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Show #35 | Los Angeles, CA

Oct 24, 2016

Here are the job opportunities (or as we like to call them, Grind Opps) from this week's show.



Film Festival Coordinator Assistants

Industry: Film

Location: Washington, DC


The Environmental Film Festival in the Nation’s Capital (the world’s largest showcase of environmental films) is seeking 3-4 assistants.




Prep Cook

Industry: Culinary

Location: San Francisco, CA


Travel Catering Company seeking a prep cook that will be responsible for preparing various food items through knife/tool cuts in large volume.




Audio/Film Production Assistant

Industry: Recording

Location: Nashville, TN


Nashville-based company is seeking a full time production assistant to work with the Logistics Coordinator.




Assistant Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: San Francisco, C


Dolby is seeking an assistant engineer that will be working with senior engineers to establish and document product test plans.




Videographer and Junior Video Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Little Rock, AR


Video Production Company seeking a videographer that will join a talented group of editors that provide corporate editing services.




Broadcast Production Engineer

Industry: Radio

Location: Hillsboro, OR


Strong Broadcast Production Engineer with live production experience needed to support the largest production facility in the NW




Audio Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Multiple Cities


Non-profit organization that focuses on creating stories and songs for kids in need is seeking audio engineers in multiple cities.




Movie Extras

Industry: Film

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Independent production Company seeking 50-75 extras for finale hip-hop concert scene.




Live Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Dallas / Ft Worth, TX


Live Production company seeking a part time media assistant/ sound engineer.




Board Operator

Industry: Radio

Location: Toledo, OH


Radio station seeking board operator to ensure technical quality of programs in the studio from syndications or from remote pick up points.



DJ IZ: Welcome to “Connected.” It’s show 35. I’m your host DJ IZ. I’m here with my lovely girl Ms. who? Ms. Cloie. Say, what’s up girl?

Cloie: Hi guys! Good morning! Hope you’re ready for some #mondaymovement.

DJ IZ: Well, all right! Girl, you dressed like it’s hot and bright and sunny outside.

Cloie: Uh duh…I live in the vicinity…I almost said the sunshine state, but I think that’s Florida.

DJ IZ: What’s up Cloie, what’s up Cloie? I feel like I haven’t seen you in a minute, man, what’s going on?

Cloie: Well, you were in Japan and North Dakota. Life is good. We’re just popping it off and just holding it down here with our friends, who I adore, who we adore. You brought me back some jerky.

DJ IZ: Oh, yes, yes. Well, man, you know, I’m happy to be back, I’m happy to be hanging. I’m happy to be here on this Monday at 11 a.m. sharp. Coming to you live with “Connected”. Yo, Cloie! For our newcomers, let’s tell them where they can catch us at before we get things rollin’.

Cloie: Oh for sure. So guys, here’s the thing. It’s super hard to find this in my heart, I mean, not at all. We are across…

DJ IZ: Man, Cloie, it should be…

Cloie: What?

DJ IZ: It should be really easy for these folks, like around this… We’re at show 35. Like y’all should have this locked and loaded. It’s cool though, because some familiars popping up on our chat so, shout out to all of them, Alicia [SP] and Minalo [SP], David.

Cloie: Cool J love, we just played Cool Jay love music.

DJ IZ: Cool J love.

Cloie: It was our opener.

DJ IZ: Yeah.

Cloie: That’s our opener that you heard. That “Oh, yeah,” super sexy like, yeah. Oh, thank you. But, yeah. What?

DJ IZ: So Cloie, before I really interrupt you, you go ahead and tell them where they can catch us.

Cloie: Oh, sure. So guys, we are across the social media @izconnected. That is: I-Z CONNECTED. That is on Facebook, that’s on Twitter, that’s on Instagram, that’s Google plus, like us, follow us, share us, love us, if you have not done so already. If you’ve done it already, do it again please. And this time bring friends. And, of course, if you can watch us live on these social platforms, but watch us live on the official “powered by Recording Connection” version right? The #poweredbyrecordingconnection because there’s something special that comes at the end of that. At the end of the episode.

DJ IZ: Yeah, yep, and also too, don’t forget to catch us, for those of you who are en route, mobile traveling, you can definitely catch us on iTunes podcast and at Google Play, so we’re pretty much everywhere now, folks, like there’s no reason why you should miss an episode. Especially when we’re going from 5 jobs to 10 jobs a week, so. I know it’s a secret, I know it’s a secret, we’re going to get to that later, but also too, you know, always reminding you guys we are now cracking with culinary jobs. So, for all our aspiring chefs that love to grill it up, cook it up, you can definitely get those opportunities here.

Cloie: And today you will for sure.

DJ IZ: Absolutely, absolutely. So, I mean, am I missing…go ahead, Cloie. I feel like I’m missing something but go ahead…

Cloie: The only thing you’re missing is to tell us about where you have been and how your trips, plural, were. Because the world wants to know. We all missed you. Damn it.

DJ IZ: You know what? Then I feel so loved here today. So, well there were two trips for me, so I was in North Dakota. Which we’ll talk about, and share with you a little later on in the show, but for the most part I also had to gear up for my show in Japan, which was a show I did with Usher on a military base, which was pretty, it was pretty insane. Like, Cloie, I literally got home on Wednesday from North Dakota, and then had to be at LAX bright and early the next morning. You know, LAX, you got to be there three hours prior to international flights, so I had to like gear my mind up for this 12 hour flight right. So, 12 hours, I get to Japan and I’m looking at my tickets, I’m like wait I got another flight, girl, I had to get on a three hour flight to Okinawa. Oh man.

Cloie: No.

DJ IZ: Man, I was so burnt, like luckily, when I got there, luckily I had a day to just kind of decompress, but, man, it was rough, but it was cool. So what it was, actually it was for the military, and we actually had this show on the books like months ago but they ended up postponing it so we finally got you know here we are Okinawa finally getting ready to do the show and it was like, I thought it was gonna to be like, you know, like 5,000, 10,000. There was like 30,000 folks out there ready.

