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Show #33 | Los Angeles, CA
Guest: Jam in the Van Studios
Oct 10, 2016

Here are the job opportunities (or as we like to call them, Grind Opps) from this week's show.



Personal Chef

Industry: Culinary

Location: Nashville, TN


Corporate professional is seeking a personal chef to prepare meals for health reasons.




Production Assistants / Crew

Industry: Film

Location: Chicago, IL


Fox show series ‘Empire’ is seeking Production Assistants & Crew for the upcoming season.




Audio Engineers

Industry: Recording

Location: Multiple Cities


Non-profit organization that focuses on creating stories and songs for kids in need is seeking audio engineers in multiple cities.




Production Assistants / Crew

Industry: Film

Location: Chicago, IL


Amazon series ‘Patriot’ is seeking Production Assistants & Crew for upcoming season.





Industry: Film

Location: San Francisco, CA


P.E. Teacher seeking videographer for web series kids’ fitness videos.



DJ IZ: Your host DJ IZ along with my beautiful lovely host, Miss Cloie. Say, what’s up girl?

Cloie: Hey, guys. Happy Monday.

DJ IZ: Look how fancy you look, bro. Girl, what you got up for the weekend?

Cloie: I have been filming… I had a show. It’s open now, and also I started filming some teaser stuff and some preliminary stuff for a movie that I’m gonna be working on a little bit to…or in 2017. God, we’re almost in 2017.

DJ IZ: I know, it’s coming up shortly. So you were grinding on the weekend like always [crosstalk] to.

Cloie: Always.

DJ IZ: Right over and on. [crosstalk] Girl, you don’t like…

Cloie: How was your weekend?

DJ IZ: My weekend, you know, like I always say, it’s never long enough. You know, a weekend could be like at least three or four days. I think that would be enough time to kind of gas up and rev up for the week ahead, but what can I say? You know, we’re here at 11 a.m. as we always are, and just excited. We’ve got some great things that we’re gonna talk about on today’s show, some great, new opportunities which I’m excited about. And also too Cloie, I wanna make sure that we shout out Cool Jay Love Music for that top intro piece that we continue to ride with their support. And also too, for our viewers, we wanna encourage you guys, if you guys have got music, film, resumes, Cloie, where can they send this at so we can kind of just keep up with them?

Cloie: Please guys, we wanna hear from you. You can send all of your goodies to us at [email protected].

DJ IZ: Yes.

Cloie: Yes. You can also find us on social media.

DJ IZ: Yeah. You can find us at IZconnected at Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. And it’s a great way for you guys to kind of keep up with mine and Cloie’s day-to-day movement and everything we’re doing. Lots of exciting things. Also too, for those of you who are just tuning in, you can definitely sign up and catch us at So make sure you tune in by now because I believe we’ve got some faithfuls that consistently show up like my man, Kats. Who else we got, Cloie? We’ve got a couple of folks that are faithful.

Cloie: Essenta [SP], Kushema [SP]. We’ve got so many people…

DJ IZ: So many people.

Cloie: …that we just adore. Come on y’all. Come on. So thank you. Please continue #connectedfaithfuls. If you’re faithful and you know it, #connectedfaithfuls @connected.

DJ IZ: If you look at Cloie with her melodic sense…

Cloie: You know [crosstalk].

DJ IZ: So Cloie, before we jump into these grinds opps, I’ve got an exciting week ahead of me. I’m getting ready to head out to North Dakota, along with the White House, and this art program that they have. And I’m gonna be stepping foot on a native American reservation and a school called Middle Rock, and I’m gonna spend a day with Dave Matthews. We’re gonna be talking about music, the art of songwriting, producing and deejaying. So I’m gonna capture as much info, photos, footage that I can, and I’m gonna be shooting it to you Cloie so you can kind of just, you know, keep up to speed with what I’ve got going on.

Cloie: Put it up.

DJ IZ: Make sure you send me some stuff too, Cloie, because I know you’ve got a lot.

Cloie: I will.

DJ IZ: This week is hectic for you.

Cloie: It gets me crazy, yeah. I’m gonna throw up some photos up now. I’m back stage and behind the scenes, so that you can see my office, but you all think is just zippers. But really my office is truly mobile and back stage and on-set.

DJ IZ: We’re ready to tell them. So, Cloie, we’re getting ready to shoot into these grind opps.

Cloie: It’s not it.

DJ IZ: What’s something that we’d kind of like to tell them every show before we get into these grind opps with these details we’ve got coming?

Cloie: Absolutely. So guys you’re gonna wanna get your pencils or your pens, your writing tablet, your electronic tablets and your tax incomes. And for this week, because of what we’ve got coming to you that’s oh so special, you might also wanna grab your hustle appetite, as well as your regular appetite. Just saying.

