Absolutely.

Cloie: Get your good attitude, get your pens, get your paper, get your cupcake, if you have one, and just get grinded [SP].

DJ IZ: Get grinded… Yeah, get grinded.

Cloie: Get grinding. God.

DJ IZ: And it’s a little chilly out here. It’s a little bit chilly out here. All right, here we go. First grind opp of the day is in the field of recording. This is live sound engineer. “Sound investment AV is seeking a live audio engineer that will be working with an AV event team.” All right? “He or she will be required to operate all aspects of audio systems and provide high-quality mixes for all types of events.

He or she will be required to interact with clients and staff in a positive and professional manner to achieve clients’ goals.” That’s a must at all times. “Candidates must have working knowledge of digital and analog mixing systems, processing, and signal routing. He or she must have the ability to manage a wide variety of projects’ demands at one time with quality execution and on-time delivery.

One year of relevant work experience is required.” So, you know… And again, that’s in Chicago, Illinois, and…

Cloie: Chi Town.

DJ IZ: …Chi Town. I think this is a good opportunity, especially for our recording connection engineering students. I’m just going to say, I know offhand a lot of them would have a lot of this experience already in place. But it’s a lot of detailed information, if you guys…

Cloie: That’s a great grind opp.

DJ IZ: Yeah, it actually is. And it sounds like…you know, it sounds like they’re looking for a pretty solid, well-experienced engineer. I think, you know, they’re asking one year relevant work…I think that’s where a possible bio resume could kind of come into place.

And also too, for these grind opps, you know, just pertaining to what I’ve just mentioned, I think it’s a good way…or let’s say, a good outlet for us and them sending us, you know, their bio resume, so we can kind of help you and steer you guys in a way that works for you guys, especially according to what they’re looking for.

So, before we get into the next grind opp, how we can make that happen is you want to send things to this email address, which is… Is it…? Is it R…? I always keep…

Cloie: [inaudible 00:06:57].

DJ IZ: Oh. Oh, here we go. It’s [email protected]. And then…

Cloie: Yes, [inaudible 00:07:03].

DJ IZ: …to apply for the jobs is I always get the two confused.

Cloie: Because it’s a lot of letters. Wait, wait, wait.

DJ IZ: It’s a lot of letters.

Cloie: Before we move into grind opp two, guys, we’re doing another survey this week. So, first off, I should say, if you want to find us across social media, it’s super easy. We are at IZConnected on Facebook, Twitter, [inaudible 00:07:25] Snapchat soon and all that good stuff. But we are doing a survey. If you are viewing us in the official [inaudible 00:07:31] forum, it’s going to pop up right into your right-hand side.

But [inaudible 00:07:35] what we want to know is, what is your favorite part about “Connected?” Is it the grind opps, is it the Q&A, is it the career advice, or is it the guest interviews, or is it all [inaudible 00:07:48]?

DJ IZ: Hey.

Cloie: So, check that out. Well, we’ll be tallying it up and have the results at the end of this episode.

DJ IZ: And also too, before we jump into the next grind opp, there’s a question here that came up. And this is from David DeWitt. He says, “What is a bio resume?” Okay? A resume… Go in and break the resume down. I’ll break the bio down.

Cloie: Resume, it’s like your…it’s kind of like the calling card. It’s like your highlights, but on paper, right? It’s everything that you have done, say in the past five years, all current, relevant stuff. Sometimes, we retrack, because some of the better stuff happened earlier or whatever the timing is. But think of it as your highlights reel on paper.


DJ IZ: Yeah. Now, a bio is kind of like a resume. Only thing with the bio is, you kind of… There’s a little bit more explanation on who you are, where you grew up, what you’ve been able to do, what you’ve accomplished, kind of highlighting some of the key things you’ve been able to do throughout your professional career or, you know, what you’re aspiring to do. That’s…

Cloie: It’s a little poetic, in a way. Yeah.

DJ IZ: Yeah, it’s more poetic than a resume. A resume’s kind of just like, bam, experience, “Here, this is what I’ve done, this is where I worked at for X amount of years. Moved on, went to do this.” So, slight difference. So, I hope that was informative for you, David, all right? But great question, man.

Cloie: Deanna wants to know, is this real? I don’t know, Deanna. Is it?

DJ IZ: I don’t know. Should…do we pinch ourselves, do we…? Let’s see, since we’re doing… You know…

Cloie: [inaudible 00:09:27].

DJ IZ: We’ll do a slight, like, grind opp Q & A kind of…

Cloie: [inaudible 00:09:29].

DJ IZ: But we’ll get back to the grind opps. So, here we go. Grind opp number two. This is in the field of culinary. And we just…

Cloie: How perfect.

DJ IZ: …happened to be at Caked Up today.

Cloie: Oh, cool. Just happened to have a cupcake.

DJ IZ: Go ahead and start, Cloie. Go ahead and start.

Cloie: I am.

DJ IZ: You take a couple bites. I’m going to read off this grind opp. All right, here we go, folks. Grind opp number two. This is line cook. This is, “Family-owned Italian restaurant seeking a line cook for immediate hire.” This is in Hendersonville, Tennessee, all right?

Cloie: This is delicious.

DJ IZ: She’s whispering sweet things in my ear, guys, like, “Oh, my God. That’s just…”

Cloie: Well, I’ve got sweet things in my mouth.

DJ IZ: “…so good.” So, here we go. Keep in mind, this is for immediate hire. So, if we have any aspiring bake chefs, check this out. “Family-owned Italian restaurant seeking line cook for immediate hire. Candidate will be trained for six weeks. He or she must be willing to learn new cooking techniques. He or she does not need to have experience in an Italian restaurant. Any experience in an externship is accepted.

He or she must be punctual and reliable.” Now, this sounds like a very easy knockdown if you’re in Tennessee. Like, they’re not asking for any Italian restaurant experience, they’re not… They just want you to be able to get in and learn.

