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Show #13 | Los Angeles, CA

May 23, 2016

Here are the job opportunities (or as we like to call them, Grind Opps) from this week's show.



Video Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Responsible for editing daily clips for YouTube channel. Experienced in Final Cut or Premiere Pro.




Production Tech

Industry: Film

Location: Chicago, IL


Operate live streaming equipment, lights and video in state-of-the-art facility.




Dallas, TX

Industry: Radio

Location: Dallas, TX


Audio operator needed for three hour morning syndicated radio show. Must have extensive knowledge of music styles, artists and songs.




Post Production Sound Designer

Industry: Recording

Location: Houston, TX


Seeking sound designer for corporate events. Applicant does not need to live in Houston.




Production Assistant

Industry: Film

Location: Tusla, OK


Responsibilities include operating studio cameras for live broadcasts and talk show programs.



What’s up ya’ll? Catching you here on a Monday morning at 11 am to my show, and of course, let me get out of the way, Connected. And again, we’re coming to you live from the Recording Connection headquarters. So again, for those of you who have missed 1 through 12, this is something that we do here every Monday 11 am Pacific Standard Time. And the goal of this show, I know I sound like a broken record, but the goal of this show for you that’s just tuning in is to get you connected with opportunities in film, recording, broadcasting, songwriting, engineering, all those cool things. To just get you dialed in and get you on a path to excelling in these different categories. All right?

Now, I want to bring this up because this is important. I want you guys to get your Q&A, get your questions going so by the end of the show you already got them, you’re not thinking and I can answer and get them quick. All right?

So do it, man. You guys good? I know I’m doing good. I had a great week and I’m looking forward to Memorial Day weekend. And we’ll still be coming, so make sure you tune in Monday. It will be a holiday for us because we’ve got to go out there and get it. We got to make things happen. So make sure you’re tuned in here next Monday as well at 11 am.

So check it out. We’re going to get things rolling. We’ve got some great job ops today. I’m excited about them and bringing them to you guys. So make sure again, make sure you’ve got your pen, your pad, your notes so that you can jot down all this information. I’m also going to be showing the Elon Musk resume for you guys.

So make sure that you guys are able to look at that as a blueprint and the layout on how to do your resume. Also, your letterhead, because we want to make sure that you guys are telling these employers why you feel you’re great for the job. Why you think it’s you that should be hired. So that’s what we like to call the follow-up. All right? And in this day and age, follow-up everything. Follow-up sets you aside from all of the others and not be falling up, not being on their A game.

So, man, I’m happy to be here. It’s Monday. Let’s kick things off. Let’s get it going. All right? First grind Op for the day is in the field of film. This is video editor responsible for editing daily clips for YouTube, for YouTube channel, experienced in Final Cut or Premier Pro. And this is in Los Angeles, California. So let me give me you a couple of more details on this one.

The editor will be responsible for compiling numerous submitted clips into one cohesive segment for social media. Time management is a must. Candidate will be expected to complete the task within a short timetable. Editor will be responsible for meeting the needs of producers and project managers.

One of the things I stressed on last week’s show was we’re getting these things that come up is fast time management, deadlines, and those various type of words. So the key thing for me is to stress that along with time management and meeting deadlines, you’ve got to be a person of structure, organizational skills, because this all plays into a role of being on time, being prompt, making sure you’re able to execute and meet these deadlines. Very important in these particular job settings. So time management is a must.

And you’ll be expected to complete the task within a short amount of time. So that’s what we call crunch time. That’s when you tend to deal with a little more pressure. You’ve got to come through. You got to follow up and make things happen. You’ll be responsible for compiling numerous submitted clips into one cohesive segment for social media.

I think social media runs… I think it’s a minute now that they let you…At first it was 15 seconds. I think it’s up to a minute now. So those kind of things. When you’re doing edits like that, whatever it is you’re doing it for, whatever the concept or the thing, you always want to make sure it hits you right away. It’s energetic, it’s the most information you can put into that short amount of time. And I’m sure you editors know what I’m talking about.

