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Show #15 | Los Angeles, CA

Jun 06, 2016

Here are the job opportunities (or as we like to call them, Grind Opps) from this week's show.



Broadcast / Post Audio Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Charlotte, NC


Church is looking for audio engineer to record, edit and mix sermons. Pro Tools experience desired.




Cinematographer / Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Kansas City, MO


Interior design firm seeks individual to create promo videos for online marketing and web series.




Audio Tech / Board Operator

Industry: Radio

Location: Portland, OR


Part time tech needed t run live and recorded shows. Potential for full time position.




Producer / Director

Industry: Film

Location: New York, NY


Indie production company needs producer/director to create three music videos for one artist.




Post Production Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Seattle, WA


NBC affiliate seeks post production producer to assemble clips for daily half-hour news show.



What’s up, y’all. Welcome to Connected. I’m your host DJ IZ. We are now on episode 15. For those of you that are just tuning in or your first time viewing, this is a show entitled Connected where we like to connect you to various aspects of the game, which we like to call “Connected.” And that deals with anywhere from music, live sound, engineering, broadcasting, film, songwriting, musicians. We got something for you.

All right, I believe we got a new email today so we’ll be posting that to the right side of your screen where you can actually email us. I know a lot of times we get folks that wanna send content, can we hear this, can I send my resume. So this will be an email for you where you can send stuff. We’re getting followers on various social media platforms — Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. That’s IZConnected, all right? That’s our handle so make sure that’s locked in, all right?

Also, too, last week I mentioned that I was gonna be going to New York, and I was gonna be able to tell you a little bit of info about that trip this week. So just to bring you up to speed, I’m actually working on a new drum machine for all my beat makers, songwriters, and creators, all right? It’s a new drum machine called the ARQ with a great company that I’ve been working with for a while now. It’s called Zoom North America. And you know, I can’t wait to showcase and show you guys what I’ve been working on. So that’s a little information on what I was doing in New York.

All right. So let’s get to what I know y’all are waiting for. We’ve got grind opps, all right? So before we get into that, make sure you have your note, your pad, your pens, whatever it is you use to jot down information because this is crucial, all right? So I’ll be running fast today so make sure you jot down and make sure you log all this info down, and stay with me because throughout the show you’re gonna see a link on the bottom side of your screen, the right side of your screen where you can actually access these jobs and apply for them. So here we go.

First grind opp for the day is in the field of recording. This is Broadcast/Post Audio Engineer. Church is looking for audio engineer to record, edit and mix sermons. Pro Tools and experience desired, and this is out in Charlotte. Let me give you a little more details. Candidate will record audio and production shoots and special events. Candidate will assist with sound design projects for other mixers and producers. Pro Tools and post production audio experience is preferred. Candidate not required to agree with the church’s religious beliefs, all right? You just can’t be up in that church foul though. I’m just messing with you guys, but what is definitely mandatory on this one is Pro Tools and post production experience so make sure you’re up on your game on those two platforms, all right?

Next grind opp, grind opp number two. This is in the field of film. Cinematography, editor, interior design firm seeks individual to create promo videos for online marketing and web series. This is out at Kansas City. Candidate will have creative freedom on the project, strong communication skills, and leadership experience preferred. Candidate must have a reel to display promotional material, all right?

So you know, some of you guys are at that level where you’ve kinda been… especially in a film where you’ve got enough on your belt where you kinda have a reel of what you can showcase some of the things you’ve been a part of. And that’s very key, and that’s extremely helpful to get a gig in this world, people being able to see your work.

Also over the last couple of weeks I’ve been talking about structure, being on time, being prompt, execution. In this particular gig, they’re looking for leadership and experience in leadership. So knowing how to articulate what it is you’re bringing to the table within your team and getting your folks to really look at you [inaudible 00:04:20] and at the end of the day everyone executing under your hand, all right? So that’s crucial, that’s a big one. And you’ll have creative freedom. Anywhere you get to be in a job setting and you have creative freedom is always fun, all right?

Moving on to grind opp number three. This is in the field of radio. Audio tech, board operator, part time tech needed to run live and recorded shows. Potential for full-time position. Now, it says “potential.” I’m assuming that if you get in there and kick butt, you got the gig, all right? So this is work for the fourth largest radio broadcasting company in the US. Candidate must have experience operating radio broadcasting consoles. You must be available to work holidays and weekends. Sacrifice. Candidate must have strong communication and organizational skills, all right?

