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Show #17 | Los Angeles, CA

Jun 20, 2016

Here are the job opportunities (or as we like to call them, Grind Opps) from this week's show.



Audio Engineer, Voiceover Lab

Industry: Recording

Location: New York, NY


Voiceover engineer needed for SAG-AFTRA Foundation. Mixing experience a plus.





Industry: Film

Location: Evansville, IN


News station seeks videographer for an immediate part-time opening.




Broadcast Engineer

Industry: Radio

Location: New York, NY


Hi-Tech company looking for an engineer to work closely with broadcast support team.




Videographer / Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Laughlin, NV


TV station and media production company has immediate need for a full-time videographer / editor.




Board Operator

Industry: Radio

Location: Seattle, WA


On-call board operator needed for airing live, pre-recorded and automated programming.



What’s up y’all? Welcome to Connected. I’m your host DJ IZ and folks, we are on episode 17 today. So I hope you are all are tuning in from wherever you are. Again, you can catch us here every Monday 11:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. So if you’re on the East, you know what that means, bright and early.

So check it out. You know, for those of you that are just tuning in, let me bring you up to speed real quick. You know here on Connected, this is a show where we like to obviously connect you and attach you to opportunities kind of that pretty much best suit your job skill’ which is anywhere from film to videography, to engineering, live sound broadcasting, song writing, producing. It’s a pretty huge spectrum. So I tell folks all the time, it’s not one specific thing.

It’s [inaudible 00:01:24] every day on our social media. And let me give you our social media handles. This is for twitter, Facebook and Instagram, those media handles are IZConnected. So make sure you lock in. Make sure you’re following back. I like to post a lot of stuff. I like to post, you know, when I’m rehearsing, when I’m in the studio when I’m talking to various folks who are engineers or in the field song writing. Just to share as much information as I possibly can. So that’s another great way to stay connected with us, all right, is on our social media platform and those handles again are IZConnected.

So check it out. You know, I’m here hanging. You know I had a great weekend. I got to watch the game last night. That was a great game just to see those two go at it. You can see, you know, there’s a lot of competitiveness in the game which is something I love so.

You know, I woke up today excited about the grind opps we have that are coming your way which happen to be today primarily in the field of film and engineering. So I know we got a lot of students who are in the film and engineering at the Recording Connection. So I hope you all, especially my Recording Connection students, I hope you all are tuning in today. So you can kind of just partake in some of these incredible grind opps.

Another thing I wanna mention which you’ll probably see in a couple more shows further down, we got some cool, really cool editions that we’re gonna be bringing up. And so I wanted to make sure I kind of brought you up to speed on those in just kind of what you’ll be seeing. You’ll be seeing a lot more shows that are on the fly, you know, on the mobile, on the go. You might see a co-host, you might see some really, really cool…Well you’re definitely gonna see some cool guests coming. So I definitely wanna make sure I start bringing in some guests for you guys so you kind of just hear their information and their experiences.

Also too I wanna… We got an email that had come in to our new email address which was do you have any job opps in Minneapolis. Now, it’s something we’re definitely working on so just stay tuned. And it’s interesting because actually I’ve done a lot of work in Minneapolis. It’s kind of where I got my feet wet and was able to just get my experience on coming up under Jam and Lewis which was located in Minneapolis, a studio called Flyte Tyme. I spent a lot a lot of years there learning and perfecting my craft. So it’s great to get an email, you know, in regards to when we’ll have some grind opps out there.

So we’re gonna move on to my favorite part of the show which is the grind opps, all right. So like you know when I tell you all, make sure you have your pen and your pad so you can jot down all this crucial information because it is crucial. Make sure you stay connected with me throughout the show as well because you’ll see a link that pops up on your screen on the right side. And that’s the only place you can go to really apply for these gigs. All right? You got to click on that link and put your information in.

And before getting them, make sure you have your resume together. All right? Make sure. I’ve been stressing this all throughout the shows. Your resume and your follow-up letter, follow-up letter pretty much saying why you think you should be hired for the job and why you feel like you have the skills and the know-how as to what it takes, you know, to execute. All right? So make sure you get all that down.

