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Show #37 | Los Angeles, CA
Guest: Jimmy Douglass
Nov 07, 2016

Here are the job opportunities (or as we like to call them, Grind Opps) from this week's show.



Event Production and Video Technician

Industry: Film

Location: Chicago, IL


Progressive audio visual and event production company seeks a Video Technician to support live events. Position reports to production managers, department manager, and ownership.




Audio Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Sacramento, CA


California Pro Life Council is seeking an audio engineer to and mix podcast radio show.




Morning News Team

Industry: Film

Location: Fargo, ND


KVRR TV, the Fox affiliate in Fargo, is starting a new morning newscast team that is seeking videographers, editors, and journalists.




Broadcast Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Atlanta, GA


Business consulting company is seeking a few passionate broadcast studio engineers to support the practice, pre, live and post production work involved in conducting MTC (Microsoft Technology Center) Studio streaming broadcasts and recording execution.




Sound Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Dayton, OH


Hollywood gaming is seeking for a sound engineer for Dayton Raceway.




Personal Chef

Industry: Culinary

Location: Nashville, TN


Corporate professional is seeking a personal chef to prepare meals for health reasons.




Videographer / Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Eden Prairie, MN


DreamWorld Studios is seeking a videographer with at least 1 year of video production and editing experience.




Part Time Board Operator

Industry: Radio

Location: Nashville, TN


Media company seeking an immediate part time board operator for a commercial radio station.




On Air Announcer/Board Operator

Industry: Radio

Location: Concord, NH


Public Radio that delivers news, information, analysis, arts and entertainment across the state is seeking a part time announcer/board operator.




Airline Catering Cook

Industry: Culinary

Location: Atlanta, GA


Catering company seeking cooks that will be responsible for preparing and cooking various food items according to recipes and for observing and enforcing strict requirements with regard to food safety.



DJ IZ: Welcome to Connected. I’m your host DJ IZ. I’m over here grooving and jamming to that cool musical piece. I’m here hanging with my co-host, Cloie. Cloie, say what’s up?

Cloie: Good morning all.

DJ IZ: Look at that wonderful…

Cloie: Lovely to be here.

DJ IZ: Look at that wonderful bright smile, like, go ahead, show the whities.

Cloie: This whole thing, this whole thing?

DJ IZ: So Cloie, we’re on a show 37 today, Episode 37.

Cloie: We sure are.

DJ IZ: And we got some exciting things to talk about, not just the jobs but just the daily, like how was your week last week? I’m sure you were extremely busy. I know I was busy. Well, what you have going on?

Cloie: What were you busy doing? You first.

DJ IZ: Let’s get to you first. Let’s get to you first.

Cloie: Me first?

DJ IZ: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Cloie: So, I am currently…I am choreographing a show. I’m also in the middle of rehearsals for a David Bowie musical which is awesome.

DJ IZ: Go, go.

Cloie: Yeah. It’s a musical parody and an homage. It’s not just a parody but an homage to David Bowie. And it’s wonderful. It’s with this legendary company out here called the Troubadour Theater Company. They’ve been around for decades and they were created by Garry Marshall and founded by the late Garry Marshall. So, it’s all good stuff. Yeah. And what about you?

DJ IZ: Awesome, man. Awesome. Don’t try to rush off into me, Cloie. You know, I had a busy week. I’m working with this kid from Scotland named Louis who’s a young cat, 17 years old, plays guitar, write songs, really, really dope, can sing his butt off. He’s got like some Kenny Loggins. So, I was doing that and also, you know, putting a bakery together that we’re going to be launching on the 14th of this month, which is great because we’ve been documenting the whole process of just, you know, how to get a business going, what it takes, how to put people in place, how to put a team together, how to get a logo going.

So it’s very informational on the entrepreneur side. So, we’ll be showcasing a lot of that here on the show with kind of just, you know, because we got, you know, we’re in the chef world now. You know what I’m saying? We’re dealing with cooks, we’re dealing with bakers, you know, so, I think that could be something great for our viewers who are in the field of culinary and I know we got a lot of folks that bake out here in the streets, so, you know. It could be a cool little thing for them, right? We’ve got some bakers in the streets.

Cloie: So it’s sugary up in the streets?

DJ IZ: Yeah, exactly.

Cloie: Baking in the street.

DJ IZ: Yes.

Cloie: I love it.

DJ IZ: Yeah, so a lot going on there but, you know, I’m happy to be here today. And we’ve got a lot of folks who are checking in with us, shot out to 80A [SP] Joe, Desiree, Kaurika Belk [SP]. What’s up, Kaurika? Devin, Alexander. So we’ve got some cool folks here hanging with us which is great because this gives you guys a good amount of time to get your Q&A questions ready. So when we get to you, you’re not just firing off at the wrap of this show. So, get all your questions going and, you know, we got a great guest…

Cloie: Get cued up.

DJ IZ: Yeah, get cued up. We got a great guest we’re gonna feature today after one of our first grind opps. But for those of you who are just tuning in, make sure you follow us throughout the week on our social media which is IZ Connected at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter.

Cloie: Twitter, all of it.

DJ IZ: Where can they email us and give them our website real quick, Cloie?