So another thing, too, on experience in operating radio broadcasting consoles, there’s so many of them out there which you probably can do just to get good information and just good knowledge of these different consoles. Just go on YouTube, and I’m sure you’ll be able to find cats working on different broadcasting boards just so you can kinda just see the differences and see if they’re offering any crucial information, all right? You must be available to work holidays, and there’s a lot of people who don’t wanna work on holidays or give up those days. But if you wanna be in it and have an opportunity, that’s where you wanna be, all right? And you must have strong communication and organizational skills. I’m starting to see these come up a lot within our grind opps because, you know, a lot of these grind ops you’ve gotta kinda already be there as far as with your organization, [inaudible 00:06:05] prompt and on time. Those are the fundamentals of what I like to call the workplace. Fundamentals of the workplace that you kinda gotta get in tact with them and make them a part of your daily regimen, all right?

Moving on to grind opp number four, stay with me folks. This is in the field of film. Producer/director. Indie production company needs producer/director to create three music videos for one artist. And this is in New York. Okay? So let me give you some details on that. Sounds like [inaudible 00:06:38]. Candidate will have creative freedom with video concepts, shooting locations, one year experience with film required, must be familiar with Adobe and Final Cut Pro. So those two platforms you’ve gotta be familiar with. I’m sure you’ve gotta be fast on them, too. All right? One year experience in film is required. So for all my film cats out of Recording Connection who definitely got experience, this could be a great grind opp for you, all right? Candidate will have creative freedom with video concepts, shooting locations and etc. So that’s always fun. When you’re location scouting and getting to be creative, like I said, those are always fun environments so that can be a cool one. Again, that’s in New York, New York.

All right, moving on. Last grind opp of the day, number five, this is in the field of film. Post production editor. NBC affiliate seeks post production producer to assemble clips for daily half-hour news shows. This is in Seattle, all right? Candidate will join the evening team and assist in creating engaging videos for specific stories. Candidate must be able to use social media and digital tools to research, discover, and distribute content. Candidate must be able to adapt to specific workflow and be able to work independently under strict deadlines. We’re looking for an outgoing, creative person that has a sense of humor.

Now, that just sounds like a fun environment like you have to show up, kick some jokes, and be chill, but also you gotta execute. And what I like about this, too, is they’re saying you gotta adapt to different workflows, specific workflow. So everybody kinda gets in on a team where the way they work and kinda get a rude awakening when they get into a different environment, and it’s different and they can’t adjust. So I always talk about being able to maneuver. This is one grind opp you definitely wanna be able to maneuver in because it might be a little foreign to you, you know, the pace of the work or the expectation, the deadlines but this is your opportunity to prove that you can actually maneuver and get things done and adapt.

The biggest thing in this day and age is being able to adapt, and work around obstacles and still execute, all right? And you must be able to use social media and visual tools to research, discover and distribute. So you just gotta know all the various platforms that do exist out there, and also it allows you to extract as much info as you can so that when you do get into these settings, you know what’s already around the corner. You can kinda articulate that information quick and fast, all right? You’ll be working with a team player, and you’ll be able to assist in creative, engaging videos for specific artists.

So what I like… I always say, you know, when we get these film opps and they’re always talking about engaging videos or a video that’s compelling. The thing is when you put together editing videos, for those of you who are in this particular world such as film, it’s videos that hit the viewer quick, they got something cool about them, got a little edge, to keep people’s attention there. You know, attention span is very short these days, so visuals that can just get you, all right? So it lends yourself to, you know, people that are creative in that world, all right? So that is our fifth grind opp of the day.

My favorite part, we’re gonna move on to the Q&A which is the questions that you ask and I get to kinda just expand on. All right, first question. What are some examples of follow through, like faking someone for a meeting? Follow through is… you know, I like to say follow through in that sense is obviously birthed from relationships, all right? Let’s say if somebody plugs you with a job opportunity or just an opportunity within itself, you always wanna make sure, for one, you deliver on that, you show up, and you do what you’re supposed to do. And you turn around after that and say, “Man, [inaudible 00:10:58] appreciate that. I really appreciate you hooking me up.” All right? That’s one follow through.