Cloie: Willing to learn.

DJ IZ: Willing to learn. And…

Cloie: That’s a key thing.

DJ IZ: …key thing, got to be punctual and reliable. And any experience in an internship or externship that you’ve had is accepted. So, for those of you who do have that under your belt, that’s a great thing. And the great thing is, it’s for immediate hire. So, being that…I’m guessing that being that they train you for six weeks, that this can be a decent amount of working experience, as well as something long-term.

So, that definitely stands out to me today, as far as just being able to get in and be able to, you know, possibly be working for this company, in this…a restaurant.

Cloie: I do also love that it is an entry-level…like, get in on the ground floor.

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: “Anything you know, we will give you the information.” You just need to be, like, reliable.

DJ IZ: You just need to be reliable. You just need to show up. And you know…

Cloie: You just need to show up.

DJ IZ: …it’s like, you know, these… Anytime we get details like these, it’s like they’re just willing to give… They’re going to give you a shot. So, you know, key thing: punctual, reliable and somebody that can be in a space that you’re…where you’re able to learn and pick stuff up. So, I think that’s a great opportunity.

I think if we have any aspiring chefs here, you can, you know, just kind of identify yourself in our Q&A, so we know who we’re talking to. So, moving on to grind opp…

Cloie: Grind opp number three.

DJ IZ: …number three.

Cloie: Do you know that moment when you’re trying to talk, but you realize you really just want to, like…

DJ IZ: You just want to…?

Cloie: [inaudible 00:12:30] and you just want to, like…? I might need to do that right quick.

DJ IZ: Go ahead. I got you, I got you. Here we go. This grind opp number three is in the field of film. This is “Music Video Director. Independent artist seeking music video director.” This is in Brooklyn, New York. All right, here we go. “Independent artist seeking music video director. Artist will be showcasing for major labels which will include the music video. Music video will be released at the first single…as the first single. Great opportunity for graduates that want strong content for their reels.”

Cloie: Love it.

DJ IZ: Now…

Cloie: I love the fact that music videos aren’t dead, too.

DJ IZ: Yeah, yeah.

Cloie: I love that.

DJ IZ: Now, I’ve got a lot of folks that shoot music videos. I know we’ve got Katz here who’s joined us. Katz, this could be a great opportunity for you as well. I’ve seen a couple of videos that you’ve done. So, you know, another thing too, for our film recording connections students, definitely get… You know, definitely apply for this gig if you’re looking at…to get into a music video role.

And you know, what I like about this grind opp for this video is that the details are very…it’s laid out and it’s very…not a whole lot of explaining to do [inaudible 00:13:41].

Cloie: You can put it on your timeline, “Released as the first single.” Bam, no mystery there.

DJ IZ: Yeah, yeah.

Cloie: “That’s great, thanks.”

DJ IZ: And they say, “Great opportunity for graduates that want strong content for their reel.”

Cloie: And I think that for a reel…I’m sorry, as a person who’s not necessarily audio, but with…like, audio-adjacent, in a way, the footage I see for music videos in a reel is so dynamic, always. Some of the most dynamic footage is… Anyway, continue.

DJ IZ: Yeah. No, no. I agree. And speaking of reel, I think, you know, these are great opportunities to add to your reel, if you do have a sizzle reel. And you know, what I love about the way music videos are shot and edited is just…everything keeps you…it keeps you there.

And that’s kind of like… You know, because we’ve had questions in the past where they’re like, “You know, what does my…what does the sizzle reel even look like?” And, “What does it need to leave the viewer feeling it?” And you know, it really is like a mini music video, because you’re like…

Cloie: Kind of.

DJ IZ: …you’re showing, like…

Cloie: Kind of.

DJ IZ: …the highlights of what it is you’re shooting and capturing. And it’s very energetic, it sparks [SP], it’s spontaneous. But I think…

Cloie: [inaudible 00:14:43].

DJ IZ: Yeah. I think this is a great vehicle for your sizzle reel, you know, to have that under your belt. So, for those of you who are in the field who love doing film, this can be a great opportunity for you guys. Again, this is in Brooklyn, New York. And I’m sure, you know, if you guys do your homework on this particular grind opp and dive in a little, I’m sure we can assist you in all that information regarding, you know, if you’re not located in New York and how it can work.

So, definitely check that one out, all right? And again, you know, you got to apply for these gigs, you know, through It’s the only way you can have access to these jobs. I like to remind folks that these jobs, Cloie, you ain’t going to find them outside of “Connected.” So, you know, definitely keep that…

Cloie: Yeah, it’s not like it is Craigslist.

DJ IZ: Yeah, this ain’t Craigslist. So…

Cloie: That’s not Craigslist.

DJ IZ: So…

Cloie: Why am I smacking on this cupcake? Because it’s good. As a matter of fact, [inaudible 00:15:37] smacking if I just do this.

DJ IZ: So, just to kind of go back and forth between our grind opps, you know, we get folks that ask questions, you know in…as it pertains to this grind opp. So, Katz is saying, you know, “I have to fly to New York.” You know, these are all the details that you will definitely find out as you proceed to dive into these grind opps. And I’m sure it is cold there right now. I was there a couple weeks ago and it was starting to get a little nippy. So…

Cloie: This was perfect.

DJ IZ: Yeah. So, here we go. I think Cloie has devoured her cupcake, because the box is empty. So, with that being said, I’m going to let her have grind opp number four.

Cloie: I’m chewing with my mouth open. Forgive me. I do have manners, but…

DJ IZ: You got it. You got it.

Cloie: This is coming to you from film. This is for a postproduction editor. “NBC affiliate company is looking for a postproduction producer to assemble video clips for a daily half-hour news show.” And this is out of Seattle, Washington. So, “Candidate will join the evening team and assist in creating engaging videos for specific stories.