Cloie: So guys, you wanna send us stuff and we wanna hear from you. Send us your music, send us your whatever, everything. You can get it to us…we’re [email protected] and that’s how you can send us all of your…anything you want us to look up. Be it your resume, your demo, your sizzle reel, or just music or say, “Hey, guys. What’s up?” And then you can visit us in terms of website at

DJ IZ: Yeah. And Cloie also too, I wanna…just to reiterate what you were saying about folks sending us music. Shout out to Cool Jay Love music because we are still rocking with her music piece for our opening and closing the show. So we wanna encourage all our music producers, songwriters, creators, send us some music so we can feature your bodywork at the starting and closing of our show, all right? And again, shout out to Cool Jay Love music. We’re still rocking with you, girl. So, send us some more joints too. I’m sure you got, you know, some more joints in your catalog that we can bang out. So, send it on down. You know, if you’ve got resumes.

Cloie: Send it on down.

DJ IZ: Yes, send us everything because another thing what I like to tell our viewers is whether it’s your resume, whether if it’s a thing where we can kind of point you in the right direction, you know, that only comes with us learning about you and knowing what you wanna do, what you’re trying to tackle, and what you’re trying to accomplish. So we got you but, you know, you’ve got to engage.

Cloie: You’ve got to get yourselves.

DJ IZ: Yeah, yup. So, make sure you get that into us, all right? And also too, check us out on our podcast and Google Play for those of you who are in the car right now might be, you know, just need to be mobile, you can also catch our show there and you can hear our audio. Am I missing anything, Cloie, before we get into these grind opps?

Cloie: No, baby. I think you hit it all and I think you hit it beautifully.

DJ IZ: Honey, you can’t call me baby on the show, honey.

Cloie: Oh.

DJ IZ: You get me all excited. You get me all excited.

Cloie: Oh. Well, you know how it is, how we do on a Monday.

DJ IZ: I know, I know. So, Cloie, let them know what they need to have in place before we dive into these details for grind opps.

Cloie: Guys, it’s time to get your pens or your pencils, your notes. I like to write in mine that says “The Best Day Ever” because I believe in inspiration and positivity when and where applicable. Or your texting device, if you’re going green, that’s great. Just breakout your thumbs and your little this thing or your iPad and whatever, and take some notes. Have some fun and take some notes.

DJ IZ: Yeah, just take some notes. So, I’m gonna send this one out to Alexander because he was very specific in his question. He said, “What are the opportunities here?” Sounds like this is your first time, man. So we’re gonna walk through this with you. So, we call them grind opps, you call them opportunity. So we’re gonna dive into our first grind opp of the day. And just so you know, these opportunities are only opportunities you can get here on Connected. You’re not gonna find them in Craigslist, internet, Google, won’t happen, man. So, here we go.

First grind opp of the day is in the field of film. This is event production and video tech. Progressive audio visual and event production company seeks a Video Technician to support live events. And this is in Chicago, Illinois. Position reports to production managers, department manager, and ownership. Ideal candidate will possess knowledge of video solutions within the event production industry, ability to work with and troubleshoot simple to complex video systems is required. With a proven track record of successful shows in the corporate or entertainment roles, so you’ve got to have some experience.

Responsibilities include operation of video switches with multiple sources, camera setup, shading and cutting, hardware and software playback, and recording, projection rigging, converging and focusing LED and seamless LCD wall setup and collaboration. Calibration, so that’s a whole lot of details right there so I hope you guys are moving your fingers and taking down these notes because those are crucial notes. Must be well-versed in both Mac and PC computers, must have a valid driver’s license, and at least two years of video experience. So guys…

Cloie: This might be the most detailed grind opp I can remember.

DJ IZ: Yeah, right. But we had one last week, remember where it was like speakers XLDR, board 59D7. So, you know, and that’s great because I feel like the more detailed the information is, the better off our viewers are because, you know, it allows them to really get their…you’ve got to get your homework in. You know what I’m saying? You’ve got to bring yourself up to speed if you’re not familiar. So I kind of wanna kind of re-dive through some of these which I feel are important. So, you know, because to me, this is a very technical opportunity. So, you wanna make sure…

Cloie: It is, this is not for somebody that is green. This is not for a green.

DJ IZ: Yeah, you can’t be green on this one. And we always like to encourage, you know, the word “overperform,” by the way, you can hashtag overperform. That’s one of the Connected’s primary principles here what we like to encourage, right, Cloie?

Cloie: Hashtag.

DJ IZ: Yeah, don’t get in there underperform. So here we go. A couple of things that stood out to me where the ability to work with and troubleshoot simple to complex video systems. Okay. That’s a requirement, okay? And you’ve got to have a proven track record of successful shows in the corporate or entertainment role. So, you know, the best way to kind of zero in on this is to have some type of sizzle reel put together of your body of work that features and highlights what you’re great at and what you can do on the film side. Okay.

Cloie: I can tell you one of the things that jumped out at me was the must be well-versed in both Mac and PC, and that’s like using two totally different sides of your brain and where people are one or the other.

DJ IZ: Yeah, because I’m gonna tell you like straight up, Cloie, I ain’t touched the PC in 20 years. So, I know I would definitely underperform in this job, you know, because…

Cloie: Mac and PC?

DJ IZ: Yeah, I didn’t touched to PC in forever. So, again, this is progressive audio visual and event production company, okay? So this is just a little background on the company that’s seeking, you know, this particular type of, you know, worker in this road. So, you know, there’s a technician aspect absolutely, so, you know, you’ve got to be able to, you know, they’re looking for you to support live events, position reports, production managers, department managers, and ownerships. So you’ve got to be dealing with the variety of people, you know, from the owner to a manager here, a manager there. So you’ve got to be able to, you know, be able to navigate through those different personalities and, you know, we all know the film road. I mean, you could deal with a butthole. You can deal with a super cool cat. It all just depends, right? You know, like, yeah.

