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Show #28 | Los Angeles, CA

Sep 05, 2016

Here are the job opportunities (or as we like to call them, Grind Opps) from this week's show.



Video Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Birmingham, AL


Independent producer seeking video editor for a reality show picked up by Vamp Media.




Digital Marketing of Artists

Industry: Recording

Location: Santa Monica, CA


Red Bull is seeking an Artist Marketing Representative that will be responsible for creating media content for artists.




Board Operator (Part Time)

Industry: Radio

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Radio station seeking board operator to ensure technical quality of programs in the studio from syndication or from remote pick up points.




Cinematographer / Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Las Vegas, NV


Media company looking to create promo videos for hotels, restaurants, and specific events.




Sound Mixer

Industry: Recording

Location: Chicago, IL


Digital media company / news satire organization seeks sound mixer that will be responsible for mixing daily and weekly video content.



Cloie: My goodness, well, technology is exciting.


DJ IZ: What’s up, y’all? Welcome to ”Connected.” I’m your host, DJ IZ. I got my girl with me. What’s up, Cloie. Say what’s up.

Cloie: Good morning! Happy Labor Day, all! I know, right?

DJ IZ: Man, you know, I bet you we had some folks that thought we weren’t going to come through today, because it’s Labor Day. But, Cloie, I want you to give them the proper definition of what Labor Day is.

Cloie: Guys, basically, Labor Day is something we’ve been celebrating for over a hundred years. It’s paying tribute to the contribution and achievements of the working force, which is perfect, because we are here giving people jobs. It became a federal holiday in 1886, after this big ass riot called the Haymarket Riot, when people were like ” Oh no, we need to be protected. We need unions,” and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. They riot. There’s a strike. There’s all of these things that happen. People died, may they rest. And after that, the government… This is also coming off the Industrial Revolution where this like big economic and social boom… And after that, people were like, “Okay, people, we hear you. We need to celebrate you. No more like 27 and a half hour workday. Children are not gonna work. We’re gonna protect you. And we’re gonna give you this day in celebration.” So it became a federal holiday in 1886.

DJ IZ: You know, Cloie, you just gave me some education. I feel so well-educated now on Labor Day.

Cloie: Do you? Wow! Thank you.

DJ IZ: I do. That was dope.

Cloie: Well, to be fair, it was the rail station. And back then, you know, you shut down the trains, life was over. It was like the New York City subway shut down. Anyway…

DJ IZ: Well, you know, all the more reason for us…

Cloie: Like a boss.

DJ IZ: …to get this show rolling, because I’m about to enjoy my day. What are you doing today? Are we there? Hello? And we have seemed to have glitched.

Cloie: ….do our Grind Opps? Oh, we’re back, yay!

DJ IZ: Yes, I’m back, I’m back, I’m back. So before we get into the Grind Opps, we’re gonna jump into pretty much what this show is about. For those of you that are just tuning in, you know, this show ”Connected” here is about not just mentoring or education or any of that possibly-can-be-boring stuff. But we like to bring you jobs here, you know? And I’m excited about that, because, you know, it’s something that nobody’s doing better yet, you know, more or less just doesn’t exist, the way we’re doing it. So what we like to do is tell you, before we get into these Grind Opps, you might wanna get your notepad. I used to say pen and pad. But I’m realizing folks don’t really write down information anymore. So get your iPad, get your cellphone. Cloie, demonstrate. My beautiful Vanna White, show them what’s up.

Exactly. So, you know, because the information we give out along with these Grind Opps is super crucial, and it’s something you definitely wanna have on hand, on deck at all times just to study prior to showing up to any of these Grind Opps and interviews. So without further notice or further ado, we’re gonna jump up into our first Grind Opp of Labor Day Monday, which is in the field of video editor and in the field of film. And this is in Birmingham, Alabama. I want you to say that with me, Birmingham, Alabama.

Cloie: Birmingham, Alabama.