Candidate must be able to use social media and digital tools to research, discover and distribute content. Candidate must be able to adapt to specific workflow and be able to work independently under strict deadlines. We’re looking for an outgoing, creative person that has a sense of humor.” I love that. I love that the most. That’s probably the…

DJ IZ: Sense of humor?

Cloie: …most important thing to them.

DJ IZ: Yeah. I think, you know… You know, when I look at, like, certain market environments, have you been in a work environment where it’s like, kind of just stale? It feels like, “Man…

Cloie: Yes.

DJ IZ: “… am I in a… Is this a hospital or something?”

Cloie: Yes. That’s like that too. And you’re like, “God, I feel stifled.”

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: Like, “Whoa.” Yeah.

DJ IZ: Yeah. I think that having a sense of humor in any workplace is always…it just loosens up. And I think where the culture is today, you have to have a sense of humor, because this culture…the culture today…

Cloie: It’s rough, baby.

DJ IZ: …is rough. So, you know…

Cloie: It’s rough out here for a human.

DJ IZ: …I think those are always good working environments. I think, you know, too, humor… I don’t know what the stats are, but I think humor kind of drives productivity, I think.

Cloie: It does.

DJ IZ: Especially when you’re working with, like, a group of people. I think everybody… You know, when everybody’s feeling like, you know, spirits are up, you get more work done.

Cloie: Or you have a bouncing ball, like in a writers’ room…

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: …and you bounce it everywhere. A little laughter goes a long way. I mean, that’s just life, that’s career, that’s bedrooms. Just laugh it up a little bit. It doesn’t need to be that serious. Life is short.

DJ IZ: Right. Never. Never. So, you know, it says, “Candidate will join the evening team and assist in creating engaging videos.” You know, the good thing, especially for our film students, being that they work in these environments and they’re around people all day, I think, you know, another key reason why some of these stand out for our students: because they’re used to working with folks.

And you know, I think through the course of our show, we’ve always talked about, just… You know, because people don’t… Some people are, like, shy, you know, around folks. They’re not really engaging. And I think…

Cloie: That’s on location. That’s what happens when somebody locks their car on location…

DJ IZ: Right, right.

Cloie: …those beeps.

DJ IZ: Right, those beeps. But I think too, like…you know, some folks always want to…kind of want to know, like, presentation-wise, how they engage with folks. Or your boss is in the room, so you’re like stiff and…you know? Those are the kind of things you kind of want to work through and especially in the film environment, right?

I mean, what’s that…? Do you ever, like…? As you kind of just mentioned like, when you get on set and folks are, like, kind of just… Did they have a bad day, is it one of those mornings…

Cloie: Yeah. Oh, for sure.

DJ IZ: [inaudible 00:19:21], you know?

Cloie: For sure. Especially if you’re coming in as a day player, meaning that you’re just there for one day, you’re walking into a whole world that existed before you and will exist after you. So, you don’t know what has just happened, right? A better example, even, is when you go into a casting for an audition.

And God forbid if you’re right before lunch or right after, but you don’t know what just happened in that person’s day. And you know, people are notorious for taking it…they can take it out on you, as an actor, if you just…

DJ IZ: Right, right, right. That’s crazy.

Cloie: No, that’s when you need a big old…

DJ IZ: Yeah, they take it out on you as an actor?

Cloie: …sense of humor to be like, “I showed up, I did my work. I hope your day gets better, Sir and Ma’am. Thank you.”

DJ IZ: So…

Cloie: That’s all I have to say about that.

DJ IZ: Okay, okay. This is interesting. So, “Candidate must be able to use social media and digital tools to research, discover and distribute content.”

Cloie: That’s great. I remember books.

DJ IZ: Yeah, right. Also too, like… I think, you know, there’s folks that know how to use social media in a good way and there’s folks that know how to use social media in a terrible way. So, I think… In a job setting, I definitely think…

Cloie: Nobody wants to know about your feelings on social media.

DJ IZ: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know, your personal stuff, you kind of…you got to have a…put a governor on that.

Cloie: Facebook is not your diary.

DJ IZ: Yeah. And also too, they’re asking that you have experience in digital tools to research, discover and distribute content. So, I’m assuming…

Cloie: That it’s more than Wikipedia.

DJ IZ: Yeah, more than Wikipedia.

Cloie: You need at least be able to Google.

DJ IZ: Oh, yeah. Now, post…so, a postproduction editor. Have you…? I’m sure you’ve had experience being around postproduction editors.

Cloie: Oh, sure. I do like editing. I feel like in today’s world, performers…in that we create a lot of our own stuff, sometimes…we become our own postproduction editor. It is a hard job masked as an easy one, because you are detailed, like the most detailed. You’re essentially telling a story. Yeah. And for a news show which moves so quickly, that’s… There’s a certain level of stress that’s going to be attached to that.

DJ IZ: Right, right.

Cloie: Do you know what I mean?

DJ IZ: Mm-hmm. And I… You know, for our last detail on this, which stands out to me as, “NBC affiliate,” you know, that…

Cloie: Not mad.

DJ IZ: Not mad at that, you know? And you know, you get a company like that who is attached to NBC, I mean, it’s a real gig. And I think postproduction producer, I think that’s…you know, that’s a… That can be and intimidating title, right?

Cloie: Sure.

DJ IZ: Right?

Cloie: Sure.

DJ IZ: So…

Cloie: Sure, somebody’s wearing a headset and calling shots. And it’s up to you too, like, make it happen, make it right.

DJ IZ: Make it happen.

Cloie: But you can do it.

DJ IZ: So, you know, the key thing…just to kind of this grind opp off, the key thing is being able to assemble video clips for a daily half-hour news show. So, if you feel like you got that and you can do it, by all means, jump on in. Go for it.

Cloie: Seattle, Washington job. Beautiful city. Jump on in.

DJ IZ: Finally…

Cloie: Jump on… We’re at 5:00 already?

DJ IZ: We’re at the finale of our grind opps.