Cloie: You might have both of them at the same time.

DJ IZ: You would know better than I would, Cloie, in the film role. Like, what are some of the different like characteristics and personalities you deal within that role?

Cloie: I mean, I imagine it…well, it’s very similar to music. The difference is that you’ve got everybody from like the super chill, I’m thinking of it from an actor perspective, to like the puppy energy like, “Look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me, look at me,” to, you know, you’ve got divas. You’ve got…just, it’s really…and especially up at the top level. The spectrum is real. It’s real and it’s large.

DJ IZ: Right. So that’s always good to know going into these kind of fields is know what you’re gonna be, you know, dealing with on a day-to-day when it comes to other people, and personalities, and tension, and all that stuff. So last detail that stood out to me was must have a valid driver’s license. I mean, that’s rule number one just for commuting purposes. You’ve got to have a car. You’ve got to have some transportation to get to these opportunities. So, and last but not least, two years of video experience is required. All right. Folks, so, shout out to our Radio, Film, Recording Connection students who, you know, get an experience in real-time every day. This could be a great opportunity for you guys as well.

All right. So that’s it for that one. Again, that’s in Chicago, Illinois. We’re gonna jump into grind opp number two which is in the field of recording. Audio engineer. California Pro Life Council is seeking an audio engineer to and… See, this is what I’m talking about. Come on, come on, come on, squad. Give me complete sentences. An audio engineer to mix podcast radio show. This is at Sacramento, California. Cloie, go ahead and hit them with the details.

Cloie: All right. So, the candidate…this one is pretty straight up. Candidate will be in charge of recording, editing, mixing, and posting the podcast shows. He or she must be proficient in Pro Tools and it pays \$15 an hour. That is very direct.

DJ IZ: I mean…

Cloie: Very direct.

DJ IZ: So, yeah, those are very brief details and it’s obvious…

Cloie: Well, at the same time it says so much, like it says everything.

DJ IZ: Yeah. Everything you wanna know about. Well, how much is it? How much is an hour? So again folks, it’s \$15 an hour which isn’t bad. And you’ve got to proficient in Pro Tools. We always say, you know, in the recording road, it’s always good to be proficient on various recording platforms whether it’s Pro Tools, whether it’s Ableton Live, whether it’s Logic. This particular gig is…they’re asking for, you know, you got to be well-versed in Pro Tools. So, you know, the cool thing, you know, this is pretty much a standard engineer layout, that’s why I’m assuming that the details were as brief as they were because it’s very much, you know, there it is, you know what I’m saying? So, this can be a cool gig for those of you guys who are, you know, for those that are in Sacramento, California, who are into the engineering.

You know, what I always like to stress, Cloie, with these kind of gigs is, once you get in, I mean, you can pretty much create opportunity with just being in. You know what I’m saying? Usually, how these, you know, studio houses work is, you know, they’re just looking to add folks to their engineering database. So when a session comes up…

Cloie: They can call you all the way.

DJ IZ: They can dial you right in, “Hey, are you available on this day? We’ve got a session coming in.” So, those are always great opportunities for engineers to grow within those type of environments. So, and you’ll be mixing. So that’s a whole another aspect of engineering. You’ll be mixing for podcast radio shows which could be a cool thing. I know a lot of engineers, they usually transition into becoming mixers. So that could be great for you guys. And then, again, that’s in Sacramento. So, if you’re in Sacramento…

Cloie: A jack of all trades sort of thing.

DJ IZ: Jack of all trades, you love to engineer, you love to mix, man, definitely, definitely make sure you apply for this job. And keep in mind, you can only apply for these gigs here. So, yeah, only here. So, that again, that’s it…what’s that?

Cloie: No, no, no. Go ahead. I had a question for you.

DJ IZ: Oh, hit me with that question. Yeah.

Cloie: I heard, tell…word on the street is that we have something to show. That’s what the word on street is. I don’t wanna…

DJ IZ: You know what, yes, we do have, so I’m glad you slowed me down, Cloie, because I was getting ready to fire up into the next grind opp. You know what I’m saying? I’m on my Monday movement but yes, we do. We have a special guest that I got a chance to hang with at NAMM. And he is a well-established…I mean, I don’t wanna even just…I don’t wanna narrow him down and limit him to just saying he’s an incredible engineer. I mean, the guy has done everything. You know, he’s rocked with everybody from Aretha Franklin, to Rolling Stones, to Led Zeppelin, to Timbaland, to Kanye, to Justin Timberlake. So he’s been in the game for quite some time.

Cloie: Grammy-winning.

DJ IZ: Yeah, Grammy award-winning. I mean, his ear is tuned to…

Cloie: A T.

DJ IZ: The T. I mean, his sonics are incredible. So, for all my music-lovers, engineers, we’re gonna shoot to this clip with my man, Jimmy Douglass. And he’s got a lot of information, a lot of helpful information for those of you who are aspiring in the field of engineering, mixing, and what have you. So, without any further ado. Check out this piece from my man, Jimmy Douglass.

What’s up, y’all? This is IZ with Connected and I’m here standing with the wonderful Jimmy Douglass. What’s going up, man?

Jimmy: What’s up, man? How you doing?

DJ IZ: I’m good, man. I’m just hanging, you know, I knew I was gonna see you here, man. I know I was gonna run into you and get a chance to talk, you know, some real good stuff with you, man. How’s everything going, man?

Jimmy: Everything is going delicious. Absolutely.

