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Show #3 | Atlanta, GA

Apr 05, 2016

Here are the job opportunities (or as we like to call them, Grind Opps) from this week's show.



Cinematographer - Part Time

Industry: Film

Location: Miami, FL


Create, shoot and edit marketing and promotional videos on a weekly basis for a financial consultancy company.




Podcast Audio Engineering

Industry: Recording

Location: Salt Lake City, UT


Produce, edit and engineer two shows a week for successful bi-weekly podcast series.





Industry: Film

Location: New York City


For travel-based web series. Pre-production in New York City, then a year spent traveling the world.




Radio Board Operator - Full Time

Industry: Radio

Location: Philadelphia, PA


Entry-level position for Radio One. Control timing of programs and perform on-air traffic, weather and news announcements.




Sound Designer

Industry: Recording

Location: San Francisco, CA


Create sound effects and dialogue in collaboration with large sound team for video game company.



What’s up, y’all? Welcome to episode three of Connected. For those of you that are just joining us on this episode, we do this every Monday at 11 A.M. sharp, Pacific Standard Time. So man, I’m here hanging. I was actually supposed to be in Miami this week. I was going to feature a guest but luckily we moved that back.

So schedule change a little bit, so next week you can join us, and I will have a good friend of mine by the name of Seth who actually does sound monitors for Kanye West. Real cool dude, has a lot of information to offer, so that’ll be great for you guys.

For those of you that are just tuning in, let me break down the show for you a little bit. This show is pretty much a show that first of all doesn’t exist anywhere else. This show kind of gets you in the realms and preps for things that you love to do whether it’s music, filming, broadcasting, recording. This is the one show that’ll get you connected in ways like no other, meaning that you have access to job opportunities that nobody has access to. You get detailed information to this job opportunities that no one has. So it’s a real cool show. Really this show is about being connected and allowing you to feel like there’s a personal type of experience going on. That’s what we’d like to focus on.

That being said, we’re going to move to the fun part of the show which is our five Grind Opps. So this is part of the show which is real cool show for you guys to jot down and take down all the information. So get your pens, your pads, if you got your laptop with you. There’s something you can definitely want to make sure you have the info to. And keep in mind throughout the show or towards the end of the show, you’re going to be able to apply for these jobs and there will be a link on your right hand side, but you got to stick with me, all right? So here we go.

Here’s our first Grind Opp of the morning. This is cinematography, part time. This is in film. This is to create, shoot and edit marketing and promotional videos on a weekly basis for financial consultancy company, and this is based out of Miami, Florida. I can give you a little bit more information on that. This is an incredible opportunity for anyone with a sound design experience to move into the video game market. So this is in the video game market. Candidate will have any amount of sound design experience and will be tasked with creating high quality audio content for various product development including sound effects and dialogue. They will collaborate with a large sound team to help create sonically rich and narrowly satisfying content. That’s really cool. I know for me when it comes to sound designing and finding sounds, making sounds, tweaking sounds in the creative role, song writing and producing, you can get lost into it. It can be very fun. What you like to do is create for what the content lends itself to. So you want to pick your sounds your placement, how you’re tweaking. So that can be a really, really cool opportunity. I love sound designing, has a lot to do with what I do as far as creating. So there you go, that’s Grind Opp one.

We’re going to move on to Grind Opp number two. Grind Opp two, this is in radio. Radio board operator, full time. Entry-level position for Radio One. Control timing of programs and perform on-air traffic, weather and news announcements. This is in Philadelphia, PA. So I can give you a little bit more info on that. Full time board operator required for the Radio One network. That’s a huge network. Controls times in a program, off-air support, monitors and updates weather, traffic and news report. This is perfect for someone looking for their first position in radio, with the view to join a great establishment and grow. So that sounds like that one comes with a bit experience under your belt. You’re talking about controls timing of programs, off-air support, monitors and updates, weather, traffic and news reports. So that can be a crucial gig as far as what your resumes look like. You definitely want to have experience in that field. That sounds like an opportunity where you get in, and you seize the moment, and you perform well.