Cloie: Dun, dun, dun, dun. Well, actually no, because…

DJ IZ: Go on and tell them.

Cloie: Guys, powered by [inaudible 00:22:24] “Connection,” all of that good stuff, we actually have five more…

DJ IZ: Additional.

Cloie: …more grind opps that are coming to you. We’ve got recording jobs in Chicago and Virginia this week and we’ve also got some jobs in Missouri. So, we’re not just giving you five grind opps, we’re giving you 10.

DJ IZ: Ten.

Cloie: So, check out the website for… And you can go to it. It’s at to see all 10 of these jobs.

DJ IZ: Yeah. All right, here we go, folks. Last grind opp of the day, live. And so, I correct myself.

Cloie: And you are…and on location.

DJ IZ: Last grind opp of the day on location, is in the field of film. Man, this is like… This is your show today. This is the field of film today. So, here we go, production assistant, which could be a fun gig.

Cloie: Oh, man. This [inaudible 00:23:08].

DJ IZ: It could be a fun gig. “Fit Plan is seeking a group position for fitness shoots. Miami, Florida.” Fun…

Cloie: Oh, boy.

DJ IZ: Fun city.

Cloie: [inaudible 00:23:21].

DJ IZ: “Fit Plan is seeking a group position for fitness shoots. Candidate will be responsible for lighting, group and any other assistance that might be needed at the shoot. Six months’ minimum PA experience. Candidate must be punctual. As it will be a small set, each person has a crucial role.” So, I’m wondering…

Cloie: [inaudible 00:23:38].

DJ IZ: I’m wondering if this is a one-off…like a one-time shoot. I’m not sure, but…

Cloie: Well, it sounds like there’s more than one shoot, because, you know, sometimes with the…like with a fitness company doing fitness videos, they’ll shoot a whole series at a time…

DJ IZ: Right, right, right.

Cloie: …and then bring them out over time. But they tend…you know, they tend to be smaller crews and what have you. I love that they say, “Each person has a crucial role.” So, you know, it sounds like this PA job, you’re not just running and getting coffee, which is also very, very crucial. It sounds like you have a crucial…they’re telling you you have a crucial role.

And you need to have that experience. It’s not just that you just show… You need six months’ experience as a PA. That’s a lot of time in the world of PAs.

DJ IZ: Now, can you break down PA…a production assistant?

Cloie: Production assistant.

DJ IZ: What are some of the…like, the job duties that go into that?

Cloie: Oh, man. I mean, it literally can be anything from getting coffee to collecting paperwork to being, like, the go-between between talent and the production team. For this, who knows what else it could be? You’re talking… You’d get into unionized stuff. So, there’s only so much you can do within a union set. But just as a general assistant for any and all that are available or that are on set. I know what I just did. Did that make sense?

DJ IZ: Yeah, it did make sense. Yeah.

Cloie: Okay.

DJ IZ: I mean, you would go… Like, this… You’re always like the master of film and stuff.

Cloie: I just needed to know. I just needed to know.

DJ IZ: And so…

Cloie: That’s it. I think that’s it.

DJ IZ: I think that’s it. I think that’s it for…

Cloie: So, that’s all that…?

DJ IZ: Yeah.

Cloie: I think we have a video. I think you might be in it.

DJ IZ: Oh, no.

Cloie: I think you may be.

DJ IZ: So, we’re going to cut to this video. And last year…or not last year, but last week, I featured a video that I shot a couple of months ago, just kind of giving my description on the School of Hard Knocks and you know, just how you come up and paying your dues and what have you. And I kind of broke that down last week.

So, I got, you know, a couple more things to break down for you that…and I want to show that to you guys this morning, all right? Check out this video.

[Video playing]

DJ IZ: I think some of the things that you definitely need coming out of an achievement like a graduation or any of those kind of things, one to me that always stands out… And to me, this is, I’m just going to give it to you guys of how I get up and go about my day. You got to have a drive. You got to have a game plan. You got to have direction. You got to love it so much that even when nobody’s paying you to do it, you’d still do it.

And fifth, work at it. You got to be willing to outwork folks. And if you look at anybody who’s done anything great throughout history, they may have been terrible at living life, but there’s… I’m showing you at least about three or four of those things that they had instilled in them.

[Video ends]

DJ IZ: Oh, I like the music they had in the background.

Cloie: Right?

DJ IZ: Oh.

Cloie: Also, I’d like… Can we shout out Jacintha [inaudible 00: 26:52]. Shout out to Jacintha Willis who does… We have her featured as our opening and closing. And thank you all for sending the music, we’re going through it now. Jacintha is a.k.a. Cool J Love Music.

DJ IZ: Music.

Cloie: And we’ve been featuring it for a couple months now. Yeah, yeah…

DJ IZ: Yeah, yeah.

Cloie: …at the top and at the bottom and encouraging everybody else to send their stuff. And thank you all, because now, we have more submissions that we get to…and we’re going through.

DJ IZ: Absolutely. And you know, keep sending this music, if it’s [inaudible 00:27:18], I mean, bios, information on you guys. I mean, a big part of this is you guys really engaging with us, so we can get familiar with you guys and we can start to build this cool-ass relationship.

Cloie: Right. The keys to success, that’s what the video was. Yeah.

DJ IZ: Absolutely. And back to the video. You know, if you look at folks who did great things throughout history, like whether it was Einstein or Mohammed Ali, I mean, these folks, like… they put the work in, you know what ‘m saying? Like, they really died to what they love, you know?

And I think that’s key and crucial for you guys to really understand and kind of wrap your heads around it, because you know, where you end up at the end of the day is really based on how much you put in. And it’s a long, long road, you know? There’s no quick lick, there is no quick pay-out. And even when that does happen, you don’t really want that, because there is no value in it.