And you’ll be responsible for meeting the needs of producers and project managers. That can become a handful. Producers and project managers tend to have a lot of expectations, which is cool. It’s just being able to execute on all those different levels and get them what they need. All right? So those are the details for that particular grind op. Again that is in Los Angeles, California. We will move on to the next one.

So grind op number two. This is in the field of film. Production tech. Operate live streaming equipment, lights, and video in a state-of-the-art facility. This is in Chicago, Illinois. Let me give you some details. Production tech.

Candidate must have experience with multi-camera video switchers. Must be dynamic, motivated and bring your A game every day. I love that language already. Why won’t you bring your A game in a setting like this? So keep that in mind. We provide an outstanding work environment and excellent experience. We expect the same from you.

Man, these details again, a little more like at you. Hey, man, there’s no playing around. So let’s dive into this. So you must be dynamic, motivated. Dynamic, I’m assuming maybe in a social sense, in a sense of how you are amongst people. Energetic, excited, enthusiastic and motivated.

Well, I like to think if you’re on my show every Monday at 11 am that’s you’re motivated. That’s what I like to believe. However, when you get into these type of environments, it might be different. Maybe you’re chilled, calm. Obviously, this particular gig, they want somebody in there who’s got the fire, who can come in and just with the energy create excitement. That’s a great environment, man.

I know for me when I’m in a studio or when I’m working outside and whether it’s a company or you’re talking about product designing or any of those things, I’m excited, man. And the great thing is if people aren’t excited around you, there’s something wrong, and it looks like this particular environment, man, they’re excited. They want somebody with excellent experience, and they have expectations. They expect you to be where they’re at. Motivated and dynamic. So that’s really cool, man. Like I said, these grind ops, the details are getting a little more straight from the hip at you.

So we’re going to move onto grind op number three. Grind op number three is in the field of radio. This is an audio operator. Audio operator needed for three-hour morning syndicated radio show. Must have an extensive knowledge of music styles, artist, and songs. This is in Dallas, Texas. Now, I really, really like the details on this one.

Shout out to my team for orchestrating these details. Because what I love about this one is you must be open to accept new challenges in creating innovative ideas. Wait, hold on. Let me make sure I’m giving you the right details. Yes, I am. Okay. Candidate must be open to accept new challenges in creating innovative ideas. Candidate must be open to learn proprietary systems. Candidate must be a troubleshooter and self-starter, able to maintain equipment, and make quick adjustments as necessary.

See these are what you have to be like this. You’ve got to be able to go, go, go, go. You’ve got to open to learning new systems. And the key thing too, in these types of things, there are new obstacles, there are new challenges but that’s how you gain your experience in creating innovative ideas. So this is like you get to go and take in what you’re experienced in but you also get to be creative. And there’s a tech part to this too because you get to be able to maintain equipment and make quick adjustments as necessary. That’s what it’s about.

I’m going to pull something up really quick. So this is what I love. “Must have extensive knowledge of music styles, and artists, and songs.” I love that because a lot of people get into something, and they really haven’t done their homework. They know one thing, but they don’t know the other components. If you’re an audio operator, know everything that that gig requires.

Don’t just know one genre, don’t just know one form of music. You’ve got to know everything. And I tell people all the time man, “Be a student of what it is you love,” so that when you run into obstacles, and when you run into things that require new ideas and new concepts, you’re able to pull from all that information you have, and it allows you to deliver.

That is the key thing with any gig. It’s, “Man, can you deliver?” What kind of information do you have? Are you just limited? Do you just know one particular style of music or one genre and that’s your comfort zone? Folks, get out of your comfort zone. If you look at these details man, you must be open to accept new challenges, and that requires you to be out of your comfort zone.

And that’s where true growth comes in because you’re able to learn things, you’re able to acquire more information. And when you’re able to acquire more information, guess what? You don’t become a dinosaur. One thing that I haven’t gotten a chance to really stress on in my shows is being able to navigate and maneuver. When these gears switch, when that gig, when this job op turns into something else that you didn’t think it was going to turn into, guess what? You got to be in a position to maneuver, and guide yourself and have gears.

