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Which Books are Good to Adapt?

As if writing a screenplay wasn’t hard enough, writing a screenplay based on a novel can be even harder. While you have the benefit of knowing the basic storyline and having, in most cases, a well-honed leading character, in other ways writing a great screenplay adaptation of a book comes with a whole host of […]

Screenwriting 101: making lists

For The Love Of…Lists

Oftentimes writers can get stuck on a specific aspect of the creative process or find themselves circling a specific theme or story trope over and over again (even some of the best and most famous writers have been guilty of this faux pas). One way to jumpstart your brain into working in another direction is […]

Screenplay 101

The Power of a Sh_tty First Draft

The thing that holds most writers back is fear of failure. Such a fear can imprison people, keeping them creatively paralyzed so that ultimately they don’t make anything at all—good or bad. On this front, being a person who aspires to do quality work can actually work against you: you don’t want to produce anything […]

Filmmaking 101 Building Suspense

Filmmaking 101: Building Suspense

In order to build suspense in film you have to plan, exercise control, and use the language of cinema to meet your ends. While it’s true much of the suspense in a scene happens in the edit, you must have the correct building blocks i.e. the right story, the right scenes, and the right shots […]

5 Totally Formulaic Movie Scenes That Work Every Time

Feel like there’s never any reason to lean on formula or be formulaic in your approach to screenwriting? Well, you might be wrong about that. While one should definitely aim for originality, incorporating a few tried and true scenes into your screenplay can be a great way to advance the plot effectively and efficiently and […]

Five Totally Played Out Scenes We Never Need To See Again

Holding The Dead Female Lead And Screaming To The Heavens Remember X-men Origins: Wolverine? Remember when they killed Silver Fox and Wolverine yells at the sky? Remember when you rolled your eyes and groaned? Well, be the change you want to see and never, ever use that sequence in any film ever again. This straight […]

What Makes a Screenplay Character Driven?

The term “character driven” gets bandied about pretty consistently, but what does it mean? Isn’t every story character driven? Doesn’t every story start with character? Doesn’t every movie need a compelling character at the center of it? You’d think the answer would be yes, but more often than not that isn’t the case. Look at […]

Screenwriting 101: The Antagonist

We love villains. Before superhero movies were all about the good guys attacking each other, the primary concern was always which iconic bad guy would be stirring up trouble. That Joker card at the end of Batman Begins got thunderclaps of audience applause. The kids at my high school were jumping up and down to […]

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