I mean, you didn’t really fight to get that, so you can’t really appreciate it. Now, you appreciate a whole…you know, something a whole lot more when you’ve spent years on just cultivating it and honing it on your art, your craft, went through the ups and downs and… That’s the stuff that really prepares you for, you know, success maintenance, because nobody really teaches you how to really maintain it once you get there.

And I think you hold onto it a lot when you protect it a lot more when you’ve had a journey that’s just a…you know, the ups, the downs, the bumps in the road, people letting you down. And you know, that all comes by you making it a point to get up every morning and go get it. And none of this works without you going to get it.

Like, if me and Cloie didn’t decide to get in our cars and roll out of bed and have a plan of attack, this wouldn’t be possible…

Cloie: This wouldn’t happen.

DJ IZ: …you know? And…

Cloie: I wouldn’t have gotten that cupcake. I wouldn’t have…I wouldn’t get it.

DJ IZ: Right?

Cloie: I wouldn’t have had it. I would have been sitting here.

DJ IZ: So, the fact that you guys have made the time to tune in and tune in every Monday, you know, is really where it starts at. You know, that’s the practice you want to be at every day, you know. And I applaud you guys for consistently tuning in with us every morning, because that’s kind of validates what we’re doing here every day and it makes us, like, really, you know, jump in a whole lot more when we see, like, you guys engaging…

Cloie: Yes.

DJ IZ: …the way you are in my information and you want to take advantage of opportunities. And that’s kind of what that video piece is really about. It’s like, it’s that grind, man. It’s that appetite to go get it. It’s that uncomfortable feeling. And great things happen when you’re uncomfortable. I don’t care if you’re struggling…

Cloie: That’s right.

DJ IZ: I don’t care if you’re living in your car.

Cloie: That’s right.

DJ IZ: You’ll be surprised how much greatness those things can breed. And…

Cloie: It’s real Buddhist, the whole thing of, like, embracing discomfort so that you move through it and come out better on the other side. I think it’s super, super Buddhist stuff. But the other idea is that often times, like what the [inaudible 00:30:20] says, it’s ego, but that then [inaudible 00:30:22] ego…

DJ IZ: All the time.

Cloie: …ego can help you if you can…if it’s tempered with and by other things. But like, ego in and of itself is a great killer of creativity. And if you’ve ever heard the saying that, “Ego is loud, but it’s not so quiet,” right? So, that coming at it with this idea that you don’t have to show the world how great you are. You just need to believe that you are great and still not be afraid to go get it.

DJ IZ: Yeah. And I’m glad you said that, Cloie, because what I’ve realized too, is that it really starts in your mind first.

Cloie: Oh, God.

DJ IZ: If you can visualize it and see it and recognize it within yourself…

Cloie: And know that you are worthy of it.

DJ IZ: …and know you’re worthy of it, know where you stand as far as the work that you already put in, nobody really can stop you. And you’ll be surprised how much you can really achieve once it’s here in your mind. And you know, you… As life goes and as you continue to just kind of pound the pavement, you’ll eventually…you eventually become that, you know?

And it’s just routine. Once it becomes routine, then it’s every day, you’re like up at 7:00, ready to go out the door…

Cloie: Yeah, making it happen.

DJ IZ: Making it happen. And…

Cloie: And then, you get Caked Up.

DJ IZ: And then, you get Caked Up. And…you know? So, just kind of…

Cloie: Oh, you just got Caked Up. That’s so…

DJ IZ: So, you know, just to kind of break down what I was talking about in the video. And you know, just really want to inspire you guys and at the same time, like, you’d be that kicking ass, because we all need it, you know? And that’s really what it’s about. And without any further ado, we have our poll results.

Cloie: We do have our poll results. So, it looks like according to our results, we did a… For all that I’ve just joined us, we did a survey about, what’s your favorite part of “Connect?” That’s what we wanted to know. Thank you for everybody that participated. And it looks like 54% like career advice from us, 23% like the grind opps, 15% like the Q&A and 8% like the guest interviews. Cool shit.

DJ IZ: Oh, cool. All right.

Cloie: Guys, thanks.

DJ IZ: There we go. Now, here’s the question that I have, because 50% like the grind opps?

Cloie: Yeah.

DJ IZ: Y’all are lying and y’all are fronting, because this is all about the grind opps and jobs. But it’s okay, I’m going to let you guys slide. So, I’m hoping… We’re going to run this survey next week. And in these, it’d be more like in the 60% range for our grind opps, because that’s really where it’s at. That’s where the [inaudible 00:32:47]. So, we’re going to jump into our Q&A, because we got…

Cloie: It’s slowing up.

DJ IZ: We got some good questions. So, this is what Katz says. Katz says, “I don’t want to take someone’s job, but Iz, allow me to shoot and edit one of your short clips.” Man, by all means. By all means, Katz. We’re going to get you…we’ll get you something that you can play around with. Now, if it’s whack, I will blast you live on the show, all right? But hey, man, it’s all good. We’re going to give you that opportunity, bro, because you’re a faithful, man. So…

And by the way, you should be having your gift from “Connected” pretty soon, okay? Let’s see. Let’s go through these questions.

Cloie: Let’s see. Shelley asks… Forgive me for making this announcement but says, “It’s not about seeking. It’s all about…” You know, I think that it’s both. I think that…

DJ IZ: She’s commenting that she thought it’s…?

Cloie: Yeah, because…

DJ IZ: Break it down

Cloie: …I figure, like, yeah, it’s great to know people and networking is key, right? And also, there are times when the phone is ringing and you have to go out to find the people. So, hunt and gather. Hunt and gather.

DJ IZ: Yeah. And also too, I mean, you still got to be dope at what you do, even when you do know somebody, because people will put you on. Well, man, if you don’t deliver…

Cloie: If you can’t deliver, it’s [inaudible 00:33:55].

DJ IZ: …they’re never putting you on again. So, it’s a combination of both.

Cloie: I think we should totally do a show one day about the whole mind…like, the mind side of it, like how we psyche ourselves out…

DJ IZ: Right, right.