DJ IZ: My man said delicious. See, you get real conversations from real cast when you pull them to the side, man. So, as for me, as a music trader, as a songwriter, man, I’ve always loved any time I hear…anything with your touch on it, it’s always aggressive. It always just smacks. It’s always intense, man. Talk to me about your process and how you get down when you hear something. What inspires you to do what you do?

Jimmy: You know, that’s a very, very tough question because it’s so instant on at this point. I can’t really…the process just becomes, you hear it, you feel it, you grab it, you start to trying to make it feel as close as you can to what it is but you’re trying to better it.

DJ IZ: Gotcha. So, you know, because you are a Jedi. You are a master at what you do and, you know, what you just said is very true because even as a creator, it’s like there’s really no thought into it. You know, you get it, you feel something special, and you just go, and you go, and you go, and go.

Jimmy: And you run in so there ain’t nothing more to run with.

DJ IZ: Yeah.

Jimmy: That’s it.

DJ IZ: And, you know, when you get to a point where you can literally hear something in your mind and put these pieces together and capture it, and you’re like, “I was able to capture it sonically the way I heard it in my mind.” You know, and what you do with like being able to paint with colors and knobs and EQ, it’s like what are some of the EQs that you love and you reach for? Is it the outboard gear? Is it inbox?

Jimmy: I got to be, you know, I got to keep it real. There are so many products out there and so much good stuff out there and I mean that, and they’re all slightly different, maybe they just…maybe the ease of use is different. You know, like without really naming products, but like, you know, waves and the UAD, they sound different but they also manipulate different. And that’s part of the process too. Sometime I feel like spending time doing this and sometimes I don’t feel like spending time doing that. You know, even the way the curves are drawn and stuff like that, they’re all different. I will say this. Most of the stuff out there, it’s all pretty damn good.

One of the things that is a big thing today is because of the availability of YouTube and learning how to…like, you know, people put in how they made records and everything, and listen to records a lot and listening to how they did, whatever, and basically reverse engineering these records. Okay. Because of that process and everything is kind of standardized, you can find inside of these different programs, they’ll tell you where they got them. It’s like, that’s one way to make a record and there’s nothing wrong with that if that’s one sound you’re going for and you wanna be the copier and not the Picasso.

Picasso didn’t look to other people to tell them what he was gonna paint. I kind of sit down and I kind of just go for what I feel works for me in my own way. A lot of people think I’m hiding that go, “He’s hiding, he’s not showing what he does.” It’s like because when I sit there, I literally don’t know what I’m gonna do every day. I don’t use the same thing every day.

DJ IZ: And you know what’s great about that is that is ultimately…that is the Jimmy Douglass fashion. That’s your magic, you know, that’s your stroke of your pen. Everybody’s creative but everybody has a different stroke with their pen and their paintbrush. And you know, I can honestly look at you and say, “Man, you are a master at what you do.” No, you are, because, hey, come on, man, you know. I mean, you just did roll out of bed and pop open your laptop and say, “Ah, I’m gonna make a beat. I’m gonna create this record.”

Jimmy: Wait, time out. Pop open my laptop? What’s a laptop?

DJ IZ: It’s the new instrument.

Jimmy: No, I’m just playing. That’s what I didn’t do when I grew up, exactly. I jumped up and I got to grab this big-ass tape machine and 1000 mics and trying to figure out how to work without no outport here. That’s what I did.

DJ IZ: Man, hanging with Jimmy Douglass on Connected. Man, it’s been great. It’s been an honor.

Jimmy: Peace.

DJ IZ: I’ll catch you on the next one. Peace.

Cloie: I love him. I love him.

DJ IZ: And that’s a thing like, I think, you know, when you sit and you talk to a dude like Jimmy Douglass, you know, it’s just real conversation. It’s real conversation and it’s real just…it’s simple math. It’s simple equation. It’s like, you got to know your craft. You got to know the history of what you’re doing so that you can pull from, you know, those great templates that were creative prior to you even doing what you were doing. And it’s so important for these cats, especially the newer generation coming up in music and wanting to be a craftsman at creating and mastering and mixing, like, you know, that’s why I brought up the word laptop because in today’s age, like, these guys roll out of bed with no real skill and just get out and say, “Yeah, I’m an engineer, I’m a mixer.” Like, you ain’t…man, you don’t even know who Al Schmitt is. You probably don’t even know who Jimmy Douglass is.

You know what I’m saying? And these are guys who have paved the way. And, you know, it’s great to hear him say, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do. You know, every day, I might do something different with this artist. I might do something different.” And, you know, that’s great because, Cloie, we get a lot of cats in this game who become great at what they do but then they just…they do that same thing on everybody. You know, you get a record in and you just hit the autopilot, boom, okay, that’s done. Oh, that autopilot. And, you know, this cat still dives in and still makes sure that he, you know, might do something different here but every day is a new day. Every day is a new way of infusing his craftsmanship into music. You know what I’m saying? And that’s what I love about Jimmy.

Cloie: The other thing to note is that he is with Recording Connection a “Learn From Legends” mentor. So let us not forget. And it’s more of like an even deeper more hands-on sort of facet to Recording Connection and in of itself that’s kind of wonderful to have that almost post-grab sort of access too and sort of people that are doing it like that.

DJ IZ: Yeah. You know, what I also too I love about Jimmy is that, you know, he’s clearly using both aspects of the road. He’s using the software and he’s still turning knobs, which I call a hybrid, you know what I mean? And that’s where you can really, really create and carve out your own sound, your own way of, you know, creativity and, you know, that’s about…I mean, there’s so many great guys like Jimmy but there’s only a few that really like specify in the art, like the art side of it. Let me push these envelopes. Let me see what I can, you know, what I can do different today, and that’s what I love about him. And I’m looking at Joe who responded on our message and he said, “Him and Bob Powers are my favorite engineers of all time.”