Cloie: Yes, Yeah.

DJ IZ: They was like ready to jam, so it…

Cloie: The photos that you posted were crazy. We reposted some of them on our social media, guys. @izconnected on social media. Keep going.

DJ IZ: Yeah, and it was just, it was good, man, it was good energy, you can tell, like, folks were just ready to just be entertained, have a good time and, you know, that’s what it was. I mean, it was like one long party, so our set was 75 minutes so we ran through all the hits and it was just great, you know, it was great and next day, you know, I was drifting. This flight I was like 3 hours here, 12 more hours so by the time I got home, Cloie, I was fried eggs, girl. I was over hard.

Cloie: I mean, right! Over hard. Wait, way you epitomize getting your grind on, right?

DJ IZ: Yeah, yeah, exactly like you know, and that’s how it be sometimes, I mean, you know, you’re somewhere and then in the midst of you working you get another schedule and then you got to go from point A to point B and you got to figure out how to make it all work, so…

Cloie: And you do.

DJ IZ: Yeah, and you make it work, you know, when you’re thirsty and you’re hungry that’s what you do, you make it work. So I was actually very happy to see you do your thing and fly the ship and be the pilot of the day. So that was great for me to see and I’m always happy to see you do your thing, Cloie, so, you know.

Cloie: Thanks, boo. We had a good time this week, guys. For people that are back that I didn’t scare away, thanks for coming back! We had a really, really, really good time! We got it done. I get excited!

DJ IZ: So what was your week last week like, Cloie? What did you have going on?

Cloie: Sure, the hustle is real. I am in the middle of three shows and auditioning. I started rehearsals for a big David Bowie show, that will be happening over the holidays, which is awesome. It’s a company called the Troubadour Theater Company. They’ve been around for forever and they’re super popular here. They’ve got like a cult following. And it’s kind of like a rock concert, but it’s a show.

DJ IZ: Dope!

Cloie: Mashed up with, yeah, it’s mashed up with David Bower music, and it’s hard to explain, but think of it as a holiday mashup. And, there’s talks of where it goes next after this, and then it’s good stuff. So I’m doing that and I’m choreographing another show, and then the show that I’m currently in, is running, so… I’m making it happen. Getting high and belting hard. That’s where we are.

DJ IZ: I just want to know one thing. Are you all rockin’ to a “Nice day for a white wedding?” Yeah, that’s why she…yeah…

Cloie: Listen, we rocked out to “Golden Years” the other day, for like just, yeah, yeah. And in harmony.

DJ IZ: That’s cool! I’m yeah, I mean, you know, it’s always exciting to hear everything that you’ve got going on. It’s funny how these two roads come together every Monday, and we just, you know. We just show folks like, you know, we still gotta go get it too, you know, so…

Cloie: Always. And how do we do it? Like a boss.

DJ IZ: Like a boss.

Cloie: Like a boss needs a manicure.

DJ IZ: Yeah, so for those of you who are looking to send us music resumes, any type of material to tell us about yourself, you definitely wanna shoot it to [email protected], all right. You can send us all your stuff there and then you can also check out…

Cloie: We want to hear from you.

DJ IZ: …our website at And you can see everything we’ve got there, we’ve got all our jobs posted today. We got information, we got registering information. Also for those of you who are looking to attend the Recording Film and Radio Connection, you can find all that info there as well. Again that’s You know, you got to like over pronounce it. Like you…

Cloie: I’m about to go like this sometimes so I can make the… But that’s not sexy, but it’s accurate, but it is accurate.

DJ IZ: Yeah! So Cloie, before we jump up into these grind opps, let’s let them know what they need to have prepared and ready to get going.

Cloie: Guys, we’re going to keep it simple. All you need is your pen, your paper, and a great attitude.

DJ IZ: iPad.

Cloie: iPad, texting thumbs.

DJ IZ: However you do it.

Cloie: No judgments here, just get it done, so that you can get it connected. Am I right?

DJ IZ: You are absolutely right!

Cloie: Should we jump in?

DJ IZ: We’re gonna jump into grind opp number one.

Cloie: Love it!

DJ IZ: Grind op number one is in the field of film. This is film festival coordinator assistant. The environmental film festival in the nation’s capital, the world’s largest showcase of environmental films is seeking three to four assistants, and this is in Washington D.C.

Cloie: Show it up D.C.

DJ IZ: So, he or she will be organizing the office calendar and scheduling, doing requested research, information gathering, providing support on all delegated tasks, help prepare reports, documents for the board of directors and other communications. The ideal candidate will excel in a fast paced environment, interact with others, desire to become a member of a vibrant and growing team, working with visiting film makers and speakers on arranging travel and other logistics, manage all aspects of print traffic ensuring exhibition copies for all screenings have arrived. Been sent to the venue and quality tested. Full-time position and he or she will be networking with industry personnel throughout the world, so it’s a whole lot of details in that one, Cloie, I mean.

Cloie: It’s very clear, that one.

DJ IZ: You tell me what some of that looks like for you just in those kind of environments, you know, when you’re dealing with coordinating assistants. You’re dealing with, you know, film makers, I mean…

Cloie: You’re the glue, is what you basically are. Like, you are holding it all together, because you’re dealing with people and things. You’re talking about collecting assets. By assets, I mean the, like anything that needs to be displayed, or anything that’s going to add to the presentation of the thing. Or add to the coming together.

DJ IZ: Right, Right.

Cloie: Right. But you’re ensuring that it gets there. That it gets to the right place. That it’s what it needs to be. That it looks like what it needs to be. I mean, there’s even light sales, if you think about it.

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: It’s wanting fast paced environment, interact well with others, desire to become a member of a vibrant and growing team, yeah. There’s a whole lot of proving oneself, which is amazing! You’re scheduling, research, you are a jack of all trades.