Cloie: …because it’s a real thing. It’s like a real, real thing. Anyway.

DJ IZ: Yeah, I agree. Let’s see who else…

Cloie: Joel.

DJ IZ: “Do you help guys like me who want to open my own studio?” Absolutely, Davy.

Cloie: What do you want to know?

DJ IZ: What do you want to know? I mean, there’s… Now, depends. Is it a private studio, is it a commercial studio? You kind of got to break that down for us, so we can kind of know a little more about exactly what you want to do with opening a studio.

Cloie: And congratulations on having that very clear thought and idea, knowing that you want to do this. So, that’s like the beginning.

DJ IZ: There you go.

Cloie: You have a vision, right?

DJ IZ: Yeah, my man’s going for it. I can’t be mad at him.

Cloie: I think Joel said something too. Joel says, “It’s always a plus to get advice from people that you’re…that are actually doing it. That’s [inaudible 00:34:54].” Oh, thank you, Joel. Thank you.

DJ IZ: Nice, nice. Okay.

Cloie: [inaudible 00:34:52].

DJ IZ: Katz says, “It’s about the grind opps, but the career advice is more important, because I take the advice with me at every job assignment.” My man. You’re on it, Katz. I can’t deny it, man. Let’s see here. We have…

Cloie: Is Caked Up’s hiring bakers?

DJ IZ: That’s coming up in the near future. We have a pretty decent baking squad right now, but as we begin to grow, we definitely will be doing that in the next couple of months.

Cloie: I’m coming here every day now.

DJ IZ: Charlie says, “Hey, DJ, I would love to see you spin and give us some real live mixing.” That’s coming shortly. We’re actually locking down our studio location which will have gear set up and we’ll be able to just…you know, will be able to have some fun. But in the meantime, go to YouTube. You can catch all my vicious work there.

Cloie: It’s very vicious. Shelley also says, “How do you get an internship? I applied everywhere.” Keep applying. And that also now goes to who you know. Do you know what I mean?

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: That’s for short, finding the people that are doing what you want to do, like…and you get in in any way that you… It’s like, you just need some… I know I keep going back to coffee. But it’s just that idea of, “I just want to be of service.” That’s one of the ways to get in the door if you’re having trouble, you know? Yes, I was smashing that cupcake. The cupcake was a good, Joel. Thank you, Keira [SP], thank you for noticing. I don’t know how to…I don’t know how to, like…I just want to put it all over my face.

DJ IZ: Well, Desiree has a question. “This is for the “Connected” team. Were you all able to respond to the email I sent? Just really wanted some personal feedback. Let me know. I greatly appreciate it.” So, team, let’s make sure we’re on that email that Desiree sent so we can get definitely a response to her.

This is from Deanna, “Hey, I’m getting ready for college and I don’t know how to be a DJ. But I feel it in me, that I know I got it. I really need help and a tutor.” Okay, Deanna. Well, I think the key thing is you got to get some gear, if you don’t have it already. You can either go the turntable route, Techniques 1200. So, depending on what your budget is, but you can find a decent set on eBay.

Or you can go the controller route, where it’s all in one kind of combo, where you have your platters and you have your mixer and you know, you got your laptop. So, it really depends. I’m not… You know, I got to get a little more information out of…

Cloie: Could…would you email us at “Connected”…

DJ IZ: Yeah, definitely send us an email.

Cloie: …Deanna, so that…? So, just exactly what you’re looking for. And then that way, he can assist…oh, speaking of assistance, Mason wants to know if you want an assistant.

DJ IZ: You know what, assistants have always been an interesting thing for me. So, I’ve always said my brother definitely needs an assistant. For me, because I’m so, like…I can multitask very well and I’m not a micromanager, execution is big for me. So, I find that the things I need an assistant for, I should just be able to do on my own. Like, “If I can’t do this on my own, like, shame on me. Now, if I’m, like, pulling my hair at anything and I’m, “Tom, I can’t manage it. Tom, I’m…” all over the place, then yeah. But I’ve been able to hold it down pretty long…

Cloie: Without an assistant.

DJ IZ: …without an assistant. So, thank you and I appreciate that. It’s a little

“brr” out here…

Cloie: There was a… A brisk wind, yeah, just came by.

DJ IZ: Let’s see.

Cloie: Mason also says, “I can show you some of my work if you guys can handle some heavy stuff.” Mason, I’m an actor…

DJ IZ: Man, don’t ever scare us with a good time, Mason.

Cloie: Please, heavy.

DJ IZ: By the way, go… Re-give him our email so that he can go on and send what it is he’s talking about.

Cloie: [email protected]. That’s where we are. And across social media, @IZConnected. That’s the end of that story.

DJ IZ: Let’s see here.

Cloie: That may have been the last question. Oh, David, “I want to open a karaoke this fall…” That right? I love it. That was perfect. “…bar right here in Vegas where clients not only sing their faves, but also get that musician-style studio” – yes – “experience. That’s my journey. I need help in every aspect other than ambition.”

DJ IZ: Okay. Well, it sounds like you… Do you have a business plan in place on how you want to…how you want this venue or facility to function, as far as, you know, who you’re targeting? You say, “musician-style studio experience.” Those kinds of things, we got to have a little more detail in, so we can give you the best…

Cloie: That’s true.

DJ IZ: …information possible. I know for opening any type of business, I don’t care what it is, you got to have a great business plan intact. You got to have a team that you could put together of reliable folks, in order to make this happen, so that you’re open longer than a month, you’re not opening your doors one day and then tomorrow, closing your doors.

And that’s really where it ties into both. That… But it sounds dope. I mean, that sounds like it could be a really, really cool thing.

Cloie: It sounds like a cross between karaoke and a piano bar.

DJ IZ: Right, right.

Cloie: If that’s the case, I will drive to Vegas to get it on that night [SP].