DJ IZ: You know, I like that. I like that. So for those of you that do have that hustle grind appetite, today is the first show where we introduce a culinary job for us, our aspiring chefs. And definitely shout out to CASA schools, which is our culinary program and school that’s come on board and just has partnered with us in providing such wonderful, amazing jobs again in the field of culinary. So today, we’re gonna feature our first culinary job, all right? So I hope we’ve got…

Cloie: It’s just the main thing.

DJ IZ: …some guests tuning in. And if you’ve been tracking our social media, you know what was coming today. So I’m hoping that we’ve got some viewers that are ready to tune in for this culinary grind opp. So here we go, folks.

Cloie: Hit it.

DJ IZ: This is a culinary field, personal chef, corporate professional and seeking a personal chef to prepare meals for health reasons, and this is in Nashville, Tennessee. So check it out, he or she will be preparing meals using a 14-page ingredient list. Candidate must have at least one year of experience in the food industry. Candidate will be preparing meals once a week. He or she must be organized and time-efficient. Now, we know being organized and time-efficient is quality number one, right?

Cloie: I mean, #overperform

DJ IZ: #overperform. And another one, you know, I think anybody who is going to prepare a meal for me or you, Cloie, should at least have some cooking experience. Right?

Cloie: For sure.

DJ IZ: You’d be surprised by folks… What?

Cloie: Go ahead. Go ahead.

DJ IZ: No, I was gonna say like you’d be surprised like folks can mess up a PB & J sandwich these days. You know what I’m saying?

Cloie: Here’s the other thing that I will say too. When they end this job description, when they say that he or she must be organized and time-efficient, that is not a game when you are talking about people’s food or people’s money, right?

DJ IZ: Yes. I agree.

Cloie: Because don’t let the hangries set in because it’s over.

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: It’s over.

DJ IZ: And, you know, you’ll be preparing meals once a week. So, you know, I’m assuming just by looking at, you know, the 14-page ingredient lis that you’ll have an array of meals that you can cook and prepare prior to each week. So this sounds like a cool, you know, really cool, fun experience. I mean, it’s a corporate professional. You know, that can be anybody who is [crosstalk].

Cloie: It could be the White House. It could be the White House.

DJ IZ: That can be the White House. You know, that could be…

Cloie: Celebrity.

DJ IZ: …a celebrity. I mean, a big-time producer, and it’s for health reasons. You know, and everybody seems to be about the health movement right now, being at the gym, yoga class, riding bikes, hitting the treadmill. So this is pretty cool.

Cloie: How do you feel about that, IZ? How do you feel about the health movement right now?

DJ IZ: Actually, I love it. I, actually, within my busy schedule, I try to make it a point to at least play basketball twice a week, you know.

Cloie: You’re so good.

DJ IZ: As you get older, you know the recovery time ain’t no joke…

Cloie: It’s true.

DJ IZ: …because I get out of bed like, “Woah! Damn! What happened? Who hit me?” You know what I’m saying?

Cloie: Yeah. Sometimes I bend too hard and get the flu.

DJ IZ: Yeah, but you know, I’ve even gotten to the habit of having my meals prepared for my day because, you know, especially in [inaudible 00:07:40] like I’ll be in the studio. You know, you’ll be in the studio for late hours, before you know it, it’s like 3 a.m., and you want like a burger or some pizza. For me, that’s where I get caught up. So now that I’m able to kind of even get that in order, like my food and my food regimen, it comes in handy.

For me, I know when I get past like my first four days, after that, I’m cool. It’s not like I’ll have a meal and then I’ll be like, “Damn, I can sure go for like some pizza or a burger.” Once I get my body routine going, I’m good. So this is…could be a really cool experience especially for aspiring chefs that love to cook, you know, because I think with all our grind opps, it really caters to people who are passionate, not just about the craft but the opportunity.

Cloie: Cater?

DJ IZ: Yeah, yeah, exactly.

Cloie: Craft. All of the pun, all of the pun.

DJ IZ: Yeah, right. So I do…

Cloie: I do love Craft Services right quick. I really… Well, Craft Services is one of my favorite places to be when I’m on set. Just saying. [crosstalk]

DJ IZ: [Inaudible 00:08:45] telling all your secrets. So, again folks, that’s in Nashville, Tennessee, okay? That is our first chef grind opp of the show. So definitely excited about that. Next grind opp is in the field of film, but before we get into that, before we get into film, before I forget. Cloie, there is a weekend ago where we got to go out to an event with Vintage King in…on Sunset, and we got to hang out with the Jam in the Van event folks.

Cloie: Sure did.

