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Francois Truffaut

Truffaut: A Brief History

Although many Americans don’t know this, even though it’s common knowledge in France, François Truffaut was a film critic prior to becoming one of the most critically praised writers and directors in cinema. As you probably know, the dialogue between film critics and filmmakers is often a contentious one. A great many filmmakers say they […]

Filmmaking 101 Building Suspense

Filmmaking 101: Building Suspense

In order to build suspense in film you have to plan, exercise control, and use the language of cinema to meet your ends. While it’s true much of the suspense in a scene happens in the edit, you must have the correct building blocks i.e. the right story, the right scenes, and the right shots […]

So What Is Humor Anyway?

Throughout any age in American culture, humor is the one constant. And, usually, every form of humor still translates right up until this very day. When you go back and watch romantic dramas from the 1930’s they’re strange, almost laughable in how they’ve aged but watch a Buster Keaton or Laurel and Hardy flick and […]

Screenwriters: Want to Get Serious? Compete.

Competing against a bunch of faceless writers is thrilling in itself (strangely so, for some of us). But getting your work read and evaluated by more of the very same people you want to read your script–well, that’s the real prize in a good script competition. Getting read professionally can greatly help your career and […]

5 Totally Formulaic Movie Scenes That Work Every Time

Feel like there’s never any reason to lean on formula or be formulaic in your approach to screenwriting? Well, you might be wrong about that. While one should definitely aim for originality, incorporating a few tried and true scenes into your screenplay can be a great way to advance the plot effectively and efficiently and […]

Five Totally Played Out Scenes We Never Need To See Again

Holding The Dead Female Lead And Screaming To The Heavens Remember X-men Origins: Wolverine? Remember when they killed Silver Fox and Wolverine yells at the sky? Remember when you rolled your eyes and groaned? Well, be the change you want to see and never, ever use that sequence in any film ever again. This straight […]

How Do You Know If You Can Make the Cut?

The fact is, this industry is actually way smaller than you think it is. This fact works completely to your benefit. It really is all about who you know and who knows you. It’s about connections. After that, it’s about how hard you work, if you’re a nice person who can be trusted and someone […]

The Real Power of Favors

The film world is a bizarrely close-knit group. It’s an industry where everyone knows each other and where everyone has an opinion about each other. Making movies is so hard, that it’s always a priority to have the best and brightest people behind you at all times. You always want someone who’s willing to go […]

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