DJ IZ: All right, this is for an independent producer seeking video editor for a reality show picked up by Vamp Media. Video editor will be responsible for delivering one episode per week. He or she must be able to work with deadlines. I mean that’s always a must. Candidate must be proficient…

Cloie: I [inaudible 00:04:19]…

DJ IZ: …I mean yes…with either Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro. Candidate must have a reel prepared displaying past work. He or she will be working closely with the show producer. Now, Cloie, I feel like, more or less and more often, when we are giving these details that go along with these jobs that are pretty self-explanatory, I mean some things we usually dive in. But for the most part, you know, when it’s talking about being proficient with Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro, I’d like to think that anybody who has invested time into the film side of video editing that they know these terms as well as, you know, being on time and being able to handle a workload.

Cloie: And have a reel.

DJ IZ: Yeah, and having a reel. Now, we just featured…

Cloie: Anthony.

DJ IZ: We actually featured a guest last week, Anthony, who had a great reel.

Cloie: Yeah.

DJ IZ: What were some of the things that stood out to you in his reel?

Cloie: He had a bunch of people that were vouching for him. Like he was there maybe for a second. But he had people that are coming to bat for him. It was also quick. It was shot beautifully. And it had this really lovely, lighthearted element to it that…I don’t know. I feel like it can be light, it can be fun to show who you are sort of a thing. Yeah, yeah, and that was for jamming the [inaudible 00:05:54].

DJ IZ: Yeah, I think…

Cloie: Yeah.

DJ IZ: Yeah, and it also showed his environment, an environment he works in, that pertained to his particular field, which is [inaudible 00:06:06] and recording. So it showed a lot of working with different people. So I think those are some of the good things visually that you wanna definitely feature and highlight in a reel. Also, you know, some of these job opps come with actual company names. So, for instance, this one is called or could be possibly picked up by a company called Vamp Media. So you might wanna kind of just do some homework on that, check out who Vamp Media is, kind of just get a feel for what those things look like as far as what they’re about and what kind of content they have tagged with them.

Cloie: And real quick before we move into the second one, I just wanna say that in terms of the fact that this is a video editor for a reality show, meaning that you’re gonna be weeding through a lot of footage, because, reality TV, they’re just shooting that. And then it’s up to you to tell the story, essentially, with the help often of the producer, whomever else. But you’re gonna be sifting through a lot of footage to get to the gold to [inaudible 00:07:12]. So Film Connection, Recording Connection, and all that. Anyway, as you were.

DJ IZ: Actually, you know, did we hit them with our social media handles before we jump into Grind Opp number two?

Cloie: You know, I don’t think that we did. I don’t believe that we did.

DJ IZ: You know, hit them with the info.

Cloie: Guys, we’re across the social media. If you’re looking for us, we’re easy to find. Why? Because our @IZConnected, IZConnected on Twitter, IZConnected on the Instagram machine. Find us on Facebook @IZConnected. You can also, on our Facebook page, see links to some of our past episodes, case in point, the last two that we did with Alexa and Anthony. Shout-out to y’all. Yeah, find us, talk to us, we love it. Thank you, and continue.

DJ IZ: There you go. There you go. So now you have it. And it’s a great way to kind of just track our movement throughout the week. Me and Cloie have a lot, a lot of things going on. It’s a great way for you to kind of get a firsthand view and look of kind of what these different environments and arenas, you know, contain. You know, I mean you’ll see us around tons of folks. You’ll see Cloie hosting. You’ll see me hosting. You’ll see me in the studio. You’ll see, you know, Cloie get her whole act…look, see there’s…[inaudible 00:08:26] to stay in tune with us throughout the week.

So we’re gonna move up into Grind Opp number two. Girl, go ahead and hit them with this Grind Opp number two.

Cloie: Would love to. So this Grind Opp is on artist digital marketing, based in Santa Monica, California. Red Bull, hail Red Bull, is seeking an artist marketing representative that will be responsible for creating media content for artists assigned to him or her. The candidate must be passionate about great stories and able to make these relatable. Candidate must understand the importance of editing a storyline for simplicity and emotional resonance. We’ll park that, because that’s real specific. We’ll come back to that. He or she will be responsible for delivering artists’ budget proposals, timelines, and be able to communicate with all stakeholders. It’s a great opportunity for music business graduates.