DJ IZ: Right. And, it’s a fast paced environment.

Cloie: Yeah, real time.

DJ IZ: When you’re in those kind of environments, when it says fast paced, I mean, is it a lot of pressure? Is it a lot of demand? Is it a lot of just being punctual? Like, what are some of the things that make it a fast paced environment?

Cloie: From what I see a lot of the time it’s because you’re working against the clock, often. Like, you’re always just a little bit behind and if something hasn’t arrived where it needs to be, but…

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: Yeah, and also personalities, definitely personalities. Because of how people manage stress is so different.

DJ IZ: Right, right.

Cloie: Yeah, and then it’s also that element of which can be just as hard, go go go go…and then nothing. Like, hurry up and wait.

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: Which is a real [inaudible 12:57] thing.

DJ IZ: I think that happens…it seems like that happens a lot on set, like go, go, go, hurry up and then wait.

Cloie: Yes!

DJ IZ: Yeah.

Cloie: Great! You’re here! We’ve gotta throw you into hair and make-up. Go, go, go, go, and then you’re in your trailer for three hours, like, “Can somebody bring me a sandwich?”

DJ IZ: Right. Right. So, it’s definitely one of those patience is definitely a virtue in that aspect right like…

Cloie: Yes! And then also being able to…

[crosstalk 13:20]

Cloie: And then what?

DJ IZ: And then still being ready when they finally do call you in and you got to put on, you know, like you got to snap into it really quick.

Cloie: The other thing that for this job that I think is not written, but it kind of goes without saying in my mind, is the ability to look ahead, right?

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: To identify problems before it exists, as opposed to trying to clean up a mess that’s already made.

DJ IZ: Right. Yeah, no, totally. Okay. Now, you know, I mean, it’s also great that it does mention this is a full-time position.

Cloie: Yeah, great!

DJ IZ: And, you know, full-time, half-time, two seconds, two hours is hard to come by these days. So any time we get jobs here on connected that have the language of full-time, I mean, those are things we definitely like to capitalize on so, for anybody who is in the field of film that is viewing today, this can be a really, really great opportunity for you, if you’re in the D.C. area.

Cloie: And, also if you are interested in the green movement or anything environmental, this would be a fantastic opportunity for you.

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: Because you are dealing with people that are bringing this voice to the forefront.

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: And that’s great.

DJ IZ: Yeah, absolutely! So, folks, that is grind opp number one. And, again there was a lot of details there for you to capture and think about and prepare for. So, definitely film lovers keep that in mind for this particular grind opp. It’s film festival coordinator assistant. All right, so, man, I know if I was in the film industry, Cloie, I’d be like sign me up!

Cloie: I mean, IZ, IZ, IZ, can I know about your trip now?

DJ IZ: Yes, yes. okay without any further ado, Cloie. We put a little piece together for you for my North Dakota trip. Which was with me, Dave Matthews, Let Us Eat, and a couple other cats. And, this was something I did with the turnaround arts, where I adopted a school on a Native American reservation called Standing Rock, and I won’t say any more. We’re gonna roll to the clip. We’re gonna roll to the tape. And this is from the [inaudible 15:39]…

Cloie: Roll film.

DJ IZ: Roll the film from the vault.

Boy: Rancho Cucamonga, California, and I am very, very honored to introduce you DJ IZ to Ms. [inaudible 00:16:00].

DJ IZ: So, yes, Cloie.

Cloie: Oh, man.

DJ IZ: That’s a little taste of just the kids and, you know, as you saw the band was in there jamming.

Cloie: Was that Alfre Woodard?

DJ IZ: What’s that?

Cloie: Was that Alfre Woodard?

DJ IZ: Yeah! That’s her, and she’s an incredible human being, like, I met her when I went to Cuba as well as Dave, and man, she is so amazing. And her passion for really, you know, really challenged kids that come up in the struggle and don’t have the means to get, you know, the proper education that they’re due. I mean, she really goes hard for these schools and these students, and it was life changing for me and, I mean, here I am with these, you know, these kids. And then just to experience real Native American culture like, Cloie, I was like I got to see, yeah, the teepee get down and how they, like, dry out the buffalo hides for winter, like, yo, it was serious. It was serious. And they were just so inspiring. Huh?

Cloie: What were the kids like?

DJ IZ: They were amazing, just like, just first of all they’re really quiet and then when we started talking about music they like lit up so, you know, it was just. To see how like music can just really spark conversation, it doesn’t matter what culture, what ethnicity background you come from. It was, man, we just, we just were like able to start chopping it up. Like they, you know, they love their hip-hop. They love their singers. They love their Adeles. They love like just really great, you know, and you can tell like just by talking to them they’re looking for something to, you know, really spark their imagination, and whether it’s dreams, whether it’s, you know, figuring out what they want to be in life, you just, like they just come to life, you know. And it was amazing, man, I wish I could have stayed longer. Yeah.

Cloie: It just sounds so freaking amazing. And looks amazing. And the gratitude on those kids’ faces.

DJ IZ: Yeah. I think and it was cool because when I got by the… Because they had me visit all the classrooms, but by the time I got to the band room, like I didn’t want to do any more talking. I just wanted to like, let’s just play music. Here we go! One, two, three, and we just jammed.

Cloie: And that was like the [inaudible 19:27].

DJ IZ: Yeah. So that was fun! I mean, it was a great trip. And I had such a great time. I was like, you know, and I had to be cautious, because like when they do their prayers they don’t like you to take pictures or film their prayers. Because it’s a lot of things within Native American culture is still very much sacred, and so, you know, I was like understanding that and then being able to take my phone out and like is it cool if I take a picture, you know, so. But, It was really great, I mean, they really embraced me and when I got to the school, they did this dance for me. And there was a lot of times, Cloie, where I had to like stop from tearing up, like, that’s how crazy it was.

Cloie: Emotions are real, let them do what they need to do. They demand to be felt.

