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Show #11 | New York, NY

May 15, 2016

Here are the job opportunities (or as we like to call them, Grind Opps) from this week's show.



Senior Videographer / Editor

Industry: Film

Location: Los Angeles, CA


Action Sports Network seeks experienced, creative videographer to execute projects from start to end.




Vocal Editor

Industry: Recording

Location: Chicago, IL


Record, mix, edit voiceovers for film and television. Must know Pro Tools.




Live Events Support

Industry: Recording

Location: Orlando, FL


Large radio station seeks audio person to setup and run audio equipment for weekly live events.




Live Streaming Producer

Industry: Film

Location: New York, NY


Assist in creating production and streaming live productions. Must know Adobe Premiere Pro CC.





Industry: Film

Location: Las Vegas, NV


Full time. Looking for “one-man band” to shoot, edit and document daily activities of Vegas business.



DJ IZ: What’s up everyone? Welcome to Connected. I believe this is episode 11. Here hanging with your host DJ IZ. You can catch us here every Monday at 11 AM Pacific Standard Time. For me, it’s 2 o’clock because I’m on the east coast in New York. Actually I’m here preparing for a charity event I have tonight with Usher, so the schedule’s been a little crazy. I know last week we weren’t able to do Q&A, but this week we will definitely be doing it. Make sure you got your questions together. Sorry about that. Anyways, make sure you got your questions together so by the end of this show we can dial those in.

This show is a brand new show called “It’s Connected”. It’s all about being connected and finding ways to navigate through this, I like to call it, a cluster of businesses. Because it’s film, it’s engineering, it’s television, it’s broadcasting. I like to just provide you opportunity with job ops,= but also prepare you. Last week we got to feature a really well put together resume. I’m going to have a link for you, during the job ops, where you can actually check it out. It’s a pretty good layout for those of you who never really put one together. It’s something to really look at and see how everything is in order, what’s key, what’s important. A letter [inaudible 00:02:25] of it means to follow-up or have a great follow-up. Letterhead with something together that pretty much tells the employer why you think you are fit for the job or why you are perfect for the job. Those are some of the things we are going to be able to show you again on this show with the link on the right side of the screen.

As I was saying, this is episode 11. This show is definitely about providing opportunity and showing you some really cool grind ops, opportunities for you. Now this show doesn’t just range from jobs in LA, which is the home base for the Recorder Connection. The job ops range anywhere from LA to New York to Nashville to Texas to Chicago, Atlanta. We’ve had some really, really cool jobs come up for those of you that are in different pockets throughout the states.

Without further ado, we’re going to get into the grind ops. Now for those of you just tuning in, I’d like to tell everybody before I get into these to make sure you have your pen and pad for notes and all of the crucial details. Because I do like to tag along very specific details to the grind ops that I show you guys.

We are going to start off with grind op number one, which is in the field of film. This is a videographer: Full-time. Looking for one-man event to shoot, edit, and document daily activities of Vegas business. This is in Las Vegas, Nevada. What’s cool is, that sounds like you’ll actually get to go out and document and shoot all kind of footage and probably capture some weird things in the streets of Vegas, because we all know crazy stuff happens on that strip if you’ve never been. Let me dial you in some details for that particular grind op.

Details: Full-time videographer required for immediate start. Must reside in Las Vegas, as this is a full-time opportunity. Videographer will need to shoot and edit business-themed videos, document the day-to-day ongoings of a successful business. In a similar vain to that of daily beat. Must be proficient enough in shooting and editing to be a one-man team. Just by the looks of the details, it doesn’t mention whether gear is provided for use, so you might have to get your own camera. Looks like you’re going to be, pretty much throughout the day, going around all of Vegas. Whether it’s on foot or whether it’s vehicle. You definitely want to be mobile. You’re going to be a one-man team, so it’s just gonna be you, and you’ll be shooting and editing. Looks like you’ll be just doing it all by yourself.

Reside in Vegas. This is good for you Nevada residents who are looking to be in the field of film. This is for you. This is must reside in Vegas. They are looking for an immediate start. You’ll be doing themed business videos. You’ll be editing content for that particular concept, which is business-themed and document the day-to-day. You’ll be tracking down, shooting specific things, and just gathering content. That looks pretty fun. It seems like you’ll be capturing all the content needed to help one understand what a successful business looks like. That is grind op 1.

Now on to grind op number two. Grind op number two. This is in the field of film, again. Live streaming producer. Assisting, creating production and streaming of live production. Must be pro-CC. This is in New York, New York, actually where I’m at now. I hope you’re jotting this info down, because this is for someone who is in New York.

Here are the details. This is actually a repeat from last week. I remember this one. This is a great opportunity that we didn’t get any relevant applications for, so here you go: Full service production and broadcast company, focused on live production, live streaming, and post production. Ideal entry level position for graduates that want to focus on live broadcasting for major networks. Full service production.