You’re only able to switch gears if you have the information that you’re able to pull from. That’s why I wanted to reshow you that grind op clip because it says something crucial, which was knowledge of music styles, artists, and songs. Must have an extensive knowledge. Okay? So all I’d equate that as just, man, doing your homework. Doing your homework.

It’s great for you guys to tune in with me every Monday at 11 am, but I hope that you’re able to take this information and really process it, digest it, and do your due diligence. That’s the whole purpose of this show. So I know I’m getting a little deep, but I’m passionate about what it is I do here. I’m passionate because I had to acquire the information. And when you acquire information, man, what you’re supposed to do is share it. That’s what I want to do for you guys.

So make sure you’re jotting this stuff down, make sure you’re staying with me because you’re going to see a link at the bottom of your screen. That is the only way you can apply for these jobs. All right? So stay with me.

Moving on to grind op number four. This is in the field of recording. Postproduction sound designer. Seeking sound designer for corporate events. Applicant does not need to live in Houston. And this is in Houston, Texas by the way. All right.

Any time you get to design, that’s so much fun. I know I love sound designing. Just creating sounds and making stuff sound weird. You never know what it’s going to be or what it’s going to end up in, but the more you have to pull from your creative pallet is super, super cool. So some of the details on this one. Postproduction sound designer.

Production company based out of Houston of Houston, Texas, but applicants do not need to be located in the area. Candidate must be highly communicative and email-efficient. Candidate must have an efficient workflow. You know what’s cool, man, is I’m tech savvy. I’m not too tech savvy, but I remember when email was becoming a way to communicate in my industry, music. When not being able to always get on the phone and you’re recording.

The biggest interruption when you’re in a creative state is that phone that ring and you’ve got to stop. Stops the whole process. So man, when I had to become email-efficient, it was a whole new thing for me because then I’m like, “Okay man, am I spelling right?” And then spelling check came out. Just all those things, but it’s an important tool for business now. A lot of business is done over emails now because not everybody has the time to get on the phone. People are on flights.

I know I’m in the sky a lot, but I can get on my computer and I can shoot up an email, I can look at contracts. I can do all kinds of stuff. And you’d be surprised so many people aren’t email-efficient. Like my pops, man, it took him forever to become email-efficient. So it’s definitely a must in this generation of doing business. And you’re able to scan, and email it, and all those things.

It’s really cool. So you definitely want to be email-efficient, especially on the communicating side. That’s why they’re saying candidate must be highly communicative. Candidate must have an efficient workflow. Workflow is definitely important because depending on your workflow, that’s what enables you to meet deadlines, to get things done. And it’s a must over at this company. So for those of you who have a great workflow, this would be great for you guys.

I’m sure there’s some cats from the Recording Connection that have an amazing workflow of course. Man, the Recording Connection brings champions, straight up. Another cool thing, cool point on this one is it is in Houston, Texas. I think we’ve had a couple of folks throughout our shows ask, “Hey man, have you got any grind ops out here in Texas?” So you don’t have to be from Houston, but if you’re close enough where you can drive on in or get there somehow, cool, man, take advantage of it. Right?

Moving on to our last grind op of the day. In the field of film, production assistant. Responsibilities include operating studio cameras for live broadcast and talk show programs. This is in Tulsa, Oklahoma. All right? So we’re going to look over at some details for this one. Man, Oklahoma. What’s going on in Oklahoma besides OKC? I don’t know if I’ve ever been there, but man, it could be a new experience, so check this out.

Production assistant will be responsible for the operation of all studio equipment including the control room switcher. Man, whatever that switcher is it sounds like it’s just a for real switcher. Film experience preferred. Production assistant will have opportunities to produce promos for the creative services department. Candidate must be able to perform at a high level under pressure. See?

Man, that’s all I ever talk about. On our last grind op that detail. “Candidate must be able to perform at a high level under pressure.” I can’t stress to you how important that is because most people either do one or two things. Man, they either fold or they deliver. And the guy who can deliver under that kind of pressure is the guy who usually surpasses everybody, because in this day and age, man, we just want folks that can deliver.