DJ IZ: Yeah, it was awesome. I had to fan myself like I was in church.

Cloie: Get the vapors?

DJ IZ: Yeah. So, overall I wanted to share that with our viewers here today. On my experience in North Dakota and being on Native American territory reservations, and just the kids and the culture. And, like again, for me it was just here I am saying to myself, man just, all this just from music. You know, I’ve been able to do amazing things in music and I’ve been blessed and I’ve been fortunate. And here I am inspiring kids from one of the OG cultures, you know what I mean? Like…

Cloie: The OG culture.

DJ IZ: Yeah. You know, yeah so…

Cloie: We don’t like to talk about it, but let’s talk about it.

DJ IZ: Hey, you know what’s crazy? I was, girl, I just so happened to get there on Columbus Day.

Cloie: You saw my post for Columbus Day?

DJ IZ: Yeah I did. So, yeah that whole dynamic was fairly, fairly interesting, so. Guys, I wanted to bring that to you. I hope you got to enjoy the little piece we put together for you from my team. Thank you! Thank you to my team too for hashing that up and putting something cool together for you guys. So definitely, lots of love for you guys there. So Cloie, without further ado, we’re gonna to jump up and grind out number two, which happens to be in culinary. So if we got some chefs, if we got some cats that can cook it up, that are looking at taking it a little further, this could be for you. So guys, this is a grind opp in the field of culinary. Prep cook: Traveling catering company seeking a prep cook that will be responsible for preparing various food items through knives/tool cuts in large volume. And this is in the Bay Area, San Francisco, California. Yeah, I mean, dude, if I can land a gig in the Bay Area I’d be a happy camper. I love the bay.

Cloie: Oh, the Bay area. Love it.

DJ IZ: Yep! So, check it out. He or she will be responsible for: Preparing the ingredients, for production according to recipes and directions. Candidate will be cutting and cleaning a variety of fruits and vegetables. Prep cook will be reporting to the kitchen manager, sous chef and executive chef. Candidate must have a sense of urgency, excellent verbal skills, and a multi-tasker. This is another full-time position, folks. So this ain’t half-time, this ain’t 15 seconds, this ain’t a day, this is full-time okay? Now…

Cloie: Here’s what I know about the field of culinary too. And, this job in particular, there is a hierarchy in place in a kitchen. And just like pans and pots, tempers can run the hot and high, right? You’re reporting to the kitchen manager, the sous chef and the executive chef, that takes a very specific individual to be the prep cook, because it is a lot of repetition, right? A lot of repetition and also a lot of focus. So this takes a very specific individual, because you’ve got also on top of all of that, cut the stuff. I almost slipped up there…to make it look beautiful and it’s still art.

DJ IZ: It’s presentation, correct?

Cloie: Presentation.

DJ IZ: Yeah. You know what’s crazy? You know, hence the phrase, you know, too many chefs in the kitchen? You know…

Cloie: Maybe they’ve got something to say.

DJ IZ: There’s something to say, so you know. I this kind of environment I can only imagine, Cloie, just to kind of reiterate what you were saying is it can be very intense, tempers can fly, you know, so. Hey, you might want to have some experience. Yeah, you might want to have some experience for this grind opp. Because, you know, I mean, this…

Cloie: And bring your humble pants.

DJ IZ: Yeah, exactly. Because, you know, it’s a full-time position folks, so this ain’t try out time, this ain’t, you know, you definitely want to make sure you got it together.

Cloie: And that your chopping game is on point.

DJ IZ: Yeah, swift with that Ginsu, son, you know what I’m saying.

Cloie: Right. Not like how I chop it, just like this.

DJ IZ: Smack a robot? So yeah, so folks I mean, just looking at those details alone, could be a great opportunity, but I would definitely suggest you have some experience in the field of culinary if you’re gonna take advantage of this particular grind opp. Also Cloie, before we go onto our next grind opp, let’s let them know where they can apply for these jobs and these grind opps.

Cloie: Oh, guys, it’s super simple. It’s gonna to be the link on your screen. It’s\connected\latest or is that forward slash. Slash. Just And it’s all right there.

DJ IZ: I mean it’s that easy folks and the cool thing, Cloie, we got to let folks know, like, you ain’t going to find these jobs anywhere else.

Cloie: No, no.

DJ IZ: You ain’t gonna find them on Craigslist, the Internet, so, you know.

Cloie: Yes, that’s right, #humblepants.

DJ IZ: Yeah, #humblepants and always #overperform. We had a great conversation earlier about over performing, but we’ll leave that one alone. But, definitely make sure you’re taking advantage of that link where to apply for these jobs. And I strongly suggest, you know, refining your resumes guys, and you can always send us your resumes and we can always definitely reply to those emails and give you some suggestions. If you kind of, you know, want to know a couple things, or should I do this? Should I add this? Should I not have this in here? So we can definitely help you guys out there as well. So, without any further ado, we’re going to jump into our fourth grind opp of the day.

Cloie: No wait. The third one right?

DJ IZ: No, actually, our third. I’m sorry, I’m jumping ahead. You know, that’s what I’ve got Cloie in the house for. To give me the whew, whew. So, Cloie, I’m gonna let you go ahead and let you knock this one out.

Cloie: Love it! Love it! All right. So we’re on grind opp number three. Shout out to our Film Connection students and our Recording Connection students on this one. Grind opp number three is in field recording, it is an audio film production assistant. A Nashville based company is seeking a full-time production assistant to work with the logistics coordinator. And this is in Nashville, Tennessee. So for somebody who’s asking us do we do jobs in Nashville, here’s another one. The candidate will be responsible for: Ensuring communication flow, day to day activities and timely support. Candidate will be assisting as a bridge between the business development and production departments ensuring all equipment labor and trucking logistics are coordinated correctly. Candidate will work with warehouse supervisor to improve systems for inventory efficiency. Candidate will focus on both the main campus and storage sites. Cleanliness, organization, safety, and repair, as needed. Participate in client meetings calls and projects when necessary. All right, that’s a lot of behind the scenes as well as in front of the scenes. You know? The one that sticks out to me is: candidate will be assisting as a bridge between the business development and production departments. That sticks out to me.