DJ IZ: And a couple of weeks ago, we interviewed an engineer by the name of Anthony [SP] who kind of gave us just an overall idea of what happens in the Jam in the Van event from it being the only solar-powered studio on wheels, how many people that would report at one time.

Cloie: How it works.

DJ IZ: How it works, the whole nines. And it was really…

Cloie: And he’d been Recording Connection along too to know that he’s…

DJ IZ: Exactly, one of our alumni, absolutely came from the infrastructure of the Recording connection. And it was good kind of just to see him in action. It was a little hot for us. We were just trying to get in the shade and just enjoy, but it was a really great experience. And we actually were able to capture some footage at this event. And before I go any further, Cloie, we wanna take a moment to show them something we have from the vault that entails our Jam in the Van experience. Let’s roll through the tape.

Cloie: Love it.

DJ IZ: We’re hanging out with a homie of ours that actually got connected a couple of weeks ago that we actually featured on our show Connected. Man, what’s up dude? How are you doing? I’m gonna let you introduce yourself, man.

Anthony: Okay. My name’s Anthony. I’m here with the Jam in the Van in Vintage King Audio L.A.

DJ IZ: And also an engineer that we featured on Connected a couple of weeks ago. And we just kind of talked about the whole process and functionality of what this van actually is. Man, you wanna kind of fill them in on what the van actually does and the whole solar thing and…

Anthony: Jam in the Van event is the world’s first solar-powered mobile recording studio. Everything that we use from all the equipment is all solar-powered, except for the driving. We’re only driving…

Cloie: You don’t drive solar? I’m sorry, I’m out.

Anthony: Sorry, yeah.

DJ IZ: That’s it, we’re done. All right, let’s go, that’s it. Just do what I’ve got. Just the most important question for this van right now. Is there any AC going on in there right now?

Anthony: Yeah. Luckily, yes.

Cloie: So we’re gonna get a chance to see you in your element whilst jamming in the van?

Anthony: That’s right, yeah.

DJ IZ: So break down for us real quick what’s… There’s drums in there right now. You’ve got a live kit, guitar, bass. How many vocalists?

Anthony: It depends on the band, but right now we just have two. We usually have three or four on vocals. We have a tool kit, a drum kit, a couple of amps.

DJ IZ: Oh! How long did it take you to set up that process for the band?

Anthony: Today? Today was about 45 minutes, an hour.

Cloie: And what have you enjoyed the most being here today?

Anthony: Here today is all the bands that we get to record. Everybody. This is my first time here, so pretty cool.

DJ IZ: And shout out to Vintage King also for having us.

Cloie: Seriously.

DJ IZ: What do you think about Vintage King and just some of the gear they have in here? And what’s one of your like favorite pieces, or a piece of gear that you hope…the day as another piece in your arsenal as an engineer ?

Anthony: Probably the ODN [SP] console. The ASB-4816, that’s what I want. Their console, yeah.

DJ IZ: So not an API or a [inaudible 00:12:15] or…

Anthony: No, I want that audio. That’s what I want.

DJ IZ: Man, you’re on your way bro. [crosstalk]

Cloie: Well, you’re already stealing people’s jobs. You’re stealing people’s jobs already. It’s not like…

Anthony: You’re still stealing people’s jobs, and this is a type that…

Cloie: Tough work.

Anthony: …got connected and who has gone from here, and he just keeps going. And that’s usually how we like to see it go on a graph.

Cloie: Yeah, yeah.

DJ IZ: So there you have it all, featuring my man Anthony with Connected. Catch you on the next one.

Word! We had such a good time with Anthony. You know, it was cool just to see him in his element, just excited and passionate. And it was cool now to really see that van and how it functions, how they’re able to squeeze all this gear in there. And I called it the… We’re not calling it like the green room, like where the after-parties go down. It was like at the very back of the bus. And it was just cool. They had it down to a science is how I really liked it. You know, just from the tearing down, setting up, I mean, it was like some [crosstalk] type.

Cloie: The essential rules.

DJ IZ: Yeah, absolutely. So shout out to Jam in the Van and Vintage King for having us out there. That was a great experience.

Cloie: And Anthony, yes.

DJ IZ: So we had a lot of folks come out. We met a couple of bands, you know, that we actually got to interview and it was just good. You know, it was just a very good environment and folks hanging and just putting up. So again, shout out to Anthony and Jam in the Van for having us. We’re gonna move on into grind opp number two which is in the field of film.

Cloie: Love it.

DJ IZ: Production assistance crew, Fox show series Empire.

Cloie: Big show.