All right, we’re going to move to job Opp number three. This is in film. This is videographer for travel-based web series. Pre-production in New York City, then a year spent travelling the world. Passport required. And this is in New York City, worldwide. Okay, let me give you a little bit of info on that one. So they’re looking for a videographer, be a part of their team for the next year. Their year will be spent travelling the world for the entire year shooting, the entire way. Down time will be spent helping with the creative aspects of content as well as starting edits for the show. Travel starts in June, so you definitely got to have a passport valid for this one. It’s required. All costs are covered. Unit travel starts, and pre-production will take place in New York, New York. This sounds like a really fun gig. I know for me just travelling alone with music, producing and song writing and performing is incredibly fun for me. One of the things you got to be prepared for is just the day to day go, making sure you got your itinerary covered, so you’re not showing up late in lobbies, then missing your flights. That’s crucial in this world. Being on time is definitely beneficial in this world when you’re travelling dealing with companies. Looks like it’s a new travel-based web series, so you’ll be shooting a lot on the go, on the fly. See what else I can pull from…The entire year will be spent traveling. So make sure you got your miles, and your information locked in with whatever airline they choose to go with. That’s a good thing to have. And I can tell you that first hand just by travelling all the time. Let’s see, travel starts in June, so definitely jot that down. That’s crucial for you to know. It starts in June. So if you’re planning on apply for this job, you want to make sure that you’re at starting point, that June is looking open for you to just be available for this. All costs are covered, so that’s great, usually that means that you’re not coming out of the pocket for anything. You’ll probably have per diem throughout the day. I think the per diem rate is a day, so that’s good for you to know. That covers your breakfast, lunch and dinner, so you’re not paying for anything out of your own pocket. Looking to…time spent with the creative aspect content. So you’ll actually be having some creative input on creating the content, not sure with the visuals, what actually the targeted content is going to be, but it’s good for you to know that you’ll also need to be up on your editing game. I’m assuming that you’ll be editing via computer, your laptop or what have you. So make sure all your gears’ intact, make sure you’re ready for the gig.

Okay, we’re going to move on to Job Opp, four. This is in recording, my favorite. Podcast Audio Engineering. Produce, edit and engineer two shows a week for successful bi-weekly podcast series. This is in Salt Lake City, Utah. All right. Let me dive into some information for you on that. Let’s see. Okay, so this position is viable for anyone. That’s what it’s telling me here. From an audio and broadcasting background, successful bi-weekly podcast who’s looking for an audio engineer to produce, engineer and edit two shows a week. This will be great for anyone looking to broaden their engineering horizons and in particular, anyone interested in starting or growing their own podcasting platforms. So that’s actually really cool for those of you really are that into the podcasting role, being able to start your own thing. It’s bi-weekly, audio engineer, so you got to make sure…it doesn’t really give me details as to what type or engineering. but it’s audio, so it’s in the field of sound. So you definitely want to know you’re ins and outs there on the sound side. Edit two shows a week so you’d be editing as well. And it’s open to anyone. So I’m assuming anyone that has experience in engineering and editing and podcast. So that’s a great one because it’s available to anyone. So definitely take a stab at that, definitely apply for that, sounds pretty fun.

