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Show #12 | Los Angeles, CA

May 17, 2016

Here are the job opportunities (or as we like to call them, Grind Opps) from this week's show.



Radio Assistant Producer

Industry: Radio

Location: New York, NY


Award-Winning Executive Producer seeking assistant producer that will support productions for broadcast, web and social media.




Audio Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Louisville, CO


Multimedia Publishing company looking for Audio Engineer for spoken-word, audio learning programs, online courses, and podcast recording sessions.




Post Audio Engineer

Industry: Recording

Location: Los Angeles, CA


In house position for post audio work on indie films. Must have one year of Pro Tools experience.




Assistant Audio Engineer Intern

Industry: Recording

Location: Las Vegas, NV


Multi-Grammy Award winning band looking for full time intern for three months. Must know Pro Tools. Las Vegas based opportunity. Huge opportunity.




Staff Production Supervisor

Industry: Film

Location: Los Angeles, CA


You will be the key liaison between company and freelance producers. MS Office, Showbiz Budgeting and Point Zero knowledge a plus.



Los Angeles California the headquarters of the Recording Connection. Now, I’m super excited because we’ve got some really, really cool grind ups, and I want to remind everybody that towards the end of the show, you know I do my Q and A so make sure you get your questions going and bubbling in your mind right now, so at the end of the show, I could just knock them out for you. All right, so for those of you just tuning in, again welcome to Connected. This is a show that obviously connects you, but not only connects you but gets you going and experiencing other things that we have like job opportunities, right because everyone in this field of music, film, projects has always hit me up like, “Oh man, you got the hook up, what you got going on, can you throw me something.”

Well this is a show where I get to actually throw you something, all right, so that’s five jobs every Monday 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time. So, if you do the math, that’s 20 a month. So, I always encourage everybody and everybody in my apartment to check in and catch me on the show, a show that’s kind of geared towards the give back and also kind of just reintroducing the fundamentals of business for you guys. A couple weeks ago, we posted a resume that pretty much was a great template for those of you who kind of are [inaudible 00:01:18] about what to put on your resume, how do I do it, what should it look like. So that was some I was happy we were able to put out there in front for you guys.

So today, I’m extremely excited about one particular grind up, all of them but there was one that really popped out to me. So before I get into these, make sure you got your pen and pad, your notes together because along with the grind ups, I’ll also provide very, very detailed information. And so, also make sure you stay with me throughout the show because we’ll be having a link on the right side of your screen, which will be the only way for you to apply for these actual jobs, all right, but you got to stay with me, okay?

So, we’re going to roll in to grind up number one, grind up number one is in the field of film. All right, this is staff production supervisor. You’ll be the key liaison between company and three last producers, office, showbiz, budgeting, and point zero knowledge a plus. This is in Los Angeles California, my hometown, and let me see, let me post some more info for you guys. So the details of that will be strong production-minded individual to help manage and coordinate day to day logistics of commercial and documentary projects in various stages of production. Candidate must have experience in a film set or film studio, organizational skills is a must. We really never get to really talk about the importance of organizational skills and structure and when I think of things, when I think of kind of just being in these different realms of whether it’s broadcast or engineering, structure is a huge, huge thing for just not even the professional side, but just how you navigate and operate in these particular work environments. Structure is everything, being organized is everything. First and foremost, you want to be organized because with organization comes promptness, you’re on time, you got your day mapped out. You get in to the workplace, you know what you’re going to do, you know how you’re gonna execute it. So that’s really, really huge and I’m glad that actually came up in these details because that’s something I haven’t really been able to touch on, so that’s really good. So, it also mentions to be strong production-minded. So you definitely want to have experience in this kind of platform, strong production supervisor, so you’ve got to have leadership. Leadership skills is another thing I haven’t really touched on throughout the show. So leadership skills is huge but that only comes with experience in dealing with people really because when you’re dealing with a group of people, you have to have a sort of confidence about what the job task is, how you implement the work, the schedule, the execution, so that’s really big. And you also have to have the experience in a film set or film studio. Okay, so that’s where your resume comes in, as far as what you’ve been able to do and like I always say on the resume side, not a bunch of fluff but actual real time experience. And also too, we talked about in the last couple of weeks how important it was to have your letterhead together that also go along with your resume which is why you feel you’re great for the job, and why you feel you should be hired. So those two things go hand in hand. And again, definitely got to have experience in a film set or a film studio so you want to be able to show that you’ve been able to have a couple of those jobs under your belt. All right, so that’s grind up number one and again, that was in Los Angeles, California.