DJ IZ: They’d said production assistance and crew for the upcoming season. Big show, definitely. Definitely, Cloie. You know, if you haven’t tuned into Empire or really know what it’s about, you should definitely check it out, or especially if you’re an aspiring songwriter, producer or artist or entrepreneur at that. Definitely check that out and…

Cloie: That’s the thing.

DJ IZ: Yeah. And this grind opp is located in Chicago, Illinois. Again, this is in the field of film. Must have strong work ethic, critical thinking skills and positive attitude. Responsibilities will include preparing paperwork, running errands and working with creative and production teams as needed. Candidate will be working with, or working irregular hours for set. Cloie, what…

Cloie: Always.

DJ IZ: Give us an idea of what irregular hours can look like.

Cloie: Irregular hours, especially for crew, you figure you could be on set starting like 6 or 7 a.m. depending on what’s your opening shots are, and you may not wrap until after midnight. And then another day you may not be on until 10 and then you’re wrapped at like 6 or 8. It all depends on the shots and what you have to get done. So you’ve gotta be able to like hang especially as a PA.

DJ IZ: Right, right.

Cloie: First ones in, last ones out.

DJ IZ: Right, right. Now when it says including prepping paperwork, running errands and working with creative and production teams, what do those things look like as far as preparing paperwork? What kind of paperwork necessary?

Cloie: Sure. So we’re talking about like your sign-in and sign-out sheets which are super important because that’s what gets reported to SAG after, which is the guild and the union for actors, right? You’re making sure that people are getting paid and getting breaks as they’re supposed to. So that’s also with the crew, right?

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: Crew paperwork. We’re talking about also getting people call times in general, like people that maybe aren’t coming into set. You’re making the copies, you’re printing out the set. You’re getting it checked off by the right people. You’re getting stuff for people that are already on-set. I mean that’s not paperwork. That’s like those are kind of the stuff. But giving people contracts, getting the contracts to the right… It’s like a lot of logistics, a lot of papers to get confused if you’re not paying attention.

DJ IZ: Right. And now, as far as working with creative and production teams, what does that look like? Just some of those, let’s say, you know, as far as dealing with different personalities or just different people, if that. You know what I’m saying?

Cloie: Absolutely.

DJ IZ: Just teamwork, how does that work in that field?

Cloie: Well, as a production assistant, literally, you are the liaison between the backstage world with the crew and the… I hate to use the word talent because we’re all talented, but the front-of-camera people. You are bridging that gap. That is probably the best and the most concise way to say it.

DJ IZ: Got you.

Cloie: You’re the every-man. There we go.

DJ IZ: Okay. Well, I mean, definitely coming from a girl who’s in it every single day, that’s extremely helpful for our viewers, Cloie. Also too…

Cloie: Thank you.

DJ IZ: …I mean, you know, they talk about work ethic, critical thinking skills and positive attitude. Now just for you, Cloie, I mean in a personal setting, you know, for those days that might be challenging than others or something is on your mind or something is bother you. When you get to work, what are some of the techniques you take on just to be in that environment and have a positive attitude and just to keep the game moving in a positive direction?

Cloie: Absolutely.

DJ IZ: How do you manage to do those things?

Cloie: So I like to use an app called Simply Being. It’s a meditation app and you could it for 5, 10, 15 and 20 minutes. And what I love about it is sometimes you don’t have a lot of time. Maybe you were on set until God knows when and you’ve gotta be back at, you know, whatever time. I can take five minutes, or if I’m going into an audition, I take those five minutes, and I’ll do like a guided meditation. And that gives me a chance to just center myself because I tend to spend out like…and then it just brings you back to center and aligns you with yourself so that you can focus and do the job at hand as opposed to 50 million things and getting nothing back, you know.

DJ IZ: That’s dope. And again, what’s that app called, Cloie?

Cloie: It’s called Simply Being. I’m just gonna double-check because like I just know where it is. Yeah, Simply Being. It is a paid app. It is definitely a paid app, but it’s not like expensive.

DJ IZ: Well, I mean I look at those kind of things as just an investment. You’re investing into…

Cloie: It is.

DJ IZ: …you, your performance, your attitude that benefit your work space and the environment around you. So that’s great, and again folks, like Cloie said, this is a big opportunity because this is obviously, I mean Empire, for those of you who do already know. You know what Empire is. You know what kind of show it is. It’s been doing really great. So this is a great opportunity for you guys who are down… Again, this is in Chicago, Illinois, okay?

Cloie: Mm-hmm.

DJ IZ: We’re gonna move on to grind opp number three. Cloie, I’m gonna let you have this one. This one is in the field of recording.

Cloie: Love it. I love it.

DJ IZ: Go ahead and keep it going. Audio Engineers.

Cloie: Kicking it. Audio Engineers is a non-profit organization that focuses on creating stories and songs for kids in need, is seeking audio engineers in multiple cities, which is great. Shout out, multiple cities.