About this point in time, [inaudible 00:09:35] sort of probably wondering what was in my Like a Boss cup, being that it’s Labor Day. I will tell you it’s green tea.

DJ IZ: All right, so anything you wanna speak on as far as the details you just read off?

Cloie: Just real quick, I just wanna hit when they say…it kind of ties into what we were just talking about, the film editing and being able to tell a story. As an editor, that’s huge, right? And what they’re asking you to…not just tell a story, but to be passionate about the story that you tell, to make it connect to the audience in a specific way, to play to the hearts and minds of your audience, right? So, yes, we’re talking about more than a clear beginning, middle, and end. We’re talking about message. We’re talking about ethos, pathos, and all that sort of stuff. That says a lot of stuff.

DJ IZ: Right, right. You know, one of the things that really stood out to me, something that I haven’t had a chance to, or we haven’t had a chance to, bring up on our show, because this is, I think, the first detail that has kind of popped out to me, which was delivering artists’ budgets and proposals. Now, that is a very, very…something you definitely wanna have experience in. Obviously, you wanna even have experience in dealing with a budget and putting a budget together and crunching numbers. I’m gonna save that one, because, to me, that’s a whole nother show within itself, preparing budgets.

Cloie: Making a note.

DJ IZ: A lot of times, I’ve found that preparing budgets also comes with having relationships, which then allows you to reach out to folks, have an array of folks you can reach out to. Crunching numbers, those kind of things are very, very crucial in this particular Grind Opp when you’re dealing with those things. And then you’re dealing with the timelines, and then you’re being able to deal with having to communicate with stakeholders. That’s a huge, huge thing that we can…I mean that’s a half-an-hour show, Cloie, just that alone right there.

Cloie: I just made a note. It’s a note. Note is made.

DJ IZ: That’s something we might wanna feature as a topic on next week’s show that we can kind of dive into.

Cloie: How to deal with the money.

DJ IZ: Yeah, I kind of like to equate that to when we were first [inaudible 00:12:09] how to put that whole template together, what goes into it, what you don’t wanna put into it, so those kind of things. So let’s keep that in mind as a topic for us to jump into on next week’s show.

Cloie: Love it.

DJ IZ: All right, moving up into Grind Opp number three. Grind Opp number three is in the field of radio. All right, so cool, we got some radio opportunities here, radio station seeking board operator to ensure technical quality of programs in the studio from syndications or from remote pickup points. On air responsibilities will include regulating timing of programs and commercials based on FCC regulations, know your regulations.

Cloie: Which are strict.

DJ IZ: Yes, candidate will be provided adequate training, including workshops, as requested. Candidate must have at least one year of experience in a radio station. And this is in Los Angeles, California, our hometown. Now, here’s a great thing. Anything that lends itself to experience, I know we got covered at the Recording Connection with our students, because we put them through real-time mentorship where they’re actually in the field, in the studio, in the station, on set, getting firsthand experience in real time. So this is another great opportunity for our Recording Connection students. So, you know, obviously, you definitely wanna know just the parameters. You know, it talks about dealing with, you know, programs, regulated timing based on FCC regulations. So those are some of the things you wanna be up to speed on. I know if anybody has at least a year experience, you already know what you’re diving into.

Cloie: Yes But…

DJ IZ: And the cool thing is you’ll be provided with…go ahead.

Cloie: Oh, sorry. I was just gonna say, just to reinforce, like when you said know your FCC regulations, know your FCC regulations, that’s all, continue.

DJ IZ: Right, okay. Also, too, you know, the cool thing is they’ll be providing adequate training upon your request. So if there’s things you wanna like take advantage of, those are the kind of opportunities you definitely wanna do that, because you honestly wanna get as much training as you possibly can. Not sure how they break these down as far as the different fields of the job, but I would assume, you know, you’d wanna take advantage of any type of training that they’re offering just so you can, you know, obtain as much information as you possibly can.