DJ IZ: You know, what’s interesting too is cleanliness. For real, like you know, main campus and storage sites cleanliness organization. And, we all know those are dynamics that a whole lot of folks might not have, sometimes. You know, organization, cleanliness, you know.

Cloie: But you’re dealing with gear, if somebody is like, “Where is my whats-n-stuff?” And your like, “Oh, give me a minute to find it,” that’s not a #overperform situation. What’s up to you too. That’s not setting you up for your strongest self. Be better, know where your stuff is.

DJ IZ: Right, and that’s the thing too. I think with this particular grind opp, Cloie, there’s a bit of technicalities in there as far as being, you’ve got to be very technical and those are some of the things that we always like to point out within our grind opps is there are certain characteristics that you have to have in order to fulfill and be able to perform within these grind opps. And those are some things that, you know, some folks just kind of take lightly sometimes, or don’t really understand like the real demand and what their expectations are. And, a lot of times, you know, you’ll get into a particular job or you’re taking advantage of an opportunity, you end up shooting yourself in your foot because you can’t over perform.

Cloie: You know what? Here’s another hashtag for you. Here’s one #thehustleizreal. The hustle iz real. Time is of the utmost importance, and nobody’s got time for you to figure your beep out.

DJ IZ: Yeah, you got to come with it, because you know, you’re gonna be participating in client meetings. So, you’re dealing with clients, okay. Then you’re dealing with calls and projects. It’s a lot of different dynamics that fall within this particular grind opp. Not just being, you know, detailed, or technical, but now you’re dealing with clients. And we both know that those are two different personalities that you’ve got to have. Because, you know, dealing with clients is a whole another thing you know. Dealing with clients, you want to keep clients happy at all times.

Cloie: All times.

DJ IZ: You want to keep that business coming. You want to keep that relationship, those rapports fresh. And, it’s something definitely for you to think about. And it all really lends itself to just, your dynamic, your energy, and how you can function within these different pockets of personalities really, you know. So, something to think about folks, but that is grind opp number three. And again, that is in Nashville, Tennessee.

Cloie: Nashville.

DJ IZ: So, we are going to move onto grind opp four. And this is in the field of recording. Shout out to all our Recording Connection students who got mad experience, because our classroom is the real world. And that is the difference of how we do things at Recording Connection. And you can also, I mean, folks this information is available on our website. If you want to learn about Recording Film Radio Connection, it’s all there for you. You can learn about our mentors, you can learn about who they are. You can learn how many folks have been able to come out and actually get gigs. It’s all there for you. So I want to definitely shout out our Recording Connection students. Because we’ve got a whole lot of assistant engineers. We’ve got a whole lot of engineers that got hours already on the books of doing it. Yep! So here we go. San Francisco, California.

Cloie: Another one in San Francisco.

DJ IZ: Dolby is seeking, Dolby.

Cloie: Dolby.

DJ IZ: Is seeking an assistant engineer that will be working with senior engineers that establish and document product test plans. Again this is in the bay. Candidate will be going through different signal flow, troubleshooting scenarios before being qualified. Candidate must be familiar with Pro Tools and midi sequencing experience. He or she must have previous studio internship experience. Now Recording Connection students that’s all yours for the taking. That’s all yours. So, you know, and there’s again there’s another technical component to this particular grind opp, because you’re gonna be dealing with signal flow trouble shooting, and you’ve got to have midi sequencing experience. And what I’m realizing in the game right now with the younger generation, the engineers coming up, a lot of these folks don’t have midi sequencing experience. You say midi, they’re like cables? We still need cables for that stuff. So definitely be on your game. And I feel like today with today’s engineers, Cloie, they need to know it all. I mean, you can’t just come in the game and be on some well that was old school. Nah, the old school is what sustained the school. So, you definitely want to make sure you know from the past to the most present. And, just be a student of your craft. And if you truly are a student of your craft and you love engineering, you love recording, you love what goes into it. Man, do your homework. Know it all. So…

Cloie: Yes! And, also to point out, this job is… They’re going to put you through, like they’re going to test you like before they even hire you.

DJ IZ: Exactly.

Cloie: So…

DJ IZ: Over perform.

Cloie: Over perform.

DJ IZ: And again, this company is called Dolby. Dolby has been around for years. Huge company. You only have a couple. There’s Dolby, there’s DTS, and I think that’s it. I mean, these companies are like for movies, blue rays, I mean you see their logos everywhere, so definitely something to think about. Again, like Cloie said, they will be testing you before they hire you.

Cloie: They said that very clearly, that they will put you through scenarios, so you can look as cute as you want to, but if you don’t know your midi from your maxi…

DJ IZ: Right! Yeah, you might get sent home with a sandwich. So again for our recording students, guys, this is, they’re asking previous students with previous studio internship experience and I know we got that on lock so again this could be great for you guys, all right, so definitely, definitely check that out. And last, but not least, we’re gonna move on to our grind opp number five. This is in the field of film. Videographer, Junior Video Editor: Video production company seeking a videographer that will join a talented group of editors that provide corporate editing services. This is in Little Rock, Arkansas. Again, that’s Little Rock, so check it out. A candidate must have one to two years of video production experience for a digital or broadcast outlet. Film Connection students, that’s for you. He or she must be proficient in Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, Audition, and entire Creative Suite. Experience shooting with a variety of camera lines a major plus. Strong communicational skill, both verbal and written are of the utmost importance. Now, of the utmost importance. They felt the need to put that in there. Of the utmost performance. Above all, you must be a strong story teller.

Cloie: You have to be. This I love, I just love the fact that, because here’s the thing. When it comes down to it the editor is the freaking story teller.