Okay, we’re going to move on to our last Grind Opp of the day. This is in film. Cinematographer. We got a lot of film opp. I’m going to have to hunt down a film buddy of mine to come in and chat with you guys. This is in film cinematography, part time. Create, shoot and edit marketing and promotional videos on a weekly basis for a financial consultants’ company. Oh, cool. And this is out in Miami, Florida. So let’s see here. Let me give you some info on this one. It’s for a finance consultancy company. I’m looking for somebody young and fresh to be able to come in help create marketing and promotional videos for the company to predominantly be used on social media and their website. That sounds to me like you’ll probably be shooting quick video teasers, like they do for Instagram. You have your 15-second segments. And it’s just constant content that they’re feeding you to promote the company, help drive initiatives marketing and what not. I’m looking for someone who can come in two to three days a week and create a revolving door of content for them on a weekly basis. Okay, so that’s pretty much what I just said you, guys, shooting tons of content, uploading it, getting it out to market. It needs to be a one-stop shop. They need to create, shoot and edit all of the content. So actually, that’s cool because I actually dealt with the guy who was on tour with us. His name is Jordan, Jordan Wright. Check him out. He does incredible work. I believe that’s his social media handle too is Jordan Wright Taylor Cut Films. I mean he was shooting so much content whether it was rehearsals, sound check, us on the bus driving into the next city. This guy was able to literally shoot, edit, and have it ready in I would say less than 20 to 30 minutes. I mean he was extremely fast. It was pretty much the same concept, right? Just shooting a bunch of content, uploading and pretty much promoting what it is we had going on whether it was getting people excited about coming out to the show that night, keeping people up to speed with our daily traveling, bringing them in on an intimate experience. And pretty much for this consultancy company, it sounds like they’re looking to do the same thing. They just want to feed the machine with content, obviously about their company and what they’ve got going on to help push things along.

So guys, that is our five top Grinds Opps of the week. Now remember, if you remember what I said in the part of the show, if you stick with us, I’m going to give you the vital information on how to apply for this job. So I’m going to say right about now if you look to the right side of your screen, you’ll see a link. On that link, you’ll definitely want to click it because there you can apply, put all your information and have access to these job opportunities. And you got a head start.

Keep in mind these job opportunities in the world of music, film, broadcasting, audio engineering, we all know each other. So it’s very, very close tight circuit. So the great thing is being through the show, you’ll apply for these jobs. These are jobs that pretty much give you a head start, and nobody has access to it. So make sure click on that link and apply. So we’re going to move to the best part of this show to me which is taking in all those questions because I feel like that’s how we really engage with each other and stay connected. So I’m going to read off a couple of the first questions. One key question is how do I apply for this job? Like I said, right side of the screen, click on that link. That’s all the info you need.

Let’s see, this is from Tina, “Maybe he’ll address the chat when he is done.” Tina, I’m here. What’s up? What you got for me? Didn’t see a question. GeraldStep [SP], let’s see… okay, Danny. Danny [inaudible 00:13:56]. “Is there anything in sports?” Not yet. I haven’t gone to that yet but I’m sure as our show expands, we’ll definitely be doing sports, culinary, couple other things. I know this is something that through the Recording Connection makes it possible so shout out to Recording Connection. I’m sure we’ll be expanding on the show more and more as we go.

Let’s see, what other questions do we have? “What does ‘pay your dues’ mean?” Pay your dues in this generation doesn’t mean anything. However in the school I came from, paying your dues is pretty much climbing a boat, climbing a ladder, but also being prepared, gaining your experience, being a fly on the wall, knowing when to talk, knowing when not to talk, and really just being a sponge. They always say a sponge doesn’t talk. A sponge absorbs. So that’s really the process of paying your dues, working your way up. Doesn’t matter how talented you are, doesn’t matter what you think you’re entitled to. You have to have experience at what you do. And most of all, you got to learn how to be a people’s person. You got a network. You got to talk. There’s no one specific thing. So paying your dues, it’s great because it prepares you. It takes you along that journey so that when you do get in that environment, you’re ready to deliver. And that’s really what this is all about. It’s not just the job opportunities. It’s more or less mentoring and prepping you guys for these opportunities because a lot of you are on your way to paying your dues, and a lot of you are going through the process. So absolutely, paying your dues is very, very crucial as a crucial piece to this part of the role world that we’re in.