Cloie: And that goes back to what Alexa was saying a couple of weeks ago about asking as many questions as you can. You can’t ask too many questions. To hear more on that, check out our episode that we did with Alexa Cooper about two weeks ago. She is working right…like direct with A$AP Rocky. And that’s a Recording Connection alum.

DJ IZ: Oh yeah. All right, you better tell them. Now, we can show them better than we can tell them, Cloie. So I think that’s another great thing, you know, for you guys who have been tuning in faithfully, we got some really great things coming up in the next couple weeks where, you know, you get to see these people firsthand that come from the same background, lived just like you, going to the same school, Recording Connection, or even not, but just in the field alone that are actually landing these jobs. And I feel like what other better way, Cloie, than to have them on our show, get to hear from their perspective of how they were able to find the opportunity then take advantage of the opportunity and land a gig, you know? So some great things we got coming up that I’m excited about, you know?

So without any further ado, we’re gonna move into Grind Opp number four. Grind Opp number four is in the field of…they’re looking for a cinematographer and editor. This is in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Cloie: It is? Film Connection, pay attention.

DJ IZ: Now, you know, this is another company, a media company, looking to create promo videos for hotels, restaurants, and specific events. Sounds all fun, you know? Sounds like some cool stuff that… You know, I always think of these kind of gigs as somebody who’s very mobile, who has their gear, and who just loves to capture content, all right? So this is a media company, again, looking to create promo videos for hotels, restaurants, and specific events. Just like I was saying, here we go, candidate will be traveling with producer to film at remote locations. Isn’t that something?

Cloie: We were just talking about that. It’s so funny.

DJ IZ: Wow, okay. You know, that’s what I’m saying. Candidate will be expected to work independently, sending segments and revisions in a timely manner. Candidate must have a reel displaying promotional material. You know what’s great about these details? This is kind of like everything we’ve just covered, right? So revisions in a timely manner, what does that lend itself to?

Cloie: Information.

DJ IZ: Information, a person who’s structured, a person who’s prompt, a person who’s on time, a person who knows how to deal with deadlines and execute, which are huge components of any type of gig, right? I mean, Cloie, I know for you, right, because I know you’re just, you know, you’re sharper than a mosquito’s peter.

Cloie: Oh! I just got chills. I’ll pop my show a little more. Yeah, you know.

DJ IZ: I mean, you tell me, I mean, how important is it for someone like you to just be structured, be on time, execute, deliver deadlines, workload? How important is it be able to manage all those different components in just the world of work?

Cloie: The most, because in what I do, yes, I have agents and managers, and I’m very fortunate. But not everybody has that. The fact of the matter is you are your own creator and destroyer, right?

DJ IZ: Yes.

Cloie: So you got to be your own boss, right, like a boss. Shout-out to my great girl, Laura, who got me the cup.

DJ IZ: Boss. Boss.

Cloie: Right? It’s me. It’s me with myself trying to drive and make a way, right? And oftentimes, you get discouraged about finding out how to get through that, because there’s no time. You can’t come and say, “Oh, I didn’t meet that deadline because I didn’t get an audition, and I was sad,” you know? That just doesn’t exist. So that’s the most important. That’s the most.

DJ IZ: Right, there you go.

Cloie: Thank you for asking.

DJ IZ: Firsthand, firsthand. All right, so those are, you know, very brief details on that one. It’s pretty self-explanatory. Anybody in the field of, you know, cinematography and editing, I mean you know what those terms are. I think most of the things that we wanna reiterate is just structure, meeting deadlines, and executing, really, and…you know? Also, say, with this one, Cloie, they should always know their gear, know their equipment, be up to speed on the most current gadgets being used. You always wanna be ahead of the curve on those things, especially on the software side, you know?

Cloie: Because change is so fast.

DJ IZ: Yeah, absolutely, change is really fast. So, yeah, moving up into Grind Opp number five, our last Grind Opp of Labor Day weekend Monday. Go ahead and hit them with this one, Cloie. I’ll start it off.