So here we are. We’re gonna jump into the first grind opp of the day which is in the field of recording. This is for all my audio engineers, all right sound engineers you know how to get down, you know what it is. So audio engineer for voice overlap, all right. This is a voice-over engineer needed for SAG-AFTRA Foundation. Mixing the experience is a plus. And this is in New York, New York, all right?

So let me give you some of those details. Voice-over lab audio engineer, well hopefully you’ve got a cool personality because you’ll find that you’ll run into some very funny, cool cats there. You know, their voice comes on, you’ll be like, “Wow, that voice is coming out you?” This could be cool, all right? This is in New York, New York. Engineer will be responsible for recording and coaching voice-over actors during practice sessions. Wow, so you’ll be couching. All right?

Practice sessions or auditions or workshops, candidate must be proficient in Pro Tools, Audacity repair, and Twisted Wave. Candidate will be responsible for lab orientations and other audio workshops as well.

Okay. So let me dive through these. You know, you’ll find that our grind opps details are getting a little more intense as we go on. There’s very specific things they’re looking for, okay. So you must be proficient in Pro Tools, Reaper, and Twisted Wave and you’ll be responsible for lab orientations. You’ll also be coaching voice-over actors during practice sessions. Man, I would say, you know, if you haven’t had any experience with at that, I would say, man, go to YouTube and pull up some coaching sessions and you might be able to find some content that could help you with this particular request.

So you know like I said, this kind of lends itself to being very structured, having your leadership skills together. Because you’ll be, you know, responsible for lab orientations and how to lean up folks together. You know, workshops, so you definitely want to make sure you’re organized and you have a form of leadership skills, templates on how to gather folks together and prepare them.

This kind of things, you always wanna make sure everybody has clarity on the details of what it is they’re doing. You know, some folks don’t know how to put details together. Some people don’t know how to, how can I say, articulate what it is they have in here when it comes to putting this kind of things together. You always wanna make sure that you can, in a very simple, easy way, explain what it is you’re looking to do. So this is again voice overlap audio engineer in New York, New York. All right?

Moving on to grind opp two. This is in the field of videography, all right? For all my Recording Connection students, check it out. In the field of film videographer, news station six videographer for an immediate part-time opening and this is in Evansville, Indiana. That part-time opening, it’s always a great opportunity. A great opportunity to transition out of part-time and possibly become full time. All right? That’s kind of how I like to look at it these grind opps. When they come in and it’s part time, I always look at it as an opportunity to eventually make, you know, full time.

So these are some of the details for this particular grind opp. Candidate must have a flexible schedule including early mornings, morning news and weekends. Candidate should have knowledge of commercial video cameras and editing software. Great opportunity for someone who wants a future in television operation.

It was cool because I always talk about when you get in to these grind opps, it’s always really about knowing the functionality of your gear. Knowing your equipment even though an equipment that you might not be using but they’re still found in those particular environments. It’s important to know every aspect of what it is you’re doing from the gear to the technical side. Because when stuff happens, which we all know stuff happens, you wanna be able to fly. You don’t wanna lose time. All right?

So let me give you some of these particulars. Candidate must have a flexible schedule. Okay. So with any opportunity, you’ll always wanna make sure you’re flexible. and you wanna make sure that you can pretty much be there whenever it is they need you or whenever you need to be. All right? I know a lot of employers or bosses, those are the kind of things they really look at, how dedicated you are and what kind of sacrifice you’re willing to make. So those are the key things that people kind of zone in on.

And you must have knowledge commercial video cameras, that’s another thing I said, you know, in regards to knowing your gear. Great opportunity for someone who wants a future in television operation. And I know we’ve got tons of Recording Connection students that want a future in any type of television environment or anything that’s attached to it. So make sure you partake in that. Make sure you dive into that and make sure you have all those areas covered. All right?

Moving on to the next one. Right, number three for today is in the field of radio. This is broadcast engineer. High tech company looking for an engineer to work closely with broadcast support team and this is in New York, New York. All right. Here are some of the details for that. This position is heavy technology, meaning that the position entails designing, installing, and integrating broadcast equipment. Experience using split and discrete consoles is a plus. Looking for a candidate that will work great under pressure, who is client-service focused and who has a “can do” attitude. Permanent position in Manhattan. No relocation is offered for this position.