We’re going to move over to grind up number two. Now this grind up particularly was one I’m extremely excited about. I know this one, it’s great for anybody definitely in this area because it’s a three months amount of time which gives you a great time to really lock in and if they love you, nine times out of ten, they take you on board for everything. So I’m gonna get into this grind up, this is in the field of recording, Assistant Audio Engineer intern and this is for a multi Grammy award winning band looking for full time intern for three months, must know Pro Tools. This is Las Vegas-based opportunity and it’s a huge opportunity. Okay again this is in Las Vegas. So a couple of more details, I mean obviously, it’s an amazing opportunity. It’s for one of the biggest bands in the road but I can’t tell you. I’d love to tell you but I believe the genre of this band is in the rock. So if you’re familiar with those particular genres, this will be great for you. They’re looking for the intern assistant for three months while they record their entire album. The band is in, again, the indie rock market so anyone with a passion experience in those genres, you should definitely jump on this. Also, some of the key details are [inaudible 00:06:27] point access of first assistant, must be based in Las Vegas with flexible scheduling. Intern must have base level audio engineering knowledge, sense of privacy is required, unique, once in a lifetime opportunity to get valuable knowledge, connections, and experience within the music industry. Now for this particular opportunity, because it’s a huge opportunity, in this climate, for instance, privacy means most likely in this environment, you’re not telling folks, you’re not having people show up through the studio. You’re not having people join you at for lunch, you’re not selfies, you’re not filming, those kind of things would definitely get you kicked out in this environment. So you don’t want to do none of that and you also want to have experience in dealing with people, an artist because there’s a certain climate in these particular environments when you’re dealing with a band or an artist at this level, you just kind of got to be a fly on the wall, and just offer assistance in any way, shape possible to help this session go along slowly. And the great thing is in these kind of things, what they take a liking to you, they usually scoop you up. I know I’ve done that in the past, I’ve started with a runner at a studio in Los Angeles which was The Village Recorder and at the time, he was just a runner, and I just asked him if he could do something on the board for me. And as we started to get used to each other, he ended up becoming my main engineer, so those are the kind of things you want to be mindful of. It’s not only the knowledge or the connection but it’s the experience and that also looks great on your resume, and that resume with something like this will get you a lot further, faster. And again, I can’t stress enough in regards to how great this opportunity is. I know a lot of guys who are in the intern level, engineering assistants, and know I bet you if I got any of them on the phone right now, went over these details with them, they’d be like, “We’re gonna show up, I’ll drive, I’ll get an apartment. “ So those are the things you want to be mindful of obviously for this particular grind up, you must be based in Las Vegas and with a flexible scheduling. For those of you who are on the come up, I would say clear your schedules so that way, you’re not making sure your schedule is flexible. You clear your schedule, you ain’t got nothing going on but to be there for this particular grind up. Again, it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity fellas, ladies, whoever’s viewing, so that’s a great one. I’m actually excited about that one because that’s huge for our show as well. All right, so make sure you jot down all that information on that particular order okay?

Moving on to grind up number three, grind up number three is in the field of recording again. Post audio engineer, in-house position for post audio work on indie films, must have one year of Pro Tools experience, again this is in Los Angeles California. Man, I’m actually going to put the A.P.B. out because I know a lot of people out here who are looking for work so I hope you guys are tuning in. So some of the details on that particular grind up are candidate will be responsible for creating post audio deliverables, sound editing and hard drive management. Again, this is where structure comes in handy and being organized. Candidate should have high competent computer skills, can handle basic repairs, and be comfortable with working long hours at weekends if necessary. Eager to work, passion about post audio, and has optimistic demeanor with clients. So as I said on the first point, this is key for organization and structure because you’ll be obviously hard drive management requires structure and organization sound editing. That’s obviously your skills, impose audio deliverables. Be that you’ll have… you should have high competent computer skills. You’ll also be dealing in the field of repairs so you got to have some type of tech experience as well. We kind of been getting a lot of grind ups that have integrated into various things whether it’s doing this and then you got to do that, and if you got to also be able to do this. Those are the things that in this day and age, you can’t be Mr. know-it-all but you got to know it all. So I think just in the work environment, it’s great because it actually allows you to have gears to maneuver various things, whereas you might not have a whole bunch of engineering opportunities but you might have a repair opportunity where you can come in and repair something. So there’s different ways to get in and this can be one of them. So obviously, you got to be eager to work. You’ve got to be passionate about what it is you’re doing which in this particular instance would be post audio. I always stress being passionate about what you love and what you’re trying to do in any way. So that’s key. And optimistic demeanor with clients, again this leads us how to knowing how to deal with clients, just being personal and being able to socialize and be cool, be chill, all right?