All right, next question. This is pervyspeech [SP]. “What about musician gigs?” I’m sure we’re definitely going to be having a couple of those comes up. Coming out, we’ve been actually having a lot of audio engineering gigs that have been really, really great gigs. So I’m sure were going to start diving into the musicianship aspect to things which would honestly be fun for me too because I am a musician, and we all know what it’s like to be looking for the gigs so.

Let’s see here, another question. This is Marquis Gray [SP] “What is a good way to market your music via Sound Cloud, social media, Recording Connection and other websites?” It’s pretty self-explanatory. I mean you have YouTube. You listed them there. You have all the platforms there. I think it’s just the matter of putting your music out there and putting the story out there and constantly, constantly feeding, feeding these platforms with your content. A bio, your resume, what you’ve done, what you got going on, just constantly feed the platforms. Sound Cloud, Audio Mac, Spotify, get your music out there. That’s the best way to do it. There’s no specific… the platforms are there, so it’s really about just utilizing those platforms and flooding that market with who you are and let people experience your music. That’s the best way. Let’s see if I can find a really, really good question here. Okay, this one’s from Jennifer [SP].

“How much experience…” I lost that. “How much experience do you need for the one…” Sorry, guys. I got interrupted by the cling. “How much experience do you need for the one year travel gig?” Let’s see. Let me go back to that. This one was in New York, New York. This was for a videographer. This looks like you’re going to need a decent amount of experience because you’re going to be on the go, and you’re going to be creating various content on the fly and doing edit on the fly as you go. So I would say you definitely want to have some type of experience on your belt, maybe on your resume, company or previous gig that you’ve had that kind of coupon on the line that they can pretty much look at and say “Yeah, okay cool. This person might be great for this gig, so yeah.” That’s to you, Jennifer.

“How do you pick out a good stage name for this profession?” and that’s from Felicia [SP]. A good stage name, picking out a good stage name is really about your personality and who you want the people connect to. Everybody has a different thing. Everybody has a different personality. I always say that picking a good name is about the longevity, it feeling like it’s not just going to go away tomorrow but a name that’s going to be here for a long period of time. So something that you don’t get tired of and say, “Oh, man I wish I would have with a different name,” and now, you got to get a new name. And then people got to say, “Well, what happened? I thought you…” So I would say just get a name that best suits your personality and what your style is, what your vibe is, whether you’re single, whether you’re artist, whether you’re a song writer. It can be anything, but mainly get a name that best suits you and your personality.

Okay, I’m going to take on one last question. Here we go. This is from Tina. “As a DJ, how do you get bookings in major venues?” Bookings in major venues, you definitely got to have a resume for that. You got to have some fire going on somewhere. And that really comes from just doing a lot of the smaller venues and the areas. People always ask, “How do I get to this gig or that gig? Where do I need to be?” Really, the best way to do it is find the spots that are really cracking in your area or your hometown and take advantage and try to get yourself embedded in those environments because it builds up the familiarity of you and people start to go to these spots looking for you, wondering when’s the next gig, when can I hear you again. And that allows you to prep up and move up to the bigger venues. The bigger venues want to know, they want to see what spots you’ve been rocking as a DJ. That’s just out the gate. They want to see what you’ve been doing and what your following is. They like to tie it a lot to your social media platform and how may followers you’ve got. That’s kind of how they gauge it these days too.

Okay, I’m going to take one last question guys. Let’s see here. I’m going to try pick a good one. Give me a second, give me a second. Okay, see I’m sifting through. Bear with me. Let me see. Hold on, hold on. This from Desiree [SP] “Do we stay in touch with our RRC rep regarding if we get the job internship or not?” Yes, you definitely want to keep in touch with the Recording Connection. They are the hub for all of this. They are the ones who make this happen.

So that website,, you definitely want to make sure you’re in tune with everything they got going in there because this is it all speaks to each other. They are the platform. For those of you with your questions, make sure you log on to the .

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