DJ IZ: Wow! That is great. Yeah, that’s our first multiple cities. So guys that can be LA, New York, Chicago, Detroit, Atlanta, Texas, everywhere. So it could be a really great opportunity. Go ahead with the details.

Cloie: So the cities include Chicago, Milwaukee, Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Nashville and Atlanta. All great, great cities. The candidate must have knowledge of music styles, artists and songs, and he or she will be working independently with songwriters and producers to record songs within an allotted time. Time efficiency is a must. I think that that says it quite clearly.

DJ IZ: Yeah, that says it quite, quite, definitely clearly. And I know for me, like I’ve got a bunch of songwriters, producers, just friends, that are always looking for different opportunities and just the rigmarole of making a beat or making songs. So, you know, being that this is creating stories and songs for kids, this could be a cool, little creative outlet for our creators that we both know.

So definitely wanna, you know, take advantage of this opportunity for those of you who are especially in Chicago, Milwaukee, Portland, San Francisco, Denver, Nashville and Atlanta, especially Atlanta. There’s a lot of creativity going on in Atlanta and this could be going great for…

Cloie: So much.

DJ IZ: …you know…

Cloie: Being on.

DJ IZ: Go ahead, dear.

Cloie: Well, the other thing is to go back to the kids things, and that is, it’s not just kids. It’s kids in need. So this is a great opportunity, yes, to take care of yourself and do what you need to do and to also give back because that is how we are of service to the world, is by giving back.

DJ IZ: Yeah, absolutely. And I like to call that community service. You know, it’s something we all have to do and the great thing is when you give, you open yourself up for more stuff to be received.

Cloie: Right?

DJ IZ: And, I mean, as for me, I know that’s a principle that I continuously live by, is to give as much as I possibly can where there’s information, education, time and just believing in folks and kind of inspiring. I think that’s pretty much the basis of what we come to do here every day, Cloie, is just as much. You know, make ourselves available and share the information. So another great opportunity, another great grind opp for our audio engineers.

It could be really cool especially if you’re in any of those cities. So definitely make sure you apply for that. Also too guys, make sure that you’re clicking on that link on the right side of your screen. That is the only place you could apply for these jobs. And again these jobs are…

Cloie: For these jobs.

DJ IZ: …only made available through Connected here. So make sure you apply for those jobs by clicking on that link. Moving into grind opp number four, this is in the field of film. Production assistants crew. Amazon series, Patriot, is seeking production assistants and crew for upcoming season. This is in Chicago, Illinois. Responsibilities will include lifting heavy weight…

Cloie: Chicago is blooming today.

DJ IZ: Yeah, Chicago is blooming. Chicago is definitely in the house. Make sure all our Chicago knights are here with us. But duties will include lifting heavy equipment, building sets, lighting, and additional paperwork that may be needed. Candidate must be able to work in a fast-paced environment. He or she must be available to work irregular hours, and the cool thing Cloie, you already touched on, you know, what irregular hours look like. Definitely ain’t no 8 to 5, at home before traffic. Yes, that’s out of the question. So it is in effect…

Cloie: If you’re looking for an organized lunch break and all of that, then you are looking at the wrong thing.

DJ IZ: Right, right. And again folks, this is a fast-paced environment. And in these roles, fast-paced means like it’s literally nonstop. You might be hungry, you might be tired, but you’ve gotta keep up because everybody is usually used to this pace in this role. Right, Cloie?

Cloie: Yeah.

DJ IZ: I’m sure when you get into zone, Cloie, it’s like… You are like on the go, right?

Cloie: You get it. Television. It’s television.

DJ IZ: Television, yeah.

Cloie: So if you need me, this is the best way to reach me, and I will do my very best. It’s television.

DJ IZ: All right. Now what are some of the things you see as far as let’s say… Like it says, “Lifting heavy equipment.” What are some of those things you see on the equipment side that are heavy or massive or big? I mean is it the cameras? Is it cranes? Is it…

Cloie: Oh, it’s cameras, but you usually cannot touch a camera unless you are the director of photography or like a, you know…because it is all very… That’s the big thing about set, is that it is generally… Everybody has the role that they play and because of unions and whatnot, you don’t really go outside of that lane, right?

DJ IZ: I got you. That’s great to know.

Cloie: You know what I mean?

DJ IZ: Yeah. Now…

Cloie: But I will say that those cables, those coils of cables are heavy as…

DJ IZ: Right. Like spaghetti.

Cloie: Not again.

DJ IZ: Now, as far as like building sets, I’m sure you’ve seen like sets being built in like 15 minutes, 20 minutes. They knock those things out so quick, and they look like…

Cloie: It is crazy.