And that’s crazy because Bob Powers is actually my all-time favorite. And Bob Powers, we’re talking like, you know, the first Tribe Called Quest Record. We’re talking D’Angelo. We’re talking…who else am I forgetting? The Common “Like Water for Chocolate.” Like I’ve been a huge fan of Bob Powers because Bob Powers like in the late ’80s was pushing the envelope with low end and making sure records just had a huge bass sound to it and a craftsman. You know what I’m saying? And this is a school these guys come from, you know what I’m saying? So when you get out of bed and roll out and open your laptop and say you’re an engineer, boy, you better be sure.

Cloie: You better bring it. You better bring it.

DJ IZ: You better be sure you’ve done your homework because these cats have invented the laws and the mastery of mixing. So, again, it was so great to have Jimmy and he’s just a good dude. I’ve known him for a couple of years.

Cloie: That’s energy.

DJ IZ: And he’s always about some real shit. Like, he’s gonna shoot straight and that’s why I love him because I think it’s important for this younger generation, you know, that’s coming up to kind of understand like, you know, the work you still got to put in. You know, your laptop is only gonna do so much for you, you know, and real application is still required. So thank you for being with us.

Cloie: It’s just in between writing a research paper like how you had to do it back in the day where you had to like go to the library to get the books versus going on Google and google whatever you needed.

DJ IZ: Yeah, yeah, copy and pasting.

Cloie: #plagiarismisreal.

DJ IZ: Yeah, exactly, exactly. And, you know, it’s funny you said that because now I’m thinking about, you know, Donald Trump’s wife and voting and all that stuff, it’s like. You know.

Cloie: [Inaudible 00:26:04]

DJ IZ: Here’s a great thing on Connected. We can keep it absolutely 100. Man, I ain’t afraid to say shit on here. But I don’t know if I’m voting. I really don’t, Cloie. I don’t know if I feel the need to vote, like, you know what I’m saying?

Cloie: Listen, I hear you. I respect your decision and I also encourage people to do so. Let our voice be heard in one way or another. Welcome to be heard out of the way.

DJ IZ: Absolutely. Hey, man, all I can say is power to the people, man. Power to the people.

Cloie: Thank you, #Merica.

DJ IZ: Yeah, right. ‘Merica, ‘Merica.

Cloie: ‘Merica. Well, aren’t you gonna go to the next grind opp?

DJ IZ: Yeah. Imma let you go ahead and knock this one down, girl.

Cloie: Great, great. Okay. So, we’re now in grind opp number three. It’s in the field of film, shout out Film Connection folks. It’s morning news team. KVRR TV, the Fox affiliate in Fargo, is starting a new morning podcast team that is seeking videographers, editors, and journalist, and this is in Fargo, North Dakota. [inaudible 00:27:18] If hired, you will be shooting your own stories, working closely with the news producers, network executives, and journalists. This is a great opportunity for a multi-talented, creative newsperson ready for the next step in his or her career, must have a cover letter, resume with references, and a link to your work. Very specific, thank you. Oh, there’s something about a morning news team that I just love, and the fact that it’s in North Dakota. Shout out North Dakota. We haven’t had a grind opp in North Dakota yet, have we?

DJ IZ: We haven’t, no, this is the first. And it’s starting to get really cold in North Dakota right now.

Cloie: Oh, never mad at some cold weather.

DJ IZ: Yeah, and shout out to Stanley Rott [SP] because I got a chance to go out to North Dakota and just really sponge up the Native American culture. I was out there with Dave Matthews. I think we mentioned it a couple of shows back but shout out to North Dakota. We have a job that’s cracking. So, yeah, I mean, morning news team. I mean, that sounds cool. That sounds cool as hell actually.

Cloie: You have to get up and go. Let’s chase some stories and, you know…

DJ IZ: Right, chase those stories. So, I think one of the, you know, main details that stood out to me was cover letter for your resume with references. And, you know, we’re always encouraging on Connected how to put a resume together. It’s important to have, you know, some folks in the past have said, “Well, you know, wishing my resume entail, is it, you know, is it a bunch of fluff? Is it smoke and mirrors?” No, it’s like real stuff you’ve been able to actually do and stuff that you’re good at is always key.

Cloie: Well, because that’s grind opp too. They’re not only asking for your resume and your cover letter and references. They’re also asking for the work, the physical body, the work to backup whatever it is that you have. So you’re gonna put all this on your resume and you don’t have any footage to back it up. That I don’t know that that’s gonna fly.

DJ IZ: It ain’t gonna fly. It definitely won’t fly.

Cloie: Let’s also be super clear about references too. These are people that are like not mom, not dad, not grandma, right? These are…

DJ IZ: Solid references, solid references.

Cloie: Outside of familial connection. People that have worked with you that can vouch for you.

DJ IZ: Right. And the cool thing here too, folks, is, you know, we’re more than happy to help you put a good, solid resume together, so that all happens by you engaging with us and emailing us. And, you know, send us your resume, let us take a look at it and, you know, let’s try to zero in on the things that you have been able to do that you’re great at. And, you know, we’re here to help you through that process guys, okay? And that’s pretty much it for me on that one, Cloie. You know, it’s pretty self-explanatory. I know our Film Connection students can definitely partake in that particular grind opp if they’re in North Dakota.