Cloie: Hit it!

DJ IZ: This is in Chicago, Illinois, okay?

Cloie: Shout-out, Chi-Town!

DJ IZ: [inaudible 00:19:44] sound mixer. Shout-out to Chi-Town. Digital media company and news satire organization seeking a sound mixer that will be responsible for mixing daily and weekly video content. What else, Cloie?

Cloie: Candidate will also be responsible for going on location to record production sound as well as voiceover sessions. Candidate must have experience using Pro Tools and a 5.1 mixing understanding. Candidate must have experience using…

DJ IZ: Ooh!

Cloie: [inaudible 00:20:15], there you go! Hello! Candidate must have experience using Foley recording techniques. Candidate must be able to work independently and be able to meet deadlines. There’s that D word again. And by D, I don’t mean “damn it.” Or I could, damn it deadline.

DJ IZ: So, again, this is another great opportunity for our Recording Connection students, because this is another job that, you know, definitely lends itself to having some experience. You know, it gets technical when, you know, you’re using Pro Tools and 5.1 mixing and all that stuff. Again, anybody who is in this field of sound mixing and engineering, what have you, you definitely know what these words mean. So, you know, like I said, this is something that definitely requires a bit of information and experience, because you will be responsible for mixing daily and weekly video content.

Cloie: Ooh, can I say something really quickly when you’re done?

DJ IZ: Go for it, go for it.

Cloie: I just wanna highlight the fact that it’s a satire news organization. So it’s not like we’re talking about CNN. We’re talking more like “The Daily Show,” right? For those of you that don’t know what satire is, here’s your textbook definition, the use of humor, irony, exaggeration, or ridicule to expose and criticize people’s stupidity or vices, particularly in the context of contemporary politics and other topical issues.

DJ IZ: Got it, yeah, there you go. Just hit you with a full list and mouthful of information right there, all right?

Cloie: Satire, guys, satire news organization, that’s important, because you’ve got to be able to tell that story too. Continue, IZ.

DJ IZ: Right, so, honestly, you know, this is more of a technical Grind Opp to me, you know, because you’re mixing. And anybody who knows, you know, when you’re mixing, it’s a very detailed type of job. And this can be video. This can be visual. This can be audio. So definitely, you know, be up to speed on those things. Let me see. What else can I point out in these details?

Cloie: I think that’s pretty much it.

DJ IZ: Yeah, that’s pretty much it. You’ll be going on location and record production sound. So that can be cool, you know, just being able to experience different venues for recording. You know, the cool thing in this role, when you tend to, you know, go to different venues, you tend to meet different folks. And, you know, it’s a great way to build relationships. So that’s definitely [inaudible 00:22:45].

Cloie: But I also imaging that, for this, it means you have to be even more so on top of your game, because you’re talking about mixing in various elements that you don’t necessarily know what’s happening, right?

DJ IZ: Right, right, right, yeah, so definitely something to keep in mind. So that is our last Grind Opp of the day. Also, too, we wanna tell you guys where to apply for these jobs, okay? So where you apply for these jobs is at [email protected], again, [email protected]. That is the only place you can apply, register, show up, info, the whole nine, that’s where you wanna go to apply for these jobs.

Also, too, if you want to send us anything, questions, content, Cloie, can you let them know where they can catch us at?

Cloie: Guys, you can connect with us at [email protected].

DJ IZ: There you go.

Cloie: And across social media, because we’re IZConnected on social media, because we’re IZConnected it.

DJ IZ: I mean because that’s where we’re at.

Cloie: That’s our email and…yeah.

DJ IZ: Yeah. So right about now, we would usually do our Q and A. We don’t have a lot of questions in today. But we do have a cat, Jones. What’s up Jones, who’s…

Cloie: Hi!