DJ IZ: They look incredible, right?

Cloie: Yeah.

DJ IZ: I’ve seen some amazing sets built, and I’m just like, “They did it in like a week. Like a massive set with water tanks and the whole not…”

Cloie: Oh, sound stage, say yes.

DJ IZ: It’s crazy.

Cloie: It’s crazy too like in the middle of a shoot, right, because they have to do what they call coverage, which is… Say that you and I are in a shoot. We’re gonna do your close-up. Now we’re gonna… We need to turn… What they call turn-around to do my close-up, right? But they’ve gotta get the lighting and then this and the that just right. So they will open… Like on a sound stage, you know, as opposed to like being on location somewhere, you’re watching them in a matter of 15 minutes breaking apart this set so that they can change the lights so that it can still look like exactly the time of day, the what…

DJ IZ: Wow!

Cloie: …and now I’m perfectly lit for my close-up. It is insane.

DJ IZ: Wow! That’s dope. That’s dope.

Cloie: It’s like a village of ants just working together.

DJ IZ: Right, right. And it also mentions additional paperwork that might be needed, you know, and you were able to touch on that with the last grind opp. And that’s definitely good for them to know. I think most importantly, you know, obviously, it’s an Amazon series, Patriot.

Cloie: Yeah.

DJ IZ: So that, you know, that lends itself to being a really great opportunity. And they’re seeking production assistants and crew. So that’s two slots that you could possibly fall into. So you definitely wanna keep your mind open in that aspect and also keep in mind that these could be irregular hours. If you’re used to a little more traditional type of schedule, this might not work for you, and we like to always #overperform

Cloie: #overperform

DJ IZ: Never under-perform Exactly.

Cloie: I also wanna say this really quickly too, in that it’s for Amazon, right? So we’re used to like this whole big network thing. We’ve got the ABC, NBC, CBS, like these are networks. And of course,, cable slots where you’ve got HBO and all of this, but now there’s the whole world that’s being opened up with online programming which this falls into, and the beauty of that is that there is now more opportunity, and it does not necessarily fit the form of what it once looked like.

So when we talk about overperform, right, get in there. There is no right or wrong way to get in there. They need you. They need you. They need the manpower and woman-power, so all… In unconventional ways, we were talking about this last week. If you know anybody that’s anywhere close to it, just get in there and be of service.

DJ IZ: Right, right. Now Cloie, I saw something on you that you did. Was it a commercial? It looked like you were in like a convenient store or something. You were in an aisle, and you were like…

Cloie: Oh! I totally was on TV this week.

DJ IZ: Yeah, that was dope. Like I saw it. Like was that…

Cloie: Thank you.

DJ IZ: What was the process on that like as far as just the experience? Like kind of walk me through that. Just…because it looked hella cool and you looked super-cute. So, yeah.

Cloie: Thank you. Thank you.

DJ IZ: I was like, “That lucky dude just walked up on her. Thinks he can just talk to my girl, Cloie.” So yeah, tell me about that.

Cloie: Well, shout out to the amazing folks of the show Superstore, which is a hit, and it’s back for, I believe it’s second season and I’ve felt so blessed to be a part of it for one of their episodes. And the process for it… It all happened very quickly, and audition. I don’t even think I did a callback. I believe they cast off a tape, which is very popular right now. And then the set, what… This is a perfect example, it was on a sound stage but they built a functional…like a Walmart. It’s called Cloud 9.

DJ IZ: Girl, that looked like… That, girl, looked… That looked like a for-real store. I was like, “Wow! So that was just… That was a set.”

Cloie: Set. That was…

DJ IZ: Wow!

Cloie: Yes. Right, they never wrestle [SP] a lot.

DJ IZ: And how long did that segment take, or that piece? I’m sure they had different angles, different…

Cloie: Yeah. Oh yeah, and we got to play a little bit. Sometimes they let you go off the page which is where you can improv a little. But that, that was actually a pretty quick shoot. It’s rare that you’re in and out in under eight hours because that’s a standard seg work day. Anything more than that is gonna be overtime, but I think I was in and out in like six hours for that one…

DJ IZ: Wow! That sounds… Yeah.

Cloie: …and that’s between hair and make-up.

DJ IZ: Well, of course, because you… I’ve gotta admit, I mean, if I walked in that convenient store, I’d be like, “So, can you help me out? I’m looking for some tap.”

Cloie: I don’t know. I’m sorry. You said what? Can I show you? I know what…

DJ IZ: No, Cloie, did we feature that show…that piece on our social media?

Cloie: We are going to feature it on our social media.