Looks like a pretty busy schedule. There are three things: production, live streaming, and post production. You got to know your ins and outs in those three different categories. Live production, live streaming, and post production. This is ideal for entry level position for graduates. It looks like they are looking for somebody that has the basic information and knowledge pertaining to this particular job, which is live streaming producer. Again, this is in New York, New York.

Moving on to grind op number three. Grind op number three is in the field of recording. Live event support. Large radio station seeks audio person to set up and run audio equipment for weekly live events. This is in Orlando, Florida.

I can tell you just based off [inaudible 00:08:13] We did a sound check yesterday. The great thing about live events is you never know what the venue is gonna be, you never know what the venue is gonna look like inside, aesthetically. The challenge for a lot of fun house guys who are doing live settings, live events. It’s really knowing how to navigate and flow through certain things. [inaudible 00:08:43]

You know, it’s funny. It keeps you on your toes and [inaudible 00:08:57] which is most important for [inaudible 00:09:00] a live event engineer. Knowing your gear, knowing what’s too much, knowing what’s over-processed. You want to keep in mind.

Here are some of the details: large radio station Orlando seeks an audio professional to help set up currently and manage small lobby events on a weekly for the station. Will be running and problem-solving all audio equipment as well as occasional visual equipment. Responsible for set up and tear down. May also be involved in on-sight promotions and handling clients and listeners.

Now, this particular grind op is interesting because it’s actually asking for a person who pretty much [inaudible 00:09:52]. It’s not only technical and it’s not only [inaudible 00:10:02] but it’s also clients. You gotta know how to make people feel comfortable. You gotta be a people person. Also be involved in on-sight promotion. You gotta know just what promotions entails. Promotions is a lot about relationships and outlooks and contacts. That’s a whole different category.

Now when you get onto the technical side, it’s audio equipment, occasional visual equipment, and problem solving for that particular gear. Looks like you need a little bit of tech experience and you also need experience on dealing with clients. You’re gonna be managing small live events on a weekly basis for the station. There’s a lot entwined in this particular grind op. This one you definitely gotta have some experience in all of those areas, because you don’t wanna blow it.

You know radio stations, there’s always room to move up. All that is always looked at is they always look for who’s been the most solid, who’s on time, who can maneuver the departments and actually execute. That’s a big one right there. Again, let me see, just to make sure I’m sure. That’s in Orlando, Florida. Just wanted to make sure I had that right.

Moving on to grind op four. This is in the field of recording. Vocal Editor: Record, mix, edit, voice overs for [inaudible 00:11:52]. Recording studio who specialize in voice overs for film and television are looking for a vocal editor who can work on vocal tracks taken out from recording to finished product, ready to be delivered to clients. Perfect for an audio studio looking to get their start in a studio and add new level of experience to their resume.

Let’s pick this one apart. Recording studio who specializes in voice overs for film and television. Got to know a little bit of that before going in. Looking for a vocal editor who can work on vocal tracks. Working with a vocal, in this particular fashion, you just gotta know the ins and outs of recording vocal. Sound, pitch, key, all those things.

Taking them from recorded to finished product, and ready to be delivered to clients. In my world of recording, when you talk about being ready to be delivered to clients, you gotta know the mixing aspect. It’s gotta be at its best state. You’re talking recording, mixing, and presenting it. That entails a little bit of information and knowledge in regards to knowing what it takes to get a product from point A to point B.

This is perfect for an audio studio, and for someone looking to get their start in the studio. Also, add experience to your resume. This is definitely that gig. Before I move on to grind op number five, do not forget that I’m going to show and present what I did last week, which was a well put together [inaudible 00:13:50], and you’ll see that on the right side of your screen with the link attached to it. So click on that link.

Like I said, this is a great resume just to get an idea of what yours should look like and how you should lay out the information. Not too much, not too less, but just the right things. Also, the letterhead. The letterhead is important and that’s just to tell the employer, again, why you think you are great for this job and why they should hire you. Click that link.

Moving on to [inaudible 00:14:22]. Grind op number five. This is in the field of film. We’ve been getting a lot of films man, so I know a lot of people who always want to ask me questions about this particular field. Make sure you tuning in. Here we go.

Senior Videographer Editor. Action sports network seeks experienced, creative videographer to execute projects from start to end. Los Angeles, California. [inaudible 14:53} just sounds cool and fun anyway. [inaudible 100:4:55] seeks creative videographer and editor, so you got to be creative. And you gotta know sports, obviously.

Responsible for producing and directing content for live events, website, and TV. Will be executing projects from start to end. Will be coordinating and correlating shoots with athletes and products. Now that sounds like a really, really cool gig. You’re going to be hanging out with athletes. You’ll be taking pictures, probably selfies. You’ll be coordinating and correlating shoots. You’ll be doing a lot. You’ll be responsible for producing and directing the content.

