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Show #19 | Los Angeles, CA

Jul 04, 2016

Here are the job opportunities (or as we like to call them, Grind Opps) from this week's show.



Video Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Malvern, PA


Corporate video production company seeks full-time video editor for production team. Good benefits.




Broadcast Engineer

Industry: Radio

Location: New York, NY


RRTV needs full-time broadcast engineer in Manhattan. Must know latest in hardware, cameras and audio consoles.




Videographer / Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Emporia, KS


Manufacturing company seeks videographer / editor. Must have resume and reel.




TV News Video Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Hampton, VA


News station hiring full-time news video editor. Must be able to work varied shifts.




Freelance Audio Mixer

Industry: Recording

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Internet entertainment marketing company is hiring freelance audio mixer. Must know Pro Tools.



What’s up? Welcome to Connected. I’m your host DJ IZ. We’re on show 19, all right? So we’re doing the tally. I was just talking to my man, Mike, who [inaudible 00:00:41] connect. We were just talking about, man, we’re almost to 100 job opportunity markets. So we’re going to do something really special. But anyway, for those of you who are just tuning in, man, happy 4th of July. I’m here hanging. I had a great week. I actually took the week to take a little time off and do some camping and live a little. But I wanted to make sure I was here today at 11 a.m. sharp for you guys to bring you guys some more opportunity because, you know, at the end of the day it don’t stop. You got to keep going, you got to keep grinding. So here I am on a Monday on the 4th of July. And I look forward to probably blasting off some fireworks a little later.

But anyways, for those of you who are just tuning in for the first time, this show is pretty much about…I mean it’s self-explanatory. The show is called Connected, so in other words we like to provide opportunities and connect you with opportunities that best suit your career path, your craft, your profession, whatever it is your aiming for in the field of film, music, live sound, engineering, broadcasting, culinary. And we span anywhere from LA all the way through New York, and anywhere in between. So that’s Chicago, Dallas, Nashville. We just had Minneapolis, Philadelphia, New Jersey, Ohio, Indiana, and the list goes on. So we get a lot of Q&A questions about jobs in particular areas. So all that I say is just keep tuning in, and we’ll definitely catch you in your city with a great grind opp, all right?

So check this out. Make sure you’re following us at IZConnected on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter so you can track our day-to-day. All my viewers, you know, keep up with me on a day-to-day because there’s a lot of stuff I’m posting that kind of gives you insight on what it is I have to do every day as far as whether it’s rehearsing, whether it’s writing or whether it’s producing, whether it’s here with you guys. It’s just a great way to keep up to speed.

All right, and also get your Q&A ready so that at the end of the show, I can just get to those questions quick, and get them answered for you guys and hopefully share a bit of information with you guys the questions you guys are asking. And also, we’ll be featuring an invoice lay out at the end of the show so you guys can get an idea of how to correctly invoice folks when you’re sending out invoices for your work, all right? Just crucial things, you know; you don’t want to be invoicing wrong. If you make a wrong tally is that it makes you look [inaudible 00:03:14].

So I’m happy to say for those viewers who are watching who are joining me today that this is the only show that exists out there where it’s not just about [inaudible 00:03:24], it’s not just about sharing the information. But it’s also about providing jobs to get you guys hired, all right? I’m proud, and I can say that me and my team have created something that doesn’t exist, all right? So be sure you’re here because these grind opps are serious. They’re paid gigs. They’re not free, so you can earn some money, and most importantly get the experience you’d need to grow and elevate.

All right, without any further ado, we’re going to jump off for the day. This grind opp is in the field of film; video editor. Corporate video production company seeks full-time video editor for a production team. Good benefits. Malvern, PA is where it’s located. All right? I like…a great phrase in here is “long-term.” So let me read off some of these details for you guys. Again, this is in the field of video editor. Corporate company is the [inaudible 00:04:21] in greater Philadelphia area, owning and operating three award-winning e-commerce platforms. Candidate will edit raw footage into professional quality videos with a [inaudible 00:04:32] from video production manager/producer. Candidate must be versed in color correction, based audio mixing, and creation of basic animations, after effects, and Photoshop. Candidate receives competitive pay, Vanguard 401(k) program with up to 4%.