DJ IZ: I would love for you to put that up on our Connected social media because that was really cool, and I think especially for our viewers who are excited about these particular fields as in film or acting or anything, I mean that’s great inspiration and it, you know, allows them to see you do your thing in real time too. So that was great.

Cloie: Absolutely. Absolutely. I mean, you all see my art every week. My art is fabulous…

DJ IZ: Yeah, right.

Cloie: …but my office is a set or back stage.

DJ IZ: Yeah. That’s dope though. That’s dope. So we’re gonna move in to our last grind opp of our Monday. So Cloie, I’m gonna let you go ahead and close this one out because it’s in your field. It’s in the field of film, so I’m gonna let you go on and catch this one out, honey.

Cloie: Shout out to our film connection studios. I am just… I feel all of you. [Inaudible 00:30:27]. So grind opp number five is for a videographer. A PE teacher is seeking a videographer for a web series kids fitness video. That’s very [inaudible 00:30:40].

DJ IZ: Work it. Work it.

Cloie: Got it, stretch. And this is out of San Francisco, California.

DJ IZ: The Bay.

Cloie: Who doesn’t love the Bay Area?

DJ IZ: Gotta shout out to Bay. Gotta shout out to Bay because I love the Bay.

Cloie: Love the Bay. So the candidate must be highly motivated about helping the youth be educated on fitness. Candidate will be expected to incorporate original ideas to various projects. Organization and time efficiency is a must. Candidate must have a reel prepared before the initial interview.

DJ IZ: Wow! And here’s what’s great. So we’ve been encouraging our viewers to send in some reels so we can help them, you know, kind of steer them in the right direction. So we encourage you guys like… You know, we’ve had folks submit their music for the opening and closing of our show, so definitely, shoot us your reel. Let us help you. Let us help you put that incredible presentation together because these opportunities are too great for you to under-perform or not quite make the cut. So… Definitely.

Cloie: Serious guys, life is not waiting on you. Life is…

DJ IZ: It ain’t, it ain’t. You know, you see us, we move forward every Monday, so you know, you’ve gotta get it while the getting is good. And, you know, one of the things too, organization, time efficiency, we seem to see those details come up almost with every grind opp now and those are what we call just the fundamentals of the work place, the work ethic, what’s required. And you’d be surprised, I mean, I’m not really surprised any more because we see it all the time, but folks really have a hard time being on time or being organized.

Cloie: Yeah, really. And here’s the other thing though, is that yes, especially today, I feel like almost every single grind opp has had that time efficiency component which says that, to your point, it’s not happening, right?

DJ IZ: It’s not happening, yeah.

Cloie: So don’t let it be you. Don’t you be the… up. Do we know what that bleep… You know what that means.

DJ IZ: Yeah. Cool. Cool.

Cloie: Don’t be the…up.

DJ IZ: Yeah, exactly. And, you know, what I love about this too, for those creative minds, it allows you to insert your original ideas into various projects. So not only is it, you know, opportunity to work with kids in the realm of fitness and everything, but it’s also opportunity for you to be creative and offer your own ideas. Your personality, your authenticity into the creative part, which is always a great thing especially for, you know, videographers. I mean, that’s something that you would wanna do. So that’s…

Cloie: Because you have to shoot it creatively, right?

DJ IZ: Right.

Cloie: It’s not all just an editing. It has to be creatively shot in order to make it pop and magical on the editing thing. And if we’re talking about a kids fitness video, it’s not like T25, although I imagine this is the T25 plus for kids, right?

DJ IZ: Right, yeah.

Cloie: We have to shoot it in a far more… I mean, for lack of a better way, I’m gonna say compelling, but that’s not the word. You just are gonna have to shoot it differently than you would an adult’s workout video. You’ve gotta make it engaging and entertaining and, you know…

DJ IZ: Right. Absolutely. And a key point to this grind opp is obviously being highly motivated to work with kids. Passionate about it, the experience. Even knowing how to just, you know, relate to these kids and being able to have that dialogue and… You know, it sounds like a very fun opportunity and very cool opportunity and like I said…

Cloie: Being of service.

DJ IZ: Yeah, be of service, you know, and one of the things that obviously stands out to me because I’m a creator is being able to clone my own ideas into it you know, and that’s always a fun opportunity. So guys, that again is in the Bay Area, San Francisco. That is our fifth grind opp of our Monday morning here.

And you know, usually we do Q&A right now Cloie, but I feel like I’m gonna let them get their… I’m gonna give them a whole week to get their questions together for next week’s show because for us, you know, being able to present a culinary job today is something unique and special. And I’m curious to see if we can get some chefs or any of our viewers who…

Cloie: To cook for us?