DJ IZ: Yeah, absolutely.

Cloie: Right?

DJ IZ: Absolutely.

Cloie: You can do all the acting and have all the Oscar moments that you want, but it’s the editor, and oftentimes when the director works with them, that is putting it together and bringing the voice, and giving the voice that we hear. Right?

DJ IZ: Right. Absolutely.

Cloie: And of course, the underscoring is gonna give you the emotion, but the editor is gonna give you the story, so it’s those two things are working in tandem. And the fact that in this grind opp, they say above all, you must be a strong story teller. That is not a yes man or woman. It’s not a yes person.

DJ IZ: No, I’m with you. I think too, this is why I think it’s important too for our viewers to really focus on their sizzle reels. Because it allows folks to really see where you’re at from an editing standpoint. What’s exciting about your piece that you put together. And we’re able to kind of help mold these things for these guys and give you some pointers. Just based upon what we know works, and what comes through our pipeline all the time. And, you know, what other better way to be prepared than to really have a dynamic, cutting edge, exciting sizzle reel? To go in here and knock these things out of the park, I mean, that’s what you want to do. You want to get in here and you want to be able to smash these grind opps and come out with a full-time position. So, again folks that is grind opp five, that is our grind opp five of the day. Also keep in mind, we’ve got some, you know, we went from five Cloie. We are now at 10. So check it out. We have 10 grind opps for you guys now every Monday. The additional five you can catch on our website, okay, and these jobs are again, are in radio, film, and audio. So, we’re going from 5 to 10. So if you do the math, 10 jobs every Monday, out of the month.

Cloie: That’s easier math than five.

DJ IZ: That’s 40 jobs.

Cloie: I mean, think about it, and this week there’s audio jobs in multiple states, there’s radio jobs in Oregon and Ohio this week. There’s a film job in California. If you have not already signed up and you don’t see the connected link, it’s

DJ IZ: Yeah.

Cloie: If you don’t see that link. But they’re on our website only and the link will be on the screen if you are interested in our official Powered By Recording Connection.

DJ IZ: Yeah, and again, these jobs are in multiple states, Oregon, Ohio, California, New York, so that’s just another way that you can catch 6 through 10. Because we’re doing one through five every Monday. So again, 6 through 10 more jobs on our actual website, which actually Cloie just mentioned. So Cloie. You had some questions that they’re saying are repeats for us. One is from Steven Foster. He says, “I have a bunch of lyrics. Where do I go from there? Need a tune, otherwise, just poetry, for instance, the original lyrics to ‘Yesterday,’ were scrambled eggs.” Well, Steven, I would say man, sounds like you’re a songwriter. I guess, when you’re a songwriter you never stop writing songs. You just keep writing songs. Maybe find somebody that could come in on the music side to put a musical bed to your songs. I don’t know if you write songs with melody, but that’s another way, a great way to get another person involved who is, you know, at a musical pace that can accommodate your song writing. So, I would say definitely partner with somebody that can come in on the musical side and listen to your songs and put music to it. I mean to me that’s the easiest way to get it going. And, you know, because you’re a songwriter you’ve got to find some spots that are around you that, you know, artists go to, whether it’s bands, performances.

Cloie: Make friends with the singers, if you know any…

DJ IZ: Definitely get onto our network, so you can, you know, get your songs to come to life. Got another question. This is from Dj of the Audibles. Ah, my great friends the Audibles. Shout out to the Audibles, I mean they’ve done everybody in the game to Justin Bieber. I mean, the list is long with them, but they’ve been actually…they’ve been faithful. They tune in here every Monday. Man, those are my brothers, shout out to you guys. And their question is “How important is it to go to a formal school versus a school of hard knocks? Etch the hard knocks.” You know man, I think, you know, for certain career paths, or paths, I mean, lawyer or doctor. I mean, the traditional practices I think, the traditional brick and mortars for you guys is different, and I think those are great institutions that benefit you there. But, you know when you get into the creative role, which is music, film, any of that stuff. To me, the school of hard knocks is really truly where the tires meet the road. You know, you’ll find that in these musical institutions whether it’s a teacher, to me that never really translates, because by the time you get to the real world they tell you to throw all that information out the window.

Cloie: They do.

DJ IZ: Because they want somebody that can come in with new creativity not stifled by tradition and you only get that in the school of hard knocks. You know, it’s like this generation you’ll find, Cloie, when they get into the studio, the first thing they want to do is talk and offer their opinion. Ain’t written one record that anybody’s bought. Ain’t paid no dues, like you only get that information from being around the grapes, and the school of hard knocks around people that are…

Cloie: In your humble pants.

DJ IZ: And, you know, it’s like, I don’t care if you’re a songwriter. I don’t care if you’re a beat maker. You know, it’s like everybody has a definition of what a producer is, but really, they haven’t a lot of times…oh, a producer is somebody who makes a beat, or produces. No, a producer is somebody who can look at something, put a plan together, get people involved, bring musicians in, might write the song, might write the music. Take something at start and finish it to the very end.

Cloie: Just like “Mortal Kombat.”

DJ IZ: You better tell them, finish.

Cloie: Finish him.

DJ IZ: That’s a producer. That’s not a… The new modern day producer, we call a reducer. Because all you do is reduce. Producer is somebody that starts from the top to the bottom and finishes and has a quality project. That’s a producer.

Cloie: This is a good point too, to say that we’ve had a lot of people who are asking how they can become involved with Recording Connection. Are there scholarships? Is there financial aid? All of these questions have been coming our way about mentors. Oh, Jasmine even just said right now: “I’m feeling discouraged about becoming an audio engineer. Where can I find a music mentor?”

DJ IZ: Jasmine, I’m gonna tell you what you need to do right now after this show, is you need to click on our link and I’m telling you. We will get you going. We will help you find that mentor that is suitable for you, that understands what you’re great at, and can help you put a career path together. That’s no problem, so, we got you there, Jasmine. So since we’re into our Q and A, Cloie. Let’s dive. We got a lot of folks who are with us today. Shout out to our viewers today.

