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Show #33: Jam in the Van

DJ IZ: We’re hanging out with a homie of ours that actually got connected a couple weeks ago that we actually featured on our show “Connected.” Man, what’s up, dude? How you doing, man? I’m going to let you introduce yourself, man.

Anthony: All right. Name’s Anthony. I’m here with Jam In The Van and Vintage King Audio, L.A.

DJ IZ: And also an engineer that we featured on “Connected” a couple weeks ago and we just kind of talked about the whole process and functionality on what this van actually is. Man, you wanna kind of fill them in on what the van actually does and the whole solar thing and…?

Anthony: Jam In The Van is the world’s first solar-powered mobile recording studio. Everything that we use, from all the equipment it’s all solar-powered except for the driving, the only driving.

Cloie: You don’t drive solar? I’m sorry, I’m out.

Anthony: Sorry yeah.

DJ IZ: That’s it. We’re done.

Anthony: Yep. All right, let’s go. That’s it.

DJ IZ: So dude, I’ve got just the most important question for this van right now. Is there any A/C going on in there right now?

Anthony: Yeah, luckily yeah.

Cloie: So we’re going to get a chance to see you in your element in jamming…whilst jamming in the van.

Anthony: That’s right. Yep.

DJ IZ: So break down for us real quick what’s…so you got there’s drums in there right now, you’ve got a live kit, guitar, bass. How many vocalists?

Anthony: Depends on the band, but right now we just had two. We usually have three or four vocals. We have a full kit, drum kit, couple of amps.

DJ IZ: Oh. How long did it take you to set up that process for the band?

Anthony: Today, it was about 45 minutes, an hour.

Cloie: And what have you enjoyed the most being here today?

Anthony: Here today is all the bands that we get to record. Everybody being here for my…This is my first time here, so pretty cool.

DJ IZ: What did you think? And shout out to Vintage King also for having us here.

Cloie: Seriously.

DJ IZ: What do you think about Vintage King and just some of the gear they have in here? And what’s one of your like favorite pieces or a piece of gear that you hope to own one day as another piece to your arsenal as an engineer?

Anthony: Probably the Audient console, the ASP4816, that’s what I want.

DJ IZ: Okay.

Anthony: As a console, yeah.

DJ IZ: So not a API or a Neve or some Pultecs or…

Anthony: No, I want that Audient. That’s what I want.

DJ IZ: Man, you’re on your way, bro.

Cloie: Well, you’re already stealing people’s jobs.

DJ IZ: You’re on your grind.

Cloie: He’s stealing people’s jobs, already.

DJ IZ: He’s stealing people’s jobs. I mean, and this is a tech…

Cloie: It’s tough work.

DJ IZ: …that got connected and who has gone from here and he just keeps going and that’s usually how we like to see it go on a graph, right?

Cloie: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

DJ IZ: So there you have it, y’all. Featuring my man Anthony with “Connected.” Catch you on the next…

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