DJ IZ: …love to cook. Yeah, I’m thinking cook for us or if they can send us like just some information on themselves, what they love to cook. Maybe some pictures of the meals they’ve put together and start getting some really cool resumes rolling through here from our aspiring chefs. I think that would be great.

Cloie: And if you wanna let your resume be edible, we’re not gonna be complaining.

DJ IZ: Yeah, by all means, freeze, dry, ship it to us.

Cloie: Bring back some jerky from North Dakota.

DJ IZ: Yeah. Oh, no doubt. Well, it’s crazy you said that Cloie because my family is… They go hard for the jerky. They go hard for the jerky, and I think I’m gonna do that. You know, that’s gonna be a great experience too. You know, I’ve been on a couple of reservations out here in Southern California, but to be in North Dakota, like where the heart of it is, I’m pretty excited about that, and it’s cold out there. I’ve gotta get out the sweaters, I’ve got to bundle up. Yeah, exactly.

Cloie: But come on, it’s gonna be amazing.

DJ IZ: Yeah. So I’m excited to…

Cloie: Don’t trip.

DJ IZ: I’m really excited about that. So next week, next Monday I have a lot to talk about there in my experience, and Cloie, please make sure you post that piece you got because I think that’s…

Cloie: Yeah. I will be cool.

DJ IZ: …inspiring for our film-lovers and our actors and everybody in that role. So again folks, you got all week to get your questions together for us. So I’m looking to have like a bunch of questions for me and Cloie next week.

Cloie: I love it.

DJ IZ: And again, shout out to CASA schools for partnering with us and offering a wonderful program for our aspiring chefs. We couldn’t do it without you. We’ve got more incredible jobs coming next week, but in the meantime, well, you’ve got enough to get prepared for. So get those resumes…

Cloie: Please.

DJ IZ: …go on, submit them. Also, send us some music. We wanna be able to feature some new music for our opening and closing segments, so make sure you do that. Cloie, let’s shout out our…

Cloie: And oh, wait. Wait, before we shout out our team, let’s also… If you have not found us, if you have not liked us across social media, A, what are you waiting for?

DJ IZ: Right, exactly.

Cloie: And B, now is the time. You can find us on Instagram, Twitter, Google+, Facebook. We’re @IZconnected, super easy. That’s I-Z Connected. That’s all I actually had to say about that.

DJ IZ: That’s it. And also too guys, for those of you who are gonna go like today or next Monday, we have our podcast which is on iTunes and Google Play, so make sure you tune in. If you’re in the whip, if you’re on your phone, whatever you wanna get it, just get on iTunes and Google Play. You can catch all the audio there. I mean, we’re here every Monday, so hey, there’s no excuse. It is funny. Cloie, I was just telling a cat who’s been heating the oven, “Hey man, you know, I wanna talk to you. I wanna get some information,” and I’m like, “Dude, just tune in the show. Tune in the show. Everybody.” Hits me again, “Yo, Iz, man, I didn’t get a chance, but what’s the info?” Send the info. Hits me up again.

Cloie: No.

DJ IZ: “Hey, man. I still haven’t got it.” I said, “You know what, I’ve got viewers that show up every Monday because they’re hungry. You know, they display what they’re passionate about.” I said, “You, there’s nothing I can do for you man. Nothing I can do for you.”

Cloie: You just wanna ask the questions and not listen to the answers.

DJ IZ: Yeah. It’s like come on.

Cloie: You just wanna talk. You don’t wanna listen.

DJ IZ: Yeah, just come on. And I feel like when I set that up, we give out enough information and education on the show. All you’ve gotta do is tune in. It’s not hard, it’s not rocket science.

Cloie: Tune in to get connected. IZ Connected.

DJ IZ: Yeah, so you know, I put that on you guys. I put that on our viewers. You know, it’s up to you guys. Only Cloie can do is share the opportunity, give you the information, give you the education, but ultimately you’ve gotta deliver, you’ve gotta show up and you’ve gotta be able to apply it. It’s called application folks. All right. And without getting too preachy man, I’ve got a long week. Cloie’s got a long week. We’ll be happy to be here next Monday to chat with you guys. Again, get your questions ready. Don’t forget to follow us on IZconnected. That’s across the board. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. Shout out to our team Cloie. Brian, Mike, Howie.

Cloie: Shout out everybody.

DJ IZ: Everybody.

Cloie: Jay.

DJ IZ: Jay, Michael. Thank you guys for making this possible.

Cloie: Edwin.

DJ IZ: Yep. All our guests who have been a part of the Connected experience. We look forward to doing this every week. We will be here on Monday, sharp as we are always. Much love to you. I’m your host DJ IZ.

Cloie: And I’m Cloie Wyatt Taylor.

DJ IZ: Peace.

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