We’re going to move on to grind up number four. Grind up number four is in the field of recording again. This is audio engineer multimedia publishing company looking for audio engineer for spoken word audio learning programs, online courses, and podcast recording sessions. This is in Louisville, where is Louisville again, guys? Louisville, Colorado? Oh man. Sorry guys. Moving on to the details of this particular grind up, this is in the field of audio engineering, again, Louisville, Colorado. Audio engineer will be responsible for recording burning disc, upload audio for streaming. There will be live engineering opportunities available. Live engineering experience is a plus but not required. Candidate must have at least one year of studio experience, ideal for externs, interested in working in an environment that will encourage. Okay, so these details are kind of like everywhere but in the right place. Live engineer experience is a plus but it’s not required so this is something that you can go in and feel your way around. Live engineering opportunities are available, so this sounds like easy gig to me, but also could be a great place and platform to gain experience and interest in working in an environment that will encourage as well. You’ll be responsible for recording, burning disc, upload audio for streaming, so this is this is an easy gig guys. I’m sure you all know how to burn a disc, which means burning your CD, burn content on the CD, and upload audio for streaming. There’s not much I can really tap as far as information into this one. It’s pretty self-explanatory, and it sounds like you can kind of get in and just, if anything, to absorb as much information, experience as you can around any others that are already at this place working. So again, make sure you’re staying with me because you’ll be able to access these jobs through the link that’s on the right side of the screen. So stay with me.

Last but not least, this is a grind up number five, this is in the field of radio. They’re looking for radio assistant producer, award-winning executive producer seeking assistant producer that will support productions for broadcast, web, and social media. This is in New York, New York. So it says award-winning executive producer, I wonder who that is. Other than that, it sounds like a really, really great opportunity. Any time you get to be around folks that have…I’m not going to say success but are great at what they do and have a long track record, I mean those are always, always great opportunities because you’re able to pull so much information from those opportunities and experience it. Like I said, that always is a plus on your resume when you get to work with people who are known for what they do. So this is in New York. WNYC programming, New York Public Radio, Web experience preferred, will be responsible for researching and finding necessary music, sound effects, are [inaudible 00:16:01]would tape for the works in progress, writing skills and interest in cultural history both high and low is a must, basic audio production preferably Pro Tools preferred. I like that preferably Pro Tools preferred, whoever wrote that is amazing. Deadline oriented, comfortable with organizational task, ideal opportunity for radio graduate or audio that is comfortable with working in a fast paced environment under strict deadlines, all right. So there’s a lot of key points here so we can go one by one. Web experience preferred, so your web game’s got to be up. Obviously, if you’re one who deals in this particular environment, you know the ins and outs of what that means. Will be responsible for research and finding necessary music, sound effects, [inaudible 00:16:55] tape for the works in progress, so it sounds like you’ll be hunting down and tracking down content, organizing it, and pretty much having everything to get on that side as far as the content, and keeping it together.

Great thing is just looking at these grind ups that have come today, a lot of them really require structure and organization so I can’t stress that enough. Writing skills and interest in the cultural history both high and low is a must, so your writing skill’s got to be on point. All right. Know what we call back in the day, what was the terminology, [inaudible 00:17:34] so make sure you have your stuff to get on the writing side. Basic audio production and they’re preferring that you know your ins and outs on Pro Tools so you definitely want to have your experience together there, and workflow is key in these environments, all right? Especially on Pro Tools. Nothing worse than working with a slow person on Pro Tools, it slows you down when you have an idea, when you want to do something, you just want to be able to do it quick. So make sure your skills are up to par on that one. Deadline oriented, comfortable with organizational task so this is key because I always talk about just being able to execute, and when you’re on a deadline, time frame, you want to be able to execute and get everything moving so that you can meet those deadlines and requirements, so that’s key. Last point was ideal opportunity for radio graduate or audio that is comfortable with working in a fast paced environment under strict deadlines. So this is great for you, recording connection graduates who are in the field of radio who are looking for a gig, great thing is coming out of recording connection, you definitely have some experience and real time dealing with folks. So this is great for you guys. Fast paced, again, that lends itself to a great workflow under strict deadlines and that, to me, sounds like a bit of pressure but pressure is good because pressure thrives greatness and execution. So I hope you’ve been able to jot down all that information especially on grind up number two which it was based out at Las Vegas because that’s a really, really great word for our show. So I hope you’re able to get all that, hope you clicked on that link on the right side of your screen to actually apply for these jobs. Again, get your resumes together and get that letterhead together, and let these folks know why you feel you’re great for this gig. Let them know why you feel they should hire you and all that good stuff.

All right, so we’re gonna move on to the Q and A which is my favorite part of the show. This is when I actually get to talk to, I don’t feel like I’m just looking at the screen.