All right. So there’s a couple, you know, Philly, Jersey, those areas that’s 45 to an hour to get into New York. So this might be something cool for you all who might be on the outskirts of New York.

So let me dive through these. Heavy technology, meaning the position entails designing, installing, and integrating. So you obviously got to know your stuff you got to know your gear, you got to know… even the technology side, you got to be up to speed. Experience using split and discrete consoles, you got to know your boards. There’s a slew of them out there. So like I said, YouTube is always a great place to go to kind of just pull up stuff so you can get the most information you need. You might see somebody using a board here, you might see somebody using a different board there. Some of the cool things you can find on YouTube and you kind of just take notes.

Looking for a candidate that will work great under pressure. I always stress with any grind opp you’re best to believe you got to be able to work under pressure and deadlines and delivery dates. All right? And that only makes you great at what it is you’re doing. Because when you can operate under pressure and execute and deliver, man, that’s when you really excel.

Also, who is client-service focused, who has a “can do” attitude. “Can do” attitude, I mean you know that’s always a plus, having a great attitude. Having an attitude that you’re willing to do it, you can do it, and you’ll get it done is always a positive dynamic to have. And because you’ll be working with clients, you got to know the language on how to deal with clients and how to present yourself to clients. Your presentation is everything. And that’s another thing that I always stress in this show is presentation is everything.

And this is a permanent position in Manhattan. All right? So we just got done talking about a grind opp that was part-time, well this is a permanent position. So make sure you dive into that one because that’s a great opportunity right there.

So before I move on to grind opp number four, I wanna make sure you guys are getting your questions ready for my Q and A that I do because I love… that’s my favorite part of the show. I know the grind opps is cool but I love talking to guys. I like you guys asking questions me being able to have some one-on-one with you, all right? So get those questions ready.

Moving on to grind opp number four. Again, this in the field of film. This is videographer, editor. TV station and media production company has immediate need for fulltime videographer, editor and this in Laughlin, Nevada. Cooking out there right now. All right?

Again, a great thing. This is a fulltime position. So that’s a definite plus. And this is in the field of videography. You know, we got a whole bunch of videographers at the Recording Connections. I hope you guys are tuned in today because this show is for y’all. All right? So I hope y’all are here with me.

Here are some of the details. Candidate must be familiar with Adobe Premiere and Final Cut Pro which I know y’all are. Candidate must be able to follow and complete projects by strict deadlines. I know y’all got that under control.

Applicants must have a demo well prepared. Got that ? You know, I’m not sure everybody has that together. So a demo though is great because it allows you to showcase, your work, your editing skills, your look well in the reel and people can kind of… You know it’s always great when you can put that together because we all make judgments based off of the things that we see creatively these days. So you can see it even better. Being able to look at somebody’s work is definitely a plus. So I will encourage all you guys to definitely get into putting reels together that is pretty much self-explanatory for anybody who’s viewing your work. Everything you’ve been able to do especially in the field of film. You know, being able to show maybe some things you’ve shot, some things you’ve edited and put together is always a plus. All right?

Last grind opp of the day. We’re moving on to the field of radio. Board operator, on-call board operator needed for airing live, prerecorded and automated programming. This in Seattle, Washington, all right. Let me give you some of these details.

Details are candidate must be reliable, dependable, and able to work overnights and weekends. Candidate must be able to operate studio equipment and have basic production skills. Candidate must reside within an hour of the station to be able to cover on-call shifts that become available. Okay?

Now obviously with any grind opp, you have to be reliable, first and foremost, and dependable and able to work overnights and weekends. Ha, now that’s when the sacrifice comes. All right? Some of you guys wanna work when it’s convenient and when it works for you. But you know when the opportunity comes, be prepared to get up and go and make it happen. Okay? So those are what I like consider fundamentals of getting your career going. Understanding the sacrifice, the work, and the drive you need to have.