In any setting, in any sport, in anything, this is the guy who can deliver. And I would like to think that those of you that tune in are those people, and have that kind of mindset. I’ve only been able to get where am at it’s because I’ve been able to deliver under extreme pressure. And the only way you’re able to really do that is really how much you exercise that muscle, your brain, right? And it’s what propels you to the next level. And in all honesty, man, that’s how you get from being here to being here.

Whatever that means for you. And I can’t stress it enough how important it is for the guy who can deliver when no one else can. The guy who doesn’t fold. The guy who executes on the job daily. The guy who’s there before anybody else is. The guy who’s the last one to leave.

Man, how important those fundamentals are in today’s business. It’s everything. I’ve heard so many stories of people in companies that go from being the mail guy to being the president. I’ve heard so many stories. I know a couple of them who started in the mailroom, and who stuck around after hours to just peek around corners, and learn things, and have those conversations of, “Man, so how was it, man? So how did you get here?” It’s that guy man who always ends up.

And you’ll find a lot of times, man, and to be honest with you, these people, they’re not the most talented people, but the work ethic is what surpasses everybody. It’s the work ethic, man. I’d like to believe that I’m not the most talented person. I’d like to say that I’m great at what I do. I’ve worked very hard at my craft. Numerous, numerous years and hours out of my life that I’ve dedicated to becoming great at my craft.

But there’s people who are way more talented than me, but the work ethic can’t be matched by mine. That’s the difference. It’s the guy who can deliver. The guy whose work ethic is out of this world. All right? Film experience preferred. I know we’ve got a lot of students here at Recording Connection who have some great film experience. For those of you outside of that, you definitely just want to know your ins and outs. Film experience.

When I say the word “film,” it’s such a huge word that entails so much. So you know what I’m talking about, especially if this is something that you consider your craft. Film experience preferred. Production assistant will be responsible for the operation of all studio equipment. So you’ve got to know your gear. In these type of settings where there’s engineer, sound designing, film, camera, so important to know your gear.

Knowing the capabilities, knowing what you can do, being able to, in a creative sense, have a B plan. When you’re not getting what you need, you can maneuver and do various things. It says all the studio equipment excluding the control room switcher. So I guess excluding means you don’t have to worry about the control room switcher. I think that’s pretty much it. Production assistant will have opportunities to produce promos.

So you’ll still be able to be creative, and you’ll be producing promos for the creative services department. I don’t know how many of you have done promos or teasers. I like to think promos is just taking the most exciting information for whatever it is the company’s message is and compiling something together that’s explosive, cool, sleek, and very dynamic, and to the point. So for those of you film creators, that’s definitely something you can have fun in. All right. So that is our fifth grind op of the day on episode 13.

So off to my favorite part of the show is the Q&A where I get to talk to you guys, and you guys get to pick my brain, throw all kinds of weird questions at me and I can give you weird answers. So I’m going to read off some questions. It looks like I’ve got a question from a guy named Mike out of San Francisco. “A few shows ago, you gave us a rundown of the things you do to be successful. Can you give us a breakdown of the typical day? How many hours you spend doing what.”

Man, that’s a good one. That’s a good one because it’s so much. Well, I’ll tell you what, I’ve come down to the place of being able to partition my day. Meaning I wake up. I like to spend anywhere from three to four hours which usually is 7 am to 12 pm to get all my emails answered, whatever conference calls, whatever phone, whatever people I’ve got to reach out. I like to take care of that in my earlier part of the day so I can stay on track with having my lunch. And I’ll tell you why that’s important for me right now.

So having my lunch and then utilizing the rest of the day to be where I’m most great at which is being creative. Now, years ago, when I didn’t have structure to my day, I’d be looking at a 16-hour day. Getting home at 5 am, waking up to take my son to school at 7 am, which gave me two hours of sleep. Now, I was able to run on that for a while. But when it caught up to me, it caught up to me.