Cloie: North Dakota, it just sounds so beautiful and just like why it isn’t fly and fairy.

DJ IZ: Yeah, it’s beautiful out there. So, we’re gonna move into grind opp number four now. This is again in the field of film. This is broadcast editor. Business consulting company is seeking a few passionate broadcast studio engineers to support streaming broadcast. And this is in Atlanta, Georgia.

Cloie: Hotlanta.

DJ IZ: Hotlantis, oh, let’s see here. Business consultancy company is seeking a few… Okay. So, free live and post production work involved in conducting MTC, Microsoft Technology Center, now that just sounds big, studio streaming broadcast and recording execution. This role will function as an indirect face to Microsoft interacting with speakers external to Microsoft. Candidates must be advanced with Adobe Premiere, Adobe Creative Cloud, After Effects, and NewTek TriCaster. Bachelor’s degree or bachelor’s equivalent certification is related field required. Okay. So, that’s actually the first for us to have a detail that’s requiring some type of, you know, certification or a bachelor’s degree which is not a bad thing.

I mean, for those of you that do have it, great, great chance, you’ll be able to knock this one out of the park. So there’s definitely a technical component to this one because they’re asking you to have experience in pre-live, post production work involved, you know, working with various platforms and technology. The cool thing that sounds good to me is the word Microsoft, being that, you know, Microsoft is attached to this particular job opportunity, you know, that’s not bad at all. You know, Microsoft has been around for a while and I don’t think they’re going anywhere any time soon.

Cloie: No. I’ll tell you what, upward mobility or the potential for upward mobility in proving yourself with something like Microsoft. So just tap on what you said about, this job specifically saying bachelor’s degree, we have a conversation a few weeks back and it’s kind of ongoing about like a college education versus the School of Hard Knocks and just like on-the-job training for a lack of a better way. And I think that this is probably a prime example of how both roads are valid and one is not better than the other, you know.

DJ IZ: Right, right. No, absolutely. And, you know, the cool thing too on this one, they’re looking for someone who’s passionate, you know what I’m saying? And, you know, every now and then we’ll get some grind opps that roll through when they’re looking for somebody who’s on fire and passionate about what they’re, you know, doing. So, this is really cool. You know, we might have a couple of folks who, you know, are in the Atlanta area that are passionate about this particular opportunity. So I would suggest you guys definitely get on the ball and start putting it together. You know, this could be a great job and it sounds like there would be a great…what can I…I’m getting a blank here. A great…

Cloie: Opportunity for growth?

DJ IZ: Opportunity for growth and could be a decent salary attached to this. Thank you, Cloie. Shout out to my co-pilot.

Cloie: I’m in there, I’m in there. And also not to mention that it’s in Atlanta. Atlanta is booming right now on every front and every way imaginable.

DJ IZ: Yeah. So, we’re gonna move into our final grind opp of the day. But also too guys, I wanna let you guys know, we have five more grind opps on our actual website. So, it’s a total of 10 now, okay. And then factoring the culinary grind opps that we are now featuring. So, keep that in mind, guys. So after our show, please go to the website because you’re gonna find five more jobs that we didn’t mention on today’s show, okay?

Cloie: And if you don’t see the link, it’s And today, we’ve got culinary jobs in both Georgia and Tennessee. We’ve got film job of Minnesota and radio jobs in Tennessee and New Hampshire. So make sure you check it out.

DJ IZ: Yeah. So here we go, guys. Last grind opp of the day. This is in the field of recording. Lots of recording gigs today, Cloie. This is…

Cloie: [makes sound]

DJ IZ: Right. That was an amazing scratch effect, Cloie, thank you. And this is sound engineer. Hollywood gaming is seeking for a sound engineer for Dayton Raceway. Dayton, Ohio. Oh, man, we keep getting these Midwest joints pop up, I love it. So here we go. He or she will be engineering acts that perform on stage in a casino. Previous experience live mixing is required. Also includes, here we go, here goes our detailed information, Cloie. Allen & Heath GLD-80, a pair of EAW QX full-range boxes, 4 EAW SBK250 subwoofers in a tri-amplified…

Cloie: And a partridge in a pear tree.

DJ IZ: …in a tri-amplified configuration and in-ear system monitoring, no wedges. The stage is surrounded by a sunken bar with a small dancefloor and a casino floor directly beyond. With no walls to separate the venue from the casino, the system volume will be dictated by the casino floor manager. He or she will be going through a trial period, but this is a great opportunity. So this is more like a…it’s a combination of front house, sound engineer, a little bit of both, but you’ll be, you know, for instance the [inaudible 00:36:01] list that I just mentioned. Sounds like some very detailed gear that they’re using there.

So, I would suggest for anyone looking to dive into this grind opp, man, I would go to Google, I would go to YouTube, and dial in these gear product numbers and see what they are, what they look like. It looks like the EAW is a subwoofer system but how they’re running it is very detailed. So you sure you can kind of, you know, get yourself up to speed just by doing a little bit of homework. But Dayton Raceway, I mean that sounds fun. And it’s at a casino.

Cloie: And I also wanna say that I feel like they’re looking for a very specific person and that this is not the first time we’ve heard of this job. Do you know what I’m saying?

DJ IZ: Absolutely, yeah.

Cloie: Like, they’re looking for a very specific situation and a very specific person.

DJ IZ: Yeah, correct, I agree.

Cloie: To help them with this one.