DJ IZ: And you know, what would be cool… I don’t… I’m not sure if you plan on opening this off the strip or, you know…somewhere off of the strip. So yeah, those things are kind of important, because I know there is a lot of karaoke spots out there. I think what might separate yours from everyone else is being that you want to offer a musician-style studio experience.

Now, what would be dope for karaoke is, let’s say…from a musician aspect is, maybe you’re playing music that doesn’t have certain instruments in it. So then, you have a drum set, a drummer comes up and he actually plays. That could be cool, like musician karaoke.

Cloie: So, like a…like a…?

DJ IZ: Yeah.

Cloie: Oh, like a jam session?

DJ IZ: Yeah.

Cloie: That’s [inaudible 00:40:43].

DJ IZ: So, let’s say you have a karaoke song that has the vocals and everything else but the drums. So, the drummer can get up and actually play. That could be dope.

Cloie: That’s a cross… That’s a cross… That’s literally a cross between an open mic and a… Wait, back up for just one second. For people that don’t know, can you give us just maybe, like, a crash course in what the business plan is, or just the highlight here?

DJ IZ: Okay. What I like to do with business plans is I like to phase them out. So usually, I’ll do three phases. Third phase is business is open. First phase, what I do is I put together a budget, which could come from my own personal finances or an investor. And when you get into the investor side, it opens a whole other thing because now, you got to have a plan of ROI, which is return on investment that allows you to sit with investors.

But if that’s something you’re doing yourself, so you’d phase it out, you’d put a budget together, you would find a location. You’d figure out what you need to cover, just to get yourself back to an even playing field financially and how the business is going to generate income once everything is being paid for, like your monthly…any…you know, your employees, salaries and all that. And you kind of map that out in first phase. When you get the second phase, you’re now targeting your deadlines.

Cloie: That’s true.

DJ IZ: If you have a buildout, you know and you want to spend X amount of weeks on a buildout. Who are your framers, who are your construction, who’s your electrician? Permits, all those things. So, you kind of started tallying it with this budget and everything that’s going to pretty much get you to Phase 3. Phase 3 is opening your marketing plan, what you’ve got in place, how you’re going to generate business consistently.

All those things go into a business plan which, you know, a lot of folks don’t have the experience in how to put that together, which is… Actually, I’m glad you brought that up, because that brings me to another point with the recording, film and radio connection: is, we know have an entrepreneurship program that breaks all that down for you guys. So, anybody who’s looking to, you know, start a business or create a business…

Cloie: Or understand a business.

DJ IZ: …or understand a business and how it all comes together, we definitely have our hands on a really great entrepreneurship program that we can assist you guys in. And that’s all made possible due to recording connection. So, that’s something you should definitely, definitely check out. And again, you can find that at And that’ll open you up to everything we do. But I’m glad you brought that up, Chloe, because not a lot of folks, you know, know how to even think of those things.

[Side conversation]

DJ IZ: David DeWitt says, “Oh, snap. You rock the boat.” He said we rock the boat.

Cloie: What? What happened? Oh, with the…? Oh, we do? Thanks, David.

DJ IZ: Mason says, “For grind opp number six, any idea if they are open to do it remotely?”

Cloie: That’s a question that would be in the interview. Sometimes with jobs, what I have found is that people…if they like you enough, they’re willing to do a lot and that that that can be a negotiating point.

DJ IZ: Right, right, right.

Cloie: You know?

DJ IZ: Yeah.

Cloie: Because remote is also the way of the future in the job world, business world and all of that, you know, people doing work in the office [inaudible 00:44:13].

DJ IZ: Right, right, right. So, being that we’re talking about business and opening a business, I want to kind of give you a guys just a little grand tour of our bakery. So, I’m going to grab the laptop and I’m going to walk… We’ll do a walk-through of the bakery to show you what we’re doing here.

Cloie: [inaudible 00:44:34]. Please don’t drop the computer.

DJ IZ: Yes. Stay with me guys.

Cloie: Hold on, sir.

DJ IZ: So, here we go. I’m going to follow you. So, this is what we have and this is what we offer. These are our cupcakes. Say hi, Keira.

Keira: Hey.

DJ IZ: She is the master baker. This is all about her and this is what she does here to bring in a wonderful-tasting, gluten-free, all-natural experience. And we have jar pies, peach cobbler, pumpkin and… Which one am I…? Oh, sweet potato. And I’ll give you a quick view of our… [inaudible 00:45:13]?

Keira: [inaudible 00:45:14].

Cloie: Grand opening, December 3 [inaudible 00:45:17].

DJ IZ: Grand opening is December 3.

Cloie: Guys, we have boxed water. Who doesn’t like boxed water? This is the [inaudible 00:45:23].

DJ IZ: You know, I just got hip to boxed water.

Cloie: Boxed water.

DJ IZ: Boxed water’s the bomb. So, for those of you who want to open a business, this is something… I sat down with my partner with…a couple months ago. And we went through the whole layout, you know: price point, materials, how we’re going to do this, how we’re going to market. And you know, anything with success, you want to have a great plan.

You want to have a plan that’s [inaudible 00:45:51] and you want to be able to have folks that you can rely on. And you got to… You know, if you’re going to do a bakery, you got to have an amazing baker and… Say hi, Keira. This is our amazing baker.

Keira: Hi.

DJ IZ: And this is her business that we love to [SP] support. And we want to just bless you guys with lots of natural, gluten-free…

Cloie: Low…

DJ IZ: …desserts and yumminess.

Cloie: [inaudible 00:46:16].

DJ IZ: So, if you’re in LA or you’re in the area, December 3 is our official grand opening day. And we’ll be featuring some other products that I’m probably not going to tell you about right now, because I’m going to claim it as a surprise.

Cloie: Lies [inaudible 00:46:31].