So I’m going to look at this first question we have is from Andrew. Is it cool to include all my years of experience and training on my resume when sending my resume to an organization when they require less? Well, I think you should be able to look through what you have as far as experience and list the most important things. Just think if you were hiring yourself, you want to cut to the chase, you want to be able to look at the most important things this person has been able to do as far as experience. So I think it’s a matter of just trimming off the fat, get to the point, what it is you’re great at, what you’ve been able to do, who you’ve worked for, and just make it sweet, make it effective. A whole bunch of this and this, I did this, just pull the most important stuff you got that you think would be appealing to somebody hiring. I hope that answers your question, Andrew. Next one, this is Rochelle.

Hello D.J., ask a question, you have everything in Atlanta, Georgia, radio or T.V. We have had, I don’t know if this is your first time in tuning in, Rochelle, but it’s kind of one of those things where you just got to tune in every Monday, and catches because we’ve had everything in between L.A. and New York pretty much. So I’m sure we’ll have a couple more in Atlanta, Georgia. Next one, this is from Willie. I am a one man band. All right, Willie, you’re a one man band. Well whatever that means, Willie, man, more power to you. All right man? One man band in this day and age is actually a great thing. However, you can’t know everything and know nothing at all. So make sure whatever that is, if you’re a one man band, make sure you’re great at everything it is you’re doing.

Next question, this is Desiree. What are some affordable entertainment lawyers that can help with beginners looking to get paid for their work? Ask a funny question. I don’t know really any affordable attorneys because the moment you call them to say hello, they’re billing you. So I think it depends. Let me see, resume, I want to make sure I get this question right and great for you. Looking to get paid for their work. I think, what it is, I don’t know what type of work you’re referring to but let me just say it’s music. There’s actually companies you can actually become a member and join that actually look out for as far as your works rather than getting an attorney. If you’re just starting, you don’t need an attorney right away but there’s a couple of companies, broadcast companies that you can become members and they keep track of your music, your publishing, your rights, and when you say get paid for your work, I mean there’s work for hire. I don’t know if you’re a musician. But to me, it sounds like it’s something that’s driven by content. So if it’s content, like I said, there’s a couple of companies that you can become a member with or join and they’ll take care of you in that aspect, and that comes in the form of statement, then log it in, all your words, your splits, all your information. But lawyers, you kind of want to wait until you get into that bracket because it can become very costly. So I hope that answers your question Desiree. Okay, so you’re a songwriter, how can a songwriter begin to find work or internship? Well, you’re tuning in to the right spot. It is connected. What we’re doing here is lends itself to songwriters, film, broadcasting, and based on where you’re located, for songwriters, you just kind of want to find where the music’s going on, what’s around and who’s doing what with studios, where can you be, how can folks listen to your song. You got a sound clock, you got all kinds of platforms for you to display your music that can help get the wheels turning for you on the songwriting side.

Next question, Ingrump [SP]. Hey D.J. S, what are the best tools for building your resume and getting gigs in a smaller city? The best tools for building your resume, best tool is a computer and a printer, and email. You got an email? You’re good. But like I said, we posted a couple weeks ago, a great, great, must say blueprint because it was a great blueprint for a resume. Like I said, the things you want to obviously showcase on your resume is your experience, what you’ve been able to do, where you graduated from, what jobs have you had, and just the most important info. If you don’t have any important info or info that can display your experience, man you got to wing it and wing it, it can be any shape or form of winging it, but you’ve got to be able to put something down on there. And I said, really the thing is to approach it like if you were hiring yourself, what would you want to see? You want to see organization, you want to see those things that would make any employer comfortable with hiring somebody. So those are the things to be mindful of and sure I’ll be showcasing that layout again, probably next show for you guys to look at and download it, print it out so that as you’re doing your resume, you can have it next to you. You can just follow what it is and how to put a great resume.

Well guys, it looks like that’s all of our questions. Those are great questions for this week though. So on that note, it looks like we’re going to wrap it up here. I’m happy to be here at the Recording Connection headquarters. I always love to come and hang, and to have an actual backdrop and hang with my team. So I look forward to seeing you guys next week. Again this is made possible through my family which is Recording Connection for me to come here every week, hangout with you guys. And like I said, I’m excited more than anything about being able to come to you all and provide you opportunities, and to kind of get you prepped and prepare for these opportunities, and get you hired. That’s what this show is all about. It’s not just about mentoring but it’s also about providing opportunities and that’s something we make it a point to do here on the Connected show. So again, every Monday 11 a.m. Pacific Standard Time, I’ll be here next week. I hope you’re here with me watching and hanging. So don’t forget, send in your resumes, get your letterhead together, and apply for these gigs, all right, because these are ones in a lifetime type of gigs. Catch you on the next one. Peace.

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