Man, I don’t know about you guys, but this looks like an incredible opportunity, and it’s in Philly. Last couple weeks we had a couple of people [inaudible 00:05:02] where you have many grind opps in Philly. So I hope [inaudible 00:05:07], all right? So let me take this apart right here real quick. So candidate receives competitive pay. Okay, so that’s a great thing. Vanguard 401(k), great benefits. Programs with up to 4% company match. Now, I know we got some film and video editors over at the Recording Connection. So this is a great opportunity for you guys as well to partake in this. Candidate must be versed in color correction. And all these terms, if you’re… if you’ve been dabbling in video editing and film, you know what all these terms mean. From color correction, audio mixing, creation of basic animation. And you will edit raw footage into professional quality videos with the supervision of a video production manager producing.

It’s a pretty substantial company. They’re the fastest growing e-commerce company, and they have three award-winning e-commerce platforms. So that tells you pretty much enough of who you’ll be dealing with, all right? It sounds like this is a very high competitive environment in this particular grind opp. It sounds like you’re going to be around some real, real, real folks. All right? So make sure you got all those crucial details on that one. And before I get into the other grind opps details, make sure you got your pen and pad and your notes so you’re jotting all this crucial information down. All right?

Grind opp number two is in the field of radio broadcast engineer. RRTV needs full-time broadcast engineer in Manhattan. Must know latest in hardware, cameras, and audio consoles. And this is in New York, New York. Okay, let me break down. This will be responsible for installing, testing, upgrading, maintaining and repairing broadcast equipment. Candidate must be [inaudible 00:07:02] and up-to-date on hardware, cameras, and audio consoles. Okay, got that. Candidate will be working with the NYC production team to ensure coverage for live shots.

Okay, so the last kind of grind opss, you know, we’ve had a lot of grind opps with super on-point details and very… it spanned from creative to also very technical. So it’s important to know both sides. For instance, we’ve been getting [inaudible 00:07:29] that almost require both sides, creative and technical. And this is one of those, okay, because you’ll be responsible for installing, testing, upgrading, and maintaining. So you’ve got to know your gear. Also, you’ve got to be [inaudible 00:07:42] up-to-date on hardware. So it sounds like they want you to know just an array of equipment and gear.

And I always tell folks, you know, it’s good to know a variety of equipment and have that information because you might be used to dealing with one particular piece of equipment. You get into do the work field, and you know, they throw all this other stuff that you’re like, “Oh, I’ve never used before.” So it’s important for you to be a student of your craft and know all of the gear that’s being used, whether it’s this company uses this particular gear and another piece of gear. So it’s important to know as much as you can when it comes to the equipment aspect so that you can get in and not have any downtime because you’ve got to read manuals and figure things out, all right? So that’s to be super important.

[Inaudible 00:08:31] NYC production team to ensure shots. So on-the-go kind of thing very fast, very sporadic, but you have to execute. Okay, so that’s super crucial.

Moving on to grind opp number three, grind opp number three is in the field of film. Again, Recording Connection students, I hope you’re viewing today. Videographer editor. Manufacturing company seeks videographer editor, must have resume and reel. Emporia, KS is where it’s located, okay? I think in the last couple of grind opps we’ve had on the show, a couple of details I’ve mentioned a reel which I think is crucial and also very beneficial because it allows people to see your work, see what your style is like. Especially from a film editor aspect, they get to see your cuts, your splices, how you put things together. And that’s, you know, you can show people better than you can tell them which is something I’ve learned from a good friend of mine, Valdez Brantley. What’s up? Peace out to Val.

So definitely good to have that [inaudible 00:09:36], all right? Let’s go on to these details. Editor will be responsible for filming all of the company’s core messaging and branding as well as any program goals and objectives. Candidate must be proficient in key photographic technique, exposure composition, focus and lenses. Candidate must be able to work independently and move projects forward quickly, okay.