DJ IZ: So, will somebody…? Keira, is red velvet on the menu, our grand opening? Red velvet is on the menu. Now, I think red velvet is going to give us a lot in here, because I’ve been getting a lot of folks asking about red velvet.

Keira: Red velvet!

DJ IZ: So yeah, I just wanted to show you guys that because, you know, a lot goes into opening a business and it being successful and…

Cloie: I see laughter.

DJ IZ: Yeah, laughter. Laughter. But, you know, it’s great that we were able to kind of touch on…you know, just entrepreneurship and how it all comes together, because I think a lot of folks don’t realize that we do offer that information. And we do offer a program that gives you knowledge and information on, really, what it takes to take an idea, you know…

Cloie: And see it come to fruition. Yeah.

DJ IZ: …to build it out, to see it come to fruition and how to put it all together and then how to be successful. And not every business is going to be successful, but that’s a part of the journey, you know, as an entrepreneur, as a businessperson and you know, that… And that’s what it’s about, man. It’s all about the journey and the experience, you know? And you make it as fun as you possibly can and…

Cloie: You got one life to live. Let it be yours, right?

DJ IZ: Yeah. Yeah.

Cloie: And just…well, everybody’s help…people who help people. Thank you, Ken. Ken says, too… Ken is saying that, “I had to login on my work computer, because I can’t respond on this phone. [inaudible 00:48:01] he has some ideas that he doesn’t mind sharing.”

DJ IZ: Well, do it.

Cloie: Connect with him.

DJ IZ: Okay.

Cloie: If you heard him correctly, you’re in Vegas. So, shout him out, right?

DJ IZ: Yeah, absolutely.

Cloie: Shout him out.

DJ IZ: Well, Chloe, I think we’ve had…

Cloie: Quite a show.

DJ IZ: …a wonderful show today. You know, we’re out…

Cloie: Field trip.

DJ IZ: We’re out in the field and it’s getting a little “brr” out here.

Cloie: [inaudible 00:48:21].

DJ IZ: And you know, I think it’s time that we get some warm clothes on Cloie.

Cloie: For the people that aren’t in LA right now, like, what do you mean, it’s cold? You’re in California.

DJ IZ: Right, right, right. Yeah. You know, Cali folks don’t know how to quite react to anything below 70. So…

Cloie: And when you’ve lived here for a while, your blood thins, so…

DJ IZ: That’s right. That’s right. So…

Cloie: Find us on… Guys, on social media, again, we are at IZConnected, Facebook, Twitter… What’s that other one? Instagram.

DJ IZ: Instagram.

Cloie: You can…

DJ IZ: And where can they find you, Chloe?

Cloie: Oh. If you want to find me on social media, I’m @alwaysCloie. That’s C-L-O-I-E. There’s no H there, there is no K, original.

DJ IZ: And you could find me at Iz_Avila on Instagram. And…

Cloie: We’re running.

DJ IZ: Actually, we’re always running. Catch us, you know what we’re saying? See what we got going on.

Cloie: Yes. Some of us are friends online. Hi, guys.

DJ IZ: But for the most part, that’s our show for today. And again, this is Show 40. The numbers are climbing, the jobs are climbing. Keep in mind we have five additional jobs on the website outside of what we, you know, announced here. And on that note, I’m going to say a shout out, you know…

Cloie: To the team.

DJ IZ: …to the team. Mike, Howie, Brian, Jay…

Cloie: Edwin, Leah…

DJ IZ: …Leah…

Cloie: …To Jacintha…

DJ IZ: Oh.

Cloie: …to Cool J love, Cool J…

DJ IZ: Cool J love. Now that we have a chance, you know, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner.

Cloie: We did. Oh.

DJ IZ: I said that I would take this time to blast the folks who claim to be part of the “Connected” crew that didn’t make it to our Thanksgiving dinner that I hosted. First, Howard.

Cloie: The list is long.

DJ IZ: Howard, whacksauce. Jay, whacksauce. Who else didn’t show up?

Cloie: Edwin.

DJ IZ: Edwin, whacksauce. Brian was on the grind. Love you, Brian, all day. He gets a pass. We had some last-minute flakers…

Cloie: We did.

DJ IZ: …that I said I was going to blast. So, I have to blast you guys, because this was…that was a special dinner.

Cloie: The food was yummy, too.

DJ IZ: The food was yummy.

Cloie: The wine was flowing.

DJ IZ: The wine was flowing. Chevy, whack. Who else? Who else didn’t make it?

Cloie: So, wait. So, they didn’t…? So then, I think… We’re not going to have a Christmas party, or you all have to throw it?

DJ IZ: Yeah. So…

Cloie: A holiday, holiday party?

DJ IZ: Holiday party.

Cloie: Oh. Oh, other Mike. Michael [inaudible 00:50:54]. Yup.

DJ IZ: Yup. Mike [inaudible 00:50:55], whack. Now, for those that did show up, Mike [inaudible 00:51:01] …

Cloie: I was there.

DJ IZ: You were there. Leah, right?

Cloie: Leah was there.

DJ IZ: Leah was there.

Cloie: And you.

DJ IZ: And I think that does it, guys.

Cloie: It was a nice, intimate dinner…

DJ IZ: It was a very intimate dinner.

Cloie: …because we all got ditched.

DJ IZ: I love you all, but I didn’t love you that day. And on that note, get on your movement, folks, get on your grind, get out there and make it happen. Please be sure to email us, send resumes, send music, send it all, like I said…

Cloie: And Desiree will be getting back to you as soon as [inaudible 00:51:32].

DJ IZ: Desiree will be getting back to you. But as I said, this is all about you engaging with us and us having that connection, so we can help cultivate your career path and what it is you love and want to do. And on that note, I’m your host, DJ is. My lovely co-host…

Cloie: I’m Cloie White-Taylor.

DJ IZ: We will catch you here next Monday, all the time 11:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. That’s how we get down on “Connected.” We out.


Cloie: That’s right. Love it. Caked Up.

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