Candidate must be able to operate studio equipment and have basic productions skills. Okay. So your skills on the production side don’t need to be all the way perfected. You just got to know how to navigate and flow and you got to know your studio equipment. Again, that lends itself to what I said earlier, how important for everyone to know the gear that you work with and the gear that comes within your particular field. You got to have knowledge of everything, all right? Don’t just know your own or what you’re used to. Because you might get in situations where you walk into a room one day and it’s a completely different setup and you got to be able to fly. Okay. So definitely know your stuff on that end.

And you must reside with an hour of a station. I’m assuming that they don’t want folks traveling three to four hours and possibly be late. And you wanna be able to cover on-call shifts and become available. So if a shift comes up and you’re two hours out but they need you to be in an hour then that obviously ain’t gonna to work. All right?

So folks that is our last grind opp of the day. Moving on to my favorite part of the show which is the Q and A. Let’s see here. We’re near now. I don’t see my questions. Hold on real quick, guys. Give me a sec so I can get to my Q and A. Gees. Where’s my squad at? Squad where you at? My Q and A’s up.

Well in the meantime, I’m gonna show you my little room that I like to create in, all right. You could see in the back. Now because I’m a drummer, you all love the drum, I got an [inaudible 00:18:46] drum, snares in the back. Because I always believed in textures and being able to just have a library of different sounds that I can reach from. I got an old school drum machine which I love to [inaudible 00:19:01] It’s kind of like a rhythm key on the drum machines that [inaudible 00:19:04] used to make. Check it out. I’ve got an SP 1200 which I love because I saw… again, you know, if I’m doing anything that’s bridging and [inaudible 00:19:13] like DJ [inaudible 00:19:13], I jump on my SP 1200.

I got crates all behind me. So I like to kind of just… you know, because I’m never… throughout my shows, I’ve never kind of gave you guys an idea of what my creative space looks like. So I usually like to say in small rooms. I feel like creatively I get a lot more done in a really small room and I usually like to work within arm’s reach when I’m working on music or a song. I like to [inaudible 00:19:43] everything here, kind of like a U. I can just… he’d be here and it would be there. So that’s kind of my setup here. I get a lot done in here, man, so.

Also, too before, I forget I wanna to give a shout out to my mentor Doug Belloway who is watching with some of his students. What’s up y’all, man? I’m happy that y’all are tuning in with me today. Man, that’s a pleasure. I’m glad I got this info. It definitely keeps me excited knowing that I got students and viewers who are tuning in to really partake in some of these grind opps set that we put together for you guys. All right. That keeps me going and that keeps me energized. So I definitely wanna shout you all out. all right. Be here every Monday. This is how we get down.

Moving on to the Q and A. First question is “DJ IZ, how do I go to one of your tracks?” I’m not sure. I’m not sure what you mean there. Let me see. Just clicking on [inaudible 00:20:49]. He’s asking if there any grind opps near Dallas. You know, we’ve had Dallas throughout the shows but definitely keep tuning in because I’m sure we’ll have something for you again. All right. I kind of tell that I get a lot of questions in that say, you know, do you have any jobs in Philly or in DC? And we’ve had them all throughout the States from LA all the way to New York. So it’s just a matter of staying tuned in and catching us here every Monday. All right?

Next question is from Robert, “What do you recommend if you don’t have much work experience in terms of resume and applying for jobs?” You know, it’s all good even if you just got a couple or if you got one. The goal is to allow these employers to see that you still know how to put a presentation together. You still know how to present a resume. And that’s the thing. In the workplace, presentation is everything. Even if you got barely information, even if you only have one gig, put it together. Structure is everything, all right?

And the follow-up letter, you know, as to why you think you’d be great for the job. It’s all good Rob. Just put what you have, man. And it just shows organization and it shows that you know how to go about presenting something in the workplace. All right?

Nigel, what’s up man? Small world, dawg. All right. I guess y’all are definitely tuning in. Let’s see here. Erick Mondragon, “Will there be any audio [inaudible 00:22:22] gigs in Los Angeles in the future?” Absolutely, absolutely. Also too, I’m gonna have my team put up our new email because what I wanna do is I wanna be able to get you guys information in regards to a lot of the grind opps we’ve had in the past. And actually, if you go on to the Connected site, you can actually see all the grind opps that we’ve had since show one. And we definitely got a lot of Los Angles grind opps in there. All right Erick? So make sure you log on to that site. You’ll be able to see everything we’ve had in Los Angeles and you’ll be able to activate. All right?