Candidate must have a resume [inaudible 00:10:00] showcasing his or her best work. Now, that last detail is very important. You know, all through our shows we’ve stressed the importance of resume, how to put it together. We’ve even featured a resume link for you guys to look at and to get an idea of what information you should put down.

So here we go. We have a grind opp that is requiring a resume, and also requiring a reel. So I just got done talking about the reel and how important that is. So they want you to have both together so they can check you out, check out your work, okay? So you’ll be responsible for filming all the company’s core messaging, okay. So these details are very, very exact on here, and some of the things I’ve stressed throughout this show is structure, organization, promise, because you’re dealing with people that are at a high elevation. You’ve got to be able to get in there and execute, and you must be able to work independently by yourself to move projects forward. So that’s our deadline dates and the execution. They’re expecting that of you on this particular grind opp. And this is [inaudible 00:11:04] grind opp because this is very [inaudible 00:11:05] another grind opp that is great for our Recording Connection students. So definitely partake in this opportunity if you’re in the Emporia area, okay?

And you must be proficient in key photographic technique — exposure, composition, focus, and lenses. So again this [inaudible 00:11:24] to knowing the functionality of your stuff so that your workflow can just be seamless. Okay?

Moving on to grind opp number four, this is in the field of film. TV news video editor. News station hiring full-time news video editor must be able to work varying shifts. This is in Hampton, VA. So let me…you’ll be collaborating with anchors, reporters, and producers on video elements of newscasts. Candidate must have excellent communication skills and be able to work in a high-stress environment with strict deadlines.

That’s funny. I just got done talking about deadlines and being in a high elevation where you’ve got to execute, execute, execute all the time. You’ll be collaborating with anchors so this lends itself to having people skills because you’ve got to know how to get in your work with folks, and make things move forward. Okay. You’ll also be dealing with reporters and producers on video elements of newscasts. Now, in this world, this tends to be like a [inaudible 00:12:28], just really fast and prompt, got to do this, got to do that. You’ll be on the call, be mobile. So you definitely want to make sure that your skills as far as being creative, getting work done that you can kind of navigate through these different intense requirements and expectations. All right? So this is another great one that is a good grind opp for our Recording Connection students.

Moving on to grind opp number five, last grind opp for the day and this is in the field of recording. Freelance audio mixer. Internet entertainment marketing company is hiring freelance audio mixer. Must know Pro Tools. And this is in…shoot, this is in my hometown Los Angeles, California. All right, so [inaudible 00:13:11] looking for jobs and grind opps, here you go.

All right, here are some of the [inaudible 00:13:16]. Work with clients such as Warner Brothers, Disney, Screen Gems, Relativity FX, Showtime, Google, YouTube, amongst many. Those are some high-profile names there. So this one is a serious business, guys. Candidate will be mixing on theatrical broadcast and streaming projects. Experience mixing trailers, TV promos, sizzle reels is preferred. Candidate will be working closely with producers in post-production staff. Candidate must be able to work days, nights, and weekends as need.

Okay, so this sounds like it’s very, very time consuming and very time expectation driven as far as your days and days off. It sounds like you [inaudible 00:13:59] hey, if there’s an opportunity, you take it. Okay. So you’ll be working with huge clients. I mean I named a couple; Disney, YouTube, Warner Brothers. Those are big names so that’s a great place, great environment to be in in real time, and those are the kind of opportunities you want to just climb that ladder. You want to over perform in this these kind of opportunities when you’re dealing with such companies like those kind of companies.

You’ll be mixing theatrical broadcast and streaming projects. Okay. So you definitely want your [inaudible 00:14:37] ensure you’ve got all the information needed for you to deliver this particular grind opp because you’ll be mixing trailers, TV promos, and sizzle reels. Okay. So you definitely want to be up to speed on that, and you’ll be working closely with producers and production staff. And the great thing in this environment, producers know other producers. Production staff know other staff so it’s a great way great to network, and you know, spawn off other opportunities for yourself, okay?