DJ IZ: Definitely agree. But again, that, you know, could be a great opportunity. That’s in Dayton, Ohio at a casino. You know, so, could be cool. You know, those environments are always kind of just lively. But one of the details I think stayed out to me too is obviously the volume issue because I know, because there’s no wall separating the stage from the casino. You know, you’ll have to be really in tune with the room and acoustics and everything so that, you know, whoever is dealing the cards can hear folks and their bets. You know, a lot of things going on in the casino environment. And then, you’re mostly gonna smell like smoke.

Cloie: I mean?

DJ IZ: You’re most likely gonna smell like smoke.

Cloie: You’re gonna smell like casino, is that it?

DJ IZ: Yeah. Man, like don’t wear anything new in the casino. Your hair is gonna be shot let alone like, yeah, it can be pretty smoky.

Cloie: IZ, let’s go to the casino. Let’s get Connected in the casino.

DJ IZ: I’m down. You know, we should do a show from a casino, like that would be hella cool.

Cloie: [Inaudible 00:38:01] oh wait, that’s no, that’s the wrong coast, [inaudible 00:38:05]. That’s what I’m thinking.

DJ IZ: So, that is our final grind opp of the day, but, you know, we’ve got a lot of folks who are joining us here especially in our little chat. And this is our favorite part of the show where we get to do some Q&A and talk to folks and answer some questions. So, Cloie, let’s see who’s got, you know, who’s got some good questions in here from us. I wanna say shout out to Jessica who’s joining us here today. Good day have you.

Cloie: Wait. Real quick before, as we’re looking our questions, I also wanna say, we’re doing our contest still. Best instrument post, we’re using the #IZConnected. So throw some goodness up, some love our way and then you might win something from our treasure chest, is this treasure chest. Get some goodies, so get that out there, guys. We love some social media love. Okay. What we got?

DJ IZ: And shout out to Desiree because we see her here often every Monday. So shout out to you, girl. We had a question from Christine. She said, “Do any of you know how internship works after completing classes for school? Do they work with your work schedule?” Wanna do…

Cloie: Internship is different because there are the internships where they will be built into your school’s schedule, right, and then there are some internships that are run just like jobs and they don’t give up, you know. So I think it all depends on where you’re applying and the people that you’re working for, what their needs are. Oftentimes, I imagine that, you know, in the light of the fact that everybody is different, when you’re open and communicative and saying, “Hey, I’m in school. I’m finishing up. This is what I’ve got to offer,” right? Give them all the information and then let them give you the yes or the no. That’s all you can do, you know.

DJ IZ: Shout out to Rochelle. She says, “Hey, everybody.” Joe had a specific message for you, Cloie. He said, “Looking fab, Cloie. Looking fab.”

Cloie: Oh, thanks, Joe. Thanks. It must be purple.

DJ IZ: What other questions do we have that we can kind of… I’m scrolling.

Cloie: Patrick wants to know how to apply for the jobs. Patrick, if you wanna apply for any of our jobs, you’re going to go to Did I get that right, Mike? I think I maybe got it right. Yeah, oh, I’m sorry. Oh, I forget the latest. No, it’s, okay? To just be clear, I always screw it up.

DJ IZ: So, I saw a question here by 80A. He said, “Now, what kind of job can you look for when you look for a job when you are older?” Honestly, the grind opps we’ve been presenting from day one, I mean, it doesn’t really land itself to a particular age. I think, as long as you got the experience, as long as you can get in there and overperform, I mean, the job is for the taking.

Cloie: It sure is.

DJ IZ: I wouldn’t limit yourself to thinking, you know, “Well, am I too old? Man, just go for it, you know. As long as you got what it takes, man, you can get in there and deliver and execute, why not? You know, so.

Cloie: And I also just wanna say, I think that this might be real Buddhist and that’s fine, but just hear me for a second. I think that the worst thing in our minds…the worst thing anybody can ever say to us is no, right? And what does no really translate to, not yet. But a no is not gonna hurt you. It’s not gonna kill you. If anything, it might make you feel uncomfortable for a minute. But I think that we have this attachment to wanting to feel comfortable and I think that sometimes that taps into fear which makes us not wanna try and put all this other stuff on. Let it go. If the worst… What would you do if you knew you could not fail? Fucking everything. Wait a minute, do you know what I mean tough, right? Just like, I just needed that first Monday movement, just needed to put that.

DJ IZ: Yeah, absolutely. And my home girl Jessica says, “IZ, you can go back to PKC and Stanley Roth [SP] for that show at a casino you’re talking about.” She says, “Elbow, yes, casinos are smoky.” And actually, that was a cool casino that I got to hang out at, and I’m actually…it would actually be great for us to go to North Dakota, because they got some things happening out there that are very whack, you know, with this whole… Have you heard about this pipeline issue, Cloie?

Cloie: No, I don’t know that I have.

DJ IZ: So they’re running a pipeline through, you know, I mean, their land, Native American land, and they running this oil pipeline through their water source, their water supply. And if anything is to ever happen, the pipe break, I mean there goes our water supply. So this huge thing going on, man, they’ve been out there protesting. That’s something I got to see on my visit to North Dakota and it was just really blew my mind, so. Anyway, but yeah, it’d be great to go hang out and do a show at a casino. Like, that would be so much fun.

Cloie: In North Dakota with some jerky.

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: Stop playing.

DJ IZ: So Christine says, “Okay, cool. I’m willing to do that in order for me to have a better future.” You know, that’s really the most coolest way to look at it, you know. Just get out there and pave your way and go for it.