Cloie: Yeah, but also for the people that do or want to know more information about the Recording Connection with the website. Go check out the website, because there’s so much information there. And in terms of scholarships. There will be, there is something in the works in that realm. I’m not gonna say too much about it now, but just please stay tuned. Because we want to make it accessible to everybody.

DJ IZ: Right. Shout out to Blair. Shout out to Christine. Shout out to Manolo. They’re here and they’re active on our Q and A. Let’s see what we can get answered. Blair is saying I do electronic music, Ableton course, I like it a lot, but it’s 100% dependent on the mentor. I mean that’s not always a bad thing. I mean, you got to look at those situations like just be a sponge and take in as much as you can from that mentor and figure out a way how to build opportunities outside of what that is for you. And, you know, and just keep going. Alicia says, “Dope.” Okay. Shout out to Alicia for joining us today. We’ve got Christine. Can you start and internship in the business while in school just to gain some type of…hold on it’s moving around, bear with me…while in school, just to gain some type of experience? Absolutely! I think, you know, it’s smart to have more than one thing going on, whether that’s learning, whether that’s an internship, because all you’re gonna do is just, you’re gonna absorb information. At the end of the day that information becomes beneficial to you. It’s really, guys, just about maximizing the platforms that you have. I mean, there’s ways to network. There’s ways to just, you know, you got to meet folks. And that could spawn into opportunities. So definitely keep that going.

Cloie: I saw something here from Amina [SP], who says, “I’m from North Carolina and wanted to know, is it too late for me to learn? I’m 39, worked in admin all my life. I hate it because my passion is music behind the scenes. Behind the scenes is where I want to be. So I’m interested in audio engineering. Now my kids are older and I can actually do it with focus.” there’s another part to it I believe. But that’s a good way to start. I mean, I am a strong believer that it is never too late to follow your bliss.

DJ IZ: Right. I totally agree. Yo! Shout out to C. Pheezy [SP]. I have a few connects for placing music in film, but they protect those connects. See, see the kind of stuff folks got to deal with in this industry. He says I’ve looked at Taxi [SP]. Do you think their service is worth it? It seems to be overpopulated. Now here’s the great thing about what we’re doing C. Pheezy, we’re not overpopulated and we don’t covet opportunities for others. So, you can definitely send us music, man, send us anything you got, an idea for films, send it our way, man and we’ll do what we can to, you know, how can I say it? Circulate it. And so definitely there, man. A lot of these things like Taxi. They are, you know, they are definitely overpopulated, and everybody is trying to chomp at the same bit so….

Cloie: And they are great for some, and not… Now here’s the thing, they do have their open mic night.

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: So the open mic nights which is great if your just trying to get your stuff out there and you just maybe. That’s the other thing, as much as you can get out there is how you get out there to perform or whatever vein you’re looking at, but I see your point about overpopulation.

DJ IZ: Yeah, we got a great question from my man, Clarence. Clarence says, “I practice audio engineering at my church. But I know the basics. How much will I learn at Recording Connections?” That’s a great question. Now here’s how we do things at the Recording Connection. Obviously you’ll be in a real studio, and you’ll be with a mentor that’s worked on records, huge records, that knows that environment like the back of their hand. And that’s the difference, I mean, even as an engineer. It’s really, your experience is really driven by what you’re learning in real time. And because our classroom is the real world which is a real studio, it’s a whole lot different. And like for instance, in your question, you say you practice audio engineering. There’s a difference between practice and actually application. And you know, when you get with our mentors it’s go time. You’re really recording, you’re really, you know, you’re in a room with a real artist. And, you know, it’s a whole different mindset, it’s a whole different expectation, so what we do here at the Recording Connection, Clarence, is for real. This is serious.

Cloie: Not for play.

DJ IZ: And we always talk about over perform, so that’s definitely the remedy to being in that mindset to over perform, so definitely should check us out.

Cloie: Wait. Two things. Wait, so Wyvizogo [SP], forgive me if I’m butchering that, but he says, or she says, “Big ups DJ IZ! You look like you’ve been in Japan and Cloie you even… Aww, thank you very much! I sent my song ‘Bounce Bounce’ to you last week.” We’ll check it out. Will do for sure. And I also real quick want to go back to what Amina was saying. Is it too late for me? And I want to say, like I feel like my answer was vague, but I feel like there is no way to answer that, that isn’t vague. Because at the end of the day, if you feel that it’s too late then it is, right?

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: If you feel like you need this to happen, you need to get this out of your body or you will die, then you have to do it. Because what’s the worst that somebody can say to you is no?

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: Nobody died from a no.

DJ IZ: Right, right. Exactly. Now that real, that’s real spit. Another from Blair Azine [SP]. She says, “Any tips for finding your artist name?” She said, “I like to prefer not to go by my actual name.” You know, I think everyone is different. Always, you know, find a name that best suits your character, your personality. Something fresh, something cool, something simple, something that’s memorable. Something that can be timeless. Something that you won’t mind somebody calling you when you’re 60. You know, just different ways to look at it, but yeah that’s what I would suggest.

Cloie: How many questions? You guys are amazing!

DJ IZ: Yeah, Clarence says, “I sent in my application for Recording Connections. I’m just waiting on a call because I’m ready to learn.” That’s what I’m talking about, my man. And, you will be hearing from… You know, we’re going to push the ultra-fast response button on you, Clarence, so we’re gonna make sure someone hits you ASAP on that, all right, man, but thank you for applying, man, that’s dope. Alicia Jeffers [SP], “Ya’ll are a plethora of information. This is dope.”

Cloie: Awww. Alicia!

DJ IZ: Shout out to Alicia.