Another follow through is I’ve been talking about resumes for a while, and I believe we posted a couple of times a great blueprint and layout for a resume. And we talked about a letterhead. Some said, “Well, what’s a letterhead have to do with a resume?” Letterhead is pretty much you telling the employer why you feel you’re a fit for the job and why they should hire you. That’s follow up, showcasing how hungry you are, showcasing your appetite, showcasing that you’re willing to work for it, all right? That’s a good example of follow through, all right?

Next question. What are some [inaudible 00:11:38]. What’s the value of a mentor? Who are your mentors? You know, I like to think of a mentor as somebody who’s traveled the path already, somebody that can come back and share this information, and it’s privileged information. Most people have to pay for privileged information. But I like to think of a mentor as one that comes back to lend a hand and show the way as someone once did for me. I didn’t get here alone, and it takes a team. And it’s our job as mentors and people that are blessed to come back…and whether it’s inspiring, whether it’s shedding light on aspirations, it’s just something that we all should wanna do, all right? I guarantee you no one makes it on their own. Someone once did it for us. So that’s how I like to think of a mentor.

Who are your mentors? I’ve had a lot. I’ve been in great institutions, great music institutions. I grew up with Jimmy Jam and Trey Lewis who have a star at the Hall of Fame. And as producers, coming up under them and learning how to make records, I learned what true song writing is. It’s not just about a beat, it’s not just about melodies. It’s about all the key ingredients to making a great song. So I like to think of them as…my mentor, John McClain, a great friend of mine who started Interscope Records, who came from A&M Records, has long, long [inaudible 00:13:17] years in the game. I have a lot of mentors that have shared information, shed light on this path that I’ve been on and this journey that has helped me maneuver through this crazy business. So I have quite a few.

Next question. How did you connect with Usher? That’s a good question. So I actually connected with [inaudible 00:13:40] three. We happened to be working at the same studio, and he was working on his album at the time. It wasn’t called “Confessions” yet, but that’s the album that it ended up becoming. And we were actually working in the studio right next to him with Janet Jackson. And he was looking for music, and he kinda heard our room just banging on the other end and just came in and played some music. And the rest was history, you know, 20 million albums later. But that’s how I connected with him. And then, you know, he wanted me to come out and bring my turntables and DJ with him. You know, at that time, this is like 2005, I couldn’t really commit to leaving the studio and being gone for months at a time. And so 2009 is when I finally came on board to rock with him as his DJ so that’s the story on Ush.

Next question. What’s more realistic, taking an entry level position if offered and working your way up or holding out for your dream job? Man [inaudible 00:14:46] what you can grab onto, grab onto it because when you do get your dream job, you wanna be able to execute and over-deliver, all right? And that only comes with experience. That comes with paying your dues. And in this game, you wanna pay your dues because you don’t wanna get into your dream job or great opportunity and fail. And you know, the great thing is along this course, along this journey, you’re gonna fail over and over and over again, but it’s all about learning. I’m still learning, and what has gotten me [inaudible 00:15:27] to take all the experience, all the mess ups, all the learning and actually get into a position where I can actually over-deliver and execute, but all that comes with trial and error.

So don’t ever skip out on an entry level thing. You know, take it and be great at it so when your dream job comes up, you can do the exact same thing with flying colors, all right? So that’s my advice on that one.

How long should I expect to pay my dues? Who knows? You know, in different environments, some experience doesn’t translate in other businesses. You gotta start from the bottom. You never really know. You know, all you know is… what you hope to look back on is a great body of work, a great resume so that’s all you can do. Stay working hard, stay making sacrifices.

You mentioned making mistakes. Is that the University of Hard Knocks I keep hearing about? Yes, that is the University of Hard Knocks and that’s the University you wanna graduate from because it just breeds a different character. And it breeds a character that is gonna be able to sustain you through the letdowns, through the failures, though people not keeping their word. It’s gonna carry you through all those things, all right?

Well, guys, that is our Q&A for the day. Don’t forget every Monday you can catch us here at 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, and we’ll be here with you. [inaudible 00:17:04] DJ IZ. Tune in again. Shout out to my Recording Connection fam — Ryan, Howie, Mike. Love y’all. And I look forward to seeing you guys here next week, all right? Stay tuned. Peace.

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