Last but not least, I wanted to feature an invoice today so you [inaudible 00:15:11] for those of you who kind of…[inaudible 00:15:16] say I’ve never presented an invoice, but kind of just a good layout of invoice where you put the proper information and…sorry about that. You put the proper information in. And you know, your numbers are right, you’ve got all the accurate information and you don’t…sorry, guys. You don’t kind of get lost in the shuffle, okay, because invoices, you want to make sure you have your name, who they’re paying, what are the [inaudible 00:15:48] service, hours, okay? So you guys want to make sure that your details are together.

So here we go, okay. So take a look [inaudible 00:15:59] click on as well to get an idea of what it is and how the layout needs to look. So as you can see, you have “From” on the top left, your company, your name, address. “Bill To” which is that description like I said [inaudible 00:16:18] service, hours, whatever the details are for your particular job that you did. Invoice number, invoice date, payment conditions, terms and conditions. Okay, that’s where you would list, you know, whether it’s going to be a direct deposit. You can put your banking routing information, account number, but that’s a good layout for you guys, kind of look at…give you an idea of, you know, what your invoice should entail.

Okay, so moving onto my favorite part of the show which is the Q&A where I like to answer your questions, all right? So let’s see. Jeffrey [inaudible 00:17:04]. I missed the name of the company info. I think we covered that. Next question. Are there any [inaudible 00:17:13] industry terms payment? Is it okay [inaudible 00:17:16]. Some of the jobs [inaudible 00:17:23] jobs, lifestyle jobs [inaudible 00:17:27] and say, “Okay, I need a 50% deposit, and then once [inaudible 00:17:34] work is finalized, then you can pay me the remaining 50%” You kind of just got to feel around and see what the environment is like.

A lot of companies like you to get in, complete the work, and then they pay you. So I would say just kind of dig around and see what the [inaudible 00:17:54] is. It’s that kind of [inaudible 00:17:56] where you can get 50% upfront, they pay you, and then you invoice them later for the remaining 50%. You know, I’ve done that. It is very common. And it just all depends on, you know, what job it is you’re on and they conduct payment. But it’s always okay to ask. It never hurts. So I think that’s it. You know, it looks like everybody is enjoying their 4th. And I’m not mad at that because I’m going to be enjoying my 4th, too. But just on another note, you know, I like to leave you with something in mind where this week I was able to take off for five days and actually have a little…spend some time with my son.

And at the end of the day, guys, I want you guys to know I always stress, you know, the demand, the pressure put on you, opportunities come. You’ve got to [inaudible 00:18:59]. It doesn’t matter if it’s 3 in the morning or 4 the morning. Just the overall demand of what it takes to push forward and create opportunities for yourself, but at the same time it does require the balance. [Inaudible 00:19:16] get the balance perfect. You never do, but it’s a great target to aim for. For me, luckily, I was able to spend four or five days with my son outside of work and grind, and you know what? Everybody needs that time. As hard as you work, as hard as you’re going to have to work, you always got to remember to take a piece of time for yourself just to replenish and [inaudible 00:19:38] important. You know, in my earlier day, my 20, I pressed [inaudible 00:19:44] created a lot of opportunity for myself and was able to achieve a lot of things that I never thought I would be able to.

And that’s when the sacrifice comes in. Some of you guys have to really buckle down and sacrifice [inaudible 00:19:58]. And as you climb the ladder, as you get [inaudible 00:20:04] remember to take care of yourself as well in the midst of that grinding, in the midst of that day-to-day [inaudible 00:20:11] being in the trenches, okay?

So I just want to leave you with that for all our viewers. Man, enjoy your 4th [inaudible 00:20:18]. Happy 4th of July to you, too, man. I appreciate what you do. I appreciate you being here for my show. I look forward to connecting with you guys every Monday. Okay. Shout out to my team. I couldn’t do it without them. [Inaudible 00:20:32] Howard, my man, Brian [inaudible 00:20:35] Recording Connection who consistently makes this possible for [inaudible 00:20:38] to you guys with such great opportunities and opportunities that allow you to propel in your particular craft and profession. All right, man. I love you guys. Enjoy your 4th. Light some fireworks. Blow some [inaudible 00:20:53], but hey. Man, happy 4th of July. Peace.

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