Cloie: Thank you, guys. We just enjoy you being… Thank you for coming back here. Shout out to our Connected faithfuls, shout out to the people who are first timers, or second timers. I just want to know, for people that are still watching, if this is your first time just type a one. Can you type a one?

DJ IZ: Yeah, if it’s your first time, type a one so we know who you are. Also too, Fancy, we got a viewer named Fancy and she says, “My mentor at ESPN Yahoo Sports in Houston took a job in California and is now transferring me to another mentor. She says I’m bummed.” Awww. Man, I feel you Fancy, but just keep your head up and, you know, just keep pushing.

Cloie: And the person, see your mentor. All these ones. Hello!

DJ IZ: Yeah, we got a lot of ones. I think C. Pheezy. I think I know this cat. If it’s the C. Pheezy I know that’s my man, that’s my broski. And…

Cloie: The point of the person whose mentor is leaving. Your mentor is not dying. They still exist in this world.

DJ IZ: So check this out. I totally agree. So Clarence says, “I have made my sound engineer name. General Leo is that good?” You know man, hey, you better be a general at it. That’s all I know Leo. You better be a general. But yeah man, that’s you know, that’s always cool. It’s always cool to see cats like, you know, get their name together. I’ve seen so many engineers start out. Now they got these names. So, yeah, absolutely. So C4 is my man and he just clarified yeah that’s my boy. What’s up, C. Pheezy? I see you, man. You should definitely check us out every Monday, C., because we are here, man.

Cloie: I have a question for you IZ.

DJ IZ: Yo!

Cloie: Have you always been IZ or did you ever have another name that you were trying out when you got started?

DJ IZ: Never, you know honestly. Like, my grandma actually gave me the name Izzy. So, as I got older I just kind of like cut it in half and was like all right I’m just IZ. And everyone just calls me IZ. So I was like DJ IZ, you know. So, yeah that’s the story on that. Let’s see, so Clarence is 18 years old. So man you’re young. You got some time to put in here man, keep it going.

Cloie: Guys, this Q and A is… I am living for this.

DJ IZ: So let me give you an example. So, Jacinta just checked in, and she says, “Never give up on your dreams. Age is nothing but a number.” And I’m going to tell you. She is the reason why we have music at the intro of our show and the outro of our show. Because she was proactive. She sent some music, and we did our due diligence and we say you know what she’s got a joint on here that I think would be dope for our intro and our outro. And that’s what you hear. So shout out to Jacinta because she’s living proof that all you’ve got to do is be proactive and just keep pushing, like you just got to keep pushing. And she, you know, she’s telling ya’ll don’t give up on your dreams. Age ain’t nothing but a number. And that’s very true. Let’s see, my chat box keeps moving so I’m trying to keep up.

Cloie: Right? I don’t think we can keep up.

DJ IZ: All I got to say is for our viewers that are taking the time to chat with us. Guys, we are here every Monday. We are here every Monday providing opportunity. We just went from 5 jobs to 10 jobs. We are going to push push push, man, send us your music, send us your resumes. We want to know who you guys are, what you love, what you’re passionate about. You know, and it’s a blessing to have tons of viewers a day that are engaged. And you know the truth is, me and Cloie, we’re just some regular folk too that just happen to love what we do and just want to share information and opportunity. And these opportunities ain’t out there for everybody. You know, these opportunities are here for you guys that can only be found here, you know, and can be accessed through Connected, so definitely keep that in mind. Christine says,” I took off work today because it is my birthday.” Happy birthday, Christine! Happy birthday!

Cloie: Oh my gosh, “Happy birthday to you.”

DJ IZ: So she made it a point to check in here on her birthday and I got to shout one out for that. And she said, so I don’t have to sneak and watch you guys while I’m at work. Man, thank you so much Christine. We really appreciate that. And, for those of you who happen to be at work traveling during the time that we do the show don’t forget that

Cloie: Or at a job interview like Steven right now. Send Steven some love. I’m sending you so many vibes with love on your job interview.

DJ IZ: So, you know, again we are on iTunes podcast and Google Play. So you can always catch and listen to audio there. Everyone is saying…

Cloie: And we’re across social media.

DJ IZ: Yeah, social media. You know, it’s connected across the board. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

Cloie: All that.

DJ IZ: I mean we’re there. So guys, it’s been a pleasure and, you know, it looks like we’re getting ready to wrap up here. We got a lot of happy birthdays coming in for my girl so…

Cloie: To find us. Wait… is your social media? You’re @IZ_Avila.

DJ IZ: Yep. And that’s Twitter, Instagram, and me and Cloie are always posting things on our personal as well just so you guys can keep track of our day to day movement. You know, we’re big on Monday movement #mondaymovement. It’s a great way to see what we’re doing in real time guys. This ain’t no façade. This ain’t no smoke and mirror. This is the real shit, so, I just got to be honest with you. But again, thank you guys so much for taking the time to hang out with me and Cloie today. We look forward to seeing you guys next Monday. And don’t forget there’s five more jobs on our website that we didn’t even go into today, so check those out. So again, that’s a total of 10. That’s 40 jobs a month. That’s 80 in 2 months. I mean the math is climbing, so, definitely check us out. Shout out to our team, Cloie. Let’s shout out our team. Who we got working?

Cloie: Shout out to Brian to Jay to Mike to Howard. To everybody at Recording Connection that makes this possible, that gets this to you. As we even move to a bigger and better stronger platforms to give you what you need so that we can be of service to you and the world at large.

DJ IZ: Yeah, and also too. This is from Alicia, and I’m gonna close this out. She says, “Shout out to everyone on pursuing their dreams.” Man, I’m IZ. It’s been a blessing to be here with you guys Monday.

Cloie: I’m Cloie @alwaysCloie across social media. I don’t check Facebook, it’s not my thing…

DJ IZ: And we will see you here next week, guys, on Monday, 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time sharp. Now you got to go get it. You got to go get it. Again I’m IZ, my co-host Cloie, and we’re out. Love ya’ll. Peace.


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