For anyone looking to get into this, I would say look into your ESPNs, look at your highlight reels. Just understand that lanes the [inaudible 15:53] the presentation of lifestyle, but it’s still different than the entertainment. It just has to do it’s thing. You wanna make sure you know what that entails from presentation to look at the language of it. [inaudible 00:16:09].

That’s like one of the previous grind ops I’ve mentioned, where it’s start to finish. This looks like it’s a great way to stamp your style, your editing, your look of what you put together within this grind op. This is a great opportunity. It’s action sports, it’s an action sports brand. You get to be creative as a videographer and as an editor. That’s really cool. That is grind op five for today’s show.

Now we’re gonna get to the fun part to me, which is the questions. The Q&A. I tell folks all the time on the show, this is part of the show that I really look forward to because it allows me to kind of connect with you right then and there and I can share some information with you guys.

We’re gonna move off to our first question, which is: How do I apply for the Chicago position and which is this opportunity for?

Well, we actually have a link that you will be seeing on the right side of your screen. This is actually the link you apply for for these particular jobs. How to apply for these Chicago positions, let’s see. Not sure I had a Chicago on this show but I’m gonna double check. Oh yeah, I’m sorry. Chicago, Illinois, right. Well how you apply, like I said, I just mentioned the link on your right side of your screen where you apply. In which part? I’ll tell you right now. Actually it doesn’t say. I’m sure that information will be on [inaudible 00:18:08] for you. I hope that answers your question.

“This is Ryan. Sorry, I just got here. Any Denver positions?”

What up Ryan? You’re a little late but it’s all good. Happy to have you. Actually there is no Denver grind ops today. We’ve had Orlando. We’ve had New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, but no Denver today. [inaudible 00:18:38]

Make sure you tune it 11 Pacific…

The link is on the site now, where you can click and apply for the jobs. Hope that helps you out. Next question. Let’s see.

“What’s the typical day like in the life of DJ IZ?”

That’s because it would be interesting to know the effort that goes into being successful. This is actually a really good question. Well, let me break this down. There’s different aspects to what it is I do on a professional side. One of the aspects is I’m a song writer, a producer. [inaudible 00:19:30]. That day-to-day, getting throughout my day, that frees me up and allows me to be creative in a musical sense.

For me, what that means is emails, anything pertaining to business, conference calls, meetings. I try to knock that out earlier in the part of the day so that when it comes time for me to be in the studio and creating, my mind is a little freed up and I can just, I can create. That’s one aspect.

In the musician traveling aspect, being on tour, rehearsing, that I get an itinerary. Itinerary says rehearsal is at this time, lobby calls at this time. Key thing is to always be on time, right? I get my itinerary, get to the lobby, shoot the rehearsal. Rehearsal can be anywhere from… to 12 hours a day. Wrap up rehearsal, go back to the hotel, wake up, back to the grind, rehearsal.

Every event, we need to have a show.. We usually get to the show early so we can do sound check. Sound check usually goes for about two and a half hours. Knock that out, come back to the hotel, relax a little, freshen up , head to the event, do the show, come back to the hotel, we travel home. That’s what it looks like on the gigging aspect.

Outside of that life, I’m a father, I have a son. Love to spend time with him. Love to make sure I’m on point as a dad. Love to make sure I’m very visible for him, and people always ask “What’s the balance?”. The balance is the balance. You just aim for balance. You just hope to execute on every level. It does get a little tough. It’s a bit demanding. This definitely ain’t for the weary, definitely ain’t for the weak, You got to know where you’re going. You gotta have a B plan, a C plan. That’s kind of what a day in the life for Airs looks like. I hope that answered your question.

We got a question from Drake. “Hey Airs, Hope you’re doing well. I’m working on being an EDM producer. I’m currently putting together my first show at a local venue. My question is: should I get other people to a perform and possibly try to find a bigger name to headline, or should I headline it myself?”

You know, I think you should definitely headline, Drake. That can be like spaghetti at the end of the day. Dealing with artists, hoping people show up on time, and I would say keep yourself as the headline. Definitely get some, you know, and get it going man. That’s a great thing to do. Good luck on your journey as becoming EDM producer. Next question. Let’s see here. Look like that’s all we have.

With that being said [inaudible 00:23:05] to be here for you at 11 AM Pacific Standard Time. Before I go, I want to shout out to Recording Connection, I want to shout out to my team, Brian, Mom, Carol. Thank you guys. You guys always come through for me. I look forward to seeing you guys. I’ll be in Cali, hopefully. Never know. I’m moving around all the time.

With that being said, make sure you got those apps filled out. Make sure your resume is on point. Again, you can follow us on our social media handles, which is @itsconnected, and that will be on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook. I got Periscope getting hooked up real soon, so we’ll be able to catch up on there. Check me out [inaudible 00:23:47] some information for you guys to check out. Until next time. Peace.

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