Next question. This guy wants to know how he got hooked up with Usher. Well dawg, for that person that wants to know. I started in the studio actually in 2003 and I was working on music. And at that time, he was getting ready to start the “Confessions” album and I had a couple of records that I played for him and that was history. You know, went off to sell 20 million records and just kind of built a great rapport with him as a song creator, song writer. And have been locked up ever and that’s the quick story, the quick version. All right?

Let’s see here. What else? Man, the questions are coming in today. Let me see here. This is DJ Thirsty, “Is this where we ask questions for the host?” Yes, DJ Thirsty, this is where you ask the questions. Get them in.

Let’s see here. I always try to pick good questions for you all so you get the most information out of me. Rakish Benny, “Can I have some chance up there to work in USA?” I’m trying to interpret your question right. “Can I have some chance up there to work in USA?” Can you have a chance to work here in the USA? I think everybody does. You definitely can. Like I said, make sure you log on to the site and you can find everything it is that we offer there. All right?

Let’s see. “Will this be helpful for people like me who are staying in India?” Oh, okay Rakish you’re in India. “To get a job in a place DJ IZ success?” Well we’re not quite out of the States yet. I’m hoping one day we can grow and be able to service people who are all over the country. That’s a great go that we definitely have in mind. So definitely working on getting something to those forks who are in places like yourself which is India, all right. But stay tuning in. That’s…I’m actually honored and grateful to hear somebody who’s tuning in from India. So that’s [inaudible 00:25:48], man. Shout out to Rakish.

Let see. Here, let’s see. All right, next question. Sorry guys, they’re coming in so. While I’m doing this, let me definitely give you our website, our email address which is [email protected] Okay.

DJ Thirsty, he’s just sent in a good question. “As a first nations rapper from the West, do you have any answers for me about breaking into the Los Vegas market other than hospitality gigs like DJ [inaudible 00:26:51] etc. rather than [inaudible [00:26:54] bellhop and jobs like that?.”

You know man, that road, the one thing and I can say this firsthand because I’m also a DJ. Everyone’s a DJ now man and the thing is it’s all about how you’re accessing your information. And you got to do a lot of footwork, especially in Vegas. Vegas is a such a competitive market. You got to do your footwork. You got to hit the spots personally. And shoot a resume, shoot an email that has all your social media attached to it, everything you do because in Vegas everybody is trying to get a gig in Vegas, man. So you kind just got… you gotta hit the trenches, man, and you show up to various venues and just see what the need is. And see if you can interject what it is that you do into those different infrastructures. All right? It’s the best way to go about in Vegas.

Next question, “How do you feel about education verses experience?” Well, honestly, I think you can’t have one without the other. But I think it starts with the education because you gotta have the know-how. And through your know-how, everything kind of spawns off of that and that’s where you’re able to obtain information and the experience. So they definitely go hand in hand.

DJ Thirsty, “I’m in event management at the Art Institute of Vancouver currently, thanks. Go Sea Haws.” What up man? Well DJ Thirsty, thank you for tuning in today, man. And like I said, I always love the Q and A so, man, look forward to seeing you again here on the show. Again, it’s every Monday at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. And definitely look forward to staying connected with folks like yourself, man. All right?

“How often do you see job opportunities around Philly?” We see them quite a few times. We’ve had them throughout the shows, Haley. Like I said, we had someone ask about another area earlier on the Q and A and really, it’s just about staying connected with me here every Monday.

And even staying connected with me through our social media, all right? And I encourage you guys to follow us because there’s a lot going on that I’m posting on day to day. And for those of you that don’t have the information, our social media on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook is IZConnected. All right? So make sure you follow us because like I said, I’m posting a lot of information for y’all. And I’m sure we’ll have Philly in here soon again. Just make sure you tune in and keep catching these episodes. All right?

Our next question is Jenny, “What is your creative discipline like around your hectic schedule? In other words, how often do you create new tracks a week?” Jenny, that’s a great question. So what I’ve come to do which works good for me and it might work different for others. Because I have so much going on outside of music and I understand that creatively music is my number one .