DJ IZ: Actually, he said he’s mixing his album today. He’s like “Yo, that’s what I’m doing today,” which is cool, because, you know, I like it, you know? He’s at it. He’s at it on what we call a holiday. And he’s mixing his album. So that’s really dope. Shout-out to Jones for connecting with us today. He also had a question, “Any jobs on the horizon in Nashville?” Well, here’s the thing, Jones, you know, this is something where you just kind of got to stay connected with us throughout the Mondays of these shows, because we actually have had a couple of jobs in Nashville.

Cloie: Last week, we had one.

DJ IZ: Last week, we had one. And these are, you know, for some strange reason, we get really dope venues in Nashville. I don’t know how else to put it. But, yes, we will definitely have some more opportunities for you in Nashville. So definitely stay connected, keep logging in with us, and we’ll have something for you. But shout-out to you anyway for being here with us on a Monday.

Cloie: Get your grind on!

DJ IZ: Get your grind on.

Cloie: #getyourgrindon.

DJ IZ: You know, hey, let’s log that one in. Let’s log that one in. It’s something we can hashtag for for what it is we do. Now, because it is a Monday, on this side of things, I’m gonna keep it brief, because, Cloie, I do have a part of my day…

Cloie: A life?

DJ IZ: I do have a life and a part of my day that I wanna enjoy. I know our, you know, our Connected team, Mike, Howie, Brian, I know these cats, you know, definitely wanna enjoy their day. And they hold us down, you know? Shout-out to them, because they make this possible for us to come here every Monday at 11 a.m. and make sure all our technicalities are dialed in, make sure our internet is up to date, make sure we’re not, you know, doing the old-school wire…

Cloie: Two minutes to air. Where’s Cloie? Where’s your mic? I don’t know what’s happening!

DJ IZ: Right, right. So, you know, again, thank you guys for taking time out of your holiday to make this happen for us. And thank you for taking your time out of this day as well, Cloie, to join me and to come here and do what we do every Monday on ”Connected.” Anything fun you got going on today, Cloie, you wanna talk about?

Cloie: I’m just gonna explore. I don’t really have any plans yet. But we’ll see where and how the day takes me. Otherwise, I don’t know.

DJ IZ: Okay, okay. Well, I’m happy to say I’m gonna be out in the wilderness. I’m gonna be fishing. And you had this really dope, cool concept…

Cloie: I did.

DJ IZ: …about just, another way to display how connected we are. And I won’t give it away.

Cloie: They’ve gotta stay tuned. Don’t.

DJ IZ: Yeah, stay tuned, yeah, yeah. We’re gonna save that. That one’s in the can. That’s another idea in the can.

Cloie: Just know that IZ and I are about to spend a lot of time together, and you might get to see it.

DJ IZ: You might get to see it. And like, again, I wanna also mention we do have some really cool things coming up in these next couple of shows. So you definitely wanna stay connected. You’ll be seeing a lot of folks who are on the same beaten path as you. They look just like you. They’re obtaining as much information as they can just like you. And we’ll be highlighting them on our show. So definitely stay connected.

Cloie: Check us out on Facebook. If you haven’t liked our page, like our page. There’s a new photo up now of my cat, Olive, who does nothing on Labor Day. Don’t be her. Be better than Olive. Be more active.

DJ IZ: Yes, be better than the cat, definitely be better than the cat. Was that like an inside laugh, breathe right now?

Cloie: I snorted, I snorted just a little.

DJ IZ: You snorted. It’s all good. Well, you know, that about does it for us here on “Connected” on Labor Day weekend. And we look forward to seeing you next week. Definitely catch us on our social media. Definitely take advantage of all these notes we sent you. And prepare yourself, all right? Get prepared for these opportunities. And we look forward to seeing you guys next week. My name is IZ, and I’m out. My co-host, Cloie, what’s up? Say your bye-byes.

Cloie: Mwah. I’m saying my bye-byes, @IZConnected.

DJ IZ: And I’m saying bye-bye.

Cloie: Bye-bye-bye, buh-buh-buh.

DJ IZ: All right, y’all, we will catch you next week. It’s been great coming in here, hanging out with y’all. But we will see you next week. Peace, I’m out!

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