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Screenplay 101

The Power of a Sh_tty First Draft

The thing that holds most writers back is fear of failure. Such a fear can imprison people, keeping them creatively paralyzed so that ultimately they don’t make anything at all—good or bad. On this front, being a person who aspires to do quality work can actually work against you: you don’t want to produce anything […]

Screenplay 101

Screenwriting 101: Tiny Touches That Make Your Characters Real

Screenwriters are often so concerned by the plot and scene construction elements of the script they’re writing that they often neglect to fully breathe life into their characters. Character should dictate plot, not the other way around. Listed below are five little touches that can help you create more well-rounded, realistic characters. Vocal Proclivities One […]

Screenwriting 101: How to Read a Screenplay

Screenplays are strange beasts. They’re one part blue print, one part novel, and one part play. Thanks to this fact, knowing how to read a screenplay can be quite confusing for people who are trying it for the first time. Screenplays or scripts as they’re also called, tend to vacillate wildly from large blocks of […]