So if you look at the demand of what a day is for me, the demand is no joke. It pulls from every piece of me. And for those of you viewing, I don’t know if you have guys some of you have children or families, but I will say to you, if you don’t have those responsibilities on you, learn how to manage your day. And this is not easy. These particular grind ops in these particular categories man, they come with dedication.

They come with a demand that is very, very time consuming. This is nothing to play with, this is serious business. And like I said, the guy who shows up before everyone else and the guy who shows up last, you’re looking at maybe a 10 to 12-hour day. No banking hours here. All right?

And what I had to learn is that I can give you 14 hours of my day. I can do that. But I have to do it with structure. I have to deal with parameters because when I’m most effective is when I’m on track, when I’m giving creativity to proper time that it needs. And being creative man, that could be two hours, that can be 24 hours because creativity comes when it comes. And when you get lost in it, before you know it your day is gone. Before you know it, you’re looking out of the door and the sun is coming out, and you’re saying, “Man, where did time go?”

So that’s a great question because I want you all to know out there that these things come with sacrifice. They come with demand and you have to prepare yourself mentally to accelerate in these times and give your best in these times. And it only comes by you figuring out what works best for you. But for those of you that think you’re going to get up and give it six hours or eight hours, it might not be that way. I’ll tell you, I’ll be the first one to tell you, man, this is a traditional structure.

This is a very nontraditional, very disruptive structure, because in today’s age, man, everybody is trying to get that crumb, but there’s always somebody working harder. My dad used to tell me, “Son, there’s always somebody working harder.” It just depends on what you want to do.” So learn to prioritize your day. First of all the early bird gets the worm. Start your day off early. Knock the things out, knock the phone, the conversations, the emails.

If you can get that knocked out in the earlier part of the day, it allows you to do other stuff you really are probably great at which is being creative, which is doing your film stuff, which is honing in on your engineering skills, your sound skills. So the demand is insane, but I like to think that all of you who’re tuning in this is what you want to do. It’s a choice. It’s a sacrifice. Man, in this generation, man, nobody is willing to make that sacrifice.

When you say the word “work,” work? Yeah. So something to think about because there’s no easy way. There’s no easy way. It takes serious dedication and work ethic. All right?

Moving on to the next question. This is Katz [SP]. “Thank you, Wes, for the film grinds. I was about to go hard studying music just to get my foot in the industry.” Man, you should still go hard. Still go hard studying music, man, because what’s a film without music?

What’s a film without some type of ambient sound going on in the back? Music is everything. Man, how creepy would it be to get on the elevator with four people and it’s dead silent? Actually, I think we have a dead silent elevator here in this building. But for the most part, you get on the elevator, there’s music. You’re coming home from work, there’s music.

You’re working out, there’s music. You look at a commercial, there’s music. You look at a movie, there’s music. Music is awesome. So man, definitely get your studying on with music, all right? What’s up, Katz? I think I know you too Katz.

But it looks like it’s a short and sweet one today. I hope you were able to jot down all this information. We’re going to make the Elon Musk resume available for you guys again. I’m sure there’ll be a link where you can catch it. Make sure you take all that information down for these grind ops man. This is so much important.

If you can, actually, as of now, look on the right side where you’re sending me your questions. There’s an example, a great blueprint layout for you with Elon Musk’s resume. And I can’t stress to you how important that follow-up letter is because you always want to let these people know why you feel you’re right for the job and why you should be hired. I know if I’m hiring somebody, man, convince me. Convince me you’re the one that should be working with me.

So again, shout out to my lovely family which is the Recording Connection. Shout out to my team, Howie, my man Mike, and Brian for making this possible, allowing me to come to you every Monday and present what we like to call Connected. All right. So make sure to tune in with us next week. It will be a holiday for me. I’m sure I’ll be somewhere.

Maybe I’ll go fishing, maybe I’ll try to live a little bit. I’ll still have my computer setup with me so I can come to you guys. All right? Coming to you live from LA. Man, thank you guys. Thank you guys for tuning in. I look forward to seeing you next week, episode 14. My name is IZ, and man, peace. I’m out.

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