So the way I’ve learned to set up my day is when I get up in the morning, 6.30 a.m., I jump to my email’s and I jump on any texting that needs to go out. And I allow that time anywhere from 7:00 to 12:00 p.m. Within that time-frame, I try to execute all the conference calls, all my emails as much as I can so that when I get to start creating around 2:00, I don’t have anything tugging on me and I can just be creative.

So with that type of discipline, I can get anywhere from four to five records that are close to being presentable or being done per week. But that comes with… You know, that’s a very strict regimen. That’s me being disciplined. That’s me allowing my schedule to pretty much not be interrupted. And like I even tell the forks that are sending me emails or reaching out to me. You gotta catch me between this time because if you do not catch me when I’m in the studio and when I’m in the lab, my phone is off. And I’m not thinking about your emails or none of that. So that’s kind of how I like to go about my creativity and what I’ve learned works for me best, all right? So I hope that helps you out Jenny. I mean that was a great question.

Let’s see here. Looking for the next question. “What advice would you give to someone who wants to set up a summer workshop series for film and audio?” First advice I would give you is to go on to the and tons of possibilities, tons of opportunities you’ll definitely be able to find. But I think that’s a great idea. I mean definitely, you know, go for it. And I think with setting up something like that, a workshop is that how you allow other creators, other engineers, other people to come together to share experiences. And when you get those kind of melting pots, it only breeds opportunities. So I think that’s definitely great, especially for the summer time. You know in summer time, folks got time to do stuff that they wanna do that’s cool and fun. And those kinds of things are always fun. You know workshops and meeting new people and getting ideas and other things, it’s always a great idea. Definitely, should go about that.

Let’s see here. I know I’m running a little over time today but what can I say? I love the Q and A. I love talking to you guys. All right. This one’s from Ray. “Is it okay to directly reach out to recording studios in my area to seek out intern opportunities as an audio engineer?” Absolutely. Ray, don’t wait on nobody. If you got that, you got that to go get it, man, go get it, all right? I encourage that to anybody. There’s other… if there’s opportunities that pertain to your craft and what you’re going for in your career, man, go for them. Don’t wait on nobody.

Just make sure when you do reach out that you got your presentation together, all right? That’s the most important thing. Make sure you have your presentation together. Make sure you got your resume. Make sure you know how to talk to folks. And allow people to see how hungry you are and the sacrifice you’re willing to make. Because in this day and age, this generation, they don’t understand anything about work ethic. And you know, to really excel in some of these workplaces, you gotta have an amazing work ethic. Because there’s always somebody who’s willing to work hard. All right? So I definitely encourage that. Go get it, Ray. All right? That’s was a great question.

“Say hi to Dray Bowman.” All right Jenny. I’m gonna shout out to Dray Bowman at the end of the show and tell him Jenny said what up. All right? Thank you for tuning in dear. I look forward to seeing you next week as well.

Let’s see. Let’s see if we have any more questions for you guys. Again, just a reminder, our jobs are only just in the United States for now but trust me, we’re definitely expanding and looking to bring it definitely across the water soon, all right? That’s some we’re aiming for as one of our goals.

Let’s see. Let’s see what else? All right. Well it looks like pretty much the Q and A for the day. Well guys, I look forward to seeing you all here next week at 11:00 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on my show Connected.

Definitely, you know, for those of you that just tuned in today, make sure you go to the website And see everything that we do and what we’re about and we’re all about not just the mentoring aspect but we’re also about real opportunities in real time and putting that together for you guys. All right.

This is something I love to do. I wanna to shout out my team. Howie, Mike, Brian, Chevy. You know, by no means about everything, I couldn’t do all this by myself. So I always make it a point to shout out my crew. All right.

So don’t forget to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. IZConnected is our media handles and I look forward to seeing you all next week. Make sure you’re on your grind this week. Make sure your taking advantage of your time and the opportunities. Make sure you click on that link on how to apply and really take advantage of these grind opps that we put together for you guys. All right.

Hope all is well. Remember, stay connected. Peace.

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