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Screenplay 101

Screenwriting 101: Tiny Touches That Make Your Characters Real

Screenwriters are often so concerned by the plot and scene construction elements of the script they’re writing that they often neglect to fully breathe life into their characters. Character should dictate plot, not the other way around. Listed below are five little touches that can help you create more well-rounded, realistic characters. Vocal Proclivities One […]

Screenwriting 101: Dealing with Criticism

You’ve just spent endless months toiling away at your desk to force an idea out of your head and onto your computer screen. You save your beloved screenplay as a PDF file and giddily send it to your entire circle of friends. You preemptively pat yourself on the back, anticipating the pure storytelling bliss that […]

4 Mistakes Every Screenwriting Rookie Makes

It’s very hard to write a great script. But a good script? You can do that. For sure! This column will explore the ins and outs of proper screenwriting. There’s a lot to go over, but let’s start with some rookie mistakes. Avoid making these simple mistakes, unless you want to turn your reader into […]