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side projects good for creative careers

The Upside of Side Projects

Being a creative professional is a career path that’s less straight ahead, more filled with twists, turns and moments of highs and lows. Working in a creative field requires agility, quick thinking, and a sense of self confidence. It’s important for us to consistently improve our skills, refine our talent, and to remain attuned to […]

The Stigma Against Jobs in The Arts

There’s a common misconception that it’s virtually impossible to make a living as an artist. Parents are always encouraging their children to pursue more “stable” careers, constantly questioning the validity and feasibility of a career in the arts. Take your pick. From film to fine art to music, every creative field is going to have […]

How to Boost Your Creative Confidence

Most people have creative impulses but only a few actually act on those impulses. Sadly, most of this comes from fear of rejection. Perhaps you’ve experienced this first hand. Someone, probably way back in childhood, said what you made wasn’t good enough, or that you failed to understand the directions properly. As “silly” as that […]

Are You a Creator or a Cultivator?

There are two types of creative people in any creative industry: Creators and Cultivators. Creators are good at the nuts and bolts of creating and producing work. Cultivators are good at organizing people, organizing resources, and planning how things will play out. In the music industry, creators can be anything from an audio engineer to […]