Cloie: We have something from Kaurika Belk. Kaurika, forgive me if I’m mispronouncing your name. She says, “Acting coaches, notable talent agents, casting companies, all in Los Angeles that work well with hardworking, dedicated, new but experienced actors. No reel yet. Resume only with headshot. I’m hungry.” Now, Kaurika are you asking for the information or you’re just saying that this is what you’re working on because I support both of those. We support both of those. Hunger is real.

DJ IZ: Right, right. And it sounds like she’s in the process of building it up and she might need some help there on the resume side. It sounds like she only has a resume with a headshot. But that’s something we could definitely help you with. Like I said, I mean, it’s all, you know, it’s all based on how you engage here but we’re an open platform so, you know, send it to us and let’s see what you got and we’ll help you carve out something really cool for yourself.

Cloie: Guys, [email protected]. This is IZ. I’m Cloie. There’s no H there. It’s C-L-O-I-E. Oh, thank you, Christine. You’re amazing too. Yes, flamenco dancer, yeah.

DJ IZ: Yes, yes.

Cloie: IZ, Ailey [SP] wants to know if you have a SoundCloud.

DJ IZ: Yeah. Everly Brothers [SP]. So Kaurika just responded, she said, “Do you get casting or agent info for gigs?”

Cloie: We don’t get audition notices, if that’s what you mean. At least we don’t get audition notices yet. Anything is possible in the future. But one of the best places to go for audition notices is if you know, It’s in LA, it’s in New York, it’s in Chicago. Kaurika, I’m not sure where you are, but to get signed up there, and you can filter the notices to suit your needs. So you union or not, union paid or not paid, or anything like that and that’s one of the channels. There’s another casting frontier that are all super helpful for getting those notices for auditioning stuff. And also, student films. Out here, we’ve got like AFI and all of that great stuff that are always looking to shoot student projects, and that’s a way for you to get some good footage for your reel, especially if you’re building it up.

DJ IZ: Yeah. So there you go. It looks like our Q&A is at its…

Cloie: That’s end?

DJ IZ: I think it’s done, I think it’s done, but you know what’s cool is, you know, we’ve got some, you know, we’ve got quite a few familiars in here. We’ve got some new faces, so it’s always good to see our viewership growing. Again, folks, it’s something we do every Monday at 11 a.m. so, you know, we’ve got the grind opps and like I said, you know, there’s 5 here we feature on the show and there’s 5 more we feature on our website. So definitely keep that in mind.

Cloie: Yes, invite your friends, please.

DJ IZ: Invite your friends, tell your folks. And that’s for folks that are looking to get out here and get your career path going in fields that are, you know, really, really great fields and, you know, could be growth for you in the future, and there’s decent salaries attached to them. So, definitely keep that in mind. Because question I always get, Cloie, is, “Well, do you know how much are they paying?” Well, I’ll tell you, none of these grind opps are paying peanuts. So, yeah.

Cloie: You got the time, we got the grind. Oh. I’m gonna write that down.

DJ IZ: Write that down. So, before we close our Q&A out, we’ve got one more in from my man, Paul. He says, “I’m 44 years old. Am I too old to begin a career in broadcasting? Also, do you help us get in the union? Right now, I’m doing extra work. I’m mostly on ‘Law & Order: SVU.’ Should I put it on my resume?” Absolutely. Definitely put that on your resume. Man, you’ll never hear me tell anybody, “You’re too old for anything.” So Paul, man, just go for it, man. He also wants to know, Cloie…

Cloie: I think we can’t help him get into the union, like we can help like ways. Extra work is one of the best ways to get into the union because you get your points, your SAG points, and your vouchers. Collect those vouchers, right? Shout out to “Law & Order: SVU” as in episode back…

DJ IZ: Well, you better tell him, girl. You better tell him.

Cloie: My New York day. Yeah. It’s like that there’s…you just get out there and any time you can get on a SAG or whatever union set, that’s gonna help you. Just make sure you get your vouchers. Sorry. Go ahead. What were you saying, IZ?

DJ IZ: Well, with that being said, Cloie, we’re now at that time. It is now time for us to get our Mondays moving and get out there in the streets and grind. But I just wanna say thank you for everybody checking in and tuning in today on our show and our podcast and our Google Play. Again, guys, this is something we do every Monday at 11 a.m. We’ve got new jobs ever week, 10 jobs every week and we’ll be going to more jobs coming soon. We’ve got some great things coming up in the future. We’ve got some great partnerships in the work right now that we’ll be featuring in a couple of weeks to let you guys know. But definitely, keep in mind, these are the jobs anywhere from LA all the way to New York. So, most likely, if you’re not in LA, we’ll catch you somewhere at some point. All right. And shout out to North Dakota, our first grind opp in North Dakota was featured today. So, shout out to ND. And shout out to our team, Cloie, who makes this possible for us to do it every Monday. That’s Mike, Howie, Bryan, Jay, Chevy, and…

Cloie: Edwin, everybody.

DJ IZ: And yeah, Edwin. So, we look forward to see you guys here next week. I got a busy week, Cloie. I know you’ve got a busy week, but definitely stay on your beaten path and…

Cloie: And finish your picture. It’s #IZConnected. Send us some social media love on le Instagram. And for those of you just joining us, we’re running a contest, best post wins something in this treasure chest.

DJ IZ: And also too, send us some quotes. Let us know how you feel about this show, okay? We would definitely wanna feature your feedback. And do not forget to send us your resume. Send us music, send it in whatever you have about you. Send it on down, all right? So, love you guys. I’m your host DJ IZ, my lovely co-host Ms. Cloie. Oh yeah, there it is, there it is. And we’ll catch you guys next week, all right? Stay tuned. Peace.

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